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Hi dear visitor, welcome here. I have written this short paragraph about me to let you know how we can help you succeed online from home free.

What can you get from here?

Are you looking for ways to make money online from home FREE, especially with internet marketing (affiliate marketing and blogging)?

Then you’ve come to the right place.

I’m Akoli, and I can show you how to secure your future online. SAFELY. CHEAPLY. LEGITIMATELY.

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Who is this Site Ideal for?

For those just thinking of beginning in internet marketing: I came to online marketing in 2013 while searching for a supplier to ship me goods on Cash Against Payment (CAD) basis since I was trying to launch my own offline business after working with a German (then American and further Dutch) import-export company here.

The first search result returned the word blogging. I had never heard of the word before and that peaked my interest. But then the concept appealed to me since it combined three of my passions: writing, doing business, and teaching.

I embraced it; and from then till now I have come a long way. This is the experience I want to share with you to enable you take the shorter route to online success. So, why don’t you sign up for our mailing list?

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For those who’ve already begun: For 2 years after beginning I wasn’t going anywhere. I was burning money on shiny objects and spending time trying to run my blog but not earning anything. Maybe this is your experience too. Or maybe you’re making some money but not as much as you’d envisioned. I’ve been there and I know how to get you out of that hole. Meanwhile, why not sign up for our mailing list?

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Why should you read this Blog? What will you get from the Posts?

You’re surfing to find how to learn to make money online from home free, right? Or maybe you’re tired of going round and round like I did and hoping to find “that one at last.”

Whether you’re seeking to begin or want to move ahead, this blog will give you the tricks, the strategies and the resources to do so.

You will find on this blog affiliate company and product reviews to help you choose the best to work with; breaking news which brings you the latest in affiliate marketing tools and resources to help stay on top; how, where, and why you must have a website; content matters so that you can attract visitors with your own website; keyword research and tools as well as traffic matters to help you reach your target customers; and how to recognize and avoid scams so that you’re not fleeced off, etc.

Here are a couple posts to get you started to find ways for you to make money online from home online, free:

Affiliate company and product reviews
Breaking news
Content matters
Keyword research

Photo of me in suit and working on a laptop in my home office
Akoli busy blogging

Why Should You Listen to me?

As said, I came to affiliate marketing quite by coincidence. Like many people trying to earn a living on the World Wide Web, I went around a lot until I found the affiliate marketing training which enabled me to take the bull by the horns.

Birds of a feather flock together.

You see, I’ve been where you’re now and I’m where you want to be, so I can really be of help to you, meaning, I have EXPERIENCE (the best teacher) you can count on to succeed on the Internet.


Okay, listen…

After obtaining the University of Michigan (Ann Arbour, USA) Language School Certificate of Proficiency (Hons) in English, I studied writing for children adolescents and adults with The Institute of Children’s Literature (ICL, Redding Ridge, Connecticut, USA); the National Writers’ School (USA); The London School of Journalism; and The Long Ridge Writers Group (West Redding, Connecticut, USA). My articles and stories have been published in magazines and anthologies, especially in the US.

Right now I’m using my business and writing experience to teach Business English to students in vocational training schools and private universities here.

Apart from blogging and affiliate marketing, my other main passions are translation, reading, writing, travelling, listening to music, dancing, gardening and going for a walk.

Believe in yourself

Silhouette of a man climbing up to through ambition, knowledge, skills and to success
Yes YouCan

You know others are making money online and why wouldn’t you want to figure out how they are doing it?

Listen, what are those people doing that you couldn’t do? They are hard working and you are too. They have the same stories as you.

Join me, work hard (rather, smart) now and create a life that you have control over, enjoy, and that you get to spend the way you want.

My entire goal is to help quit your 9-5 job, supplement your income or have a full-time profitable business online. You can begin right now, FREE.

Yes, I want your FREE resources to help me make money online from home.

Well, it’s been nice meeting you and sharing all these thoughts with you. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or drop me a comment below.

