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4 Reasons Why I Started My Blog (And 85+ Others I Discovered) – Intro & A

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The day I fell on the word blogging was maybe my luckiest day, no wonder I did not hesitate to create a blog.

In effect, I was searching online to hypothetically import goods on credit but found this chance discovery far more affordable, hassle-free, and interesting.

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Summarily list of 85 reasons to start a blog – Intro & Part A

I was a trained and published freelance writer, I had worked with a German import and export company, and at the time of my Google search I had gone back to teaching which unfortunately paid me a pittance on contract work.

The first three fields constitute my passion and the meager salary the Business English course brought me a disincentive. So, blogging, which combined my passions and could not only be done on a shoestring but also bring me a nice income, hooked me.

And, when I began blogging, I found other motivations why people need a blog. So I am going to talk about the first 4 that I had and then the other 85+ I discovered later on.


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A. 4 Reasons Why I Started MyBlog

1. Little or no costs or experience required to begin

I start with this one because it was the lack of capital which had pushed me to search for a supplier of goods on credit basis. And finding that I needed no capital to start a blogging business was welcome news indeed.

However, my only snag in reaching for my blogging dream was how to send the $52 fee to start the course which was to guide me to create my blog.

Luckily a former classmate lecturing in Australia now accepted to pay on my behalf. But really, except for the guidance, I didn’t need to pay anything to build my blog on the free hosted platform.

Today it is even far easier to create your blog free. No blogging or technical experiences are required, there is a minimal set up, and little or no investment is necessary. You can even start a blog using WordPress and self-host cheaply with companies like NameCheap, HostGator or Bluehost and build your website in a few minutes, really without any programming skills.

See a step by step guide to creating a blog.

2. Easy, profitable substitute for traditional work

While the primary aim of a blog is to serve people information on a particular subject, the medium has quickly become an outlet for goods and services.

In effect, online, people prefer to buy from those they trust. And who best to trust more than the blogger who gives you useful information to make informed buying decisions?

Bloggers therefore have capitalized on this to monetize their site traffic with clicks on contextual ads, and use own or affiliate offers, courses, coaching, consulting, etc. with an audience (visitors to their blog, email subscribers to their mailing lists, followers and fans on social media sites, …) to make good money online.

In my circumstances could I have expected something better than blogging?

3. Opportunity to write and publish regularly

Writing comes naturally to a few but the vast majority have to learn it. Yet, in both cases it is a fact that the more you write the better writer you become.

A beginning blogger, who wants to be successful, must post regularly to their blogs, anything from once daily to 2 or 3 times a week or even more.

I was writing regularly for the mainstream publishers but oftentimes got frustrated by the piling rejection slips. But the blog was going to be my own thing where I was free to publish as and when I wished. And tell me, who like to dig their own graves?

Anyway, not me! So now I can not only write regularly but also publish frequently!

Moreover, I may even get feedback from readers to help me become a better writer which could serve me for offline writing, creating ebooks, making a presentation, etc.

4. To continue imparting knowledge

Visitors come to a blog to learn more about subjects they’re passionate about or to find answers to matters which bother them.

The blogger therefore becomes a teacher and his blog a virtual classroom. And like the curricula from a school, you’d find as many blog topics as tastes out there.

I had been teaching students Business English for their higher national diplomas and degrees. Was blogging in affiliate marketing therefore not an opportunity to offer to a broader audience something similar I was already giving to my younger fellow countrymen and women?

Okay, now you know the four reasons why I had decided to have a blog.

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Take a look at this really in-depth piece on blogging  It also touches on the internet and social too, it features a ton of useful and up to date info.

We will now go to the other piece to see why other people decided to blog or continued to do so.

Meanwhile, do you have some remarks to make on this post? You’re warmly welcome to do in the box below. Thank you.

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2 thoughts on “4 Reasons Why I Started My Blog (And 85+ Others I Discovered) – Intro & A”

  1. I am very new to blogging, although I have always loved to write. I found this information to be very useful in my new found career. My reasoning for starting on this path are very similar to what yours were. Short on cash, wanting to make an income online, love the art of writing, and love helping people.

    I also was very fortunate to have found Wealthy Affiliates. I started out with the free program, but quickly moved onto the premium membership. I have had so much fun learning and writing and soaking up all the information.

    I toyed with the idea of blogging many times before I actually took the plunge. I had so many fears of how I would come up with content to write about. The more I do it, the more I enjoy it, and the easier it becomes.

    Thank you again for sharing your insights, especially with being a new comer to the blogging world.

    • Hello Margaret,

      Don’t worry that you’re very new to blogging. Everybody was, at one time. Having a passion for writing is important in blogging which can’t do without content. I’m happy that you found my information very useful in your new found career. One is not an island. That’s why you found my reasoning for starting on this path very similar to what yours were. Now, I’m focused on helping people solve problems.

      Yes, fortunate is the one who finds Wealthy Affiliate. The free Starter membership gives you a feel of what Wealthy Affiliatecan do for you. Many find many things and it isn’t therefore surprising that they quickly move onto the premium membership. Like you, any member will have so much fun learning and writing and soaking up all the information, not only from the training program but also from the awesome community members and the weekly live show.

      I didn’t have the occasion to toy with the idea of blogging many times before I actually took the plunge. I jumped in as soon as I saw it. I was so desperate to do something and when I saw blogging was right for me, I seized the opportunity right away. Yes, if you see something you like, the more you do it, the more you enjoy it, and the easier it becomes. You’re totally right.

      I’m happy that you liked the insights I shared, especially with being a new comer to the blogging world.



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