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4 Reasons Why I Started My Blog (And 85+ Others I Discovered) – C

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C. At the Personal Level

Some people write blogs to satisfy their individual needs and the corollaries of those needs.

This is where I found the most motivations for starting a blog or continuing to do so: a whopping 85 plus 20 sub ones!

12. It makes you meet new people online and make friends

Blogging is a great way to meet new people, from your own country and from around the world. Through it, you can connect with friends, family and fans to let them know your opinion on certain issues. You can also ask them for theirs.

Through answering their comments or sending them newsletters, a blogger interacts with their visitors. And exchanging email and chatting on skype and WhatsApp, some of these people end up becoming online friends and even real-life ones too.

This also happens through social media like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and others, where the blogger meets a large number of people with whom they establish friendships through receiving comments, e-mails, follows, pluses, and likes.

13. It makes you network with new people, especially other bloggers

By commenting on their blogs, through guest blogging, attending their webinars, buying their products, being coached by them, and taking their courses, you will also likely connect with other bloggers.

These can lead to partnership and networking opportunities where you would share ideas and help each other in your pursuits. This can help develop knowledge, ideas and writing skills to a higher level.

14. To add to your insufficient income

A blog receiving some traffic can bring in supplementary income to help the money-strapped person make ends meet. Nothing more than Google Adsense or other contextual ads could be enough.

15. To lose your worries about your paycheck

Many workers don’t earn enough money and consequently don’t always have it in their pockets and especially in the bank. Living from paycheck to paycheck and even the inability to do so can be a source of great worry to workers as they become concerned about life’s unexpected twists.

The solution to stop the fretting can be a blog to gain money online. Such people could come to blogging to add a second paycheck which could create an immediate supplemental income stream for them.

16. To lose your worries in retirement or about going on retirement

In recent surveys it was found that more than 25% of workers and retirees have less than $1,000 put aside for their “golden years”. And the U.S. Social Security Board says that 85 out of 100 Americans reaching the retiring age of 65 don’t have as much as $250. Worse, only 2% of them are self-sustaining. These are reasons enough for such people to be worried.

A money-making blog can help correct this worrisome situation. A retiree can come to blogging to avoid those worries. For a retiree-to-be, such a decision is a way to not work for 40 years or more to retire on 40% of an insufficient pay in the first place.

17. To clear off your debt

Debts from sources such as bank loans, credit cards, etc. overwhelm workers. To come out of the cul-de-sac, one just needs to find out how to win money on the internet with a blog.

Some successful bloggers have recounted how being burdened by debt brought them to blogging to wipe out their financial worries. This is the case of Amanda and others.

18. To save, invest, buy a house or land

A blog can bring in enough money to help satisfy your immediate needs and leave you some money to put aside or invest in a business or even a house or a land.

19. To have freedom…

Working as a full-time blogger offers more flexibility and freedom than being tied to a 9 to 5 job. With blogging you’ll have more possibilities to do the things dear to you.
These are some of the things building a successful blog allows you the independence to do:
…to work from anywhere: You can blog from home, at a public park, in a café, abroad, anywhere there’s an internet connection
…to fix flexible working hours: A blogger can start work when they want, take a break when they feel like it and call it a day when they wish. This doesn’t mean that bloggers work less than people on a 9-5. Many bloggers work longer hours. On the other hand their schedule is elastic.
…to work at your own pace: Since there is no boss looking over your shoulder, as a blogger you are accountable only to yourself. Hence you are not tied by a tight 9-5 work schedule.

Being your own boss, you are free to fix your working hours and work at your own pace.

Of course, getting a blog off the ground and managing the growth stage may bring pressures. But even in these cases the blogger can automate some tasks and outsource others and thus have more time for themselves:

…to travel around the world: This is often referred to as the dotcom life. The income stream the blogger makes from their online business enable them to travel frequently and extensively. And the fact that their businesses can be run on autopilot even when they are away, can make a blogger have the time to travel to all corners of the world.
…to dedicate more time for yourself: Although a blog involves a lot of work, being a labour of love, it is so much fun that sometimes it doesn’t even feel like work. Many of the blogging tasks can also be automated or outsourced, giving you time to devote to your pastimes.
…to spend more time with your family: A blog is a personal business, so you have the ability to fix your working hours to suit your lifestyle. It is also a home business, and if adequately planned can enable you lots of free time.

Home being where the family is, logically you’ll get to spend a lot of time with your spouse and kids and pets.

