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139 things, one of which you should do at least once in your life

Man shall not live by bread alone. That’s why after serving you matters on affiliate marketing all year long, I’m veering off at the end of the year with this to do list of 139 things for everybody. Surely you’ve done some of them. You’ll certainly find more to do.

Surfing man and sharks in blue sea
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Life in our day is too fast and in the madness of it all, we end up not doing a lot of things we had on our minds.

Therefore, I suggest that you take the opportunity to do new things before the time flies definitely by.

New experiences can be affirming and life-enriching. And since most people have at least one major regret when they look back on their lives, you must start filling your life with new experiences.

Lost as to what to do or where to start from?

I know tastes are varied. So choose at will.

That said, let’s dive in and see them.

A. Experience nature

Take a break. Relax and unwind.

1. Go camping in an unconventional place

2 Camping cars in an unconventional location
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Camp in a maybe prohibited place. Make your fire, cook a meal and feel warmth and safety, and finally go to bed wondering if anyone or anything will come around in the middle of the night. The experience is both horrifying and liberating.

2. Experience Snow

Heavy snow on floor, trees and a house
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We are talking about deep snow here, such as falls in Greenland and the rest of the North Pole. Top it all with a night in an igloo and you may wish you were born an Eskimo.

3. Go to the Zoo

Elephant with raised trunk in a zoo
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Seizing this occasion to see all sorts of wild animals regrouped on a limited surface is a memorable experience indeed.

4. Go on a Safari holiday

Three giraffes inaSafari park
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Seeing wild animals in their natural habitat is an experience totally different from that of a zoo. Kenya’s Safari Parks and South Africa’s Kruger Park hold the top spots among other Eastern and Southern African countries.

Plane wings above clouds to signify travel
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B. Travel

Go to a place which is not familiar to you and ideally alone. Explore it, interact with the local people and taste their traditional food. Make it an experience, not just a vacation.

5 Take a Cruise

A cruise ship on the high sea
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Make a journey of pleasure by sea with thousands of other people on a giant sea calling at a series of ports. Not only will you have lots of fun but also you’ll get to meet lots of people.

6. Go see the Eiffel Tower light up

Eiffel Tour at Paris in shimmering light and water fountains
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This most romantic structure in the history of ever is found in Paris, after all. There’s no need for a date, just some wine.

7. Make a road trip with your best friend

Two men travelling in a car
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You have fun together and learn a lot about each other by being in the car with them for an extended period of time.

8. Go live in a different country

Flags hoisted outside a building
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It’s a way to learn a new language, immerse yourself in a new culture, and get to know different people. Short, you’ll learn a lot.

9. Hit the road

Tree-fringed road to signify hit the road
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Hitting the road, camping in the wood or staying in distant motels, and seeing other parts of the country broaden your horizons and relax you fast like nothing else.

10. Visit every continent

Map of the world to signify travel to every continent
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Each continent is a bit different. So if you want to experience it all, try setting foot on every continent for an incredible experience.

11. Visit your ancestral homeland

A violethouse nitched in wood
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If your ancestors are immigrants to your present country, go back to their origins to learn about where they came from and get a better understanding of what they left to give you the life you enjoy today.

12. Visit the Great Wall of China

Part of the Great Wall of China in greenery
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Pay a visit to this ancient wall finished in 1878. The longest structure humans have ever built, it is about 21,196 kilometers (13,171 miles) long, 9.1 meters (30 feet) wide and 15 meters (50 feet) high.

13. Visit the Evzones of the Greek Presidential Guard

Evzones of the Greek Presidential Guard marching facing each other
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Visit the Evzones, one of the iconic images of Greece of guards wearing embroidered waistcoats and pleated skirts, standing still as statues or marching in weekly parades to their pom-pom clogs.

14. See the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace guards marching in front of the palace
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Changing the Guard, or Guard Mounting, takes place outside Buckingham Palace, with the actual handover at 11am. This free event is very popular, so try to arrive early to secure a spot with a good view.

15. Visit the Swiss Guards in the Vatican City

Two Swiss guards standing in front ot the Vatican
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You can see the Swiss Guard any time, at the entrances to the Vatican City, outside the Pope’s own apartments and at any public event, including celebrations of Holy Mass.

16. Take a sightseeing tour of Venice, the floating Italian city

Gondoliers on the waters of Venetia, the floating city in Italy