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10 Top Ways to Generate MLM Blog Traffic

Generating MLM blog traffic depends largely on your content. But content is not everything. This article discusses ten proven ways to generate MLM blog traffic.

Content being king, a good one will dominate your niche. The platform you use for your mlm blog will also determine how well it dominates. Finally, how often and how consistently you post to your blog, ping and buzz your posts and link to other websites will influence too how long you dominate.


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That said, here are ten excellent ways bloggers can generate MLM traffic and find new readers, subscribers and customers.


Before you read them, we would like you to check our number one recommended business which teaches you these things and much more to succeed online.


10. Have at least five major “pillar” articles on your blog

I think it is Yaro who coined the phrase “Pillar Article”.

Maybe you are wondering what a pillar article is.

The definition taken directly from the Blog Profits Blueprint and the concept first used in the guest post on Problogger back in February 2006 was “A pillar article is usually a tutorial style article aimed to teach your audience something. Generally they are longer than 500 words and have lots of very practical tips or advice.”

The Pillar article was later called “Flagship Content” by Chris Garret and “Cornerstone Content” by Brian Clark. This is the expression used by the Yoast SEO plugin.

Now, how do you write a pillar article?

There is no exact formula on writing a pillar article, however the following six typical pillar article concepts may give you useful ideas:

i. “How-To” Article

This is an article that teaches people how to do something in your industry.

For example, if you are a marketing consultant, you could write on how to market a business without using any funds. If you blog about how to write a book, you may write a how-to guide on how to approach publishers. And if you blog about food, you can decide to write recipe guides on how to prepare popular dishes.

ii. Definition Article

New readers need to know the key concepts in your industry. So produce a pillar article that defines the concept, with clear explanation of what it means and how it can be implemented. You may even try and tell a story as an example.

A good pillar article in this wise is a glossary definition page.
Write an article that lists a handful of key concepts in your industry and provides a one-paragraph definition for each.

Such a content keeps readers on your blog, increases your pageviews and visitor length.

iii. Theory or Argument Article

If you blog about politics, developing your own theories about communism, democracy or capitalism can make a great pillar article.

Give your opinion on a major issue, or even on a mainstream topic that may interest your readers.

Try to clearly present your own thesis argument which will stimulate conversation, even a controversy.

iv. Free report, whitepaper or e-course

Yaro describes this as one of his favorite pillar concepts.

It can be a whitepaper (a small document, 2-10 pages, teaching people how to do something) or a series of articles combined into a course.

You can present this information as a PDF for your readers to download. Or, it can be several blog posts interlinked together. Or, you can even highlight them as a stand-alone series in your archives or articles page.

What is paramount is to create a complete all-in-one solution to a common problem.

v. List Article

This is one of the most popular pillar concepts.

You have probably read some of them here, such as 3 Keys To Increasing Your MLM Blog Traffic, 5 Winning Strategies for MLM Success, 7 Marketing Tips to Grow Your MLM Business, 7 Poor reasons to join an MLM business opportunity, 7 ways to reach your MLM goals, and even this post itself.

These work well because people find lists easy to digest. They also provide directly actionable lessons which people love. They also like, comment and share them.

The best list articles must be timeless, original content, problem solving ideas, and directly applicable to your audience.

vi. Technical Blueprint

Very much like a how-to or a whitepaper, a technical blueprint focuses on the technical aspects of a problem.

Bloggers in the technology niche produce blueprint pillar articles using graphs, spreadsheets and images to show how to do something.

Often the pictures tell the story more than the words.


9. Post at least one new post to your blog per day

Google loves regularity. The more frequently you post a new post to your blog, the more Google will recognize it.

Strive to post at least five articles to your blog, from Mondays to Fridays, at practically the same moment.

Very soon you will catch Google love and free traffic will flow to your blog.

But you must be patient for your traffic to ramp up.

Now, how can you manage to write at least one blog post a day?

You may wake up early or go to bed late to do it.

But if writing, or at least doing so regularly, is not one of your strong points, then you can outsource your content creation.

Sites like iWriter and iNeedArticles and many others will help you get people to write content for you at an affordable rate.

Should you need a trusted content writer, don’t hesitate to contact me. I will put you in contact with mine.

As you keep your blog updated with daily articles, this also demonstrates to first time visitors that they can count on your blog for the latest news all the time.

This not only can keep them longer on your blog (as there is a lot to read) but also keep them coming back for something new.


8. Use a proper domain name

A domain name is the Web Address to your business that is linked to an IP.

Being the address where your customers come to where you build your authority and expertise, it becomes important for you to use a proper domain name.

It’s important that you have the smallest and the simplest name to choose.

