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Make money online

Are you looking for training in creating a successful online business?
Then the online entrepreneur certification training course videos are what you need.

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Course Description

This is a 5-level course each made up of 10 lessons most of which have training videos that will walk you through the steps of creating a successful online business that generates revenue. With these videos, you can take the steps to realize your potential as an online business owner now.

Lessons Included

Level 1 – Getting Started

– Wealthy Affiliate walkthrough – How you can benefit from WA
– Completing your account set up at Wealthy Affiliate – adding a description image
– How to make money online – the process explained!
– Choosing your direction – it starts with a niche…
– Building your website – get up and running with this walkthrough
– Setting up your website –the initial steps
– Getting your website ready for SEO
– Keyword mastery – keywords are the foundations of your success
– Creating Your Initial Website Framework – Your First Few Pages
– Quality content is your business – creating your initial pages.

Level 2 – Building Your Own Traffic Producing Website

– Setting up your initial website theme-based categories
– Creating email accounts and email forwards for your website
– How content can lead to mass traffic
– How to find add images to your website
– Using the wordpress editor – an overview
– How to get keywords ranked with low hanging fruit
– How to create a new user in wordpress
– The benefits of being an ambassador

Level 3 – Making Money!

– Understanding the affiliate business model
– How to find relevant affiliate programs
– How to add affiliate links
– How to create a product review on your website
– Getting paid for ads on your site
– How to install Google analytics using the all-in-one SEO plugin
– How to create an online business – the 4 steps

Level 4 – Mastering Social Engagement

– How to install akismet – protect your website from spam
– Wordpress comments – how to properly manage your comments
– Facebook fan business pages time vs value
– How to add a pin to Pinterest
– How to compose a tweet
– How to share content – earn at Wealthy Affiliate

Level 5 – The Business of Content

– How to operate an online business – the 4 steps
– Setting up – verifying Google webmaster tools
– Setting up – submitting a sitemap to Google webmaster tools
– How to create readable content that ranks
– How to efficiently architect and write your content
– Creating content with the intent to sell
– How to inject your comments with intent
– How to submit a sitemap to Bing webmaster tools

Course Benefits and Learning Outcomes

– Discover how to immediately get “immersed” in the awesome Wealthy Affiliate community
– Learn the process of earning revenue online
– Create a list of new financial and non-financial goals and start working towards it
– Gain immediate access to over 590,000 niches
– Choose your starting point NICHE for your business according to your passion
– Build your very OWN niche website as the foundation of your business
– Learn how to optimize your WordPress website
– Learn a simple and free way of making your site search engine friendly
– Learn how to create quality website content (that will get ranked)
– Get to understand the keyword research process
– Quickly and easy creation of your own low competition keyword lists

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Your personal guide to securing your future online

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Your personal guide to securing your future online

Why Should You Listen to Me?

Maybe you’re just beginning online to make money with affiliate marketing or it could be that you have begun but going round in circles and you’ve come here looking for the tricks, the strategies and the resources to do so.

I know I can help you to succeed in making money online from home, free. But the question is: why should you listen to me?

By way of answer let me tell you my online story.

I have been doing things online for over two decades now. But much of that was dedicated to online brokerage business activities.

Really doing internet marketing started back in 2011 when I thought I couldn’t continue with my contract teaching work. I was on holidays then and spent the whole day searching on the internet for an opportunity. Then I stumbled onto blogging which I learned with training from Webcolleagues

My First Steps: Blogging

"Blogging" written with colourful letters over a centered search term "Search engine Optimization"

Combining three of my passions (writing, doing business and teaching) blogging hooked me. But since I had to monetize my site, affiliate marketing came logically.

The short online training I had taught me to blog daily and promised that in 5 to 8 months I would see spectacular results.

I wrote articles and reviews and posted them on the blog each day. To my delight, the number of visitors started growing steadily. But soon, too soon, the traffic stalled around 100 visitors a day. Worse, the days I didn’t blog, that figure will plummet to half or far less than that. Inexplicably, the contextual ads like BidVertiser and Chitika on the blog also failed to bring the ‘easy money’ I was promised.

Unwillingly, I understood why experts claim that to succeed as a blogger, and especially to make money with a blog, at least 500 to 1000 visitors a day was necessary.

Although I was blogging but my articles weren’t written around keywords to attract traffic. In fact I thought my writing training was enough for me to succeed here.

Despair sets in

Todo Liste, Désespéré, L'Homme, Personne

In despair I embraced affiliate marketing more than blogging. I was already affiliate of some networking companies like PayDotCom, Rakuten Linkshare, Commission Junction, Amazon, Payspree, Hotels Combined, Peerfly, Clicksure, Gradfinder and Clickbank from whom I got my way into other companies like DealDash, TrainPetDog, Netbates and many others.

Still success eluded me.

I signed up to many traffic exchanges, including easyhits4U, hit2hit, eternalhits, 247TrafficPro, Vasthits, TezakTrafficPower, I love Hits, TrafficG and HitSafari and the social ones like Sweeva, Swom, and Revisitors.

With 8 windows opened at a time I surfed them like crazy, watching the timers to gain the maximum number of credits. But they got burned as quickly as I earned them. All I could hold up as gain were other opportunities people were promoting there that I joined. Even there I only helped those affiliates gain an extra downline (since I wasn’t able to grow mine).

Everywhere I read that to succeed online I needed social networks and tools to share my contents and businesses to prospects.

I joined many, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Apsense, StumbleUpon, Google plus, and YouTube. I used . I used Admagy, Share this! Totally Tweetable, Staged, etc. to post frantically to them. My traffic increased dramatically (compared to the trickle which was coming in) but not my business. I had traffic but not conversions.

But the struggle continues

Affiche, Usine, Travailleurs, La, Lutte

I now joined other affiliate networks like 7MinuteWorkouts, CB Surge, CBProAds StoreFront, CBProAdsAffiliate Network, Clicksure, Empower Network, GDI, GVO, Neucopia, Pure Leverage, SFI, Tripleclicks, Plug In Profits Site (PIPS), RWJ Millionaire’s Club, F5M Millionaire’s Club (You see, my sight was set high!) and even Bitbillion GBBG and BitFeud, IMGlobal, Jubirev-Jubimax, Organo gold (when they were all in pre-launch), etc. Clearly I bit more than I could chew, all in my desperation to succeed at all costs.

In the beginning I believed I was not succeeding in those businesses because I had no credit card and Paypal account to pay for traffic directly instead of passing through uplines who, I suspected, weren’t playing straight games with me. But when later I got the famous system my success could still be measured in tortoise steps. I was paying monthly fees but getting practically nothing in return.

Soul searching questions

What wasn’t I doing right? I wondered. Or didn’t the heavens want me to succeed?

Was it a matter of ‘Where the going gets tough, the tough gets going?’

I discovered business builders, list builders, teams, Facebook groups and mailers. In this regard I joined AIOP, FreeDownliner, Team Building Project (TBP), The5MinuteMogul, Aweber, TrafficWave, Sokule, IBO Social, Team Atlantis, etc. but stopped short of emailers (since the few I had joined were already flooding my box with hundreds of mail each day). But despite all these efforts my business still sucked.

Finally it was matrices that I turned to for survival, so fast was I sinking into financial abyss.

