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5 Questions You Need Answers to Before Joining an Affiliate or MLM Program

You are keen on joining an affiliate or MLM program. That’s good, but do you know what you’re going into? We’ll answer 5 questions to help you find out.

Group of young people discussing business to signify5 Questions You Need Answers to Before Joining an Affiliate or MLM Program
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Anyone who has some experience of affiliate or MLM programs, knows that most people tend to rush into these businesses without asking any questions. Besides, they complicate matters by not finding out beforehand what they truly need and want out of these programs.

But choosing an affiliate or MLM program doesn’t need to pose any problem at all. The secret lies in asking the right type of questions and getting the right type of answers to them.

That said, here are the 5 questions a future affiliate and online marketer should know:

1. Does the program provide true value?


Knowing this is important but how many affiliates and internet marketers give it the necessary thought? Unfortunately, very few. On choosing a program, many such people just consider the nice commission it will bring them and jump right into promoting it.

Yet it is not the program per se that you’re offering your customers but value. Value for money is what the buyer is looking for. And a program with true value is a good one to promote.

First, a good program reflects well on the affiliate. People see them as trustworthy. They think such marketers can help them find adequate solutions to their problems.

Therefore a program with true value gives more leverage to your marketing efforts and is therefore easier to sell. You feel good about offering it and the market feels good about patronizing it.

But how do you know if a program provides true value? Find out if many people are looking for it as solution to their pain points. If the market is clamoring for it then yes, go ahead and promote it. You can then look forward to a loaded bank account.

2. Can the program be automated?


Having ascertained that a program offers value, of course, you will sign up for it and begin marketing.

If done well, a certain period of development and growth will follow. You will notice this in the form of the building of a downline. After some concerted efforts on your part, the program should now offer at least some level of, if not complete automation.

Once the business is automated, you can have a chance for duplication. And when your business becomes duplicated, it will provide you with a lot of free time to devote to other things besides work and also money to expand in all sorts of directions.

Imagine having an automated business that earns you a monthly income of $3000. If you can duplicate it just three times, it becomes a $9000 per month business. Duplicate it five times and you’re looking at $15000!

That annual six figure income is hedge enough to let you free up enough time for personal development. You can also now go into the promotion of big ticket items which will bring you even more money.

Not too bad, you’d say.

3. Can you earn a residual income from it?


Residual income (a.k.a. passive income) is money which comes regularly to you for effort you furnished only once in the past.

Getting paid over and over again for a business you did only once is a great reason to become an online affiliate or internet marketer.


Residual profits, a source of constant good monthly income, provide you with financial security and financial advancement. If before you were in financial want, now you can consider it behind you. If before you lacked money for your future projects, now you can plan them to move forward.

Many of today’s affiliate and network marketing millionaires began and grew thanks to this kind of a payment plan.

And today many have their own affiliate and MLM programs promoted by other people.

4. Could you relate to the program and promote it passionately?


First, you must be passionate about a product to promote it. Once you sign up to do so, if it is a good affiliate program, the affiliate manager will give you access to all the resources you need to go to work.

These affiliate resources will give you the necessary knowledge of a product and create an understanding of it. Once you know the product intimately, you fall in love with it, then you can promote it passionately.

There is no saying how much knowledge and understanding of the products you promote is essential to your online success because it provides you with the arguments you need to convince people it is what they need for their particular circumstance.

5. Will you receive support and help?


Have you ever joined an affiliate or MLM program, needed help and couldn’t find it? Your feeling there and then was to ditch the program. But who is to blame?

Before joining a program, there are two pieces of information you must pay particular attention to.

To ensure that the program you are joining will not enroll you and then leave you to figure out everything on your own, first you must be assure that Help or Support is available. And that they answer queries in a timely manner.

Sometimes you can find this from testimonials on the site or from other members enrolled on the program or through Google search.

You must also make sure that your upline in the program can become successful and especially can only continue to be so only if they help you to do the same.

Imagine. If your success depended on the success of the people that you recruit into the program, wouldn’t you do everything in your power to help them with any obstacle they might come across? Of course you would.

So, in a good affiliate or MLM program, all your problems should be addressed and solved in a very short period by Help/Support or your upline.



Those are the five simple questions and answers future affiliates and network marketers need to study well before they begin their online journey. Getting a positive answer to those five questions will certainly help you in becoming a success online. And I can assure you, you can find affiliate programs that will answer all five questions with a yes.

Better yet, there is a program I am member of which responds to all those questions and which I recommend that you try.

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As for Support/Help and help from your upline, you wouln’t find a better place.

