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12 SEO Tips and Tricks for Higher Rankings

You know SEO is important to get your website to rank in the search results. In this post we give you 12 tips and tricks to put into action to see tremendous results in a month or two.

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That said, here are the tips and tricks

1. Get related links from .edu sites

This is actually not as essential for your internet site’s position in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) just as it was a number of years back. However it is actually still a good alternative to beat your competitors.

Just how will you get sites?

You may make use of Google by simply keying in “inurl:. edu your keyword phrases”.

Then send out nice friendly email messages to administrators of those web pages. More often than you presume, you are going to receive valuable backlinks. This, only when your website is actually of excellent quality!

2. Maximize your links

A really typical problem for lots of webmasters is actually that 70% of their inbound links point to and 30% of them to

Search engines assume that these are actually two totally different pages on your website. For that reason, the content on obtains merely 70% of the “link love” it really is entitled to.

Just how can you correct that?

You create a 301 Redirect coming from one page to the other.

Have a look at the file with index.htm, index.php or even whatever your site is actually making use of. There should actually be a .htaccess file. Should you not find one, just make it with any kind of text editor.

When you get a .htaccess file, incorporate these lines into it:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301]

3. Do some deep linking

Do not invest all your attempts on building links just to your homepage (e.g.

Pointing all your links to your homepage is actually indicating to search engines that your internet site is actually superficial and does not offer a lot of value to the visitor as it should.

However possessing whole lots of links pointing to other pages on your internet site says to search engines that there is actually really valuable content on your website.

4. Great top secret way to get free high-PR links

This is actually an idea not divulged to many person up until recently. However many people definitely are worthy to find out about it.

There is actually a means for you to acquire highly relevant High-PR links free of charge!


Okay, this is how you do it.

Look at some top quality, trusted directories (including Yahoo, DMOZ,, and Aviva) and check the category that is actually very closely related to your specific niche.

Click on the websites you find there and you will see that quite a number of them are actually dead!

Now, put in a query on Google such as “link:” to view sites linking to those web sites.

Email administrators of the internet sites, linking to dead webpages, that they have a broken web link on their site. And in many cases they will actually be pleased to substitute their dead link with a free link to your site.

What about that!

5. Make use of smart anchor text

Using the words “Click here!” to link to your website isn’t always as beneficial as linking to it with something pertaining to your specific niche, e.g. “high paying affiliate programs” if you are in that niche.

You need to have the appropriate natural looking blend of the anchor text throughout your inbound links!

Rule of thumb: utilize several keyword phrases in 70% of your incoming links, your URL in 20% as well as various “click here” varieties in the rest of the 10%.

6. It’s actually not just about the anchor text

That stated, it is actually certainly not everything about the anchor text. You need to be certain that the text of the links to your site is actually very relevant to your site’s content.

This is among the primary services offered by some companies like Spindistribute.

Your short article is actually sent to 100s of internet sites as well as it acts as an extremely relevant context to the links, pointing to your site, thus making them so much more beneficial!

7. What about keeping a blog with a static site?

If the content of your internet site is actually static and you do not have to update it often, then you truly ought to consider incorporating a blogging site to it (e.g.

Search engines (yes, particularly Google) like seeing new content on a website. And blogging is actually the excellent means to inform Google that something is actually happening on your site regularly.

You do not need to tire yourself creating blog posts incessantly. Just two posts a week will certainly be satisfactory.

8. Use an adequate server

Using a cheap, shared server can hurt your site when its number of visitors explode.

A company actually discovered this in a bitter manner from one of their previous jobs.

They were actually hosted on a low-priced shared server when they used some sound SEO strategy which rapidly drove 8,000 daily visitors to their site.

The server could not manage it, so it crashed. This made the website not to be actually accessible for 20% of the time.

This truly irritated Google. So after 5 days, it began delivering them only 300 visitors a day as opposed to the previous 5,500 (They were acquiring 2,500 from various other resources).

So be certain your hosting servers are actually able to deal with the web traffic you are going to get if you are implementing solid SEO strategies!

9. Optimize one keyword phrase per page

It is actually not good practice to optimize one page on your site for various keywords. That is going to certainly render the optimization for each and every one of those keyword phrases much less efficient.

It is actually truly simple to just add one more webpage to your site for an additional keyword phrase.

So rather than one web page that is going to be actually shown on the 3rd page of search engine results for keyword key phrases like “send emails easily with AWeber autresponders” and “stay in touch with your customers using AWeber autoresponders”, you may just build two optimized webpages: one for each keyword, that will certainly show on 1st page of search engine results.

10. Secret: Turn off Google personalized search

It is actually extremely helpful to be able to view just how your site is actually placing in Google Result Pages to some arbitrary possible website visitor who is actually seeking one thing pertaining to your specific niche.

To turn off Google’s individualized search that keeps providing you results, customized particularly for you, attach “& pws= 0” to the end of the URL in the search bar.

11. Patience is the key when doing SEO

No matter what strategies you use, remember that Search Engine Optimization is actually a long-term investment. Therefore you are nearly certainly never going to see any sort of favorable impacts straightaway.

But with a steady activity and also the proper method, you must actually be able to get some terrific results in a month or thereafter.

A great number of Spindistribute clients that distributed two short articles every week, talked of extremely satisfactory results in one to two months (First place in Google search results, 1500% visitor traffic growth, 2500% revenue growth).

12. Transform your visitors into paying customers

This is actually possibly the most essential part of earning using a website. While actually certainly not definitely a component of SEO, yet we simply cannot underline the value of this particular component enough.

Still remember that site we talked about that had its number of visitors plummet from 8,000 daily website visitors to 2,500 in just a day as a result of web server problems?

Fortunately they had a system in place that minimized their loss.

Hadn’t they had the sense to satisfy the needs of those visitors and ensured they trusted them enough to give them their e-mail addresses, they would have witnessed a drop of 75% of that site’s earnings in just one day.

Supposing that happened to you while you depended on that website for a living?

So always remember that you have to make the most of every visitor that lands on your web site. This is due to the fact that you could stop getting all those visitors one day and also you need to have to be actually capable of giving your products or services to your actual list of customers.

Always put those recommendations into action. We are actually fully certain that you will definitely see incredible results in a month or two.

Be assured also that we will continue upgrading this checklist of SEO pointers (as well as our tips) from time to time.


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