Pennymatrix, 2DollarWave, TurboPayPlan, UTSCyclers, Feedermatrix, Average Joe Profit System, United Group International (UGI), 3UpNext, Accelerated Leverage, AndThanks2U, Freetoolbox, Businesstoolbox, Its 5 Bucks, MagicDolla, Sistema Extra Money, Ultimate Cycler, (name them), I joined them all. The latest is Race Cycler. Yet my million dollar dream was as far off as a distant star.

But I was not deterred. Other businesses I joined are: AddMeFast, Magnetic sponsoring, Crazy Cash Club, Domain Cost Club, Clipjacker, MLM Recruit on Demand, Free Ad Blaster, X100K!, Your eight steps, Downline traffic builder, Scoop it!, The Downliner, Desktop lightning, Solidtrustpay (which I used to fund my businesses and pay for items online), Submission works, Turbo Income Charger, Addesigner, AddThis, The Perfect App, and The Team Elite Responder.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Tunnel, Ladder, Lumière, Pierres

What was I doing wrong which was not letting me make money online and others were doing right and reaping all the bounties?

The answer was that I was doing everything wrong.

If I needed a horse and a cart to take my produce to the market, it is not by putting my cart before the horse that I could reach my destination.

Training and method are the answers

Entraîneur, Tuteur, Entreprise, Mentor

In short, my biggest problem was training.

Not that I didn’t know it. But like many internet marketing newbies, I ignored this golden rule and embraced one shiny object after the other, thinking they were the shortest routes to success.

Glimmer of hope

Now, what brought some hope?

The Socialx20 viral marketing training. This unbelievably useful but surprisingly cheap viral marketing training course gave me the confidence that at last I was going to figure among the online marketing giants.


I hadn’t finished one of the video courses before I realized that I was doing right things the wrong way. I saw that applying the lessons in the Socialx20 training would enable me sign up affiliates and make money as if it was the most natural thing to do.

But hardly had I begun using the video lessons in my business when I received a message from the admin that members were not promoting the site and they wanted to know if they should continue or discontinue. Of course I encouraged them to continue. But many members decided otherwise and the lights dimmed for me again.

Never ever give up

Kermit, Vert, Grenouille

But I knew that was not the end of the world. Many successful people had failed more than I and they finally succeeded because they kept going on. And that was how I discovered Wealthy Affiliate.

Seeing that they put the stress on training and traffic methods similar to Socialx20 viral marketing training, I knew I had found a replacement for my love.

Now it’s your turn

Yes, Consent, Traffic Lights, Red

Are you still going round like I was doing? Then seek training. Not just any training. But the Wealthy Affiliate training. In other words, don’t start working online (or, if you have already started), don’t continue working online until you check this affiliate marketing training. It will save you money and/or heartaches and bring you the success you crave.

Click here to check the Wealthy Affiliate page

Believe in yourself

Silhouette of a man climbing up to through ambition, knowledge, skills and to success
Yes YouCan

It’s now time to start making money online from home like the others. They are no different from you, you know. Like me, they have the same stories as you.

Kyle, the creator of the Wealthy Affiliate has experienced a lot within the online world… and he has had the luxury over the years to help 10,000’s of folks succeed online through this social entrepreneur hangout.

If you would like to join me within Wealthy Affiliate, you can register here to create your free Starter membership. This is where I network with others like yourself and get help each and every day from the two founders and other great community members.

With Wealthy Affiliate the entire goal is to help quit your 9-5 job, supplement your income or have a full-time profitable business online.

P.S.: Wealthy Affiliate is my hangout. When you join through me, I will follow you right away and you will be able to network with me personally. Click here to read my personal review.

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Your personal guide to securing your future online

N.B.: This was part of my About Me page which I have adapted as a post.

How well do you know me and my business?

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Akoli busy blogging

You friends and colleagues on my personal social media accounts and at WA are familiar with me to some extent. However, how well do you know me and about my business?

I am a teacher, translator, blogger and affiliate marketer. For the last two I use my blog

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Make money online

This blog is dedicated to teaching how to make money online from home free using a blog and doing affiliate marketing. My main business model is with Wealthy Affiliate which is free to start to learn to create a website and to do affiliate marketing. You can find articles in this regard on the site. However, in order not to miss future publications, I would kindly ask you to sign up for my list here and and RSS feed here

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Your personal guide to securing your future online
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Don’t quit your job to work from home if you cannot handle these situations


You hate your 9-to-5 job because like most people you are working longer hours than ever, you are doing trivial work with very little self gratification, your employer doesn’t really reward you for your hard work, wages seem to be going down and not up, there is no more job security, commuting is a hell, etc., etc. So you are looking to transition from job to work from home.



But do you know the hindrances to overcome to begin working from home and when you are really engaged in it? If you cannot handle these fetters, do you know that you are better off working for someone else?

You may find this declaration strange from someone who embraces self-employment. But just as I advocate working for yourself, it is my duty to let you know the pitfalls of doing so, so that you don’t quit your job tomorrow and find yourself the day after tomorrow looking for another job.

Although people working from home love what they do and feel very fortunate to be where they are, transitioning into this kind of activity does have its downsides too.

Although many people view the kind of lifestyle work-from-home people live as a “dream situation”, sometimes the perks are only in the eyes of the beholder. As with any human endeavor, there are hurdles and obstacles to overcome.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t transition from your 9-5 to self-employment, not in the least, but that you should beware of what awaits you. For forewarned is forearmed. And it definitely is better to stay in the frying pan than to jump into the fire.

Dealing with Scams


If you are going to work online, know that many people will try to scam you out of your hard-earned money.

Are you a gullible person or the one who has a sense of due diligence?

You need the second to handle situations involving scams. When you start to work online, you are so desperate to succeed that certain products and companies proposed to you seem like “wow, this is it to take me to the Promised Land.”

But be careful. It may only be a shiny object. And we know that not all that glitters is gold. So you must be ready to scrutinize offers carefully before getting involved in them. So many resources, like the Better Business Bureau and sites dedicated to exposing scams, exist to guide and protect you.

Your Flexible Schedule: Bane or Boon?


You work when you wish.

Wow, isn’t that wonderful? Yes it is, but there’s the rub.

The fact that you don’t have to wake up at a particular time, leave the house and still get your work done calls for discipline that sometimes can run you crazy.

Of course, the employee has to begin work at 9, slave it till 5 but after that usually they’re done for the day.

The self-employed person is not obliged to start at a fixed time but they have the business constantly on their mind. They are always checking emails and responding to some, they are writing new blog posts and posting them, they are posting to their social media platforms and interacting with customers there, they are creating videos and posting them to YouTube or Vimeo, they are creating products and handling inquiries and sales, they are following webinars and reading other matters, they are creating lists and managing them, they are…they are… Do you get the picture?

Sometimes I feel I need more than 24 hours in the day. Other times I’m sick to death of it but I keep going because I’ve come too far to stop. Besides, what work can be more interesting than the one you operate from your home for yourself?

I’ve had to jump out of bed sometimes because an idea I find genial has just entered my head and other times I lose sleep for a task which was taking longer than usual to be completed.

Instead of 9-to-5, you may find yourself working from odd hours in the morning to odd hours late at night, without break.

The discipline it takes to create a balance between not overworking yourself and not leaving a huge backlog of work is hard to maintain.

Of course, you can outsource some of your tasks. But this isn’t feasible until you are making really good money or unless you have lots of money to spend.

Corporate Ladder: Attractive or Repulsive?


