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37 Reasons to Join SFI and 47 Reasons Why You May Not

I compiled these pros and cons of SFI from my SFI review to help you quickly make your own decision whether or not it is good for you to use SFI as an option to make money online.


Affiliate matters

Reason # 1: SFI has over one million affiliates and is presently one of the fastest growing and most popular internet marketing businesses in the world.

BBB rating

Reason # 2: SFI Marketing Group has an A+ rating on the BBB website.

Compensation plan

Reason # 3: Commission: They pay out a whopping 60% of their revenue as commission.

Reason # 4: Direct commission programme: Once you sign up a member or affiliate, they become your customer for life. SFI pays you a Direct Commission for every order placed by your members and affiliates for life.

Reason # 5: Duplication: Once you refer a Personally Sponsored Affiliate or a Personally Referred Member, they are yours for as long as you remain an active SFI affiliate. Your main goal is to duplicate yourself by teaching your affiliates how to become successful so you can make money off their efforts.

Reason # 6: Levels: You can earn some money in SFI with their compensation plan which is 12 levels deep.

Reason # 7: Payment method: You can get paid via PayPal, direct deposit, a mailed check, or through their Payoneer debit card which can be had for a $25 fee. They always pay on time.

Reason # 8: VersaPoints: In your first month, you score free 1500 VersaPoints to get commission.

Ease of signing up

Reason # 9: Free to join

Reason # 10: Signing up for your free SFI account is fairly easy and takes only a few steps.

Extra ways to make money

Reason # 11: Affiliates added to you: If you manage to make 3,000 points a month, SFI will reward you with a share of affiliates added to your team, up to a $106 value.

Reason # 12: Auction: SFI goes further on Tripleclicks with the TripleClicks Auction where you can sometimes win a several hundred or thousand dollar brand name merchandise with just USD 1-2 and resell it for a handsome profit on eBay.

Reason # 13: All of their business building tools including Tcredits, gift cards, S-Builder Co-Op,and affiliates for your downline can also be won for pennies on a dollar through the penny auctions

Reason # 14: E-Commerce Associates (ECA): You can also recruit someone to become an E-Commerce Associate (ECA), to sell products on Tripleclicks E-Commerce Associate (ECA) Gateway and you earn VP and life-long lucrative royalties.

Reason # 15: For each person that becomes an approved ECA, you’ll earn 10% of the CV on all of their sales at Plus, you’ll earn an immediate 100 VP when your ECA generates their first $10 or more in sales.

Reason # 16: You can quickly start making money by becoming an E-Commerce Associate yourself through the E-Commerce Associate Program, leveraging their traffic and the marketing power of over 1 million affiliates to sell your own brand new or even the second hand items you no longer need on TripleClicks.

Reason # 17: Income streams: SFI offers six different income streams including direct commissions, co-sponsor commissions, ECA referral program, and SFIPPA where you get paid a one time payment of $15 for each referred SFI Affiliate. They also offer you to tap into their executive pool, Bronze Bonus, TCredit bonus, and Second Home CSA’s all which can be earned by achieving Executive Affiliate and Bronze Team Leader status.

Reason # 18: SFI Pay-Per-Action: (SFIPPA) is an optional, supplemental income program allowing all SFI affiliates to act as an advertiser for SFI and earn supplemental income by getting others to take actions such as filling out forms.

Reason # 19: TConnect: Tip #2: Refer customers to TConnect Websites, your ECA’s “store within a store” and the combination of Direct Commissions and ECA Royalties will make you earn a handsome 55% of the CV on any sales generated.

Reason # 20: TCredits: TCredits allow you to take FULL advantage of your TripleClicks membership benefits and can also be used in many ways to build your SFI business. A single TCredit sells for $1.99.

Reason # 21: You can receive, as part of your compensation as an SFI affiliate, up to 20 TCredits FREE every month!

Reason # 22: Tripleclicks: When you become an SFI affiliate, you are also automatically signed up as affiliate to their sister site Tripleclicks, a market place featuring over 116,000 products ranging from web hosting to other monthly subscription type products and over 1.7 million members.

Reason # 23: For purchases by personally referred TC members, you’ll also earn 45% of the CV (commission value). This can also earn you additional shares of the TripleClicks Executive Pool.

Reason # 24: All SFI affiliates can tap into SFI’s TripleClicks Executive Pool income stream every month. TripleClicks put 40% of the CV of EVERY purchase into the TripleClicks Executive Pool for the affiliates to share in.

Founder’s credibility

Reason # 25: The founder, Gery Carson, is well known around the globe as a successful business person. His achievements as an entrepreneur have been documented in Money Maker’s Monthly, Upline, Opportunity World Magazine, and in several books and videos. He was also named 1992’s Outstanding Young Men of America and 1997’s Who’s Who in the Media and Communications.


