88 Ways for Making Money Online at Home Free (Part I)

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• Making Money Online at Home Free Through Writing

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Quill (writing)

In this first part of the article, we are going to see 5 easy ways to make money online at home free by becoming a freelance interviewer, reviewing music, writing and publishing a kindle book, freelance writing, and doing other freelance work.

1. Become a Freelance Interviewer

Journalist for interview

Are you a journalist, artist, etc., who can carry a conversation with a person of public interest? And would you want to sell this work to employers rather than work on a full-time basis for them for a salary? Then you are all set for a carrer as a freelance interviewer.

There are companies out there that need people to carry out such work for them to be used for a broadcast or publication.

If you are living in the UK, you could easily make £185 a week in addition to all your travelling expenses paid. This side job will demand at least 20 hours a week from you, so make sure that you have the time! Apply at NatCen.
Other useful resources are: Upwork and Peopleperhour

2. Review Music

Musical notes
Key, music, lines, note

You love music, and you also have the capacity to review it. Why don’t you make money online at home for free by reviewing unsigned bands and artists online with Slicethepie

Don’t hope to earn big right from the beginning. Some reviewes on Slicethepie have said that they earn £40 a month. This may not sound like a dream income online. But if reviewing music is your passion, and if you’re someone looking for some money online, then this shouldn’t be a big issue for you.

It can take a while to build up your reputation as a music reviewer, so you can even consider this online job as a way to hone your revieiwing skills.

Are you all ready, and set to go? Then click on this link Slicethepie now. Other sites are Moneypantry

Do you need more info to decide? In this case, head over here to read a quick guide

3. Write and Publish a Kindle eBook

A dark-coloured open kindle ebook on display against a yellowish background
Kindle ebook

Three ingredients are necessary to launch you here:

– Your ability to do research and handle non-fiction writing techniques well.
– The Amazon Kindle store which allows you to publish an eBook and make money.
– The Kindle app that is now widely available (on almost any device such as laptops, iPads, smartphones and of course, Kindles) offering you a huge global market.

Bundle the information you have researched on a problem (eg. ‘How to start and run a business online’) for which many people are looking for a solution. Present it in an easy to digest format.

The key to success with eBooks is to provide value. You must also have a great cover designed so that your book stands out. You can get freelancers to help you in this regard.

What makes this making money online at home idea lucrative is that once you’ve invested the time and your book is live on the Kindle store, you’re assured of earning a passive income for a long time!
In effect you can list your book for £1.49 – £6.99 from which you can earn 70% of the sale amount. This income stream can add up quickly since Amazon is the selling machine handling the sales and people are keen on spending to acquire knowledge.

Approval of your book for the kindle store takes less than 48 hours. Once that is done, your next step would be to get some reviews so that your ebook ranks on the first page of Google results. To do so, don’t hesitate to ask people to leave an honest review.


For a step-by-step guide to publishing and earning with eBooks, click on this link: “How to write a nonfiction eBook in 21 days.

4. Make Money Freelance Writing

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Freelance writer

As more and more people and companies take their businesses online, there is more and more the need for content. No wonder, as on the web “content is king” and almost everyone online needs it to rank in the search engines.

This kind of freelancing can be a legitimate way to make money online at home.

Can you write reviews for restaurants, shops, parks and concerts in their area as a part-time writer? Then check Examiner.com for websites looking for such services.

Reviews aren’t your cup of tea? Then check ProBlogger. It has listings of sites looking for semi-professional writers. Each website has its own application process, so log on and choose the ones which fit you.

Is doing keyword research your passion? Then you can make money writing at Hubpages. Check it out here

New tech products are hitting the market all the time, and the producers need to accompany them with explanations and instructions written in simple English.

You have a gift for technical writing? Then become a member of the Society for Technical Communication, which provides educational webinars to technical writers to help them put together operating instructions, how-to manuals and FAQ pages for consumers. They also provide a job listing board for members.

Ready to dip in? Okay, check Elance/Odesk which list thousands of different job openings for freelance writers.

5. Freelance Work

An opened laptop on a desk with a cup of coffee to the left and a smartphone to the rightt
Freelance work

Freelance work in general offers you many easy ways to make money online at home. So I dedicate a separate paragraph to it.

In addition to freelance writing treated above, there are so many other freelance jobs out there like managing Facebook pages or doing a little bit of graphic design for somebody. All they require are simple skills and time which may be the reasons why people outsource such tasks.

Like many other legitimate ways to make money online at home, you can work for clients anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection, some free time and the desire to sell your valuable skills. Check the best things about freelancing.

Once again the leading freelance site, Elance.com, will come handy. Or use the student job search which list more than 1900 jobs in the UK.

Others are:

Upwork/local/United States

Click here to read this expert resource guide on “Assertiveness For Freelancers” by Acuity Training

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We will now go to Part II for Making Money Online at Home Free Through Marketing.

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