When now Cloud Coach Ethan Waldman got hired by a fast growing company, he had regular performance reviews with his boss. This made him to run into a big challenge.

In effect the boss wanted to know what kind of management position he would like and how they could help develop him to get there in 3 years. But Ethan wasn’t interested in working his way up the corporate ladder. Right from the day he was hired, corporate career wasn’t Ethan’s cup of tea.

So after about a year of being asked that question, he told his boss he wanted to be working for himself in 3 years. And he did resign after 2 years.

Ethan thinks that 99% of the people doing 9-to-5 jobs are content and therefore aren’t making any effort to leave. But he believes that it’s possible to go against the current and make it upstream.

But if you are the type of person for whom the working world is set in stone, then leaving your day job to work from home could be a mistake.

You’re Disconnected from “Work Mode”


When you are working 9-to-5, you wake up early, take a shower, slip on clothes and you’re in “work mode” as you drive to work.

When you quit your job and work at home, you have none of these rituals to prepare you for work. You slide out of bed and still with your PJs on and yawning and stretching, head straight for the computer to check your mail.

It takes untold discipline to work from home where many things can keep you from being productive.

Take the morning, for example. Even if you have set yourself a schedule, the day you don’t feel like it, you can afford to have a lie in because there is no Sword of Damocles like being reprimanded or laid off hanging over your head. You may not be a potato couch but everyone has their favorite TV programs. While at work you wouldn’t think of watching a program during working hours, at home nothing stops you from shoving aside what you are engaged on and sprawl before the TV screen.

Working from home can be TOUGH, especially if don’t have a part of it really set up for a home office. If you work from the living room or a corner of your house not far from it—the TV, the dog, your family and even friends and can be a nuisance.

Settling a Weighty Problem Prior


Even though she brought in more than 2/3rds of the family’s total income of $130,000 a year, and she and her husband had a total debt of $70,040, Jaime decided to quit her job and become a stay-at-home mom.

Crazy, ain’t it?

On the surface, yes.

But Jaime wanted to start a family and also work from home part time. But she knew she couldn’t juggle two things at once, that is, be a stay-at-home-mom and pay off that big debt on their hands. So the first step was to be free of debt.

And that is what they did.

Eager to know how? Click on the link below to see the draconian measures Jaime and her husband took to clear off that debt so that she could quit her day job and become a stay at home mom to their beautiful boy.

How I Paid Off Over $70,000 in Debt and Quit My Job

The lesson of Jaime’s story? You can’t have your cake and eat it.

You Are Your Own Decision-maker


Working 9-to-5, decisions come from the top and you execute them. Should you get stuck, you have a co-worker or your boss to refer to and a solution could be found for you.

But when you begin to work for yourself, you have to make your own decisions. As anyone who works from home will attest, there come times when you get confounded, and that is when you’d wish there was someone around to point you in the right direction.

If the problem wasn’t a weighty one, maybe you could find the answer through Google search or ask members in a social community you belong to.

But matters become a little more complicated when it comes to legal or tax type decisions, for example. These are not matters to be trifled with, and if you cannot handle the little more weight involved in taking such decisions as a business owner, then this can be stressful indeed.

Of course, you can refer to a specialist against the payment of a fee. But the final decision will still be yours. And if you are the indecisive type, then working from home may not be right for you.

Can You Be Passionate About Your Work From Home?


The same way you wouldn’t leave your spouse to marry someone you don’t love, you wouldn’t quit the day job you’re passionate about to embrace a work-from-home one just because you want to work for yourself, would you?

Take Jaime from Settling a Weighty Problem Prior section above. She was a Project Manager for a Video on Demand company. She had an IT degree but computers were not her passion so she didn’t feel good helping people watch more TV.

Months of searching brought her to coaching. She really enjoyed business coaching because she loves being able to help businesses generate more revenue, and grow.

Imagine if Jaime was to do the opposite? The result would have been catastrophic.

So, what are you passionate about? That should form the basis of your online career.

You Don’t Have the Companionship of Fellow Employees


When working 9-to-5, you share common goals with people you are working with and develop relationships beyond work. You can share a joke, happy moments and sorrows and encourage each other to get the work through.

At home, it’s just you. Period. Of course, you may have a soul mate but that does not replace the “warm office atmosphere” and working together as a team. So you’ll miss taking breaks together, learning from others and teaching others. You’ll have friends on Facebook and other social media and even chat with them on Skype, but virtual reality can’t compare with the real thing.

No More Employee Benefits


When working 9-to-5 you take employee benefits like Medical, dental and a 401(k) with employer match for granted. All you have to do is opt-in to the health care program or check a box for your 401(k) and the HR department took over from there. Other matters like paid vacations, company outings, free lunches, possibly paying for continued education, etc. complete the bargain.

You have to take care of all of these when you work from home. This can be overwhelming in terms of work and cost.

N.B.: Now that you are aware of some of the things you might face if you choose to start your own home business, I hope you can decide how to address them in your own quest.

Concluding remarks


Do you hate getting up in the morning to work 9-5, but feel excited about doing so when you start working from home? Do you hate Sunday nights because they precede Monday mornings but look forward eagerly to Friday evenings because it is the beginning of the weekend but think you would feel differently about them if you worked online? Do you just count the time before you had to go to your 9-to-5 work again but think it wouldn’t be the same with self-employment? Do you constantly tell people how much you hate your job and think it would be beautiful to quit your job and work from home? Then probably working from home is your logical choice.

Jaime said she could have been a millionaire much faster with her 9-to-5 job but she would have been a pretty miserable millionaire.

Do you have these feelings too about your 9-to-5 and your dream work-from-home job?

If you worked your 9-to-5 at a job you hated but became a millionaire before you died, and if you worked from home doing what you love and died before you could have become a millionaire, which would you have considered life wasted and which life well worth every second?

Happily go to the comment box below and let the world know.

Your personal guide to securing your future online

When Must You Quit Your Day Job and Work from Home?


Quit your 9-5 and work from home is the dream of many employees. Why not, when there’s nothing as cherished as being your own boss?


In effect, you want to quit your job and do all the things your day job denies you, like spending more time with your family, not being caught in the awful traffic, freedom to work when you feel like it (hmm) and where you want, and the rest of them.

This is an achievable dream yet a part of you is hesitating…wondering…

Is this not just a chimera? Will it work the way you’re imagining it?

This is also a genuine concern.

Do you have a good plan? Do you really have what it takes to work on your own online? Aren’t you heading into the unknown? For one, you’re no longer guaranteed a salary but you still need to support yourself and your family. You also have to pay for all of your overhead expenses: connectivity, office space, self-employment taxes, etc. Do you have some money put aside to cushion you through the transition? Will going in without a safety net motivate or paralyze you? Will you really be happier as an online entrepreneur?

No doubt these are some of the questions which can’t just make you walk into your boss’s office and quit. It’s true that no matter how horrible you find your 9-5, at least it offers security except for the idea of being laid off one day. Also, there is a difference between dreaming of working online and actually doing it. Working online is the real thing totally different from a dream, an idealized world in which everything is possible.

But then quitting your job to work online can come in strange ways. Here are two concrete examples:

An Accident


Aha, you’re surprised about his, huh? But that’s exactly the story of Jon Morrow, a successful blogger.
In April of 2006, he was hit by a car going 85 miles an hour and his legs got broken in 14 places. Left with nothing to do for three months, Jon thought about his life. Unhappy about it, he quit his job.

