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34 Reasons why you should use CBProAds to Promote ClickBank Products

Many affiliate marketers dream of making money with ClickBank. What if you knew 34 reasons to use a platform to faciliate the task? That is CBProAds.

This blog post is going to give you the 34 reasons why you should use it to promote ClickBank.

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Price: Free or $79.95 lifetime membership (Special offer price $34.95)    
Overall Ranking: 80 over 100

They are:

Reason # 1: CBProAds is a membership advertising program. It helps you increase exposure to the affiliate products that you are promoting. This way you can make sales on ClickBank®.

Reason # 2: You can join CBProAds free. Optionally you can pay $79.95 for a lifetime membership. (You may benefit from a special offer price of $34.95)

Reason # 3: CBProAds provides you with fully indexed, completely searchable, fully featured storefronts. They are also the best looking, most convincing and easily customizable third party ClickBank storefronts.

These storefronts have links to many 16,000+ ClickBank products or service sales pages. All to enable those who don’t have their own websites or blogs to make money with ClickBank.

Reason # 4: As a free member, you only have 50% of the links embedded with your ClickBank nickname. So you get paid only for 50% of your efforts.

Reason # 5: As a PRO members, your ClickBank ID is embedded 100% into the ads links and storefront. So you get 100% commissions of your efforts.

Reason # 6: Plugins are also available to enable you make niche websites using WordPress. (2013Update)

Reason # 7: CBProAds update the ClickBank Marketplace automatically for you daily. They do this by adding and removing products daily.

This makes sure that whenever a change is made by Clickbank, their centralized XML feed is updated too according to that structure. This assures an uninterrupted service for you.

Reason # 8: CBProAds extracts the cover images of each Clickbank product and places them on the CBProAds’ website for you. This displays the cover image of each product.

They also supply the product details, enhance the look and feel of your storefront or ads. These thus increase dramatically your chances of converting a visitor to your site to a sale!

Reason # 9: Considering your blog’s theme or niche, you can go on CBProAds and select an ad style and the product groups. You can also choose niches you want to have on your site.

For example, you are an internet marketing or SEO site.

You go on the CBProAds interface, select all “internet marketing” and similar products matching the blog subject and preview the ad. Then you copy and paste the code generated into your site’s theme template.

Display Clickbank ads on your site and/or be a proud owner of a CBProAds online storefront. This contains 13,000+ products with your own Clickbank affiliate ID embedding in each product!

Reason # 10: CBproAds provide affiliate storefronts. These are ready for promotion as they are pre-configured. This is great for newbies and those who want to promote Clickbank products without bothering much about the technicalities.

When you send good, steady targeted traffic to your CBProAds storefront website, you would find the ads a great help. This is especially truefor paid members of the program.

Reason # 11: CBProads however enables anybody to drive traffic directly to the product or service sales pages. It is therefore indicated especially for newbie marketers.

However ClickBank affiliates with various degrees of online marketing experience can also benefit from using it.

Reason # 12: By default, all products from ClickBank are already loaded in the CBProAds system. So if you are a CBProAds affiliate and also a ClickBank vendor, you can increase your own product’s visibility on the CBProAds’ site. You can do so by adding more of your own banners to the CBProAds database banners in various formats.

Reason # 13: CBProAds generates a variety of ads. These including banner ads, the best contextual ads formats like Adsense, and promotional widgets. There are also block image ads, list image ads, slide show ads, text, and scroll ads for its members.

All you have to do is choose the ones you want to display. Then you place their codes on your websites and they will link directly to the ClickBank product sales pages.

Reason # 14: The CBProAds ad text is targeted at the customer on your sites through the use of real, customer focused descriptions.

Reason # 15: CBProAds even displays ads according to keyword, e.g. “healthy living”.

Reason # 16: With CBProAds you can try many scripts to get AdSense type ads on your sites. These are all even great alternatives to AdSense.

Reason # 17: CBProAds allow you to make money with CBProAds’ Storefront without lifting a finger. This is because you promote your storefront using CBProAds’ AutoIncome service. This is an optional service for members who do not know how to promote their storefront. Or those who are newbie to Clickbank.