20. To ally talents and hobbies

I have covered this in the blog post “Exercise Your Talents and Hobbies Blogging” on my first blog.

I said in that article that blogging enabled me to exercise at the same time my talents for writing, teaching and doing business, with hobbies such as making friends and travelling and also reading, writing, listening to music, etc.

21. To quit unemployment or underemployment

With worldwide economic meltdown, especially in the developed world, millions of people find themselves out of work or in part-time jobs. Embracing blogging is a sure way to escape those traps.

Find inspirational stories here

22. To lose your worries about the economy

The present economic doldrums is a matter of grave concern to many workers who rightly dread a bleak future.

However, worrying about the bad economy is not a solution to anyone’s problem. The answer lies in taking action. Blogging, as a means to make money on the internet, can help solve the worries.

23. To restore your self-esteem

Dead-end jobs and having little or not enough money have made many workers lose their self-esteem.

Some people have solved this by running an income-generating internet home business like a blog.

24. To make household savings

A blogger works at home. So they avoid making commuting expenses, buying expensive office clothes, eating out at break, etc.

All these translate into household savings for the family.

25. To trade being “job” (just over broke) for “yob” (your own business)

Many workers are assailed by such financial difficulties that they have practically nothing to show for their hard work.

One of the surest ways to overcome this is to create a blog and have your own business.

26. To avoid being stuck in a dead-end job

Is your job taking you nowhere or does it not offer any prospects of progress?

A blog has opened new horizons for people where they found promise of a bright future.

27. To avoid being passed over for wage increases or promotions

You can witness strange things at your job since an employee never controls their circumstances. For example, although I was working hard and conscientiously, it was other teachers who were being permanently recruited, promoted and getting salary increases.

So I decided to go into blogging where I would not be subjected to anyone‘s whims.

28. To have job security

The days of lifetime employment are gone forever. Not being able no longer to remain at your post until retirement can be a source of worry.

Although a blog is not eternal, at least there’s no boss to fire you here.

29. To avoid embarrassment about talking about your job

There’s nothing as unsettling as being asked for your job if you’re not proud of it.

Although many people do not view blogging as a job or even have no idea what a blogger does, you can talk with passion about it if it is bringing you the good things of life.

30. To avoid your worry about the future in general

Not knowing what the future has in stock for us keeps many people worried about losing their means of livelihood.

Although not an insurance, a blog can keep you covered in these troubled times since you can even use it to talk about what you’re going through and it’ll resonate with a lot of readers.

31. To satisfy your desire to do better, what steps to take

No doubt the only constant in life is change. And every human being has the power of choice.

So if you wish to do better, take steps towards success, then choosing a blog may be your best bet yet.

32. To remake your life

John Paul Aguiar was on kidney transplant and social dole outs when he became a blogger. Another was laid off on suffering a casualty in the mine. Jon Morrow of smartblogger quit his job in April of 2006 after he was hit by a car going 85 miles an hour and having a disease like SMA which paralysed him from the neck down. So he can’t use his fingers; he blogs speaking his texts into a microphone.

The first went off social help in eleven months; the second is also now very successful; the third was making so much money in two months that Paypal shut down his account on suspicions of fraudulent activity.

All of them remade their lives thanks to blogging.

33. To overcome your frustration at seeing others get ahead faster than you do

Except if you weren’t ambitious then you wouldn’t care about others succeeding in life while you lag behind.

Some people channelled this frustration into blogging and the result is fantastic.

34. To express your thoughts and share your passions

Are you really passionate about subjects like fishing, music, business, politics, photography, personal finance, marketing, cooking, etc.?

Blogging is an excellent way to share that love with the world.

When you blog about something you feel strongly about, it resonates with countless numbers of people who share your emotion and enables you to connect with them.

35. To have fun and be creative

Many Many people created a blog simply for fun.

As said above, one of the most important ingredients for successful blogging is to be passionate about your blog’s topic. This way you can write authentically and prolifically about it.

It is in this way that some of the top and most interesting blogs were begun just for fun and to give the blogger a creative outlet (See 40 below).

36. It makes you an authority in your industry

You’ve no doubt heard the expression “authority blogs.”

These are run by people who have utilized the platform to showcase their knowledge and expertise by publishing blog posts that are accurate, timely, relevant, and informative. These eventually caught the attention of industry experts and earned the blog recognition as an authoritative source and the blogger as an influencer.

37. To unleash your creative side

Some people brim with creative ideas, especially innovative ones, whose professionalism they are not sure of, or whose acceptance by authoritative sources they doubt.