For the next three months, Jon worked feverishly on his blog, from 8 AM until 11 PM. He forwent television, stopped seeing friends. All he did was writing, reading, and connecting with other bloggers.
Within a month, Jon had On Moneymaking off the ground; two months later, it was getting 2,000 visitors a day and a couple more months later he sold the blog for five figures and went to work at one of the most popular blogs in the world.

Click on the link below to read Jon Morrow’s achievement:

How to Quit Your Job, Move to Paradise and Get Paid to Change the World

Despite Having a Disease Like SMA

And Using Nothing But His Voice

Unwillingness to Climb the Corporate Ladder


When Ethan Waldman first took a job with a promising company in their HR department, he knew it was going to be for a time only despite the excellent career prospects.

So at one of the regular performance reviews, Ethan told his boss he wanted to be working for himself when she wanted to know where he would want to be in 3 years so the company could best help him develop his career.

Ethan left a year later but the company decided to keep him on as a part-time consultant. This made it easier for him to transition into Cloud Coach full-time.
Eager to read the full story? Click on the link below.

How I Quit My Job, Doubled My Pay and Cut My Hours in Half

Read also A woman who quit a job paying over $200,000 a year explains why she’s happier earning less than a quarter as much

For others, quitting your job to work online can be dictated by necessity.

The Disappearance of the Corporate Safety Net


The corporate safety net no longer exists in North America (or did it ever exist?) or anywhere else for that matter. So your job can go tomorrow, or even today, in fact anytime.

So James Altucher said when he had the best job ever, he still thought of how to escape it. To him, most people need to begin their exit strategy RIGHT NOW. So he gives 10 More Reasons You Need to Quit Your Job Right Now!

Towards the end of the article, James made a good point. He said you need to prepare before quitting your job. He likened it to training for the Olympics: you need to be physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually ready.

He suggested the posts that will help you quit your job, at least the ideas in the first one:

How to be the Luckiest Man Alive in 4 Easy Steps
What to do if you were Fired Today
The 100 Rules for Being an Entrepreneur

Desire to Stay Home with Your Child


Despite earning $100,000 of the family’s income of $130,000 a year, Jaime wanted to work part time from home so as to start a family. But there was a snag. She and her husband had a total debt of $70,040.

Even if they paid off ALL of their debt, Jaime’s husband’s income of $30,000 wouldn’t cover the bills. So the first step to working from home was to become debt free. So she and her husband devised ways to pay off the debt in a year and she quit her job. When her child came, she was able to stay home with him for one year without financial problems.

Want to know how she did it? Click on the link below to read the full story:

How I Paid Off Over $70,000 in Debt and Quit My Job

Desire to Follow Your Passion


Jaime is so excited when she wakes up every morning to start her day.

That wasn’t the case when she worked 9-5. She detested getting up in the mornings. Sunday nights put her off too. In fact, she abhorred going to work. Even she and her best friend would email each other about how much they hated their jobs.

An engineer with an IT degree, Jaime worked as a Project Manager for a Video on Demand company. She likes computers but they are not her passion. She didn’t want to help people watch more TV.
Finally she settled on business coaching which she really enjoys because she loves being able to help businesses generate more revenue, and grow.

Today, she works about 20 hours per week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays until 4:00 pm.

I like the way Jaime compared trying to find your passion to finding a soul mate. The same way you wouldn’t go on one date and marry somebody, you should also not quit your day job to embrace a home you haven’t nurtured properly to be sure of, she urges.

This is something to ponder seriously about if you are thinking of transitioning from a 9 to 5 job to a home one.

Click on the link below to get the full story from the horse’s own mouth:

How I Quit My Job And Now Live My Passion

A Strong Urge to Work Online


Should you quit your day job and work from home?

Hell yes you should quit your job. That’s what Corbett Barr says.

He argues that if there’s something you feel strongly about, then you need to embrace it. Thus, if the idea of wanting to quit your job keeps haunting you, this is proof that you are not satisfied with the life you are living. For such people, Corbett has two important questions, and I quote him:

“Will you ever be fully satisfied with your life if you keep working this job? Will you ever be satisfied if you don’t take a real shot at living your dreams?”

In effect, before working for himself, the thought ate at Corbett that his life wasn’t it should be. Working for someone else as he was doing wasn’t going to satisfy him. According to Corbett if you have those feelings too, the real question isn’t if you should quit your job, but when.

But even when you decide to work from home, the fear of failure will not stop haunting you. As solution, Corbett says if your goal is to live the dream and experience the adventure, the thought that you’ll end up a more experienced, interesting and fulfilled person will certainly make you succeed.

His advice? Don’t focus too much on outcomes but on the process. “Make the process your goal and you’ll succeed no matter the ultimate outcome,” he says.

Check the full post below:

Hell Yes You Should Quit Your Job

After Positive Results of Testing the Waters


I was thrilled to find this idea.

When I was going to work for myself and asked a relative who had successfully transitioned from his job as inspector of education to a building contractor for advice, this is what he told me.

“You do the two jobs concurrently. At a certain time, nobody will tell you which to choose as one of the jobs will appear more interesting.”

I knew one of the jobs he meant was the side job.

This is exactly what Kelly Gurnett recommends. She says many entrepreneurs start their dream businesses as a “side hustle” while still working on their jobs full- or part-time. A sort of testing the waters before pursuing entrepreneurship full-time.

Like my relative, Kelly also maintains that “the time will come when that side business grows large enough for you to consider ditching your day job altogether.”

To make sure you transition smoothly and set up for success, Kelly suggests some steps.

She advises that you have up to six months’ worth of living expenses before quitting your day job. You must also know how much income to bring in monthly to cover your expenses as an entrepreneur. Finally, you have to tally the amount you’ll need to quit your day job against what you’re currently bringing in from your side job and what you can expect to bring in once you’re doing it full-time.

However, taking these steps does not make taking the leap from side hustler to full-time entrepreneur devoid of risk. “But by making it a calculated one, you can better ensure your success,” Kelly says.

All said and done, know that nothing ventured, nothing gained which means that you don’t get anywhere without taking risks.

Check the blog post on the following link:

How to Quit Your Day Job and Work For Yourself

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Why You Must Embrace the All Solutions Network Business

In other posts concerning the ASN system, we’ve covered…


1. How you can earn your first check immediately

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2. How you earn Commissions of up to $1,500 and more on big ticket items, with no
investment or selling of any kind

3. How by simply sharing this unique FREE opportunity lets you earn Group Bonus
Overrides on the Business generated by every member and every site in your downline
through 10 levels and how ASN’s group overrides can easily be in excess of $7,500 per

4. How ASN’s Infinity Pools allow you to earn from the purchases and sales of every member
and every site within the entire Solutions Network

5. How ASN’s unique system allows you to utilize the same business principles that the
world’s largest corporations use: duplication and leveraging by opening “stores”. Except
you do it without investment, hiring employees, stocking merchandise.

Check the posts here:

1. ASN offers all
2. You can succeed
3. Consistent action
4. ASN Offers
5. How Make Money ASN
6. Who are ASN?
7. Work smart

For an overview of how ASN works and the many ways you earn please click here…


If no, take a few moments to take advantage of ANY of the free services, trials, or quotes on the links below.

