88 Ways for Making Money Online at Home Free (Part V)

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• Making Money Online at Home Free Through Buying and Selling

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Buy and sell

In this fifth part of the article, we are going to see 15 procedures of how to make money online at home free through (buying and) selling second-hand course books, notes, old CDs and games and movies, your knowledge, photos, domain names, stories and videos, digital photos, vintage items or widgets on Etsy.com, articles, stuffs on eBay, out your closet, cars, services at fiverr, and books from Thrift stores using Bookscouter.

27. Sell Second-Hand Course Books

A number of course books spread out over each other
Course books

The first procedure we are going to see concerning making money at home free through buying and selling is to buy other students’ text books at the end of the academic year cheap since many will be happy to be rid of them. You could sell these to the new intake of students just after freshers’ week when they will be ready to pay well for them.

The trick is to advertise on campus or list the books on Amazon.co.uk Books Trade-In against commission for each book sold.

If more tips on selling items online can do you any good, then click here.

28. Sell Your Notes

A brown sheet with handwritten notes
Handwritten notes

Are those notes you took at last year’s lectures still intact? Like the old books above, they may no longer serve your needs but one person’s meat is another person’s poison. So why don’t you pass them on to students who will be prepared to pay for them?

You don’t really have to deal in person. Sites have been created for that purpose. All you have to do is upload your notes on to them and fix your price. Another student pays to download them and you get paid.

You may have to scan your handwritten notes to be able to upload them in PDF. But you just have to convert the typed ones into PDFs. These may make you more money.

Notesale is one of the sites where you can upload your notes in return for a cut of your profit.

29. Sell Your Old CDs, Games and Movies

A rack of CDs, games and movies
CDs, games and movies

The CDs, games and movies you loved so much collecting may be cluttering up your room now. Instead of letting the sight of them run you crazy, why don’t you let them bring some joy to your heart by selling them?

You love some of them, don’t you? Fortunately modern technology allows you to eat your cake and have it.

Download the songs and films onto your laptop or external hard drive before disposing of them.

The earning per item is not so great, but they can really add up if your collection is large. If they aren’t, why not add those of your parents? Old people usually have a lot of clutter lying about that they would be happy to see gone.

You can sell your CD, games, movies and almost any other thing for free on Amazon Trade-In or Preloved. MusicMagpie pays you instantly for sending in unwanted items.

For more tips and places to sell, check out this guide on selling DVDs, CDs and games.

30. Sell Your Knowledge

A student covered with books to signify knowledge

If you are at university level, you certainly are qualified to tutor students preparing for their GCSE or A-level certificates or High School diplomas.

One, you’ve cleared the hurdle where your students are right now.

Two, some students learn better being taught by people in their age brackets.

Three, there is nothing to make you a better student than teaching, especially in your field of study, even if at a lower level.

Four, this is a professional experience you can mention on your CV later.

You would want to find out more about tutoring here.

Once you are confident teaching locally, you can decide to go global. Online tutor sites would make you do it without too much hassle.

You can also advertise on SchoolsTrader & UK Tutors.

Math and Reading and Writing tutoring and Language lessons with 5-star teachers over video chat.Anytime, anywhere.

N.B.: While the money comes in handy, your future lies in your education. So, reduce tutoring, or even stop it altogether, around your exams.

31. Sell Your Photos

A mascot frog taking a picture of another mascot frog
Frog pictures frog

Do you consider some of the photos you’ve snapped as a good shot and a genius of creativity? Then you can upload them for free to stock photo websites. Some of them are Fotolia and istockphoto and there’s a great resource to find this out here.

However, if you are looking for a legitimate way to make money online at home for free, then selling photo subjects in high demand is a good option

Test your photos out in print before proposing them for sale. For this, get free photo prints here.

32. Sell Domain Names

An iPad tosignify website for sale
Website for sale

A domain name is what you find beyond the http://www. This website’s is secureyourfuturewithus.com. Following the very popular .com extension is the .net. Others such as .org or .edu are linked to institutions. Country-specific extensions also exist, such as .tg for my country Togo, .co.uk for the United Kingdom, .au for Australia, .br for Brazil, and .in for India.

A domains costs very little to register or renew. Mine cost $10.87 to register with NameCheap for a whole year. But sometimes people forget to renew their subscription or leave their domain name registration to expire for another reason. This is where you come in.

I think you have come across URLs that you clicked and at the end you saw “This domain is for sale.” Premium domain names can fetch $1,000s and even millions.

While those domains are not impossible to come by, what I am talking about here are ordinary domain names which have some commercial value. Searching online for them and then listing them for sale on a site like DomainLore can be an answer to the question “how can i make money online at home?

