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4 Reasons Why I Started My Blog (And 85+ Others I Discovered) – D & Conclu

Some people created their blogs to carry out a commercial activity.

This is where I found the second highest number of motivations for starting a blog or continuing to do so: 17.

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D. Businesswise

73. It makes you rank in search engines

As you blog, that gives Google new content to index. So the more you write targeting specific keywords, the more you will rank in the search engines for those keywords. This will attract, not only your target audience to your website, but also people looking for expertise in your area. This could lead to new and profitable career and business opportunities.

For companies, it is a fact that only a fraction of visitors access their sites through the homepage; the vast majority does so through blog posts and inner pages. So, there must be a strategic mix of non-commercial keywords on static pages to bring in information seekers and commercial keywords to attract customers. Both readers can lead to new business.

74. It gives you more exposure

People and businesses create blogs simply to expand their presence online. This is why well-known companies like The Coca Cola Company, Walmart, Microsoft, although household names, have websites.

Business owners gain exposure for their companies in a variety of ways.

They use the website to connect with present and future customers, to promote their brand through dialogue with their customers, and why not, to generate more revenue online.

Through content marketing, business blog owners improve their visibility in search engine results pages. Creating blog content for other publications in your industry makes you reach other audiences.
All of these exposures give you more traffic that you can convert into leads and customers.

75. To advertise, market or promote your company

Since a large part of consumers is online now, people and entrepreneurs see gaining visibility on the web as a fantastic way to advertise their company to grow their subscriber base and leads and ultimately rake in revenue.

This is not strange as creating quality (valuable, helpful, and/or entertaining) blog content is an effective way to grow your website’s authority, online rankings, and ultimately drive traffic.

Through blogs businesses get reviews to enable them test the waters prior to marketing their product.

The blogging platform can also be used for the launching of new products.
Blogging is great for a non-profit organization too. You could use it to let the world know the great work you are doing to help humanity.

76. To build your online brand

Blogging enables the branding of a product or service. You use it to talk about your product and inform consumers about its features, how it works, how it can satisfy their needs, how different it is from similar products, etc.

A blog is also well indicated for building an “online brand”. This can be a springboard for business and career opportunities such as consulting contracts, speaking engagements and other interesting business endeavors. To create and control your brand, you must write regularly on topics that you wish to be associated with.

77. To transform your brand

Synonymous with your identity, a brand is what distinguishes you from your competition. It is also the way people perceive what you do and how you do it.

Through content marketing and a really personal approach to get the word out there about your services, you can use a blog to really evolve and change your brand for the better.

78. To boost your offline business

A 2010 study (prnewswire or smallbusinesssem) by the Kelsey Group concluded that 97% of all consumers depend on online media to shop locally. Intelius in another online study discovered that 78% of consumers find it important to look up information about businesses online before interacting with them.

The lesson?

Brick and mortar businesses should resort to blogging. It brings them 97% more inbound links which results in more traffic/visitors. Consequently they can better market their products or services, create brand awareness, and earn new customers to increase sales.

79. To build your professional network

Blogging makes you connect with and especially make friends with people from all walks of life, including “gurus,” influencers and geniuses.

This leads to a symbiotic relationship as some will help you grow and you will make others gain some benefits from you. Some will even take you as their mentor.

Building networks no doubt facilitates your growth as well as that of your blog.

80. To achieve financial success

Recognizing blog visitors as potential customers and clients, many bloggers have monetized their sites and this has brought them financial success.

The rise of money-making blogs and the recourse to online buying have also enabled bloggers to become financially successful.

81. To have an Internet home based business

Working from home is already a fad these days.

The blog has the double advantage of being an affordable web based business one can conveniently run from home.

82. It can give you a business you can sell out profitably tomorrow

People may not start a blog with a view to selling them one day. But as their blogs become successful, they receive offers which were too succulent to be resisted.

We often read of cases of big name companies like Google which propose huge amounts to purchase a highly successful blog.

83. To benefit from large tax deductions

Like all home businesses, blogs are also eligible for large tax deductions.

This is attractive as the money can be reinvested to grow the business or used for personal development or for contributing to the welfare of the community.

N.B.: Not paying your taxes or paying inadequate taxes could get you into serious trouble with the IRS. You even risk a term of imprisonment. Paying too much tax is also not good for your business. So get an expert to handle this task for you.

84. It will make you master of New Information and Communication Technologies

Blogging and the associated marketing work call for the use of computers. The blogger is therefore obliged to use technology such as HTML, traffic exchanges, auto responders, list builders, etc. And since practice makes perfect, the blogger ends up mastering these tools of their trade.

85. To attract an audience

Blogging can let you attract an audience because you provide something of value to your blog visitors before asking them to become your customers, partners, friends, etc.)

86. To give your company a “soul”

Blogging is a way for a company to develop a soul and to put a face to the brand name. This is good for building trust and for growing a brand for the long term. An example is Richard Branson’s blog.

87. It can be helpful for your existing websites to make sales

If done right, blogging can drive massive amounts of targeted traffic to an existing website. That is why it can dramatically change the fortunes of your online product that is finding it hard to get business.

88. It can grow your other bricks and mortar business

We saw above that a blog can drive sales to another website. This is also true for bricks and mortar businesses which can get loads of new customers from blogs.

89. To build rapport and engagement

Blogging can “warm up” prospects from your cold calls and the traffic from other sources.
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Remarks and Suggestions


Whether for altruistic, personal or business reasons, many are the motives for starting a blog.


Since the cost to start a blog is zero or minimal and experience is not a prerequisite as such, why don’t you check how Wealthy Affiliate’s Starter Course can help you turn your passion into a business?

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If you have some comments to make on this post, kindly leave them in the comment box waiting for you below.

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N.B.: This post was inspired by my rewritten ‘About me’ page and based on a post I had written on my old blog.

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