All about Keywords, Part I

The word "Password" written on several papers to signify keywords.

Keywords seem to be a mysterious word in online work. While it is a boon for some, it appears to be a bane for others. What is sure is that it’s important for the success of your campaigns and for your posts and sites to rank in the search engines, etc.

This post is intended to let you know all that is important about keywords and thus be able to use them correctly.

The topic will be divided into ten posts:

– Introduction to keywords
– Getting content ideas from keywords
– Understanding keywords and how to use them for selling
– Creating reviews with targeted keywords
– Delivering product information using customer-search keywords
– Using Jaaxy-related researched keywords to show and tell
– From keywords to video on YouTube
– Traffic-sucking diamond ultra keywords giveaway
– Traffic à gogo low hanging fruit keywords
– Getting real creative with keywords

Now, let’s look at the first one.

Introduction to keywords

keywords written on pieces of papers mixed together.

We will begin this topic with a question. How do you feel about the term ‘keyword’?



If your answer is the first, I can only say congrats…for you are okay. But should it be the other one, then hang on here for me to help you conquer your worry by showing you how simple the process of keyword research can be.

To begin, what is a KEYWORD?

A keyword is simply a word or a group of words that people use to search for what they need online. The importance of a keyword is that whatever the search engine, be it Google or Bing search or even within your favorite social network, they are what people are using to find stuffs they are looking for online.

And if you are an internet marketer, your job is to employ these specific keywords in your targeted marketing offer. Needless to say that your success as a marketer will depend on the relevance of the keyword you use, your understanding of your audience, and the relevance of your offer.

People working online fret too much about keywords. What they ignore is that behind every keyword search is a human being. Getting ranked (becoming visible in keyword search results) is only the first step, the second is connecting with the “actual people” behind the search.

This series of posts will not only teach you how to find quality keywords that can get you great rankings but also help you to understand the “logic” behind keyword selection.

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