NOTE: There are many companies on these pages so they may take a few moments to load.

Universally needed services

Services you need

ASN favourite companies

Non US members

Remember, this action earns you points and locks in your first paychecks. The more points you accumulated, the more you earn. 4 points earns the fast start bonus, 8 points the eagle bonus, etc… The best thing to do is to immediately get your 15 points. You can do it for free. It will take less than 15 minutes and you immediately earn the Fast Bonus, Eagle Bonus, and Group Bonuses.



Put image of failure/success here

First, we will never ask you for a penny!

We don’t ask for your money because we don’t need it. We make money when you make money from the system. And we KNOW that by following this system, YOU WILL MAKE MONEY. That’s why we don’t want your money. All we want is your commitment. If you are committed, we both win.

In this post we are going to talk about the issue that motivated you to get your own ASN website.

Money AND CURIOSITY! Curiosity about whether this was for real.

You signed up because it looked like this might be something. You were curious.

You know that there are many fly by night, here today gone tomorrow companies. They are more than willing to take your money, but often deliver nothing.

But you also know that many people are creating great wealth through the Internet. So you know there has to be a way. Surely something works. There has to be something out there that’s more than a pile of beautiful promises filled with horse manure.

before continuing reading, don’t forget to listen to these 2 important Audio Training files…HOW ASN WORKS!

It’s a large audio file and may take a few moments to load, but it’s worth it!

For an overview of just how profitable and easy your business is, please click on this link

Click on this link to go to the claim Your Check Training #2

Claim Your Check Training #2 explains why “Claim Your Check” is the “your key to riches”.
How, by making it easy for EVERYONE to earn a little, it makes it easy for anyone to earn a lot! This short message shows how and why if you find just 2 people that want to earn for free…and they find 2, etc through 10 levels… your income can exceed $4,000 per month!

Then it shows how to parlay this into into Soooo Much More!

Shows that even if you don’t think you can do this… Even if you are SURE you Can’t!…
We PROVE THAT YOU CAN… and show step by step why!


As this subtitle says, there surely is a way. There is a company that will live up to its promise. A company that will never ask for a penny. A company that doesn’t earn unless you do. A company that can and will deliver what it promises. A company that knows how to merge the best concepts of the old with the newest technologies. That company is the All Solutions Network.

If you’ve already followed the couple of steps that the other posts have suggested, you already KNOW this is real…

If you haven’t followed these steps, you are still sitting on the fence. This training session is a call to simple logic. It is a simple statement of facts. No flowery sales pitch. Just the facts.


Here is the challenge from ASN:


If you don’t think that the following factual analysis of what makes any business likely to work or likely to fail is anything but 100% accurate… if you disagree… if you see a flaw in their analysis of WHY THEY ARE CONVINCED THAT YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL WITH ASN… Just let them know that you don’t want any more emails.

They will remove you from their data banks and you are free to find something better.

But if, on the other hand, you don’t see a flaw in the logic; if, in your heart of hearts, you can’t honestly disagree with their assertion that you really can be successful with ASN… That ANYONE can be successful with this system… Then do yourself a favor. Give yourself the chance to succeed.


JUST TRY is all they ask. TAKE A CHANCE! It can’t cost you a dime because they will NEVER ask you for a dime.

If they’re wrong, the Worst Thing That Can Happen? You wasted 5 minutes of your life.

But their Promise is: If you have the commitment, they have the system that will transform your dreams into reality.



You can’t fail in ASN because there is absolutely NO RISK!– If you follow the system…
It’s impossible to lose!

Now don’t get them wrong. Of course, you can’t lose.. But it IS possible– to Not Win. All you need to go in that direction is…doing nothing.

But just follow the system, “invest” 15 or 20 minutes each day, and see what happens.

FIRST REASON YOU CAN’T FAIL…Your site Offers Everything

Your website offers virtually everything the public wants or needs. From home loans, Flowers, Insurance, Fine Jewelry, Furniture, Gifts, Vitamins, etc. And of course, you have an Abolutely No Investment Opportunity to make money in your spare time. REMEMBER, You are now partnered with Wal-mart,,, Tiger Direct, Overstock, and hundreds of other trusted companies.

NO MATTER WHATEVER HAPPENS WITH THE ECONOMY, you always have a product or service that can fill an economic niche.

SECOND REASON YOU CAN’T FAIL…Natural Diversification

The most successful people in life rarely often have all their eggs in one basket. They diversify, into different investments and different business, to hedge against changes in the economy.

Your business and website automatically gives you the ultimate in diversification. Your ability to profit from Real Estate loans and the Auto industry is wonderful, but what if the rates go to 18% again, as they did in the 80’s? It won’t matter because your website will still be making you money from the many gifts that your site offers, or the many nutritional products, and diet and weight loss supplements, or the low cost prescription meds that your site sells, think about it, your site offers EVERYTHING!

Your website really does diversify you into all aspects of the economy. So, no matter what happens, high rates, low rates, fast or slow economic growth, you will still make money because you diversity of products and services PROVIDES THE NEEDS OF ANY ECONOMY.


The opportunity you have and are offering has absolutely no barriers to entry. Virtually, any business that you can think of has obstacles that prevent the average of person from participating. Often it requires money, time, sale ability, licenses, etc… There is almost always a substantial barrier.

With YOUR ASN business, there are no barriers. None! There is NO excuse for failure– other than INACTION!

Your business requires…No investment, no licenses, no sales experience, no employees, no office space, etc.

The only thing this business requires is the Desire to make or save money. And how is it done?

By giving away FREE opportunity. What could be easier?

FOURTH REASON YOU CAN’T FAIL…Everything you need for success is provided

ASN are absolutely committed to giving you every product, every service, and every tool. They will give you everything that you could possibly need to succeed. The only thing that they can’t provide is commitment. But of course commitment is the most important ingredient.

No matter how great the idea or how great the opportunity, without committed consistent action nothing is ever accomplished. Some people are going to get a hold of this opportunity and run with it. Others are going to sit on it. If you are the former, I truly believe that your life is about to change.



Realize, the All Solutions Network has been in business helping people since 1998. But at the moment of writing this (6-30-09), the opportunity that is now in your hands has been available in this form for only about 8 months. Already there are stark contrasts between people who have joined on the same day. One distributor has given away 18 free websites. Another, who joined this morning, 4 hours later has already given 5 free websites. Others have done nothing.

Some people are taking this by the horns and are determined to make something of it. OTHERS ARE JUST CURIOUS.

ASN promise to you-this is a great opportunity. But there’s a catch. Success requires more than curiosity. It requires commitment. A commitment to consistently act.

Click on this link to follow the Fast Start Guide

Do a little something everyday. It doesn’t have to be a lot. But it has to be consistent. That’s all that is asked of you. Could it be any easier?

The potential of this business is unlimited. ASN have combined proven principles of the past with the best technologies of today. Remember past networking companies where some of the members earned astronomical figures? $20,000 $50,000 $80,000, even $100,000 or more per month? That really happened. And it happened WITHOUT the Internet.

These entrepreneurs earned these incredible incomes, holding meetings in their living rooms, stocking merchandise, selling to friends and neighbors, while being limited to their local geographic areas. The technological and geographical limitations these people endured were incredible, but even so, their commitment saw them through. Even with the limitations imposed by the limited nature of their business systems and technologies, their consistent committed action made them rich!



