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4 best email practices

Are you using email to collect subscribers’ email addresses? But the list sucks and the unsubscribed rate is too high? Then you need the 4 best email practices.

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To successfully use email marketing to grow and engage a blog audience requires knowledge and use of some key email practices. Otherwise you will encounter the problems mentioned above. You may also be marked as spam, which would damage your email reputation and reduce deliverability.

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Now let’s look at the 4 key email practices so that you know how you are performing in each of them in sending emails to your audience.



  • Set Clear Expectations


When setting up your signup form in the email autoresponder, you must be clear what your subscribers will receive from you and even how often. For example: I will be sending you a weekly newsletter filled with valuable information to help you run your affiliate marketing business successfully.


And you must also deliver on that promise without fail.


If you promise your subscribers one thing and send them another, they will mark your messages as spam and unsubscribe from your list.



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  • Send Valuable Information


People who subscribe to your list expect to receive not only interesting content but above all the one which will help them solve problems they have.


Are you sending them this information? You should; for if the information you send them does not come up fully to their expectations, you will experience a high unsubscribe rate.



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  • Use a Company-Based Domain


When you set up your email marketing account, did you add as the email address from which to send emails to your subscribers? I did using


That is not a good email practise because the servers delivering emails don’t trust such addresses too much because any spammer can have access to gmail, yahoo, outlook, aol, etc. So emails using such addresses often end up in the spam box where your subscribers may not even see them.


Say, how often do you check your spam box? Even if you do, it is to skim through and then delete them or leave the system to take care of that for you, right?


You must rather use a company-based email address. But don’t change the free one to  That was exactly what I did by changing the above address to


According to AWeber, the best addresses to have a higher chance of getting your messages delivered are those with a person’s name and a company-based email address. So use


The AWeber guide stresses that using a person’s name is preferable to a company’s because it adds a more personalized touch and creates a better experience for subscribers.


This is why now I send emails to my subscribers from



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  • Maintain a Healthy Email List


Do you know that you must periodically review your subscriber list to remove inactive subscribers? You must, for this is vital to your email success.


Feeling great at seeing large numbers of subscribers on my account kept me from removing inactive subscribers. That is, those who never open my emails. Yet that only hurts your email performance in the long run. What makes you believe someone who hasn’t opened email from you in months would suddenly do so?


So go into your account now to clean your list to ensure that henceforth you would be sending emails only to people who really want to hear from you and who may therefore do business with you in the future.


Another good reason for purging your list of inactive subscribers is that it will ensure that you get really accurate analytics reports of how your emails are performing since inactive subscribers will no longer be around to distort your data.


Let’s say you have 100 subscribers with 60 inactives. If 10 of your subscribers open your emails, the statistics will show 10% open rate (10 ÷ 100 x 100).


However, if you remove the 60 inactives to leave you with 40 subscribers and 10 of them open your emails, the open rate will be 25% (10 ÷ 40 x 100)!



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The amount of work needed to connect with readers via email often seems herculean and discouraging to newbies. But since the money (or the value?) is in the list, I can’t but advise you to stay motivated and keep on keeping on.


In the dictionary the word “effort” comes before “money”! And it must be so in your email marketing too.


So heed AWeber’s advice to devote at least 30 minutes a day to nurturing your email list until it becomes routine. The success of your email list building depends on it!

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Do you know of any other best email practices? If you don’t, what reaction does this piece arouse in you? Let us know in the comments box below.



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Editor’s note: This piece was part of a larger one titled My personal experience with AWeber as an affiliate and a customer. It has been separated from the main one and slightly revised for those seeking only this type of information.

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