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4 Keys To Get Website Traffic For Your MLM Business

If you have been marketing your MLM business online for any while, you most probably have realized the importance of getting website traffic.

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Aptly said, no traffic, no online business.

This strategy you’re going to learn for generating website traffic can help the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, but particularly Google, to determine the importance of your website and assign the proper page rank to it.

Know that the higher the page rank, the more traffic your website will get.

It used to be that the more links you have pointing to your website, the better your rank, leading to higher website traffic.

And this was not a problem since there are many tools available for automatically building links to your website. Even link exchange directories are a good tool to get more website traffic.

When Google changed their algorithms a few years ago, however, the importance of the sheer number of links became less significant for website traffic than the quality and relevance. Sites with tons of backlinks tumbled in the rankings.

This year (2019) Google has again updated its algorithms and many sites once gain got affected. I know many website owners who reported sharp drops in traffic.

The importance to get traffic is now placed on mobile usability, publishing frequency, content quality and variety, visitor and your engagement (comments left by your visitors and your reply), and site trust.

Many network marketers have one or more replicated or their own affiliate sites they market. Getting quality website traffic that will convert to sign ups and sales is a common challenge with these turbulent changes.

But all is not lost. Every challenge is a test to look for ways to do better.

So here are four good methods to drive website traffic to your affiliate site:

Post articles

This is the traditional method to get traffic to your site. It is therefore not for nothing that we say content is king.

That saying remains as relevant today as when it was first coined, and risk to remain so for a long time to come, if not forever.

Content is the lifeblood of any online business.

Therefore writing and posting articles to your website is one of the most effective ways to suck organic traffic to it.

Good SEO-optimized articles give you an advantage as they get incoming links to your website through webmasters linking to it and also by comments left by visitors.

Therefore if you post well written articles on your website targeting appropriate keywords (especially low-hanging ones), they will bring you traffic for a long time.

This is because those posts remain consultable on the internet for a long time.

Optimize your website

To designate a rank to a web page, the search engines consider both the internal and external profiles of your website.

What are the internal and external profiles of a website?

The internal profile of your website includes Meta tags (the meta tag does not have so much weight nowadays), heading tags, keywords (long tail keywords), targeted content, and internal linking of website.

The external profile of your website however designates the websites that are linking to your website.

Therefore typically optimizing replicated MLM websites for the most frequently searched keyword phrases specific to a certain target market will bring you traffic.

Use anchor text

Google now places some weight on the internal and external links of a website.

The internal links are those pointing to or from one of your posts to another one, both on your website. The external links however are the other websites or their posts that your site or posts link to.

Anchor texts are the words used to accomplish this.

It is the clickable text of a hyperlink.

It can have a big impact on target website traffic and also on the search engine rankings.

And for a reason.

An anchor Text lets the search engines know the content of the web page it links to. It also enables website visitors to have more information on a subject that interests them. But first, it lets them know if the destination they’re being sent to is of interest to them.

So an anchor text helps Google accomplish its aim of looking for valuable user experience for website visitors.

Google therefore privileges a website having appropriate anchor texts. This “Google love” helps improve your website’s search engine ranking.

A good way to set up anchor text for an affiliate site is to purchase a redirect url and then put the anchor text using the correct keyword in that url.

Therefore linking your posts of similar content together and your website to others in the same niche will get you quality website traffic.

Use website tools

Website tools make your site user-friendly.

By doing this, they get you more website traffic.

New scripts and innovative schemes for the visitor help you get more inward links. And as we know already, these build you more website traffic.

You can offer free giveaways like an e-book or a software, or introduce new exciting sections relevant to your website, like a contest.

These will make your website enticing for the visitors.

Here are some website tools to consider for use on your website:

Easily create eBooks and other content from articles already on your website.

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linkedin – free tools for seo smo internet marketing affiliate marketing email marketing and so on


Getting website traffic for your MLM business website is a critical activity that can make the difference between the success or the failure of your online marketing.

Learning to master and consistently using these 4 simple but powerful methods will drive that website traffic that will convert to sign ups and sales.

I wish you good luck in your endeavor.


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Which of the traffic methods mentioned here have you been using for your internet marketing? Can you tell us about the others we haven’t mentioned here? Thank you for your contribution.