Reason # 26: SFI are constantly adding new ways in an effort to better their program. Recently they have added their Time Machine game where if you predict the correct answer, you’ll win a share of about 120 Tcredits which can be used to bid on auctions and buy from TripleClicks. They’re also now awarding 1 VersaPoint for each product you upload online that you want to sell. Selling your products online is an easy way to make money selling collectibles, antiques, and products you no longer need. You also get 1 VersaPoint for each music download, Time Machine game entry and auction bid. Up to 100 VersaPoints are awarded for being a Top Author for answering a question from SFI affiliates.

Longevity in business

Reason # 27: SFI was launched SFI in 1998, so it has been around for quite some respectable time.


Reason # 28: Help & Support: 100% free extensive online and offline marketing tools and personal support and assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Reason # 29: However the fastest way to get help would be to use the “Ask SC” tab. Ask SC (SFI Community) is the best way to get your questions answered because SFI affiliates can get around 50 VP IF their answer is voted in the top 3.

Reason # 30: S-Builder Co-Op: You can use the SFI S-Builder Co-Op programme to get affiliates for $29.

Reason # 31: Training: You get training (Launch Pad)

Reason # 32: SFI provides a free $297 valued internet income course that reveals the secrets of an online millionaire. The courses include pay-per-click marketing, mobile marketing, and free advertising strategies.

Website matters

Reason # 33: Site loads fast, is filled with information and is easy to navigate

Who is SFI for?

Reason # 34: It is indicated for experienced marketers who already have a traffic generating website to which they add their SFI links and drive traffic to them to convert into sales.
Reason # 35: SFI is only good for people who can recruit more than five serious people and teach them to follow the same steps and remain EA, to make some profit.


Reason # 36: No unauthorized transactions: I’ve ordered products and have never had SFI or TripleClicks make unauthorized transactions.
Reason # 37: When you pass on: Your can will your business and income to a family member.


Affiliate matters

Reason # 1: You start out at the bottom of the pyramid and move up through recruiting

Reason # 2: The SFI strategy of teaching its affiliates to get referrals by telling friends, family, co-workers, neighbours and inviting facebook friends doesn’t really work nowadays. They even go further to advise you to buy gift cards and give them to friends and family, Buy promotional cards and distribute them – “Whenever you take a taxi or ride public transportation, “forget” this TC X-Card on the seat before you exit”, Post flyers, Etc. etc. Knowledge of Internet marketing is what people need to succeed in SFI or any online business for that matter.

Reason # 3: You lose your Co-sponsored affiliates (CSAs) if you don’t maintain your status.

Reason # 4: There are complaints from affiliates of inactive members. None of my 139 affiliates brought me a single cent.

BBB rating

Reason # 5: SFI’s A+ rating on the BBB website shouldn’t be your deciding factor in joining any business since almost anyone can get this rating for $800.

Compensation plan

Reason # 6: The compensation plan leaves much to be desired as it’s not structured in such a way as to help an average person from 0 to Internet money. Hence, it will take too much time and some difficulties to make money with SFI

Reason # 7: From the 2nd month the daily and weekly tasks will get you only about 400 VP. But since you need 1500 VP to remain EA, your option is to buy products from TripleClicks to get at least 1100 VP. The “standing order” at TripleClicks will cost you about $30-$40.

Reason # 8: The program is set-up for TripleClicks where you purchase goods from third party companies to make a commission

Reason # 9: You are NOT creating a real business

Reason # 10: Commission: Only a handful of people out of their million plus affiliates have earned a six figure income with SFI.

Reason # 11: They say you have the potential to earn $100,000 or more annually if you manage to earn unlimited override commissions on unlimited levels. What they don’t tell you is that this can take years and an endless amount of recruiting.

Reason # 12: You can’t earn 6 figure income like they claim. Maybe this is the reason they changed the name from Six Figure Income to Strong Future International!

Reason # 13: Direct commission programme: Your affiliates for life become an asset only when they act. But SFI affiliates are known for their apathetic attitude to the programme
Reason # 14: Duplication: This is not easy as people easily get disillusioned with the programme

Reason # 15: Levels: You can’t earn from twelve levels if your downline members are so lethargic.

Reason # 16: Payment method: At $25, their Payoneer debit card appears overpriced to me. You can get such a card for FREE HERE.

Reason # 17: VersaPoints: If you don’t maintain at least 1,500 VPs at the end of the month, you’ll lose all of your Co-Sponsored Affiliates!
Reason # 18: Maintaining VPs after the first month is a challenge you can overcome only if you spent some money or are experienced in recruiting and conversion of website visitors to sales.

Ease of signing up

Reason # 19: SFI is totally free to join. But since you need to buy products to remain EA each month, it cannot be described as a free programme as such. You risk paying more for your membership than you actually earn. This is a common complaint. I myself spent hundreds of dollars in buying TCredits from Tripleclicks and in buying affiliates from the Co-Op ads program but earned only $15!

Reason # 20: The only way to work free in SFI is to get your affiliates to buy things within the SFI store, or try to sell TripleClicks products under your link, or list your own item in Tripleclicks to sell. Then use all commissions to upgrade your account to EA status every month. But considering what is said about the Direct commission programme, Duplication and Levels of the Compensation plan, this is going to be a tough nut to crack.