ASN utilize similar but more profitable network override systems, but your organization can be built lightning fast through the internet. Your website provides more products, services, valuable information and ways to make money than any other company that has ever existed. AND you have no geographic limitations, you never see customers, it’s all web based. You don’t have to hold meetings. You don’t have to sell the system, your website does it for you.
You don’t have to train your distributors; ASN do it with their automated training system, fast start guide and support system. You don’t have to rent office space. You don’t have to stock merchandise. You don’t have to accept Visa and Mastercard, all of your websites purchases are routed through ASN’s merchant accounts.


Seriously, think about it.

What is left for you to do? ASN have pretty much done everything else…

In their short time in existence they are already over 100,000 strong worldwide– and they’re just getting started!

Your job is a simple one. Just promote YOUR site. Refer people to your website. Give away as many Free sites as possible. Follow your Fast Start Guide and adhere to ASN’s basic simple system.

1. Personal Use
2. Market Services
3. Building a Downline

You’ll see that there is nothing easier. You are simply GIVING AWAY the opportunity to make money from the products and services that everyone needs and uses every day!

No company has ever combined products, services, information, and technologies in such a simple easy to use system. But again, no matter how great the product, service, or opportunity; unless combined with consistent committed action Nothing Happens. The members who are committed to taking action to make something of this are assured of fabulous results. Those who are just curious are destined to let this opportunity slip away.

IF YOU ARE STILL READING THIS, you have more than curiosity. You are hoping that this is legitimate, but want to make sure that the company and system is worthy of your effort. This is understandable. Understandable also is that the success of this system and the entire All Solutions Network is totally dependent on your success and the success of all members. So ASN literally couldn’t be more committed to helping you succeed. They are absolutely committed to you.

If you are as committed to your success as they are to helping you to achieve it, you’re on your way!

They still have only touched the surface of the myriads of products and services that your site provides.

Put image of check here

Meanwhile, if you haven’t already done so… Go Earn Your First Checks!

1. Go to

Free Services, Quotes and Trials

Our sister company with many real estate and financial services

Companies and Services used most frequently by our members

Non-US companies, mostly for UK and Canada

The more items you take advantage of… THE MORE MONEY YOU MAKE.

2. Go to your Fast Start Guide and follow the first couple of steps. In other words, send a quick email to EVERYONE in you contact list.

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Your personal guide to securing your future

Work Hard, Earn Less – Work Smart, Earn More

Have you ever wondered why 9-5 workers are working damn hard but going nowhere? But someone seizes a good opportunity online and they reap millions for using less sweat?

It all boils down to the difference between working hard and working smart.

Working smart has been grossly interpreted. Some gurus have discouraged their newbie prospects by letting them believe that in online work it’s possible to make money for doing nothing, or at best, very little. And when the members don’t succeed, the gurus tell them that they did not apply the system well. Let me set the records straight right now… they are leading online dreamers astray. Do nothing and you earn nothing. That’s the law of the universe. But on the contrary if you work smart, then you can earn a lot for a little!

This is why with ASN you are NEVER told that you don’t have to do anything to earn. Instead you are assured that with the Solutions Network System, YOU CAN DO LESS, BUT EARN MORE.

This concept is exemplified if a member already completes steps one and two that Bruce Castro the owner harps on in his training emails when they join. This is because you see the money rolling in!

Before saying another word, let’s be clear about reality…


Success is never accomplished without EFFORT. If anyone ever tells you otherwise, flee from them as if from a pest.

Nobody ever achieved success with no effort. BUT IF YOU WORK SMART, success can be achieved, however with minimal effort.

The marketing principles involved in the All Solutions Network system require minimal effort to succeed, but effort, nevertheless. With the advent of the internet especially, it has become clear to all of us that the main ingredient to professional and financial success has never been to work hard (who doesn’t know people who work long and hard but have little to show for it?). Rather, the real key to success has always been to work smart. The principles that the ASN system utilizes, epitomizes WORKING SMART!


Let’s consider a person who wants to make an omelet. Two options can be available to them: they can break the egg into a frying pan and hold a match to it and eventually have a fried egg. But they could have accomplished the same thing much more quickly and easily by using the stove.

That’s the difference between working hard and working smart.

A lumberjack also can have two options to chop down a tree… they could do it the hard way with a hatchet or work smart with a chain saw and get the same result but much more quickly and with less labour and sweat…

The analogy is also true for a worker. You have the option to be a wage earner and work 40 to 60 hours a week earning $15, $20, $50 an hour or even more. But a better result can be accomplished by doing what the largest, most profitable companies in the world do—they multiply themselves and open new markets with new stores and restaurants. Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, Denney’s, just name them…

These companies ALL maximize their profits by duplicating and leveraging through the creation and production of many new stores and restaurants. That’s working Smart! And that’s exactly what the ASN system allows you to do. Automated tasks, viral marketing, and duplication and leveraging through the giving out of websites.

Now that you know the results of working hard and working smart, given the chance between the two which will be your logical choice?


Click on this link to go to the All Solutions Network signup page to stop working hard and instead work smart

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Who Are All Solutions Network – And Who Is Bruce Castro, the Founder?

This post is based on a mail received from Bruce Castro, as part of his training of distributors.



If you are going to work with All Solutions Network, I think it’s important for you know a little about the company’s historical background and that of its founder, Bruce Castro.

In his life Bruce has had many jobs and operated various businesses in his attempt to find that happy balance between time and money.

Bruce has worked all day selling and investing in real estate while “working” 5 nights a week as a professional musician. Between the two vocations he earned what many would have considered a good income, but he wasn’t happy. Bruce found that all the money in the world was useless if you didn’t find the time to enjoy it. So, he got “smart” and made a career change to make sure he had more time.

Bruce reduced the time spent on real estate sales, played his music less and turned a lifelong fascination with herpetology (the study of reptiles), into a business. So now, he absolutely loved everything he did. He had plenty of time to enjoy life. But Bruce still had a problem. He had all the time in the world, but he often couldn’t afford a hamburger!


Bruce saw that all the time in the world is useless if you don’t have enough money to enjoy it.
And all the Money in the world is useless if you don’t have enough TIME to enjoy it.
It’s all about balance.

He then decided that he’d find something that would pay him handsomely on an hourly basis, so that he didn’t have to put in too many hours, but would still have a reasonable net income. Seemed to make sense. Bruce figured, “Hey, I’m a relatively bright guy, I’ll become an attorney”. So he went to Law School, (Northern California School of Law).

Bruce was lucky enough to be close to the top of his class and was therefore given the honor of clerking for the dean of the Law School. Wow! What an eye opener. This gave him the opportunity to see the true practice of law, up close and personal. Instead of finding the practice of law as a vehicle to promote the cause of good and solve issues for the benefit
of the client, he found that the most certain way to guarantee success in a law practice was not to solve issues, but rather to create more of them! Think about it, as soon as an attorney solves all of his client’s legal issues— he’s effectively unemployed. It was far more profitable to prolong litigation by creating billable hours than it was to solve problems.

Don’t get Bruce wrong. He knows there are some wonderful attorney’s out there. As a matter of fact, one of his best friends is an attorney. He had been Bruce’s torts professor and Bruce his Guitar teacher! It’s just that the undercurrent of the adversarial aspect of our legal system often turned Bruce’s stomach. He didn’t want to make a career out of causing problems.

