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5 Linking Strategy Tips to Increase Website Traffic for Your Mlm Business

An aggressive linking strategy using web directories, guest blogging, link exchange, testimonials, and purchased ads can deliver repeated website traffic for your MLM business.

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Website traffic is the lifeblood of any Mlm business. Without it there will be nobody to convert to leads and finally to customers. While your aim of going into mlm is to make money.

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So, here are the five key steps for your link-building strategy:


1. Submit your site to Web Directories


There are thousands of directory sites out there that allow you to add your site to their listing for FREE. But if you really want to profit from the exposure that a directory inclusion offers, then a paid inclusion could do you a lot of good.

This is what I realized when I added this site to, one of the best directories for bloggers.

On accepting my submission, they sent a message saying that I could add up to 50 posts to the directory. But if I wanted promotion of my posts on the first page, then I should consider going premium.

When I did this, traffic from the blogarama site jumped from about 20 to 52 and a month later hover around 150 to 200.

For starters, visit these 3 sites and submit your website:


You will need information such as:

Blog category: (Mine is Affiliate marketing)

Title: My blog title is Secure Your Future With Us


Owner: (The owner’s name)

Owner’s email:

Meta description: Mine is: This is an affiliate marketing site dedicated to teaching you to master making money from home online free. The main program promoted is Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate marketing course. On the blog you will find information for businesses to do. There are also reviews of affiliate companies which separates the scam from the legit company. Articles on SEO are also available to rank your pages, posts and website. You will also learn how to drive traffic, write content and other affiliate matters, such as how to start affiliate marketing.

Meta keywords: Mine was: Affiliate marketing blog, affiliate marketing course, affiliate marketing websites, how to start best affiliate marketing programs, clickbank, best affiliate platform, wealthy affiliate free training, wealthy affiliate scam, wealthy affiliate reviews




For more sites to add your site to, do a Google search for “directories to add your mlm site to”. This will definitely help increase website traffic for your MLM business.

N.B.: Some of the directory sites will require you to add their html links to your site before your listing can go live on their sites.

Scroll down to this sites footer to see those that I had added.


2. Give away free content (Guest blogging)


Writing articles all the time for your site is not an easy matter for the website owner. Besides, one is not expected to master every topic in one’s niche. Although research can help write things one doesn’t know all about, efficiency suggests that it’s best left to someone else who can do it better.

The giving away of free content to other websites is called guest blogging. It enables a third party website to get fresh, varied content and the writer also gets people from that site who come over to their site to visit.

Therefore another effective method for increasing website traffic for your MLM business is to write quality original articles that other people can post on their blogs, newsletters and websites.

For this to be effective, your article should always contain a resource box or author bio with a link to your website. This is what people will click on to come over to your website.

If you are marketing an affiliate program, never use the affiliate url in your resource box. Instead, purchase a good domain name and redirect it to your affiliate url.


3. Request links from other site owners with relevant sites


Once upon a time, website owners even bought links which they showed to their sites. Now, requesting links from other sites is not as effective a link building strategy as it once was. Be careful in implementing this because it can even lead to Google awarding a penalty against your site which will lead to your site rank plummeting.

However, used well, this method will still result in increased website traffic to your MLM business.


4. Provide testimonials to other website owners


Providing your testimonials to other website owners is quite akin to commenting on blog posts on other people’s blogs. This is best done on sites with high domain authority.

Once published, you obtain a precious link from that website to yours. Such sites add more credibility to your links.


5. Purchase ezine and newspaper ads


When you purchase traffic, you specify the demographics you want. And the traffic starts coming to your site from the moment you specified.

This can be a quick way to drive targeted audience to your link and get a fast influx of website traffic for your MLM business.

This time of traffic also converts at a higher rate because they are already pre-qualified.


Why must you increase website traffic to your Mlm business?


Getting your website on as many major internet “intersections” as possible will drive ongoing website traffic to your MLM business, especially when you target the correct sources.

The repeated exposure will help:

1. Increase the Google page rank of your site

2. Increase the website traffic received when users do organic searches

3. Increase your exposure and visibility as an expert in your niche


Quantity vs. quality links


When building backlinks to your website, keep in mind that what counts most is the relevance of your links. In other words, link building is all about quality, not quantity.

That is why link swapping, which was once very popular and widespread, has now become obsolete, even dangerous for your site’s health.


What is an ideal link then?