A blog is the best option for displaying your creative ideas as a photographer, creative digital artist, sculpture, painter, calligrapher, writer, musician, dancer, choreographer, garden designer, interior designer, etc.

This is because it not only assure you readers who might admire your work, but also it gives your confidence the needed boost.

38. To build an online portfolio (Self promotion as an expert)

Aspiring authors and freelance writers use blogging as a way to build up an online portfolio and promote themselves in the field of their expertise.

By showcasing their work on their platforms with the potential to reach a large number of people, these professionals grow their exposure and build their credibility as experts. This can help them attract the right attention to get a job in a specific field or land a contract to publish a book on a specific topic.

This inspiring piece by Leanne Regalla provides an in-depth examination of how 49 creative people use blogging to promote their art.

39. To get published

Publishers these days prefer writers with a following. So a person desirous to get published must first get a blog to build a loyal readership.

When Theresa Ragan was rejected by traditional publishers for over 100 times over 19 years, she self-published.

The result?

Within a year, she sold over 300,000 books.

Hugh Howey and James Altucher are two other authors who self-published their ways to bestseller stardom, thanks to their large blog audiences.

Hugh MacLeod draws on the backs of business cards, one of which he posts everyday on his blog. He’s inspired hundreds of thousands of artists and helped them live their dreams.

40. To stay in touch with others

A job, a calling or an adventure can take you far away, make you too busy or keep you too distracted to remain in touch with important people in our life such as family and friends.

Personal blogs therefore became a great tool to maintain touch with them. You simply share what is going on in your life by documenting your life adventures, ideas and struggles and by sharing stories, photos, videos and more with each other.

41. To create a record

By writing online open journals maybe about oneself or about the family, one creates a record future generations can consult.

This is the way the Lawson family in my country has been able to write their family history from records of daily events recorded in a large ledger. The entries offer interesting glimpses into life during slavery and colonial days in Togo.

42. It makes you knowledgeable…

A blog is just like a piece of research. The more you blog the more you know about all aspects of blogging.

…as it makes you learn new things: Blogging makes you learn about topics to write about, to learn to organize and articulate your thoughts, to write well, to access social media to share your message, to know the difference between a catchy title and a dull one, and also many things about yourself.
…as it gives you new experiences: Blogging makes you learn new things. This could range things you didn’t know about the platform, an interesting conversation with one of your followers, doing a guest post on someone else’s blog, or writing on a topic that requires a little “field work” or research.
… as it can make you acquire valuable new skills: Blogging is not just about writing and posting to your site. No, blogging requires more than that. When you blog you are obliged to learn about domain names, hosting servers, HTML, social media, link building, content development, SEO, community building, blog design, email marketing, etc.

And you would agree with me that these are skills which are extremely valuable at this era of Information Technology. And for a very good reason!

Companies these days are on the hunt for folks with real-world, practical knowledge of social media and online activities for their own web presence.

Remember, we said running a blog can land you consulting deals? (Please see N° 47).
From authoring Blog Tyrant alone, Ramsay has had job offers from companies to help them develop their online presence.
… to become an expert at something (Self-branding): Since you blog around a particular idea or topic, you will forcibly develop your knowledge of it. Coupled with networking with others in your field and consistency in your approach, you will soon know a lot about that topic.

Branding experts make us know that highlighting your knowledge as an expert gives credence to your business, which makes you more appealing to potential clients. Thus people seeking this unique expertise can call on you, leading to new business and career opportunities.

…to become authority in your niche: No blogger set out possessing knowledge of all the topics posted on their blog. Darren Rowse of Problogger said he didn’t know anything about blogging back in 2002 when he began. But today his blog is an authority in the niche. So are the others.

Reading about a topic, gathering information on it, and writing about it can make one gain invaluable knowledge about it.

Besides, the requirement to update a blog regularly obliges the blogger to keep abreast with the events in a specific field or topic.

These ways the blogger learns new things all the time about their areas of interest.
See successful blogging and posting frequency.