Now of course, while all of this is going on, the Internet was coming into its own and making it possible to do things that were undreamed of just a couple of years before. Bruce started thinking, there must be some way to marry his real estate background with this new legal education and the internet in such a way that would allow him to concentrate on solving problems– not creating them, while reaching out nationwide to a virtually unlimited customer base…

This thought was the genesis of the All Solutions Network. Since 1998 they have been helping people become homeowners, preparing low cost bankruptcies, preparing taxes, helping people improve their credit, preparing wills, dissolutions, and various other services throughout the country. Whether in the form of the many low cost quality services that ASN provide or even the FREE information and services offered, they are rapidly becoming the place that people look to when they have a problem. ASN have been and continue to be dedicated to providing solutions, solving problems… not creating billable hours.

One of the most pressing issues faced in today’s society is money. Those who have enough money don’t have enough time and those with enough time don’t have enough money. Sound familiar?

True to keeping with their core mission of solving problems they have created the All Solutions Network Affiliate Program.


This unique system allows you to earn money with them from every service and product that they offer. And all you have to do is follow their simple but lightning fast system to promote Your Free Website (the equivalent of the world’s largest superstore), that they have already given you. Their unique system allows you to earn not only from your personal website (Store), but the Free Stores, that you give away and those THEY give away, plus their system lets you profit from the sales and purchases of every member and every website within the entire Solutions Network, whether they obtained their site with you, after you, or even before you.

Bruce Castro promises you; once you have examined and fully understood this entire business system, you’ll agree that you have never seen anything like it.

It is so simple that consistent effort guarantees results. In sessions sent you after registering, ASN shows you exactly how to guarantee a check.

Realize that anyone can provide service. I know of no company that provides more products and services than the All Solutions Network. But guaranteed success comes from having that something extra. The value added. By adding something that sets you or your company apart from all competition…

As a member of the All Solutions Network, your website doesn’t just sell services—in addition to all of the services, all of the products, all of the free information–you offer a unique life changing opportunity—for free. No Cost. Ever!


One of the most successful men in America was once asked—what is the key to success? Without so much as a moment’s hesitation he responded—“Find what they want and give it to them”. (Remember this phrase … GIVE it to them!).

With consistent effort, promoting your website and services, your success is assured. Why? Because you are offering, and in many cases simply giving away the things that people in this society want and need. And ASN’s multi-faceted marketing and bonus override system insures that you are paid well for doing so.

The more free websites you give away, the more “stores” you open, the more money you can make. Period. Your job is simple. Market services and refer people to your website. ASN do the rest.

This business truly epitomizes the phrase “the more you give, the more you get”. As a matter of fact, as ASN explain in a later mail, if you give away a free website to just ONE PERSON who really works this business—it can earn you a continuing residual income of $2,000 or more per month. Imagine $2,000 per month for just giving away a free website. What could be easier?

Read also the article titled “Work Hard, Earn Less – Work Smart, Earn More”

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The ways and avenues from which All Solutions Network can make you money

This post is a quick overview of the many ways you earn as an affiliate of All Solutions Network (ASN).


All Solutions Network is a home business opportunity which is always free to join and free to earn in countless ways: profit sharing, commissions, group bonuses, training bonuses of up to $5,000 monthly, etc… !

The ASN system lets you earn from every company, every product and every service on your site… and there are myriads of them!

Now, let’s see the various ways in which you can earn in ASN:



Although the ASN system lets you earn without ever spending a dime, but there are instances where you have to spend anyway. No, don’t raise your eyelids. As ASN say, If you are going to spend it anyway… why not get paid for it!

You can earn from your ASN without ever using it for personal use…, but if you don’t, you are leaving money on the table. If you buy from your site the things you already need and use everyday, such as Merchandise, Groceries, Utilities, you will earn, at least, ASN’s monthly profit sharing bonuses.

Why not do this when you get the same products at the same low prices, when you can use the same coupons, when you even make the purchase from the very same companies you already know and trust, such as Walmart, Amazon, Target, etc…

What’s new?

Now you get paid!

Never want to miss a check? Click Here!

You can earn even more with your site by doing more from it:


Earn simply by getting FREE quotes, trials, surveys, etc…

Get a free insurance quote and you earn 2 separate profit sharing bonuses! See insurance Get a FREE trial credit monitoring service, trial fax number, quote for solar energy or any of the countless other participating companies offering free quotes and trials, and you earn even more… And the more you get… the more you earn. Click Here to See How!



SHARE the ability to earn for FREE by doing what we all do, every day and you earn even more! Share ASN with others so they also can earn for free… you earn commission overrides from every free quote, trial, survey, or purchase they get. The more people you help to earn for free… the more you earn! See how and why sharing is so profitable.



You get WEEKLY commissions on a host of financial products and services, from $10 to $1,500 or more per service: mortgage reduction, home purchases, taxes, bankruptcies, credit improvement and more! You can actually start using and earning from these products and services right now!

With Viral marketing, it’s actually as simple as Copy and Paste. See Current Services and what they pay you, Viral Marketing and Earning with Banners.


By guaranteeing that you actually earn from the visitors to your site, ASN’s UNIQUE GIFTS PROGRAM creates a constant income for you.

In effect, every visitor to your site can choose to receive the promotional gift of their choice ranging from vacations, restaurant coupons, video cameras, MP4’s, etc… and much more just by getting a free quote or free trial, free survey or virtually any other activity on your site… (As ASN member, you can also get these promotional gifts for yourself and still earn)

The more free quotes, trials or survey requested by you or your visitors… the more you earn. Here’s the link to promote. See how to immediately start using FREE Viral Marketing, Banners and see many ways the ASN Gifts Program pays you. click here


ASN provide many training and mentor bonuses that pay you up to an additional $5,000 monthly. This creates a system wide incentive for all members to help each other. To earn them you just share and use ASN’s simple system to help your new members.

Now, where and how do you earn and what products and services does your website offer?

ONE: Where and how do you earn your bonus?

Unlike other network marketing companies where those at the top earn from those at the bottom and those at the bottom are pretty much abandoned to their sad fate, the ASN system functions otherwise. The top earns from the bottom, and the bottom also earns from the top.
In other words, the ASN system equalizes and dampens the inequalities that are historically inherent in network marketing.

With ASN’s multi-faceted system, you make money from every purchase and every sale that is made not just from YOUR site, but from each and every website in the entire Solutions Network. It doesn’t matter whether a person joined with you, after you or even before you. You make money from him/her and every bit of business activity in the entire network.

TWO: What products and services does your website offer?

EVERYTHING! Instead of sounding like kind of a broad generality, this is pretty accurate. Your site offers virtually everything, even things that you wouldn’t generally think possible…

Why not when you are now partnered with some of the largest, most trusted companies in the world such as Wal-mart, Sears,, BestBuy,, and hundreds more!

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One of the other prongs that make ASN such an incredible opportunity is that the products and services your website offers are wanted, needed and consistently used by everyone.


In most cases you make money in, at least, 3 different ways:

1: COMMISSIONS FROM SALES of products or services made from your website

A credit repair kit is sold from your site. You earn $10.
A mortgage negotiation is ordered from your site, you earn $300.
A loan closes from your site. You earn anywhere from $300 to $1,500 or more!

Check them and many other products and services that make you money and NEVERREQUIRE ANY INVESTMENT here!