An ideal link must have the following three properties:

1. It originates from the home page of a high ranking web site related to the topic of your site

2. The proper keywords are contained in the anchor text of the link

3. There are only a few outgoing links on the page your inbound link is coming from

But it’s not just enough for your links to adhere to those rules only. There are a few more requirements to increase the effectiveness of your links in driving website traffic to your MLM business.

These are:

1. The more high ranking relevant sites that link to yours, the better

2. The more closely the content of those sites relates to the content of yours, the better




You have this Mlm business which you are eager to make money from. You now know the 5 strategies you have to use to build links to it. For the person whose site has the most quality, relevant links wins the internet marketing game.

Of course, your goal in implementing these strategies is not just to increase website traffic to your Mlm business but also (and above all) to get sign ups and sales. So make sure to use all of the methods for marketing your business online to achieve reliable and lasting results.

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Before You Go


If you have been working online for some time now, of course you know that these 5 link building strategies are not the only ways to increase traffic to your Mlm business.

So, check the following posts for more details.


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10 thoughts on “5 Linking Strategy Tips to Increase Website Traffic for Your Mlm Business”

  1. Link building if done correctly can bring lots of traffic to a website.

    Among the 5 strategies mentioned in this article, I prefer using guest blogging as a way to bring in more traffic.

    Getting testimonials is one good way for your website to gain credibility as well.  

    Linking your website to edu or gov sites is also a good strategy to bring in more traffic.

    Lastly, quality is still what we need to pay attention when setting out to build links for our website!

    • Hi there,

      I agree with you that if link building is done correctly it can bring lots of traffic to a website.

      Guest blogging is a powerful way to bring in more traffic. You will see why if you check this post on the advantages of guest blogging.

      Getting testimonials is another good way. How else do you gain credibility if nobody talks good about you.  

      I never knew that linking your website to edu or gov sites is also a good strategy to bring in more traffic. Maybe I have to try it one day.

      Yes, links are important but not just any link. Bad quality links will bring you Google’s punishment.


  2. Hi Akoli,

    I really enjoyed reading your article about linking business strategy to increase traffic. I have been looking into rank and rent SEO, and a common theme I see is that people purchase backlinks in order to quickly get their websites to rank. Is this something you would recommend as I am always looking for a shortcut? Thanks in advance, Regards, Andrew

    • Hi Andrew,

      I’m happy that you really enjoyed reading my article about linking
      business strategy to increase traffic.

      Purchasing backlinks in
      order to quickly rank your website can be dangerous. I
      would recommend it only with this reputable company. They do things according to the rules and that will really bring you some benefits.

      Thanks for your visit and comment.


  3. It’s really an interesting and educating post you have written on here about making it online, although I really have opened a site before, it was not functioning because I don’t really have a better view how to generate traffic and make money on it, but am happy seeing this post of yours, you made it understandable with those points you have listed and his to execute them, thanks for those recommendations also

    • Hi Rose,

      Thank you very much for appreciating my post. Like you I also created a website which was also not functioning because I didn’t also really have a better view as to how to generate traffic and make money on it. This is why when I had the opportunity I put together this post to let others know how to drive traffic to their websites.

      Thanks for your invaluable contribution to this discussion.


  4. Wow! I really enjoyed this article! Especially the “submit to directories” section. I had to bookmark this so I can go and check it out later. I have a question though, is it safe for your website and it’s authority to submit your site to more than one directory? I mean, what’s the total of directories that you can submit your site to without putting at risk your website? 

    • Hi Stephanie,

      I’m happy to see you here again, and especially for commenting on this post.

      Thanks for appreciating this article. I had tried many methods to get traffic and either the result was nil or negligible. But when I submitted my site to directories, Ibegan to see a jump in traffic.

      In fact I don’t know how many diectories it is safe to submit to. Maybe a Google search will do the trick.

      Thank you.


  5. Hello Akoli!

    Strategies for increasing website traffic are welcome also for sites that are intended for affiliate marketing.

    My own website was opened on this purpose and I need to improve the traffic that’s driven to it (besides getting comments to my articles), so I think that some of your advice for getting higher traffic on MLM sites may also apply to Affiliate sites like mine.

    I am at the beginner level in the world of affiliate marketing, and there are many things still to be done.

    Best regards,


    • Hello Akoli!

      Oh, yes, these strategies for increasing website traffic are good for any site, including affiliate marketing ones.

      So go ahead and apply these techniques to your affiliate marketing site to improve the
      traffic that’s driven to it.

      Don’t worry, all of  us were at the beginner level in the world of affiliate marketing at one time before moving up. You’re going to move up too.




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