Others are Buy. Park. Sell. Domains Shop.domainrightnow

Download the document domainindustrysecrets

[embeddoc url=”http://secureyourfuturewithus.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/domainindustrysecrets-1.pdf” download=”all”]

33. Sell Your Stories and Videos

Interesting stories keep people reading. That’s why the papers don’t hesitate to buy them. So if you have anything as great as how you escaped from that white shark during an underwater fishing expedition or, if you’re somebody like 19-year old Mormon missionary Mason Wells, how you survived three times from terrorist attacks in three different places (Boston, Paris and Brussels!)

Watch the video on YouTube Man Survives THREE Terrorist Attacks in Boston, Paris, & Brussels

Images keep people spellbound. What about that wilderness expedition you filmed, your stay with an unspoilt African group deep in the equatorial forest, or the time you spent with Budhist monks in a monastery in Thailand?

Send these videos into You’ve Been Framed to make money online at home for free and why not, bask in a few seconds of public esteem!

34. Sell Digital Photos

Digital camera to signify digital photos
Digital photos

Over the last decade, it has become really easy to make money online at home selling digital photos.

Not only the use but also the price of digital cameras is now within the reach of many amateur photographers. And lots of sites out there are actively looking for your digital photos. Some of them are:

As with any human activity, the more your exercise, the better you become. And the more professional you are, the more money you will make at home free!

35. Sell Vintage Items or Widgets on Etsy.com

Vintage items displayed
Vintage itemms

Do you create any kind of arts or crafts or widgets of any sort?

These are legitimate ways to how to make money online at home. Check Etsy.com where you could be selling them.

Need to know more about Etsy? Check step-by-step tutorial of how to set up your Etsy shop.

36. Sell Articles

A page as a representation of an article

Are you a wordsmith? You would be making money online at home free by going to these sites where you can sell the articles you have been crafting with so much love:


Are you a website owner looking for articles for your website or blog? The same sites are wonderful for you.

37. Sell Stuff on eBay

A page showing articles for sale on Ebay

Check this link How I made $2,145 a Month Decluttering to see how this blogger made money online at home selling stuff from around the house on Ebay and Craigslist.

You can do it too, not only selling your own items but also stuff belonging to your friends, family members, neighbours, or even colleagues or mates, who will gladly give them to you if you offer to split the profits with them.

38. Sell out Your Closet

Closet doors

Do you have a lot of old clothes that you don’t wear any more?
Why let them continue to clutter your closet while you can easily sell them on a site like ThredUp?

They which will pay something like $2-$25 for items from Gap, Banana Republic, J.Crew, etc. All you have to do is pack up your clothes in a box and then send it to them, shipping paid!

The image below says it all.

Image showing how ThredUp works in 4 steps
ThredUp How It works

But watch the video thredup.com/p/cleanout

Find out more about them here!

39. Sell Cars for Pleasure and Profit

Dark image of the front side of a sold out car
Image showing a sold out car

Do you love driving lots of different types of cars and making money at home selling them? Then this business is for you.

Scour the classified listings for deals, and when you land a good one drive the car around while trying to sell it.

Know that this business is exceptionally good for those who are good at haggling, as buying and selling the car could involve that art.

The second thing is that a car may take you more or less time to sell. But if you are somebody who loves to drive around while making a nice side income to boot, then you are welcome aboard.

Here is an online resource to give you a boost, including a free report “5 Ways to Make Money Buying and Sellign Cars for Profit.”


40. Sell Your Service at Fiverr

An image of a dark background showing the words service written in golden bold letters and framed

In Part IV, N° 20, we saw how to make money at home on fiverr with gigs.

However you can also propose all manner of crazy things on fiverr and get paid for them.

For example, you can take a picture hanging upside-down on a tree, record a funny Charlie Chaplin type video, and even playing pranks on your friends.

How good it is, if you have a little creativity, to use some fun ways to make some money online at home using Fiverr!

41. Sell Books from Thrift stores Using Bookscouter

A white plastic rack displaying used books
Used books

Let’s finish this section off with yet another free but legit way to make money from home with used books.

Go download the BookScouter app on your phone or simply head over to BookScouter.com.

Then look for garage sales or thrift shops and look for books in the used book sections that you can sell for higher prices.

This should not be difficult as many thrift stores sell their books for 50 cents or less while they are worth much more than that.

What you do is you scan the barcode with your phone (or enter the ISBN #) and then the app provides the prices that a bunch of book buyback sites are willing to pay for that particular book.

Some sites may be ready to buy a book for $3.60 that you bought for 50 cents, which is quite a huge profit.

As icing on the cake, most of the sites offer free shipping.

Certainly, you want to take part in this discussion. So, just scroll down to the comment box down here and leave your feelings there. I will be more than happy to answer in due course. Thanks.

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We will now go to Part VI for Making Money Online at Home Free Through Renting Stuffs

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