Extra ways to lose money

Reason # 21: To avoid the slow success rate, you must invest money in the business, but the small Return on Investment only leads to losses.

Reason # 22: SFI is a totally pyramid scheme (MLM company) in which you will earn only if some of your downline purchase something.

Reason # 23: Affiliates added to you: This would have been great if the affiliates took any action.

Reason # 24: Auction: The auction is like a lottery. They tell you what insignificant sum someone spent to win an expensive product but are tight-lipped over the huge losses people make without winning anything.


Reason # 25: They used to offer IAHBE (International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs) magazine. Now that product is gone. They also used to pay affiliates $5 for each referred TripleClicks member, pretty fishy if you ask me.

Reason # 26: TCredits: You need TCredits to participate in the auction. 125 TCredits will cost you USD 29.

Reason # 27: Tripleclicks: TripleClicks is too expensive

Reason # 28: Most products at TripleClicks are overpriced and therefore difficult to resell. The price even almost doubles if you purchase with Tcredits or Member Reward Points, (MRP). Some members have complained about how some sellers delivered purchases late to them.


Reason # 29: Not enough tools and services to run a real business online

Reason # 30: PSA/CSA Mailer: The PSA/CSA (personally sponsored affiliate/co-sponsored affiliate) mailer is for sending emails to your downline, but each email you send will have to be reviewed by SFI staff maybe as cross-solicitation is strictly prohibited.

Reason # 31: Help & Support: Some affiliates complain it takes weeks, even a month to receive a reply from them.

Reason # 32: There is a forum but it takes quite some time to get answers to your issues.

Reason # 33: S-Builder Co-Op: I read a review where someone complained that they had invested in SFI’s co op and wasted about $66, lost $30 in gift card fees and about $15 in ECA brochures. Which meant that they didn’t get a single penny utilizing SFI’s offline marketing tools!

Reason # 34: Their worthless Co-Op programme which will sell you affiliates who are not only non-performing but who will never answer your mail either through the SFI site or their email. It is not uncommon to find the mail undeliverable, which could mean that some people signed up with non-existent email addresses. Some addresses may have been clandestinely collected and sold by unscrupulous list address sellers.


Reason # 35: Training is available but it’s too general and not structured enough for the average person to know exactly how to generate an income.

Reason # 36: SFI training is geared mainly towards selling Tripleclick products or earning more VersaPoints.

Reason # 37: There is no training on how to drive traffic to your ads.

Reason # 38: SFI asks its affiliates to focus on affiliate marketing and the affiliates under them, while it will be better for them to focus on selling Tripleclicks products and promoting auctions where some money comes from.

Website matters

Reason # 39: Websites provided within SFI are duplicated sites (not unique). Such sites are extremely hard to get good rankings in the search engines. While to make money working from home you need a website and traffic to it to get conversions.

Reason # 40: Starting a website can be overwhelming for some. The SFI affiliate program simply doesn’t provide the training and the tools that you need to build a successful online business

Who is SFI not for?

Reason # 41: SFI is certainly not an attractive business opportunity for newbie marketers

Reason # 42: Supporting your affiliates can be a challenge if you don’t have any previous experience in internet marketing. It can also be heartbreaking as nobody answers your mail.

Reason # 43: Becoming a success can be a challenge as investing for the tools and marketing materials that they recommend can easily add up: PSA’s To Go ($30/month) + hosting for your website ($20/month) + Gift Cards ($30/month) + TCredits ($29/month) + S-Builder Coop ($22/month) = $131 per month!

Reason # 44: As SFI Marketing is mainly an affiliate shopping centre of products to market, it is not really suited for beginners.

Reason # 45: SFI is also not for the affiliate who is impatient to make money.

Reason # 46: Too many public complaints: Too many public complaints and negative reviews online about SFI and the SFI Marketing Group

Reason # 47: SFI appears to be just an affiliate centre offering different opportunities to join with lots of links all over the place.

My Final Opinion of SFI

You would agree with me that while SFI is not to be shunned totally; rather it must be approached with caution since it is an affiliate program mixed with an MLM opportunity.

Pyramid Schemes and MLM opportunities are to be avoided by people looking to make real income online. But if you need to purchase things for your daily life in SFI, then it will also enable you to remain EA. However, don’t count on the platform to earn money online.

SFI at a Glance…

Name: SFI Internet Income
Owners: SFI Marketing Group (Carson Services, Inc.)
Price: Free to join
Overall Scam Rank: 40 out of 100

VERDICT: SFI is a borderline case, being neither totally LEGIT (in the sense of enabling you to earn easily) nor outright SCAM. While I found 37 reasons to trust SFI, there are almost a dozen more reasons not to. The ball is now in your own court.

Do you have experience with the SFI program or feedback and opinions about this review? Why don’t you leave them in the comments box below or contact me on my Wealthy Affiliate Profile? I will be sure to get back to you within 24 hours.

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