The following are other reasons to choose a good domain name:

The same domain and brand name gives your brand reinforcement: This is because it makes it easier for the customers to remember them and come back.

There are definite benefits and advantages if your domain contains target SEO keywords: A domain name helps you in SEO ranking. As more people type in a keyword and your domain name shows up and they consult it, Google sees it as valuable.


7. Start commenting on other blogs in your niche

Comment on (influencer) blogs focused on a similar niche topic to yours. Not terse comments like, “This is a nice post!”, “I agree with this idea” and the like.

Your comments must be detailed and focused on matters like:

  • Questions on the topic or overall article
  • Discussion about the topic
  • Experience with the topic
  • Opinion about the topic

The more relevant and interesting the comments you leave on other blogs, the more the readers there will be likely to be interested in your own blog.

People are generally curious. So as your comments catch their fancy, they will want to visit your site to see what makes you tick so much. Do you see why your remarks must be pertinent?

Besides, the blog owner of the site you commented on will eventually get to know about you. And they may visit your site and tweet about your posts to their readers and followers.

Can you imagine what that can do to your blog in terms of traffic and popularity?

Besides, the readers the influencer sends your way may end up being a regular visitor, or even a subscriber or a customer. They may also themselves tweet a post to their own followers. And like the snowball effect, your blog traffic will reach for the sky.


6. Trackback and link to other blogs in your blog posts

A trackback is like a blog conversation, it is one blog talking to the other.

When you post a new article to your blog and it links or references another blogger’s article, you can do a trackback to their entry.

A trackback leaves an abbreviated summary of your blog post on the other blog entry. This is very much like your blog telling someone else’s blog that you wrote an article mentioning them.

Trackbacks often appear like comments.

A trackback leaves a link from another blog back to yours for readers to follow. It also gets the attention of another blogger.

And they can take the same actions as detailed in 7 above.

Now, how do you trackback?

Some blogs will do it automatically, or at least attempt to. When you include a link to the other blog’s post, your blog will attempt a trackback (aka a “pingback”).

But usually you have to manually enter a trackback URI into your blog entry. You can find the trackback URI at the end of most blog posts.

Don’t think URI I wrote above is a typo. Check below:

URL = Uniform Resource Locator, or a fancy name for ‘Link’

URI = Uniform Resource Identifier, or another fancy name for ‘Link’

So for each blog post you make there is a trackback input box section for entering trackback URIs. Just copy and paste the trackback URI from the blog entry you want to link to and when you click publish, your blog will send the trackback.

Now, how can you get traffic from trackbacks?

As already said, a trackback leaves a link to another blogger’s post. This link points back to your blog.

Someone who reads the blog article may click through from the link and visit your blog. If the blog you are linking to is not using the “nofollow” tag, you get some PageRank juice too.

Read this short introduction to PageRank.

It is also good if a blogger trackbacks to you. It means they have read your blog and find your article as worth including in their blog.

But the real power of trackbacking is to get the attention of other bloggers.

When you first start blogging, of course, not many people know your blog yet. By trackbacking other bloggers, you demonstrate interest in their content and they in turn and/or by courtesy will show interest in you and your blog.

It’s then very likely that the blogger you trackbacked will follow the link and see what your blog is all about. If the visitor likes what they see, they may subscribe to your blog. They may even trackback you or mention your blog in a future entry on their blog.

So trackbacking enables you to occupy some of other bloggers’ mind-spaces, which may open up all kinds of doors.


5. Encourage comments on your own blog

Did you know that Google loves comments on blogs? Did you also know that comments extend the word count of your blog posts and update them?

But don’t expect people to comment on your blog posts by themselves. People being what they are, you have to encourage them to take actions that you want from them on your blog.

So at the end of every post, ask readers to comment, like and share.

Always respond to comments as well in a timely manner so you can keep the conversation going.


4. Submit your articles to a blog carnival

An easy way to drive traffic to your blog is to participate in a blog carnival.

A blog carnival is a post in a blog that summarizes a collection of articles from many different blogs on a specific topic.

It is a blog promotional event where one blogger is the host and other bloggers act as participants.

The host announces the carnival date and the topic. Interested bloggers then write on the topic and publish it on their own blogs. Then they send the host the link to their specific blog carnival post entries.

The host then publishes a post with links to each of the participants’ entries. Typically, the host will write a summary of each link, but they can also choose how to display the links to the various entries.

When the blog carnival post is published, readers of that blog have access to a variety of posts related to their topic of interest.

Now, how does this drive traffic?

Each participant generally promotes the blog carnival on their own blogs well in advance of the carnival. Of course, they also promote it when it is published.

The readers of the various participating blogs visit the host blog, thereby driving traffic to it.  The various readers on the host’s blog will click on the links to read the various participants’ entries to the carnival.