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10 thoughts on “4 Keys To Get Website Traffic For Your MLM Business”

  1. Getting website traffic  for multilevel marketing would surely spell greatness in a long run and would lead to having success in the business but it all comes at a price if being diligent at practising all that is known and learnt here. This post is very great and I fancy it a lot. I have a lot of friends who partake in mlm businesses, sharing this with them would really help them a lot. Thanks

    • Hi Rodarrick,

      Getting website traffic for multilevel marketing or any other type of business is the surest way to build it up in the long run.  Without that, there would be nothing leading to having success in the business.

      But this needs to be diligent at practising all that is known and learnt here. to bring traffic.

      I’m tickled that you find this post as very great and fancy it a lot.

      Please do share it with your friends who run mlm businesses. I’m sure they will have cause to thank you.

      I also have cause to thank you for visiting my site and for commenting on this post.


  2. I have never been affected by a Google algorithm before yet the more I hear of these the more careful I have to be in the creation of my site and publishing content because of school. Does frequency really matter that much. I had been planning on gathering my articles and publishing them one time. So this will not really help in terms of ranking as I have quite some.strong competitors in my niche that blog quite a number of times per day.

    • Hi Donny,

      You have never been affected by a Google algorithm before? Then you must count yourself lucky. Right now, my site is experiencing a down in traffic. Fortunately, the more you hear of these the more careful you think you have to be in the creation of your site and publishing content.

      Sure, frequency of publication of content really matters very much. A site seeking to rank must have content posted on it something like 3 times a week. Doing more is better if you can.

      No, no, no don’t gather all your articles and publish them at once. I did this sometime ago but it did not help my site at all. So now I’m publishing them almost every day of the week.


  3. It’s a very true fact that without traffic, that is, without visitors checking your website, your online business can’t be successful, this means traffic Is the key to the future of online business. Even though I don’t like dealing with MLM companies because of their model of operations, these tips can still be applicable to other online business types. This is a very useful article that will impact knowledge into many people.

    • Hi DreaJay,

      An online business without traffic is like a car without an engine. How can it run? It’s the same way your online business can’t be successful.

      Sure, just like the engine is the life of the car, traffic Is also the key to the future of an online business. You’re not the only person who doesn’t like dealing with MLM companies because of their model of operations. But many  do.

      These tips of course can still be applicable to any other online business types.

      Please share this article with your friends.



  4. Search engines have definitely changed since the early days. I remember falling in love with AltaVista, then suddenly Google appeared and conquered the Internet. Yes, when I first got into computers in 1995, it was Netscape vs. IE. Good times. So yeah, I agree with you on needing quality content and comments. Many visitors don’t feel any need to comment even if they enjoyed the article. I’m thinking of a humorous way to beg for comments. Not to look needy and desperate, but maybe. I don’t want to annoy people, but sometimes when people make a personal plea for something they actually get it. Great article. Lots of research. Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Cathy Allen,

      Yes, search engines have changed a lot since when they first appeared. I remember AltaVista too, but I didn’t know it was Google that appeared after it. Thanks for letting me know this. How Google conquered the Internet is something I don’t know.

      I also don’t remember Netscape vs. IE. So I can’t say they were good times, as you claim.

      Every online business needs quality content and comments. It’s true many visitors don’t feel any need to comment even if they enjoyed the article. So it is up to the blogger to prod the reader to share, like and comment on their posts.

      Like you I’ve also been thinking of a humorous way to get comments. But I’m afraid that will let me look needy and desperate, just as you say. Of course, begging people to take actions on your site will annoy them. Becauseof that I’ve never done it.

      Thanks for yur compliments and encouragements.


  5. Generating traffic to your business is a very important thing to do as it plays a very crucial role in making the business a successful one. Getting these tips sometimes require prior knowledge and this is where my favorite online University comes in Wealthy Affiliate, where you learn about how to make success in your online business. Newbies need to know about these things to help them grow their own business without trouble. Thank you for this post.

    • Hi Wildecoll,

      Content is king, is a known saying in online business. And traffic cimes from content. So, anyone wishing to generate traffic to their business must publish valuable content constantly.

      As you say, “this is a very important thing to do as it plays a very crucial role in making the business a successful one.”

      One may ask the question, supposing one doesn’t know how to go about these tips, then what should one do?

      The answer seems to be the one you have given. The required prior knowledge can be learnt at the online University called Wealthy Affiliate. There, you can learn everything about how to make success in your online business. It is only when one masters them that one can try to generate traffic.

      Thank you for your contribution.



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