2: GROUP BONUS OVERRIDES from Sales of products and service made from your Business Organization (Downline) are paid to you through your Group Bonuses.

To gain them, you give away a website (sponsor somebody) and make money from every purchase or sale made from that site. They give away a site and you earn from that one also, up to a full 10 levels!

Let’s see how profitable the Group Bonus override system can be: imagine you give away just 2 stores, and those 2 give away 2 stores, etc… through 10 levels. Should each store generate only $40 Commissionable Business Volume (personal use and marketing of services alone can accomplish this much CBV)–YOUR group overrides would be in excess of $7,500 per month. Handsome, ain’t it?

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3: SHARED INFINITY FUNDS regroup anywhere from 50% to 80% of all profit generated by purchases, sales, quotes, and free trials of all members, visitors and all sites within the entire ASN network is paid and into the Infinity Pools. The Funds are divided into 7 shared pools and paid to all members depending on the number of points that member accumulated.

This is how everybody in ASN gains from everybody else.

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Although 15 points are enough to make you earn, you don’t have to stop there. Keep going and within 30 TO 45 minutes you can have 100 points and earn every Infinity Bonus ASN offer! This always pays, at least, $100 to $500 Dollars!

Fast Start Bonus
Eagle Bonus
Group Bonus Overrides
Bronze Bonus
Silver Bonus
Gold Bonus
Platinum Bonus


1. If a product or service is ordered from YOUR site, you receive an amount of payment depending on the product or service.

2. If a product or service is ordered from one of your distributor’s site (a website you gave away), your distributor gets paid for that order. You get paid for it too.

3. If a product or service is ordered from the website that YOUR distributor gave away, the new distributor gets paid, your distributor gets paid, and YOU get paid too. And this, up to a full 10 levels deep of distributors’ free websites.


HOME LOANS-Your website offers an unbelievable array of home loans and purchase programs that fit low income, no down, and even bad credit purchasers. ASN do things on a daily basis that other lenders simply can’t.

You earn from $300 to $1500 per funded loan that originates from your website. Plus, the same amount is allocated to your Group Business Volume. This means that if a loan originates from your site, you earn $300 to $1500. If it originates from the sites of any of your distributors, or theirs thru 10 levels, you are paid the percentage allocated to that level’s business volume. Example- 10 levels deep into your organization a loan funds and it equaled $1,500 CBV. On your 10th level you earn 12% so you would earn $180 from that loan.

Your website has scores of products and services.

For details on what is available and how much each pays, please click on this link…


In addition to all of the above, ASN are affiliated with some of the largest retailers in the world: Wal-Mart, Macy’s,, Amazon, etc. These companies pay the ASN network well for the exposure that it provides. And 40% to 60% of all funds paid by these corporations are deposited directly into the infinity fund for payment to members.


LOANS- You don’t just get paid if a loan closes from your site.

Go to check it at the real estate loans page

The companies on this page pay for each refinance application. So for every loan APPLICATION made from any Free website, or company site, you make money from the Infinity Fund. AND, note, the applicants don’t have to actually get the loan, they don’t even have to qualify for the loan, THEY JUST HAVE TO APPLY!

WAL-MART- the biggest retailer in the world known for the best selection and best prices available. They pay the network a percentage of every purchase that originates from any All Solutions company site or distributor’s free site. So, via the Infinity Fund, you make money from every purchase made from any company site, or any free website within the entire All Solutions Network! So, someone visits your site and makes a purchase from Wal-Mart, you just earned points that earn you money.

AUTO LOANS- the companies pay for the opportunity to simply talk to our members. So, someone gets a quote from your site, YOU just earned points that earn you money…

AUTO SALES- Looking for a car? Get a quote from any of the companies that ASN are associated with, and they pay just to have the opportunity to earn the business of members. As with the home loans, no purchase is necessary; just the request for a quote pays you.

INSURANCE- Looking for lower insurance on health, auto, home, dental, etc? Any time anyone gets a quote from your site or any of our member sites they pay just for the opportunity to try to save ASN members money.

FLOWERS- The companies with which ASN are affiliated with pay about 20% on each and every Flower delivery from anywhere within the All Solutions Network.

PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS- Some of the most desired and usually expensive medications are available on your website and at huge discounts. One of the hottest selling medications on the market today is VIAGRA and CIALIS.

Both are available from your site, without the need for an existing prescription and at costs of under $2 per dose!

Check out your site and see the many other Meds that are available.

The list of products and services from which you make money with ASN’s corporate affiliates is almost endless: flowers, meds, furniture, toys, computers, fine jewelry, groceries, weight reduction aids, contact lenses, etc., etc.

You will agree that there is no business that allows you to earn money so quickly or easily. But don’t take my word for it.

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Do you want to increase your earnings and expand your business? Then just do what Wal-Mart does…OPEN A NEW “STORE”.

Just giving away a free website is the equivalent of opening a store from which you earn a percentage of all the business it generates.

This is easier in your case since all it costs you to open a new store is simply to give away a free website! Imagine, there is no need to invest or buy land or buildings or hire employees.

Better still, not only does it not cost you anything to open a store but also it never costs you anything to run it!

So, what happens when this “new store” decides to expand and open 5 or 10 new other stores (websites)?

You receive a percentage of every bit of business generated by each of those “stores”.

When each of those 5 decide to expand and open 5 each, that’s an additional 25 websites from which you earn a percentage of all business generated. And Remember– Your Group Volume Bonuses pay you through a full 10 levels of “stores”.

Additionally, because of the unique interconnectiveness accomplished by ASN’s INFINITY FUND, you earn a percentage of every bit of business generated by every “store” in the entire All Solutions Network!

And remember, EVERY store in the entire Network, offers everything that the largest retailers in the world do, Plus, none of these “stores” has any geographic limitations.


This unique system is combined with the fact that we live in the age of the internet, the era of instant communication. In the history of humanity there has never been anything like it. Not only is communication instantaneous, IT IS FREE! This makes for incredible opportunities in marketing– unlike anything that has ever before existed.

For example, this opportunity has been available in its present form, since 11-08-08. In that time there have been incredible differences in the development of members’ businesses. ASN have members who, after one day, already opened over 10 stores by simply referring everyone they know to their website. Others, within one week, already have over 50 stores in their organization.

But be warned. No one joins ASN or any business for that matter and then has money magically fall from the sky into their wallet. It takes action and commitment.

That’s why ASN have other members with downlines of 0 and others that joined at about the same time with downlines of 3,000 and more!

The potential with ASN is incredible. But know that potential divorced from action and commitment is worthless.

If you work this system it WILL work for you, AND IT WILL WORK LIGHTNING FAST!

But, if a member does nothing, that’s also what they earn.

No company allows you to build a downline quicker than ASN, because it is ALWAYS FREE.
No company offers more products, services or marketing programs than ASN.
No company offers a more profitable bonus structure than ASN.

Remember, Our Group Bonus override system can be so profitable that if you give away just 2 stores and then they give away 2 stores, etc… through 10 levels, with each store generating only $40 Commissionable Business Volume (personal use and marketing of services alone can accomplish this much CBV)– YOUR group overrides will be in excess of $7,500 per month.


The combination of the Infinity Fund and Group Volume Bonuses creates a system with not only great income potential, but a system in which earning a moderate income is so simple that we can actually guarantee that you will earn money! And YOU DECIDE HOW MUCH!

For more details about the complete ASN Profit Structure, please see…


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