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4 Reasons Why I Started My Blog (And 85+ Others I Discovered) – B

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Summarily list of 85 reasons to start a blog – Part B


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Altruism Dalai Lama

Now, what are the other reasons why people chose to write blogs?

I found 85 reasons (with 20 sub ones) why people decided to create blogs. I will split them into altruistic, personal, and business.

B. The Altruistic Motives

Some people started their blogs with an unselfish generosity to, or concern for, other people’s interests.

I found 7 reasons in this regard.

5. To offer people free articles

People use blogs to satisfy their urge for reading about topics of interest to them.

The internet is now more accessible and more affordable than a library or a bookshop. Fortunately bloggers invest their time, energy, and knowledge to work out a piece of writing which they offer free to everybody.

6. To help people make online shopping decisions

People are hesitant to shop online because of the numerous scams out there and the probability of purchasing products or services not true to the photo or description online.

Bloggers help readers to have the convenience and the confidence of shopping online by offering them company and product reviews and suggesting products and services they themselves have used or tested.

7. To inspire others

Many people want to discover and explore their true potentials, to appreciate the virtues of a faith, to make better choices in relationships, to handle the stress of life, to manage their jobs, etc.

Books and the media (newspapers, radio, television, and the internet) are available to help them. But as I said above, the internet is more readily available and what a blogger writes can have a positive impact on others. From a blog a reader can bookmark a post or copy it down and consult it later or as often as they wish.

8. To help others
Some blogs are written to help people going through certain phase or circumstances like break-ups, disease, parenting, depression, disability, etc.

For example, a site like Zen Habits has helped change the lives of people by helping them relax, de-clutter and chill out.

Anything from simple DIY information to other pieces of advice can help people going through everything from everyday challenges to life’s most difficult circumstances.

Readers find these blogs useful because they are written to help people who may be going through similar situations that the blogger has experienced. Many parenting and health-related blogs are typical examples.

9. To contribute to charity and the community

Some bloggers’ passions go into supporting a worthy cause, whether political, environmental or social by building awareness and garnering support for them.

For example, Jeff Goins donates 10% of sales from his course, Tribe Writers, to charity. And as part of celebration of his 32nd birthday, Pat Flynn raised $26,251 from his blog readers spread over 24 countries, and added $25,000 of his own money, to build 2 schools in Ghana.

When a blog owner’s business becomes very successful (like Alex Jeffreys, Neil Patel, Armand Morin, Ben Simkin, etc.), they employ many people, thus contributing to lowering the unemployment rate in the community. In the name of their social responsibility to the community, they may also engage in benevolent activities like bringing drinkable water to more people, supporting the education of orphans or building schools for poor communities.

10. To connect with like-minded people

Blogging helps bring together people who think alike. Through blogs you can find those people and share your opinions and thoughts with them.

11. To influence public opinion or policy

Just a simple move by a blogger on a controversial topic or a certain policy can create awareness about it and get a lot of people reacting to it.

Many political blogs and social issues blogs are created in an effort to effect a change. For example, a blogger spots an injustice and raises their concern about it on their blog. This could lead to a mass movement which finally reaches decision-makers who may decide to take action on it.

That was the case of a story you’ll love of two girls, aged 9 and 13, living respectively in Scotland and Brazil. The blog of the first girl exposed poor learning conditions in her school and attracted almost 8 million readers in four months. The second, which was inspired by the first, attracted over 200,000 readers in less than four weeks.

As you could expect, local authorities took notice and quickly improved conditions in the schools. The first blog even went further to raise £114,000 to feed school children in Malawi!

On the other hand, dictatorial regimes get irked by the oppression, nepotism, bad governance, corruption and abuse of human rights that bloggers reveal and subject them to arrest, torture, exile or even kill them!

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