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Your Foundation

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Your Building Blocks

Affiliate Networking Companies are FREE to join. This is where your income will come from. My Number 1 suggestion is Wealthy Affiliate. My Number 2 is ClickBank. My number 3 is CBProAds. Check them in the review section above

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Live Your Dream Life

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Drawing showing a man at the top and another at the bottom before laptpps searching through the marketplace for clickbank products to promote

How to succeed as a Clickbank affiliate

In the preceding post we saw How to create and use Clickbank hoplinks as part of your Clickbank affiliate marketing. The aim was to make sure that your promotional efforts did not turn up futile so that you can earn money as a Clickbank affiliate. And in fact there are…
Clickbank, a global internet retailer

How to create and use Clickbank hoplinks

Yesterday we saw Useful advice for clickbank affiliates. The aim was to put you on the path to success. And as a new ClickBank affiliate, you need to know everything about a Clickbank HopLink to successfully promote ClickBank products. This article will therefore give you information about creating and using…

Pictorial tour: Wealthy Affiliate training and tools

  The aim of this post is to show you the training and tools at Wealthy Affiliate available to you as affiliate to help you succeed online and make money easily. Activity dashboard When you log into your wealthy affiliate account, you land on the activity dashboard from where you…
The clickbank logo

Useful Advice for New Clickbank Affiliates

Yesterday we saw how to sign up for a Clickbank Affiliate Program account. Hoping that you have already done that, today we are going to have some pieces of advice for new clickbank affiliates. As a once new Clickbank affiliate myself, I know how heartbreaking it can be when you…

How to sign up for a Clickbank Affiliate Account

Maybe you’ve heard that Clickbank has made millionaires out of 1000s of its affiliates. And you are looking to signing up for Clickbank affiliate account. Good. This article is therefore going to show you how to sign up for clickbank internet marketing affiliate program. And to do that, the post…

Usage and promotional tips for CBproAds’ storefronts

Although this post contains usage and promotion tips for cbproads’ storefronts, you can also find ideas for how to promote products online.                                                         …
CB featured products

CBproAds’ Affiliate Program versus Clickbank’s

CBproAds is one of the best affiliates programs’ companies registered at as a vendor. To register with them as an affiliate you must first register with Clickbank as an affiliate. Why? Because you will need your Clickbank nickname (the name you registered with as affiliate) to register with CBproAds.…

Promote your blog post by emailing them

Got a blog? Okay. Did you know that you could use RSS to email your blog posts to your readership? (Check RSS down here) Why must you email your blog articles? By transforming your most recent blog posts into a newsletter and automatically delivering them to your readers, AWeber is…
A sign up form with a woman in front playing a guitar for Aweber autoresponder

AWeber Affiliate FAQ for current and future affiliates

  Are you a current AWeber affiliate or looking forward to becoming one? Did you know that as of July 21, 2014, AWeber has updated their Affiliate Agreement for their affiliate program? If you didn’t, this article will help current affiliates stay compliant and future ones know what is in…
A blue background with wads of bank bills and a few coins to signify how to make money in Leadsleap

It’s easy to make money online. True?

It’s easy to make money online This is the affirmation people or companies use to entice newbies to the online opportunities they are promoting. They even go as far as saying it’s so easy even a 12-year-old child or your aunt Suzie could do it. To complete the picture you…