43. To take up a challenge…

If you adore challenges then blogging is for you.
I’ve said it before: if it is easy to start a blog, managing it however is not. This is because keeping a blogging challenges you on many fronts, such as:
…to interact with readers and the community: Interacting with readers on the blog and on social media, and building a community for the blog call not only for time but also for constant learning, else the blog slips into oblivion
…to discover self: Starting a blog takes you on the same route of personal discovery as journaling does. Blogging helps to improve your memory and makes you to explore your emotional life positively. Being an archive of your life story, blogging will help you to know really who you are as you realize the uniqueness of that story.
…to think clearly and deeply: With blogging you’ll have to reflect deeply on topics, relationships, and society; you’ll engage with others on the intellectual level, weigh the pros and cons of arguments; you’ll analyze yourself, examine your ideas, consider different philosophies, and look for ways to communicate your thoughts to your audience. As you do these and bolster your arguments in writing, you exercise your thinking muscles.
…to turn jumbled ideas into a coherent whole: Ideas are like a bunch of atoms flying about. They buzz around in your head in no particular order. Your job as a blog writer is to reorder those ideas to make sense. Writing blog posts forces your brain into a laser-focused state of mind.
…to make you have confidence in yourself: Blogging teaches you to trust yourself and your judgments. You learn to recognize and reinforce your strengths, while accepting and improving your weaknesses. From the comments section of your blog, you learn not to be carried away by the flattery nor lose your cool over criticisms.
…to be very observant: Blogging forces you to take note of the tiniest details in everything you do, say and think of. And the more you interact with people from all walks of life, the more care you take concerning what you write, what you say, what you propose.
…to be regular: Searching for interesting ideas all the time and finding the time to write and post regularly all call for training oneself to observe certain rules. Blogging helps you cultivate that regularity.

44. It builds you an audience

If a blog is easy to begin, this phase could also be the most disheartening. You would be counting your blog visitors on the fingers of a hand and praying for it to explode. Sometimes you have no visits at all and you feel down and out.

But since people are attracted towards blogs which give them value, as you blog and start creating value, your audience would build up.

45. To change your life

If the life you are living is not taking you anywhere, blogging can change all that. You will have a really unique opportunity to work from wherever you want and blog about any topic under the sun. Being in control of your life can give you the energy boost that you desperately need.

46. It lands you speaking engagements

Speeches are often made from scripts. And scripts are all writing. And writing is what the blogger does all the time. So from writing blog posts to landing speaking engagements is as natural as fire following smoke.

Bloggers have been invited to speak at events and keynote at conferences, all because of the posts they’ve shared on their blogs.

In his book, Choose Yourself, James Altucher talks about how he landed well over 100 speaking engagements in 9 years thanks to his blog and books. These brought him over $1 million and made him impact hundreds of thousands of lives.

47. It gets you consulting deals

The fame Neil Patel built through his blog made him land juicy consulting deals with big companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Ebay, NBC, GM, HP, TechCrunch and Viacom. For some of the consulting deals, Neil was paid as high as $5,000 per hour!

48. It brings you freelance writing gigs

This is the case of Carol Tice. This Seattle-based freelance writer has built a thriving 6-figure freelance writing career, while teaching others.

The same is true of Bamidele Onibalusi, a Nigerian, resident in Nigeria, who makes thousands of dollars monthly freelance writing.

49. It can validate your expertise…

Blogging well about a particular topic portrays you as an expert (skilled and knowledgeable) in it by readers, employers, and your network.

…to replace your resume: A sophisticated project or an insightful blog can sell you better than a resume. That’s what Seth Godin thinks. “If you’re remarkable, amazing or just plain spectacular, you probably shouldn’t have a resume at all,” he says.

…to be your new tool to be hired: If you were a recruiter trying to hire for certain positions, you would of course want to know who your potential candidates are and what they are about. You would want them to prove why they should be a part of your endeavor, why they should be on your team. Blogging affords you the opportunity to do these.

To see how a blog can make your resume stand out from the pack, click this inspiring story. It concerns a blogger whose blog brought her a dream job brought her by an employer on a silver platter.

A recruiter called another blogger, Dan, out of the blue to offer him a very good position at a great firm.

50. It can make you happy

Inspiring people, helping them, impacting them through speeches, and giving them value through blog posts brings bloggers the greatest joy.

This becomes more evident when they receive a positive comment, an email, a tweet, a plus on Google, a like or a Facebook share from readers who have been touched by their words.

51. To ease your suffering

While everyone has problems with health, family or finances, others have such serious illnesses, come from broken families and live below the poverty level that they crave listening ears and maybe some help for their personal problems.

Just as a sin confessed is a sin half pardoned, a problem shared can be a problem half solved.
This may be what 17-year-old Alice suffering from cancer sought to do with Alice’s Bucket List.

