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16-Step Tour of Wealthy Affiliate to Learn About the System

“Is Wealthy Affiliate a good site?” is one of the questions people are asking about the affiliate marketing training platform. To answer that question we’re giving you a system tour in 16 steps to learn about it.

A meter beside which are the words Learn About WA, WA System Tour to show 16-Step Tour of Wealthy Affiliate to Learn About the System
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So, let’s go over the wealthy affiliate activity dashboard.

WA system Tour 1

The first of the 16-Step Tour of Wealthy Affiliate to Learn About the System: Your account and profile menu enables you to show who you are within Wealthy Affiliate, build your personal blog and take care of your account settings.
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By adding to your profile, you let others know who you are. You can further deepen this by writing blog posts at WA which other members see and comment on.

WA system Tour 2

Your activity dashboard is where you can check out your interactive and personalized community activity feed.
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This is the place from where you can navigate to other parts of the complex (but not complicated) Wealthy Affiliate member’s page.

WA system Tour 3

World training gives you access to your core training courses, classrooms and training history.
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Your “core” training are the Online Entrepreneur Certification course and the Affiliate Bootcamp course. Classrooms are where you find 1,000s of information on many other online course matters. Your training history is which courses you have completed and which you still have left, if any.

WA system Tour 4

The 4th step of the 16-Step Tour of Wealthy Affiliate to Learn About the System: Your websites is where you can create and manage your own websites for profit.
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Free Starter Wealthy Affiliate members can create 2 Free websites on the sub-domain. Premium members can create up to 50 websites, 25 on their own domains and 25 on free domains.

WA system Tour 5

Partake in Live Events and get educated right by industry experts in live online classes. This will take your knowledge to new heights.
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One of the best known and most followed live event at Wealthy Affiliate is the weekly webinar done by Jay Neill, the Training Chief.

WA system Tour 6

Access the keyword and research platform to instantly find keywords, domains, niches, ideas and analyze your website.
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Jaaxy is the Wealthy Affiliate tool. It’s so wonderful, judging by the things you can do with it.

WA system Tour 7

The 7th of the 16-Step Tour of Wealthy Affiliate to Learn About the System: In just seconds you can find lucrative affiliate programs in the world to generate revenue for you.
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This is an important part of the site as the Online Entrepreneur Certification course helps people create businesses in niches of their choice. Right on the site, members can research affiliate programs to follow.

WA system Tour 8

Get instant help and coaching with both newbie internet marketers and seasoned ones, even millionaires.
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This feature is what makes it easy for ordinary people to learn the material at Wealthy Affiliate and become efficient in their businesses.

WA system Tour 9

Get help when you need it so that you don’t get stuck anymore in your training. Simply post questions in the community for training, website, hosting, or personal coach support.
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Learning can be difficult when you are on a new terrain. What do you do when you can’t get around a stumbling block? Ask for help. Getting this live or at worst in less than 5 minutes is extraordinary.

WA system Tour 10

Get answers to someone you’re looking for, questions and training is the 10th of the 16-Step Tour of Wealthy Affiliate to Learn About the System.
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How can’t you succeed with so many resources at your fingertips?

WA system Tour 11

As a creator you can post on your WA blog, write an article to post to your own domain blog, build a website or find a perfect domain name.
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Content is what makes online businesses work. The business of content is taken seriously here at Wealthy Affiliate. Just look at the number of avenues open for you to express yourself.

WA system Tour 12

Perform certain task and earn credits. Use them to ask for these tasks concerning your business.
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Earn while you learn, is another thing taken seriously at Wealthy Affiliate. This is one of them.

WA system Tour 13

The 13th of the 16-Step Tour of Wealthy Affiliate to Learn About the System: Sign up and promote the wealthy affiliate’s affiliate program. You get advanced training, tools, resources, support and commissions.
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This is another opportunity to earn while you learn. And to continue earning.

WA system Tour 14

Super Affiliate Challenge: get noticed and trained to become a super affiliate. Make 300 sales in any year and get invited to an exclusive, all-expense paid conference in Las Vegas where you can also meet and partner with top marketers.
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Show that you are a serious super affiliate and Wealthy Affiliate will spoil you with a 4-day fully expenses paid trip.

WA system Tour 15

Real-time personalized notifications enable you to know instantly when someone has contacted you, responded to your question, etc.
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Nothing is left to chance on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. This is one feature to prove it.

WA system Tour 16

Benefit from private coaching, mentoring, support, and profitable networking with other Wealthy Affiliate members is the 16th of the 16-Step Tour of Wealthy Affiliate to Learn About the System.
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Another great feature which puts Wealthy Affiliate into a class of its own.