Through the AutoIncome service, CBProAds will deliver highly targeted visitors to your Storefront through their own marketing efforts.

Reason # 18: CBProAds have been online since 2006.

Reason # 19: CBProAds have the highest Google Page Rank of 5.

Reason # 20: CBProAds’ team review and redefine manually the title and description of each new ClickBank product.

Reason # 21: CBProAds remove junk or domain-expired ClickBank products immediately.

Reason # 22: CBProAds import or update ClickBank Marketplace automatically for you DAILY!

Reason # 23: Processing the product “Gravity” figure (an indicator of how well a product sells on ClickBank) and turning it into a rating out of 100, one site rated CBProAds’ score as 74.47 over 100. This is about standard.

Reason # 24: In addition to enabling you to easily earn commissions from ClickBank as an affiliate, CBproAds offers you its own referral program. 

This is where you can recruit others to join CBProAds. You earn commissions when your referrals upgrade to paid membership.

Reason # 25: CBproAds has great free bonuses with MRR (Master Resell Rights) which gives you the right to 100% of the profits from selling them.

Reason # 26: CBProAds displays ebook covers.

Reason # 27: CBProAds offers its members 11 different banner sizes. There is a special login for vendors with your ClickBank ID to enable you create banner ads. This additional service is free of charge!

Reason # 28: Although the existing ad text for your product on the CBProAd site is already good, but if you feel the need to change it, you can edit the ad and ad description for your product.

Reason # 29: CBProAds serves you whether you are a publisher, vendor or both.

Reason # 30: CBproAds provide the tools to efficiently promote Clickbank products. Among all the companies offering similar services, only provides the maximum range of variety tools to Clickbank’s affiliates!

Reason # 31: do not believe in displaying raw Clickbank product ads to end buyers. They convert Clickbank’s raw XML feed in to their own format in the process of redefinition. In this process, they make changes so as to improve the title and description of Clickbank products.

This makes them much more attractive to potential buyers. (If you wish to see how a Clickbank raw XML data and a CBproAds redefined ad differs, please click here.)

Reason # 32: Clickbank Product Ad Rotators is an incredibly lucrative alternative to Google Adsense. It displays Clickbank ads on your site. You can therefore monetize your visitors automatically and earn up to $75 on just one single sale.

Reason # 33: CBproADS has an amazing Ad generation tool set which allows CBproADS members to create high-quality ClickBank ads. These greatly increases the revenue-generating potential of their websites and blogs with:

  • a) Widget ADs
  • b) Sliding Box ADs
  • c) Banner ADs
  • d) List Image ADs
  • e) Carousel Image ADs
  • f) Block Image ADs
  • g) Scroll ADs
  • h) Slide ADs

Reason # 34: The customer service is simply amazing.

CBProAds at a Glance…

Name: CBProAds
Visit the ClickBank site                

Visit My CBProAds Affiliate site      

Visit My CBProAds Digital storefront V-4.0

Visit My CBProAds Digital storefront V-3.0

Visit My CBProAds Digital storefront V-2.0

Visit My CBProAds Recommended Products Site

Price: Free or $79.95 lifetime membership. (Special offer price $34.95) 

Overall Ranking: 80 over 100

So I urge you to click this link: and you’ll be directed to the site where you can sign up to the product FREE.

But to maximize the earning power of CBproAds, I strongly recommend that you go for the Lifetime upgrade at $79.95. On signing up free, you would receive an email from CBProAds with a discount code to a Lifetime membership upgrade at only $55. You save $24.95 (almost half) of the Lifetime upgrade cost. There’s a special offer price of $34.95.

Being a PRO member at CBproads, you have the potential to make up to $20,000 / month* with Clickbank. Why do you lose your deserved earnings staying as a FREE member? Upgrade now and it will be one of the wise investments that you will ever make.

Thanks for reading my synopsis of CBproAds. Feel free to leave your opinions and feedback in the comment box below or contact me on my Wealthy Affiliate Profile

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