On this blog, she shares her dreams, her experience of cancer and the things she’ll like to accomplish before passing away.

Not only does the support and encouragement Alice gets ease her suffering but also she inspires her readers.

52. To document your life

A blog can also be the stories of your life in form of an online diary or journal. It can be about a topic of interest, your random thoughts, or your personal experiences.

Mind you, if you have something interesting about you to share with humanity, know that unless you were a VIP, if you don’t do it, chances are that no one else will. Besides, only you can tell your life as it really is.

The Great Nigerian novelist, Chinua Achebe, of Things Fall Apart fame put it succinctly in an interview with The Paris Review: “…I was introduced to the danger of not having your own stories. There is that great proverb — that until the lions have their own historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter… Once I realized that, I had to be a writer. I had to be that historian… so that the story of the hunt will also reflect the agony, the travail — the bravery, even, of the lions.”

53. It makes you stand out

In Why Blog? Should I Start a Blog? 34 Reasons You Should, blogger Muhammed Abdullahi Tosin writes “only 1 percent of Internet users produce the content online. The remaining 99 percent? They just consume.”

His advice? “Don’t just consume, … Also produce valuable content.”

According to him, that makes you stand out from the lot of content consumers.

54. It can immortalize you

Writing, we all know, is one of the human pursuits which can make your name live on for many centuries after you’re gone.

Do you know when Shakespeare died? What about Socrates or even the Egyptian Pharaohs? Yet they’re as alive today as they were in their times.

Their names live on from generation to generation simply because they published their thoughts when they lived.

A blog can also help you build a legacy that could long outlive you.

55. It will make you live a more intentional life

When you start blogging about your life as suggested above, you’ll begin to reflect deeply about who you are, the import of your actions past and present, where you came from and where you’re going to, and your opinion about events around you.

Short, you will think of, examine and observe each act, decision, and thought carefully and they will have deep meaning for you.

Take someone who starts a life improvement blog and details their daily actions to improve their lives, they will forcibly begin to live better.

56. It will make you adopt healthier life habits

This is akin to the idea above, although there is a slight difference.

Every blogger will tell you that it requires time, devotion, commitment, and discipline as well as healthy lifestyle habits such as a proper diet, exercise, good mental health, and stress management to succeed.

These are habits which help you get the most out of your days and life. And don’t be surprised to develop other useful habits as you begin to blog, such as rising early and an injection of energy and joie de vivre which can you handle, life’s pressures such as the malaise of a mid-life crisis, for example.

57. It will help you develop a reflex for meaningful details
No matter what you are blogging about, you cannot cover every event, every idea, and every occurrence in your life. Instead, you would choose the most pertinent events, the most important thoughts, and the most meaningful occurrences.

This process is what will make you have a sharp eye for meaningful details.

58. It will make you more tolerant of others’ opinions

Contrary to what is published in the mainstream publishing field, a blog offers a living, dynamic exchange of ideas with readers in the comment section. So blogging can be viewed as a sort of a give-and-take exercise.

Before that, the blogger writes a post on a topic that they feel is significant and meaningful. But like any writing made public, the blogger is not writing for himself. That’s why readers respond to the post.
Their response may not be what you expected or they may even make you take a new, fresh look at the topic or even handle another aspect of it.

This interaction with the reader is what makes the blogger to be considerate of the opinions of others.

59. It will make you known and you’ll be happy to be so

Blogging being done on the World Wide Web, it presents you to the whole world.

It is a good feeling to be known by others, especially around the world. As your blog grows, you’ll love to find that people are excited to hear your story.

60. It will allow you to make recommendations

A blogger may eat in a restaurant, read a book, try services or products or deal with a company, etc.
If they found them enjoyable, beneficial or appreciable, share that joy with others. That’s why you will find company and product reviews on blogs denouncing the bad or recommending the good.

61. It gives you quite a rush with positive comments

Who doesn’t appreciate praise?

In the same way some sort of rush accompanies every positive feedback that you receive in blog comments, Facebook shares, tweets, or Google likes and pluses. However the blogger should seek to get encouragement from such comments than let them go to their head.

62. To build authority as a springboard to other goals

One of the sub reasons of N° 42 shows that blogging can make you establish yourself as an authority in a niche. This enhances your professional image and that is a boon.

For this recognition will lead to interviews, invitations to speak at events in your industry and contracts to publish a book.

63. To boost your success on social networks

In 18 Compelling Reasons to Start a Blog Today (and Some Massive Success Stories), Abdullahi argues that while many people think that social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are excellent for raising the profile of a blog, the opposite is rather true.