This drives traffic to the participants’ blogs.

A host may run the carnival weekly, monthly or quarterly, or even as a one-time event.

The blog carnival host puts out a call for content on their own blog or they may contact other bloggers who they know blog about the carnival’s topic.

You may also contact a blog carnival to participate in it.

To find the right blog carnival for your blog, do a search on Google.


3. Submit your blog to

This blog submission blog allows you to submit your blog to the blogosphere for free through the most popular blog directory online since 2004.

Here are the four advantages:

 i. Get visibility

By making your blog available to millions of readers every month.

ii. Get syndicated

Your blog posts are automatically retrieved by RSS and displayed to members.


iii. Get followers


Grow your readers base and let people follow you and share your content.


iv. Get connected


Distribute your blog content to Facebook and Twitter.

After you sign up, you will have to copy and paste a couple of lines of code on to your blog. This will help you generate mlm blog traffic.


2. Submit your articles to article publishing sites like

Article publishing sites accept articles from people and publish them on their sites in various categories.

These publications allow contributors to write something about themselves in their author bio. This includes a link or links to the writer’s blog. This may be the blog’s URL. It may also include a link to a lead magnet.

A reader who likes the article will click on the link and go to the blog or the lead magnet. Of course, this is traffic flowing there.

1. Write more pillar articles

We said in N° 10 that you must have at least 5 pillar articles on your website. But since more content does wonders to a site and since we said at least 5, you can do more. And that is what we are going to talk about here.

Without many strong pillar articles you may bring in readers but they will soon get tired of the few pillar articles and may not bother to come back.

Therefore aim for one solid pillar article per week and by the end of the year you will have fifty-two solid feature articles that will work hard for you to generate mlm blog traffic, more readers, more subscribers and more customers.


Before you go


If you haven’t checked our number one recommended business yet, we would like to encourage you to do so if you are looking for success online.


Don’t forget to comment, like, follow and share us on your social networks so that your friends can also benefit from this.


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18 thoughts on “10 Top Ways to Generate MLM Blog Traffic”

  1. Hello Akoli, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I always wanted to increase organic traffic to my blog but so far I did not achieve much success in doing that. I saw you mentioned encouraging comments, I am doing that but I found that people simply don’t leave comments on the blog, why is that?

    • Hello Danijel,

      Thanks for your appreciation of my article. I’ve succeeded in my mission if you found it “very helpful and informative”. Yes, encouraging comments on your blog is one way to increase organic traffic to it. If you’re doing that but people aren’t leaving comments on your blog, the problem could be your CTA. So, Google “Which CTAs encourage readers to leave comments on a blog” and you may several useful ideas. Good luck!

  2. multi level marketing, is one of the driving force on the internet right now and having the right steps and key can give you an edge and help you generate traffic. i am impressed with the ten outlined ways to generate traffic to blog which you have outlined. but are there more article publishing sites other than the ones listed? must we use ezine articles?

    • Hi Benny,

      Yes, multi level marketing, is one of the driving force on the internet today but due to the bad compensation plans of some of the companies, generally people shun mlms. These tips are to help people who find the right mlm opportunity, to drive traffic to it. Of course, there are more article publishing sites other than the ones listed. Just Google “list of article publishing sites” and you’ll get them. Ezine is simply one of the top sites.

      Thank you for your comment and good luck to you.

  3. I am somewhat new to blogging and when I found your article, I was amazed at all the possibilities there are in driving traffic to my website. I am happy to say I did take the step to get my own domain name and I am interested in what you call “trackback”. 

    I was not aware of things like Blog Carnivals so I will definitely look into that. You have provided me with a great deal of insight and I will be referring back to your blog to learn more. It seems you have a lot of knowledge that I can use toward my success. 

    I thank you for sharing!

    • Hello there,

      If you are new to blogging, take some of these tips seriously. They will help you drive traffic to y our
      website. Maybe the first one you will put into practice is “trackback” since that’s what interests you most. 

      Of course, Blog Carnivals exist! Yes, please come back to my blog to learn more. I post something every day

      Thank you for commenting!

  4. Hi! You have given me a lot of homework. I’ll start by creating these pillar articles. I think I already have one and it’s the one that drives most traffic to my site. I created it without knowing what a pillar article was. It’s a “How-To” article.

    One that I know will be difficult for me is publishing one article per day! But I’ll try!

    • Hi Ann,

      Okay, now that you have got a lot of homework, you need to get down to work. Yes, start with the pillar articles. One thing worth noting about pillar articles is that they are the one you want people to read about a particular topic when they come to your site. They are also the articles you internally link your other articles to. If only one pillar article is driving most traffic to your site, imagine what many will do! Now that yu know what a pillar article is, I hope you will write more and better too.

