5 Easy to Follow Ways to Earn Big Money Online


Many methods exist for affiliate marketers to earn more money online. But the one you are going to learn here has several advantages.

One, it is easy to implement because even if you are a newbie you can duplicate it to earn big online.

Two, it is powerful because it makes it easier than using just affiliate links to make sales from your website, which translates into earning more money online.

Three, it increases the chances of you making repeat sales to the same customer, thus making you earn big money online free.

Four, by making you earn online money without investment (just by sending out a couple of emails), it puts into your hands the same tool that big marketers use to make loads of money in a matter of a few days.

Five, it protects you from search engine algorithm changes since your business is beyond Google’s whims and caprices.

Six, it will continue to work for you for many years to come, making you earn big cash online, year after year.

Seven, it works on auto-pilot, thus assuring you a passive income, while enabling you to undertake other tasks.

And eight, you can feel good about it since it enables you to earn virtually free money online while helping people.

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I know your curiosity is peaked, so let’s delve into the five ways:


The very first step towards your own virtually ‘money printing’ machine is to choose a niche. The word niche comes from the Latin nidus meaning ‘nest’. It is a specialized but profitable segment of a market. You can find a lot of quality products to promote in a niche and make a lot of money. In the image below are niches from the ClickBank marketplace.

CB categories

A lot of experience is necessary to find a niche that works well. Click here for my list of the 25 most profitable niches. In these niches success is guaranteed because they are perennial and always in great demand.

Zoom in on a sub-niche

The sun’s rays feel burning but use a magnifying glass to concentrate them and you could easily set fire to anything. The same is true of a niche. Although it is powerful, zeroing in on a smaller sub-section of a niche is profitable. Besides, promoting a sub-niche reduces competition and makes marketing a lot easier.

CB sub-categories

Considering the Health and Fitness sub-niche above, you might focus on Diet & Weight loss, for instance.

Select affiliate programs to promote

CB products to promote

Clicking on the sub-niche takes you to the products you can promote. You will there are a lot of great products to offer your prospects, so this should dissipate any reservations you had about this method.

Consider other affiliate networks too…

But ClickBank is not the only place to look. There are other affiliate networks like Shareasale.com, Amazon.com, Rakuten Affiliate Network (Linkshare.com), Ebay.com, CJ.com, Peerfly and PayDotCom offering good products.






Rakuten affiliate network









In-house affiliate programs too

Apart from the above, you can also promote affiliate products from companies which choose to manage their affiliate programs themselves instead of entrusting them to third parties. For such companies, look around their website for the “affiliates” area or the “partner” program. An example is Aweber


Why choose from all the three programs?

It’s all a question of broadening the offers you have for your prospects. This will make it easier to promote to your newsletter list and assure you multiple sales from your subscribers.

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Irresistible bait

Now, you need to entice people to sign up for your newsletter. You may use an eBook, a written report, a printable poster, an infographic, an mp3 download, a video, etc. The bait should be digital and prospects must be able to download it immediately upon signing up for your newsletter.

What you are offering must be top-quality stuff otherwise people will not sign up. The most attractive is original, well-written content that help people find the beginning of solutions to their problems. The great internet marketer Mark Ling says he prefers numbered lists (e.g., “Top 10 XYZ for ABC”), or high search-density topics.

How do you know the problems facing your prospects?

Forums and authority sites are the places where readers often express their need for certain types of information. Just go there and check the queries that crop up often and look for solutions to them.


Your newsletter sequence is a series of emails that you send out to your subscribers.

You must have a really good newsletter sequence.

This supposes several things:

It must be high quality

If your newsletters are not particularly interesting, people will not open them. Therefore give your subscribers some real value, let every email solve a problem they have and build trust with them by regularly sending them lots of good, useful information.

It must sell the product

Your emails must contain links to the products you’re promoting. It is important to maximize the number of people clicking on them so that you can make a lot of sales.

Fortunately merchants make it a lot easier for you to make sales from your newsletters. In effect, they make available video sales letters that are both interesting and informative. (Check the affiliate corner at the merchant listing [Image A] See below or on the merchant’s sales page) So you no longer have to worry about carefully crafting sales copies, but just send your prospect to the pre-written copy (Check Ted’s Woodworking Link below).


CB Merchant listing

Ted’s Woodworking Link

Ted’s Woodworking Link

But if there’s no video sales letter, you simply point the prospect to the products that solve their problems.

Points prospects

It must be a long series

It is estimated that people don’t buy a product until they are reminded about it seven times. This means you have to send about 7 emails to a prospect to make a sale. But if you want to sell to the same person month after month or for years, then you have to make your email sequences longer. A successful internet marketer suggests loading 52 emails into your autoresponder and sending them out week after week!

Although this clutters people’s inbox and annoys them sometimes, but this is the way I have ended up buying some products and making sales too!

Click here to see my article “What actually make a really good newsletter sequence?”

Time to use your autoresponder

Your next step is to load your content into your autoresponder. This is an online tool that automatically sends out emails for you at the moments you specify (date, intervals and time of day).

The popular ones are AWeber.com, GetResponse.com, FlutterMail.com, and
MailChimp.com. I use AWeber.

How do you load your emails into your autoresponder?

How you load your emails into your autoresponder depends on which email service you are using. This is how it is done in Aweber:

First, click Create A New List. This will bring you to the Tell Us About Yourself page where you will supply personal details and then click Next to go to the Let’s Create Your List Page where you give the list name, e.g. How to destroy your diabetes and the list description where you tell subscribers what the list is about, e.g.: information about ways and means to destroy your diabetes sent weekly.

