What’s AWeber’s affiliate program – And is it right for you?

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The aim of this blog post is simply to make you know something about or learn a little more about AWeber’s affiliate program to see if it is what you would like to promote as an affiliate.

Who are AWeber?

AWeber Communications are an email marketing solutions provider since 1998 and claims to have more than 115,000 customers.  AWeber is believed to be the best autoresponder / email marketing for any business to keep good relationship with your customers, prospects and followers.

What’s AWeber affiliate programs?

Click here to watch the video “Webinars/intro to AWeber’s affiliate program” 

AWeber has put a system into place which enables you to partner with them to make money by showing small businesses how to use their opt-in email marketing campaigns to boost their sales.

 So if you want a check from AWeber every month click below to get started today!

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How does the AWeber affiliate program work?

When you sign up free and become an AWeber affiliate, they’ll provide you with an affiliate ID.

You’ll then get busy promoting your link to refer businesses in need of email marketing software to AWeber by tagging your links to AWeber’s site with your affiliate ID.

Let’s say your affiliate ID is 123456. You’ll then add ?123456 to the end of any link you make to Aweber; like https://www.aweber.com/?123456 (Make sure the / is not missing)/

Alternatively you may add ?id=123457 to the end of the link, but this time without the /: http://www.aweber.com?id=123456

When AWeber receive any visitor through your affiliate-tagged links, of course they’ll associate them with your affiliate account.

If the visitors order an account then (or even at a later time), you’ll receive a 30% commission on their account!

Better still, you earn a recurring income 

You’ll earn that 30% commission not only on the initial sale of your referral, but also on any subsequent payments they make. And the AWeber service is billed monthly!

Let’s imagine that you refer Jo-Ann to AWeber, and she signs up at $19.00 per month. Each single month that Jo-Ann uses AWeber, you’ll earn $5.70.

That may not sound like much but do you remember that little drops of water make a mighty ocean?

That’s why in a year, you’d make $68.40. Two years will bring you $136.80 and 3 years a cool $205.20.

And that’s just from only one account!

Imagine even your monthly income when you have a long list of referrals!

Remember, the more referrals use their accounts, the more money you make.


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Don’t know how to recruit?

Learn to get signups and recruit strangers into Aweber.

 Who’s Aweber’s affiliate program for?

If you haven’t signed up to this point it could be that you are wondering if this affiliate program is right for you.

Know that expert, intermediate or complete beginner, AWeber have got tools that help you.

Thus you have access to:

Articles and Ads

Easy-to-reprint content, accessible from your affiliate account

Email Sale Notice

Know the instant you’ve made a sale

Visitor and Sales StatsSee how many people are visiting your affiliate link and how much money you’re making per visitor

Affiliate Newsletter

Tips on how to succeed as an affiliate, plus resources to refer your visitors to like our blog, webinars and videos

So sign up to start making money today showing small businesses how to use AWeber’s opt-in email marketing campaigns to boost sales.

Business email marketing can be a powerful income stream for you. Click here to set up your free affiliate membership and start referring businesses and earning commissions!

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Advantages of joining AWeber affiliate program

  • No cost to sign up
  • Recurring 30% commission
  • Checks mailed monthly

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Do you want to succeed as a referral? Get set up for success with AWeber’s “What to Write” pdf.  

You would find the pdf includes AWeber’s fill-in-the-blank email templates as an extra incentive to make getting started even easier.

Learn about email marketing and be set up for long-term success as a referral with Aweber’s guide to “Growing Your Business with Email Marketing” pdf

Click here to watch the video “Create an email newsletter with Aweber”

Click here to watch the video “Email autoresponders from Aweber”

Click here to watch the video “RSS to email with Aweber”

Click here to watch the video “Manage multiple email campaigns”

Click this to download AWeber overview email marketing guides

Click here to watch the video “Webinars/intro to AWeber’s affiliate program” 

Click here to see “The ultimate guide to email marketing”

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