      Sure, you have to be very prolific to publish one article per day. I wish you good luck in doing it.

  5. Hi! Thanks for these useful points. It’s the first time I read about this concept, a blog carnival. And I find it interesting because we all win. It helps all the sites involved drive traffic and increase rankings. And it help readers because they get good solid content created by various authors with experience in the niche. I’ll check out for blog carnival opportunities in my niche!

    • Hi Abel,

      Thanks for appreciating the points in this piece. Oh, so you never knew about blog carnival? Now that you do and find it interesting, go ahead and implement it. You’re right; this concept helps readers content created by various authors, thus they get different angles to a problem. Yes, go ahead and check out for blog carnival opportunities in your niche. You would be happy you did!

  6. Awesome content. Thanks for the valuable tips. Each of the ten tips is practical and implementable. I didn’t know much about Ezine before reading your article, so I researched it further. I’m now convinced that a blog written the correct way will give me tangible results. The part about using the website name to brand is timely advice that I only later realised makes a huge difference to how readers react to the website. Which analytical program do you use to track and assess activity on your blog?    

    • Hi LuluKay,

      Thank you for your kind comment on my content. It was my pleasure serving you those tips. If you find all the ten tips practical and implementable, then I’ve succeeded my mission. Ezine used to drive a lot of traffic in the past. Although it’s no longer as powerful as it used to be, but it sitll holds its place in driving traffic to websites if you submit good articles there. I use the mighty Google analytical program to track and assess activity on my blog. I think that sounds logical since Google controls much of the traffic online.   

  7. Well there is a ton of information to take in there wow.  I must say that the internet has some amazingly crazy things to read and learn.  I was always under the impression that pyramid or mlm ideas couldn’t create an income so how does this work with a blog?  By writing a blog you would get people to your website?  Then advertise some products to sell them.  I guess I don’t get why and how doing a blog would get an income.  I also am not a big internet person so this info helped but lots to learn before a guy would jump into the blog world.  Thank you for the info and great job and telling us what each step would take to learn and do.   Thank you


    • Hi Douglass,

      Yes, this blog post is jam packed with information for anyone looking for traffic for their blog or business. Really the internet has levelled the playing ground for all of us.  Although many pyramid or mlm ideas
      wouldn’t create an income for you, with a blog, it is doable. Yes, blog content bring people to your website. Adverts also. People coming to your blog to read it, end up buying things from you. That’s why you must use strong CTAs to get readers to click your links.

      Thank you for your contribution to this discussion.

  8. Thank you for the awesome post! I really like this because I run my own website and I need more traffic honestly. These are some awesome tips! I must say, though, writing at least five blogs a week is a lot of writing! I’ll have to work on that until I get the income to hire someone. 

    • Hi Jessie,

      I’m tickled that you appreciated my post. Sure, if you run your own website, then certainly you need more traffic. Great tips are here for you to drive traffic to your blog. Yes, it’s not an easy task for people not used to it to write five blogs a week. Just keep writing at your rhythm and aim for more from time to time and one day you might just do it! Meanwhile I wish you luck working towards hiring a writer.

  9. Hi Akoli,

    Thank you very much for the very interesting tips; many of them are new to me. I’ve learned some new terminology and concepts from you.

    I’ve never heard of “blog carnival”. It sounds like a great idea, but it seems a bit complicated to organize. Where do I find the participants? How do I know that they actually will promote the host’s blog? What if they write a post, submit their link to the host and solidly rely on host’s traffic to complement their own?

    I also have a question about your post in general: how these 10 tips are specific to MLM blog traffic? Aren’t they common to any blog traffic?

    Thank you again. All the best,

    ~ Julia

    • Hi Julia,

      I’m more than happy to serve you my readers these tips. Since many are new to me and made you learn some new terminology and
      concepts, what is left now is to put them into action.

      Yes, many readers tell me they’ve never heard of “blog carnival”. It
      sure is a great idea. I don’t think at all that it seems a bit complicated to organize.
      Just do it and see. Just go online and search for participants. It will be foolish for a blogger to participate in a carnival and and not promote the host’s blog? It’s not only about the host but all the bloggers whose articles are in the carnival. All of them promoting the activity brings them all good traffic. Any selfishness will only affect everybody.

      Let me confess that these 10 tips are
      not really specific to MLM blog traffic. I put in the word mlm because I’m dedicating my site now to reviewing mlm opprtunities. So, it was to be in line with that. Otherwise these are common to any blog traffic, as you yourself have observed.

      Thank you again for your wonderful contribution. All the best to you too.


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