His reason?

Those who really succeed well on social media apparently have their brand based in a website or a blog. Thus their articles get shared around, making their social networking profile to keep growing.
His advice?

To succeed on social networking sites, consider adding a useful and unique blog into the mix. Then enable people to become your subscribers so that you can be in constant touch with them.

64. To create content constantly

People who blog love to create content.

We can even affirm that blogging is synonymous with content (whether it is writing, videos, or another) creating. Although one can make money with a blog, that shouldn’t be the main reason for blogging.
People do not visit a blog the way they go into a store: merely to shop. Visitors are mainly on a blog to consume content.

65. It will enable you share content on social media

Regular content creation gives you the opportunity to share it more on your social media profiles.
Since social media audiences love to interact with blog posts more than they do to ads or sales pages, they are more likely to share the former than the latter.

Therefore, in addition to posting to your social media profiles, give your blog visitors the opportunity to share your posts to theirs right from your website and from the posts themselves. This will not only increase exposure to your target audiences but also drive more traffic to your site.

Besides, you will be seen as helpful if you promoting your business on social network with a blog post. This will be more effective in leading the person to your products and services, especially if you incorporate a powerful call to action at the end of each of your posts.

66. It will embolden you

Just as some people are afraid to talk in public, others also find it terrifying to take a side, have an opinion, or express their point of view online.

Blogging can help overcome this fear.

For if it can be intimidating to have someone in front of you in the glare of the public contradict your opinion, online it is not such a big deal. There are no eyes fixed on you to importune you. And by and by you’ll learn to handle criticism.

67. It will make you find your authentic voice

Blogging is a means for you to find your own authentic writing voice. Starting out, you may be obliged to copy the way successful bloggers articulate their thoughts and couch them on paper in an attempt to be like them. But since we all have individual experiences, peculiar ways of talking, these will eventually come out in your writing if you develop it enough.

Blogging, in effect, makes you discover who you are, what you have to say and especially how you say it, what interests you, and how you can add value through your use of words.

68. To escape the pressures of corporate life

Corporate life, with a premium placed on achieving results, can be demanding. And not everyone is made for that kind of life.

This is the case of Joshua Fields Millburn and Susie Romans

69. To tell a story your very own way

Writers working with a media house are obliged to tow the editorial lines of their companies and those writing for the mainstream publishers must follow the paper’s editorial guidelines.

Blogging gives you your own journal and your own media company. You can tell your story the way you want to tell it without being constrained by a boss. You decide what information to include in your story and what to exclude.

70. It enables you to document and review your online journey

When you blog, your posts are documented over time in your blog archive. At any moment, you can look back and reflect on how topics have evolved over time. This may force you to review your ideas and opinions.

This is why it is not uncommon to find bloggers posting updated versions of their old blog posts to reflect how they themselves have changed and how the topic has also changed.
For example, I have written a similar blog post before. But what I wrote then pales a lot in comparison to this. A few years from now I may again have to update this.

The only constant in life is change.

71. It enables you to create your own PR tool

If you are working on your own project or business, blogging is the best means to showcase it to the world. You don’t have to pay any Public Relations specialist or company to do it. Your blog is your very own soapbox.

This is why this week I’m going to come out with 3 sites to let the world see my three-volume historical novel based on the Transatlantic Slave Trade, poems that I have written spanning more than 3 decades and my short stories and articles (both published and unpublished).

72. It can reduce stress

This one is from Muhammed Abdullahi Tosin in 18 Compelling Reasons to Start a Blog Today (and Some Massive Success Stories)

I was surprised to see him write that blogging really helped with his stress levels. But then he went on to rectify that blogging can be stressful at times (which is true), but added that on the whole he finds the process very relaxing (which I agree with him).

I also accept that “writing can be a very therapeutic activity”.

Check this statistics resource which includes some fascinating blogging statistics.

With so many personal reasons to blog, you surely found yours, didn’t you? So see how Wealthy Affiliate’s Starter Course can help you turn your passion into a business.

Ready but not sure where to begin? Just check Wealthy Affiliate’s Bootcamp Course and see how it can make you begin successfully in affiliate marketing.

Or, are you ready to start a FREE blog right now? Then go to SiteRubix to create a beautiful WordPress website (or even 2 if you wish) for your blogs.

Meanwhile, do you have some remarks to make on this post? You’re warmly welcome to do in the box below. Thank you.

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