Do you have some comments to make on this post? Simply head to the box below and leave them there. I will get back to you in no time.

Your personal guide to securing your future online

N.B.: This is an updated version of my About Me page.

22 thoughts on “About Akoli

  1. I am a lucky person. I did not realize there was so much out there. If a webpage came up and wanted money I left it. You thought that not having paypal was an issue but I think in the long run it saved you a whole lot of money. While you did have expenses, I think that avenue would have drained you hard! Wow. No wonder people don’t really want to be bothered with a new venture, there have been so many already. No wonder WA is the best thing since the phone was invented or even electricity. I enjoyed reading that you are not in the 6figures. You can relate much better than a lot of people. Way to go.

    1. Cathy, all these bitter experiences we read about are sources of reviews for Wealthy Affiliate, especially when we begin signing up affiliates and making some money. Screenshots of these will convince people that despite all the scams making them distrustful of the next shiny object, success online was still possible. Wealthy Affiliate has answered my nagging question: how did those who made it online do it?

  2. Akoli, Your site and writing are both very clear. Many can relate to your story including myself. I have two things to suggest that I learned over the weekend attending a replay of one of the “live” training’s. 1. I counted at least 6 WA links on your home page. The trainer suggested that you should have 2 at the most. 2. On your bar to the right there is a block that says META. He suggest that you get rid of that. You are a good writer and speak from the heart. Much success!

    1. Hi Don, what could we achieve without these insights from peers? Yes, I think I also saw Kyle write somewhere that Google doesn’t like more than 2 affiliate links in a page. Unfortunately I had followed Kyle’s review to write mine. Guess I will have to reduce those. What did the expert say the META does to the site? You know, it’s better to know why before going ahead. Always it will increase my knwoledge and help me help other folks at WA, which is what networking is all about. Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your time and input. Nice day, Don.

  3. Hi Akoli, wow what a journey you have been on, you have done well not to give up and throw the towel in. You have shown true determination and solve to keep your head up and keep going. You are a true inspiration.

    1. Hi Mark Garner, thanks for stopping by. Yeah, it’s been a painful journey up a steep hill. How can we give up when we still have breath? People like you help me see my experience in another light and may think of using them to inspire others.

  4. Hello Akoli, You have done a wonerful job writing here very informative, makes me think you must be a great teacher! Good luck with all your new adventures.

    1. Hi Tammy, Thanks for your compliment about my article but I’m only a teacher. Anyway I teach Business English and I’m also a published freelance writer. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Dear Akoli, you have extensive but really extensive experience in the marketing world.
    I enjoy your way of writing. The layout of this page, the positioning of the pictures.
    Your narrative is great.

    1. Hi Milos,
      Stories of people going round in circles until they discover the truth is all around us. I’m sticking with WA until success comes!

  6. Akoli, This is a great web page the article is well written and very informative. Paragraph spacing is pretty good and pictures tie in well. Good job

  7. I too can relate to what you say. Over the years I joined many different companies. Some you joined too, talk about blasts from the past. I found Wealthy Affiliate a few months ago and find their training very useful. I wish I found Wealthy Affiliate when I first ventured into the Marketing world.

    Keep up the good work and I hope all goes well for you.

    1. Hi David, it’s surprising how many people have gone round in wild circles before finding WA. How we all wished we had found this site earlier! But it’s better late than never. Thanks for stopping over.

  8. That is a very inspiring story, just fantastic. People like you keep me going and help me push myself to strive to better and for that I cant thank you enough. I hope you get to where you strive to be Akoli.
    Your fellow affiliate,

    1. Hi Phillip, what can we do if we didn’t have each other to help us see the possibility of overcoming hurdles? The only way to fail is not to try, never forget this. Yeah, it’s not easy but with this great training from WA, I know I’m heading for the stars. Believe it too, work hard and your story will be told tomorrow.

      Yours in affiliate success,

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