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10 ways to build a great email list

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You know that your financial success online depends on building your email list. You’ve been trying hard to do so but only few visitors sign up to it. And many of those who subscribe are unsubscribing at a high rate. Today, you’re going to learn the 10 ways to build a great email list.


Are you an AWeber customer? Had you been reading their newsletter and following the webinars to continue learning about email and digital marketing? Then you’d have been able to use that knowledge and got started on the right foot and advanced.


Here are 10 ways they teach to build a great email list:


Guest Blogging


The first technique we’re going to learn about the 10 ways to build a great email list is guest blogging.

You must write and post content on a high authority website belonging to a successful blogger. This can be very beneficial to an up-and-coming blogger.

Some of the benefits of guest blogging which can help you build your list are that it:

  • gets you new, wider, and targeted audience;
  • generates instant, more and high-quality targeted traffic;
  • exposes and spreads your brand awareness;
  • brings you potential/new customers; and
  • gets you new subscribers.

In short, guest blogging would expand your blogger network. It will also make you reach new audiences who could become your subscribers.




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Network marketing


  • At the end of all your emails include social share buttons and text like “Kindly share with friends.” This will enable your subscribers to share your email content on social platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+). They can also forward the mail to specific contacts in their email list.


  • Reach out to your social followers on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. How? With a link to a web-hosted version of your sign up form at the end of a post. Furthermore, connect your email list to your Facebook account and use Twitter cards to encourage sign ups to your email list.


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Leveraging networking opportunities


This is another of the 10 ways to build a great email list.

Do you go to conferences, seminars, summits or local meetups? Then download a mobile email sign up form to your mobile device. This will help you easily collect new email subscribers at these events.


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Comprehensive Email Contents


As a blogger, you already know how to write for your audience. But do you carefully craft your message and adapt it slightly for email just as you had done it for your blog and readers?


Use the different types of content to include in your emails. Send autoresponder emails to your email lists but do follow up with broadcast emails, and other contents like:


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  • Blog Post Newsletter


Sending a blog newsletter could bring your audience back to your blog to engage with the content. If you’re not doing this, start right away for your list to stay top of mind.


And, at the end of every week or month, send out an email too with your most recent or most popular blog posts. This way, subscribers who did not check your site in that time would have got your latest posts.


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  • Educational Course


As you have a certain level of expertise in writing, you can use it to educate and engage your old and new fans.


Many people struggle with aspects of working online such as blogging, affiliate marketing, and email marketing. Develop an educational email course in each of these areas using an autoresponder email series that they can sign up for and go through.


Even a 101-level crash course on earning online can also help you expand the reach of your blog and attract new loyal readers.


You can even monetize your email and content efforts by offering paid educational courses. And you could offer a discount off the course as an incentive to encourage people to sign up.


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  • Industry News


One of the less known of the 10 ways to build a great email list consists in sending your subscribers news related to your niche from sources other than you or your blog.


For example, sign up to and share the curated content they send you with your subscribers. Or send information that will keep your readers in-the-know about matters that can affect them in their daily lives.


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  • Blog News


Send out updates and announcements from your blog, telling your list about a milestone in subscribers or readers that you had reached. Also, team up with another blog or company to do something like co-hosting a webinar or swapping blog posts and let your subscribers know so they can check it out. If you release free eBooks invite your subscribers to sign up for them.



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  • Survey


Find out what your blog newsletter readers want to learn more about by sending them a survey in a broadcast email asking them for their opinion.


Collecting this kind of insight from your readers is vital to the success of your blog and business.



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  • Testing your Content


Run an A/B split test by creating two different emails (one with your original content and the other a new content) when sending new content to your subscribers, but aren’t sure if it’s going to appeal to them.


Another technique is to test one small content tweak at a time such as testing the subject lines of one email and the use of video content in another.


There are other reasons why your email marketing efforts produce meagre results. Click here to read 4 best email practices.


Do you know of any other way apart from the 10 ways to build a great email list? Or do you have any comment to make on this post? Just scroll down to the little box and let us know your mind.



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Editor’s note: This piece was part of a larger one titled My personal experience with AWeber as an affiliate and a customer. It has been separated from the main one and slightly revised for those seeking only this type of information.

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