Before You Go

After going through all these 16 steps tour of the wealthy affiliate activity dashboard, what is your opinion about the question whether Wealthy Affiliate is a good site or not?

Let us know in the comments section below.

One More Thing

Whether you think Wealthy Affiliate is a good site or not to learn to create a business around your passion or in the Make Money Online niche to promote the program, what you definitely know is that testing is believing.

So grab this link and try Wealthy Affiliate free for 7 days. No credit card is required.

Upgrade to premium if you like what you see or simply walk away if you feel disappointed. It’s that simple.

Looking for more information? Check My Honest Wealthy Affiliate Review


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10 thoughts on “16-Step Tour of Wealthy Affiliate to Learn About the System”

  1. Hello Akoli. For someone that has always been a part of Wealthy Affiliate you may never realise how much all the stuff on this platform costs yet people get it for a cheap price of 49$ per month. I have used godaddy for hosting before without being member of WA. The training itself costs a lot. 

    The keyword tool outside of WA is 49$ on its own, getting comments , hosting multiple websites at godaddy just 2 of them will go just about $40 yet we can host 25 domains at WA in one package. When you take a tour and haven’t been out there you may never realise how much you are getting for such a small amount.

    • Hello Donny,

      You’re right that when one gets used to something, no matter how good it is, one may never realise how much that thing offers. The same is true of WA where all the stuff on the platform
      are highly valuable yet members get it at a dirt cheap cost of 49$ per month. Yes, go elsewhere like Godaddy which you mentioned, just for hosting and then you will understand how affordable WA is. As for the training, don’t even mention it. It will break the bank, well, not quite. That was just an overstatement.

      Ah, the Jaaxy keyword tool. WA members get it free, but elsewhere it is easily 49$ or even more.

      Short, without touring the WA site properly, one may not know what value for money one is getting. Not to mention the top notch training which has made many successful affiliates.

      Thank you for your time. Come back again and do share and like the posts.

  2. Thanks for providing us with this beautiful article about the sixteen step tour of wealthy affiliate so as to enable us learn about the system it has really been a good idea because you have filled the gap among us who didn’t know more about this platform thanks a lot admin keep sharing 

    • Hi Mugalu,

      Like all the articles on my site, it was a great pleasure providing this article about the 16-step tour of Wealthy Affiliate. I really wanted people to learn about this important and highly valuable affiliate marketing system.

      That I have filled the gap for you those who didn’t know much about this platform makes me happy indeed.

      Thank you too a lot for your regular visit to this site and for your comments every time.


  3. Hi Akoli,
    Great review of Wealthy Affiliate!

    I see that the Wealthy Affiliate system is organized into very important attributes with different useful functionalities. Straight from individual accounts to the training to the earning, I think it is worthy for everyone wishing to succeed in creating a sustainable online business to try it.

    I personally have tried and liked their 24/7 Support Center. They are so prompt to help with any kind of issue. They’ve never failed to provide me with a practical solution- and they actually do it themselves.

    Boniface- from AndroidBix

    • Hi Boniface-AndroidBix,

      Thanks for your compliment on this article about Wealthy Affiliate!

      Yes, the Wealthy Affiliate site is a very organized place. It looks complicated but it is so simple when you begin to navigate around the site. Yes, Wealthy Affiliate is good for anybody wishing to create a sustainable online business. I will ask  everybody to try it and they wouldn’t regret it.

      Ah, you have personally tried and liked their 24/7 Support Center. Yes, it takes a couple ofminutes to get a reply from their Help Center on any kind of issue. They failed once to answer a query of mine and when I drew their attention to it, they were so embarrassed, you’d think they  had insulted me. And of course, I got satisfied immediately. Yes, if something is technical, just ask them and they will do it for you.



  4. Thank you very much for such great information.

    Actually Wealthy Affiliate is the number one online community for affiliate marketers, the services offered at Wealthy Affiliate are not offered at any other community. The only problem is that people have been scammed out there so they fear to join any other program. Wealthy affiliate is the best so far.

    • Hi Mugalu,

      Although there are other online communities for
      affiliate marketers, I also think Wealthy Affiliate is the best. They offer a myriad of services one can hardly find at any other similar community. And the cost of training is unbeatable. Yet, the material is top notch.

      For those who have
      been scammed out there, there is no fear to join Wealthy
      Affiliate. It’s free to join to get a feel for what the site offers. Just walk away if you don’t like what you see.



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