Now you come to the Approve Your confirmation page where you may simply click the button: Approve message and create list.

Now, go to list options, then list setting and save your settings.

For the follow-up messages, you may create or use the ready-made templates. Please, make it simple and clear.

Now you click Signup forms and again Create your first signup form. Click Save Your Form and Go to Step 2. Click Save Your Form and Go to Step 3.

On the Publish page you have 3 options:

1. To install the form yourself
2. To let your web designer do it for you
3. Have Aweber host your form.

I click I will install my form and have the choice between Javascript snippet (the quick and easy version) and Raw HTML version (which is the advanced design customization)


You copy the version you want and paste it into your website. This will place your form on your site.

Don’t have a website? It’s actually really easy to build. Check Would getting a website do yu any good here.

It hardly costs you anything to build a website. Your only essential costs are a domain name like www.yourdomain.com (which you can register at www.NameCheap.com for as low as $.88/year), and some web hosting (You can get yours hosted by WealthyAffiliate) After that, it’s pretty simple to build a basic website. At Wealthy Affiliate, you build your website on WordPress using this website builder.

A word to the wise

WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)

Please avoid free or paid services like Tumblr.com, Blogger.com, Squidoo.com or WordPress.com to host and build your website. (Note that WordPress.com is different from WordPress.org). These oblige you to give up much of your rights. Many will have restrictive policies on what you can and can’t publish on your website. They can also shut down your site at any time for some infringement of their policies. But when you build your own website, you can treat it like an asset and even sell it one day for a huge sum.

Back to the signup form

Now you have a sign up form where visitors can fill in their details and be added to the particular “list” on your account at the email provider’s.

When you want the first email to send for a newsletter sequence, you’ll choose for it to go out immediately on signup and program the others to go out X days after the previous ones.

Where are the best places to put up your signup form?

There are four places to add a signup form on your website:

At the bottom of an article

Signup form in artcle

If you wrote an article on how to lose weight, you could add a signup box to the end of the article for a free report related to the topic of the post: “For ways to lose weight, click here to grab my free eBook: 100 ways to lose weight.”

In the sidebar of your website

This is often the right hand side of the website. It is not very effective because it lies outside the flow of where a visitor’s attention is fixed.

As a popover

Signup form popup

This form of signup form appears over the top of the page when the visitor signs in. Being obtrusive, it tends to annoy visitors, but webmasters find them very effective.

As a squeeze page

squeeze page

A squeeze page is a form normally placed in the top folds of the homepage of your site for people to sign up.

Nota bene: Your signup box must be eye-catching and alluring. Don’t be as bland as “Sign up for my newsletter” but strive to really sell visitors on the bait you’ve created: “For 10 sure-fire ways to keep your boyfriend even if he appears not to be any longer interested in you, click here for my newsletter”.

However, it is generally recommended to select 3 -10 exciting things that people will learn from your report, and present them as bullet points:
Here are some of the secrets you’ll be learning from the newsletter….
• How to build your online business with email marketing
• What you’ll need to KNOW before building your email list (nothing technical)
• Discover the real secret about achieving success on the internet…
• A simple idea to create top notch content like the experts
• And many more are included in this newsletter!
Want the FREE newsletter? Click below for it now
If you are using an ebook as bait, an effective technique is to give it a dollar value: “$47. Yours FREE today.”. This makes the subscriber to view your gift highly.



Now all you need to get your money machine working is to get visitors to your website.

There are many free and paid ways to get visitors to your site.

First, the free ways

Add some content to your website

Good quality content is what Google uses to suggest sites for what people are searching for online. Fill your site with such content and the traffic will flow to it. Click here to read my article on getting traffic, also through content.



But having content may not be enough. You will have to optimize it and build links to your website so that it appears highly in Google rankings when someone searches for a particular keyword. Click here to read my article on SEO (search engine optimization).

Getting to the top of the search engines will not happen overnight. Time and patience are needed. Fortunately other methods exist for driving traffic to your website.

Referral and social traffic

You can also let people know about your website through social media and on blogs, forums, and other places people often go to devour information.

Now, the paid ones


Paid search engine listings

Google AdWords and Bing Ads are the best places for paid search engine traffic. Here, you bid on keywords and then pay when someone clicks on your ad and visits your site.


Other paid options

These include Facebook advertising, buying ads on popular websites, paying for “solo ads” with webmasters who have large email lists to promote your website to.



In the beginning, you may be earning only a few hundred dollars a week from your money-making machine. But the objective of this post is to make you earn big. So follow good practices and reinvest your earnings back into your business.

There are several ways to do this:

The foremost is to buy more traffic to get more visitors to your website. This is commonsense as more visitors will lead to more signups which will make you earn that extra income online which will translate into more money for you.

Build more money-making machines

Too much of everything is bad, right? Fortunately this is not true in all cases. Once your present site is successfully bringing you tens of thousands of dollars, use this money to build other money-making machines. There is no dearth of sub-niches to promote. This way you don’t put all your eggs in one basket and therefore hedge your risks.

For an in-depth treatment of the subject, please download the ebook 5-STEP FORMULA FOR EARNING $10,000 PER MONTH ONLINE

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I hope you have enjoyed this post on how to earn big money online. However, if you have any comments to make, please don’t hesitate to go to the box below and leave your feelings there. I will get back to you the soonest.

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