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3 keys to increasing your mlm blog traffic

Blogs have proven to be an effective tool for building a network marketing business. But to do so, one must master the 3 keys to generating MLM blog traffic.

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The keys are to post useful content frequently and submit your blog to directories, search engines and social media and bookmarking sites.

That said, let’s see how this article can help you to generate ongoing MLM blog traffic.

Blogs are excellent for online network marketing

In network marketing, the key to success lies in building and maintaining relationships with people with whom you are going to work.

Blogs assure that.

Blogs have an informal nature which makes them easy to read. That is why readers flock to them. Their attractiveness also make visitors respond more to the discussions than what is noted on ordinary websites. So blog engagement is high.

Blogs are easy to produce and their volume of content makes them perfect for getting business. Also, adding new content to a blog is very easy. Network marketers need to communicate with customers and prospects on a regular basis. And reviewing and adding new material to a website although difficult and time-consuming, is often the way to do that.

Blogs appeal to many people due to their simplicity and dynamic nature

Unlike the traditional media, blogs adopt a simple and relaxed style which suits today’s readers. Blog posts are regularly updated both by the blogger and the comments of their readers.

Building relationships with prospects and customers and informing them about tools, solutions and products can therefore easily be done through postings on a blog. It is a great way to educate and motivate existing team members.

What must you write about on your blog?

The subject of your MLM blog posts can be anything that will be helpful and educate network marketers and business opportunity seekers. Posting such original articles will increase your MLM blog traffic because you will be adding fresh unique content that search engines use to deliver higher rankings to websites.

Immediately after posting the articles to your blog, submit them to article directories. The one I want to single out and which many bloggers find useful is It has both free and paid versions, and brings you great traffic.

The search engines will spider your blog first and of course credit you as the original publisher.

What if you do not want to post articles to your blog?

Then you could personalize it by rather talking about your own unique experiences of the product or program that you are promoting. Readers are known to love this way of doing things as they feel as if you are talking directly to them.

You could also write your own unique review of the product or program, mentioning both the major benefits and features, and not forgetting to point out any slight faults. This will give your review added credibility.

Readers will appreciate your honesty as you would have distinguished yourself from most of the blog reviews out there which are nothing more than hyped-up sales pitches.

This will give your blog more credibility, which is an excellent way to attract more readers and increase MLM blog traffic and business.

Submit your articles to external sites

When you do so, make sure to include prominent links to your own unique affiliate links and your other websites and blogs. You could also use a resource box or author bio with a link to your website at the end of each post.

Talking of which, after every post be sure to submit to the major social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest. Also, notify the various search engines by using ‘ping’ services such as Blogflux, Feedburner, Pingoat, or Pingomatic and others.

To enable pinging in Word Press, in the Admin section, navigate to Options / Writing. Entries can be added to the Update Services box. By default, Word Press pings ‘//‘ only, but you may want to add other ping services by going to Dashboard ® SEO ® Writing ® and under Update Services, click on the link Update Servtces and add the other services.

There is an even direct and simple way to get Google to index your article fast. You must have a Google Search Console (GSC) account to do so. If you don’t have one, see how to do so. A Google Analytics account, although not important for this action, will serve other important purposes.

After posting and sharing on social media, go into your GSC account, click on URL inspection and paste in the post URL.

Google will check if live URL can be indexed. If yes, click “REQUEST INDEXING” and your post will be added to a priority queue for indexing.

Using this method, bloggers have had their posts indexed in a matter of minutes. But it is not unusual for the process to take hours or even days. But in all cases, it gets you indexed fast.


As you have seen, finding, writing and posting unique content for your blog is critical. It is not all that difficult. It only calls for persistence and determination. And when done frequently, submitted and pinged correctly, will result in steady and increased MLM blog traffic.

More MLM blog traffic means more eyeballs on your offers. In other words, more people are getting to know and trust you and looking at your websites and primary network marketing business. This can only bring you success online.

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Before you go


Which of the methods described here have you used to increase your MLM blog traffic? Can you tell us about others we haven’t mentioned here? Thank you for your contribution.


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8 thoughts on “3 keys to increasing your mlm blog traffic”

  1. Network marketing is better done online now because of the myriads of advantages of finding prospects and customers online versus hosting home meetings offline. Gone are the days when you have to talk to strangers (even if you do not like doing it). Today, instead of coming after your prospects, you can now let them come to you, let the interested come to  you.

    With regard to your mentioned opportunities, if I am going to build an MLM blog, I’d like to ask which one is better to join? Plug in Profit Site or Wealthy Affiliate?

    • Hello Gomer,

      Yes, you’re right, and I totally agree with you that “network marketing is better done online now because of the myriads
      of advantages of finding prospects and customers online versus hosting
      home meetings offline.” Online, you can use email marketing, blog posts, podcasting, webinars, social media, etc. to attract prospects and customers.

      I think this is a relief for people who couldn’t talk to
      strangers face to face. One could do great business with people without ever having to talk to them. Thanks to skype, whatsapp, etc. talking to business partners becomes easy. Yes, online methods enable you to attract prospects to you and your business thanks to inbound marketing.

      Concerning the opportunities I mentioned, if you are going to build an MLM blog, you want to know if you should use Plug in Profit Site (PIPS) or Wealthy Affiliate?

      PIPS is a pure MLM where your success depends on recruiting people into your busines. Wealthy Affiliate (WA) however is a training place where you learn to do affiliate marketing and create a website to run your business.

      Now, my take. I would prefer WA because it can eanble you to join and run many other businesses successfully.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.


  2. Thank you for this great article. I didn’t know that you could use a Blog to increase your MLM income. I usually associated blogs with affiliate marketing but you are right, they could be used for both. Your tips about creating content and creating the blog are very helpful. I think if the Blogger can create enough content and get enough visitors to their website then it could really add to their online income. Thank you for your expertise on securing your future and have a great day.

    • Hello C,

      Thank you for commenting on this article which I’m thrilled to see you’ve qualified as great.

      Of course, a

      Blog could be used to promote almost everything. No, blogs are not associated only with

      affiliate marketing, and as you yourself said, “they could be used for both.” To me, it’s a great invention, the blog, giving you all sorts of online possibilities.

      Since you find my

      tips about creating content and creating the blog very helpful, I hope that you will use them to promote your business, if you have one.

      Sure, you’re right by saying that “if the Blogger can create enough content and get enough visitors

      to their website, then it could really add to their online income.” Many bloggers started almost poor and today are millionaires.

      Yes, my reason for being online is to use my expertise to help people secure their future online.

      Thank you for your visit and for your great comment. I hope to see you back here again soon.


  3. Thanks for the tips, they are actually useful and will be of great assistance to me and many others I believe. Unique contents that can serve as help to readers should be what you’ll post on your blog, even myself, I don’t like reading stuffs that don’t add to my or makes sense. About Wealthy Affiliate training, I strongly recommend it as the platform offers the best training. Thanks for sharing this information, I’ve learned a lot.

    • Hi DreaJay,

      I’m happy that you found my tips to be actually useful and of great assistance to you and many others.

      I agree with you that unique contents can help readers and therefore that is what you should post on your blog. You’re right if you don’t like reading stuffs that don’t add to your knowledge or make sense because that would be a wsate of time. In these days when time is one of the rarest commodities around, wasting it would be a pity.

      I again agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate training is the platform that offers the best training. I love it because it can help you do other businesses.

      Thanks also for coming over to visit and especially for commenting. I hope you liked and shared it.


  4. Hello Akoli, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. Gaining traffic for a blog is not a small and easy task today but it is more than possible. Most of the time I use content marketing for gaining traffic but I also plan to start using video marketing. I will also look at MoneyLine, I have joined it a year ago but honestly, did not know what is its purpose?

    • Hello Danijel,

      I try always to share only very helpful and informative articles on this blog. And anytime a visitor finds it so, it makes me very happy that I’ve attained my objective.

      Sure, it’s not easy to gain traffic for a blog. It takes time and effort. Yes, today there are more than possible because of different traffic methods available.

      Of course, like you, many bloggers use content marketing for gaining traffic. I will encourage you to go ahead and start using video marketing. Did you know that YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google? That’s what makes sharing video on YouTube a powerful thing. But it’s not the only one. Vimeo, Daily motion and others are also good alternatives. Since there is no duplicate content concerning video, you can post the same video on all the existing video sites.

      The purpose of MoneyLine is to build your list fast. What I don’t like about it is that the list is not personal. You share it with many people.
      I hope to see you here back again.


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