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22 thoughts on “5 Questions You Need Answers to Before Joining an Affiliate or MLM Program”

  1. Actually when I first got up to this affiliate  marketing  and mIm knew nothing about it once I see any post about mlm I just went carried away with it without making the proper investigations,not until  now I know all those five ways you listed then I know which affiliate  market to get on and which one  not too.thanks so much for enlightening  us more on it 

    • Hi Rose,

      Your experience is not different from other people’s. When people first get to do affiliate  marketing  and mIm that they knew nothing about, anything they see about it just carries them away without their making any proper investigations about it. They are so eager to succeed that they are in too much of a hurry.

      Yes, those five ways listed in the post can help you know which affiliate marketing business to get on and which one to avoid.

      Thanks too for your comment.


  2. Hello,
    We must join an affiliate program not for the commission but for the quality of the product it offers. 

    Also and very important is to feel a true passion for the product we promote.

    Being also a member of Wealthy Affiliate I can only certify everything you talk about him.

    I consider it the best platform specialized in affiliate marketing.

     Learn with the best. Thank you!

    • Hello Claudio,

      I totally agree with you that we must join an affiliate program not for the commission but for the quality of the product it offers. If the commission is great but the quality of the product is not good, it wouldn’t take long before people begin running away from it. Then, where will the commission come from? Nowhere.

      I even think that a true passion for the product we promote is even more important. If we are not “mad” about a product, as soon as a problem crops up, we give up. Because the product doesn’t “grip our soul.”

      Sure, if it comes to proposing an affiliate company, nothing beats Wealthy Affiliate. I have written many FAQs about them to let people see what great platform it is.

       Thank you for your contribution!


  3. HI Akoli, 
    Thank you very  much for sharing such this nice article. Its really help alot. I’ve heard a lot about wealthy affiliate, but was somehow scared, I think it’s high time I joined this platform. 
    please keep sharing these types of articles in future as well. Thumbs up for the great work.

    • HI Jordan Smith,

      Thank you also very much for commenting on this article.

      Well, this article is not really about Wealthy Affiliate, but there was something about it. So now forget your fear and join that platform.

      You can really count on me to keep on sharing these types of articles in future. And thanks for the thumbs up for what you called “the great work”.


  4. Great advice all around. I have made the mistake of joining two different MLMs in my day. Not very wise. Even when I actually liked the product, I couldn’t bring myself to go and try to sell anything. I’m just way too introverted. I have learned to say NO to those things based on painful lessons. As for affiliate marketing, I do that, but I’ve found it’s more a labor of love. If someone doesn’t really care about their website’s topic, they should do something different.

    • Hello Cathy,

      Thanks for your compliment on my article.

      Sure? You made the mistake of joining two different MLMs in your day? Sure, that was not so very wise of you. You’re like me. Even when I actually like something, I just can’t bring myself to go and try to sell it. The only way I can do it is through writing. I’m also too introverted to succeed otherwise.

      I think you should try to get over those bad things in your life which are always making you say no. One mistake people make about affiliate marketing is that they think it is easy. No, it isn’t. Every online business needs work to succeed. But on top of those is passion. If you aren’t passionate about your niche, then you can forget about it.


  5. Great questions to ask before setting out on an affiliate or MLM adventure. While I am not the biggest MLM fan, I do like the idea of affiliate marketing. Automation is something that I’ve heard about from time to time but have yet to experience. I like the idea of duplication, and of course $15k monthly. I like your choice in Wealthy Affiliate as it is a tried and true product with a great online community, filled with said support. Readers would do well to check it out and see what it’s all about. Great post and thanks for these awesome questions to ponder!

    • Hello,

      Yes, the questions set out in this piece are great ones to ask oneself before venturing into an affiliate or MLM business.

      You’re not the only person who is not a big fan of MLM, and like you I love affiliate marketing.

      Automation is something you must look into if you want to succeed in affiliate marketing. Unfortunately I’m not a big fan of duplication. I think $15k monthly would be a nice sum.

      But yes, definitely I’m sold on Wealthy Affiliate, it’s my number one platform for affiliate marketing. I will encourage everyone to have a look at it, if they are really serious about making money online.

      Thanks for your comments.


  6. First thing first, regardless of what answer I get from those questions if I bother to ask, I’m very sure they can’t be positive, that’s if it’s about MLMs because they all the same business model and they are known for their inability to provide profits for their members. Its nice that these questions are stated, I think they can apply to other kinds of businesses. Thanks.

    • Hi KingAndrea,

      So, no matter the quality of the answers you get from those questions you’d not take up a business opportunity so far as its about MLMs?

      You’re right that they are all the same business model that can’t provide profits for their members. But that’s not always true. Some mlms like Avon and Mary Kay do just fine for their distributors.

      Yes, these questions can very well apply to other kinds of businesses.

      Thanks for your comment.


  7. Hey Akoli; I found your blog fairly interesting. For those who are new to online business and are venturing without a personal experience help, things can become much confusing along the way.

     Your post will give value to their interests. Not many with business interest, seek out the facts before they enter. This caused many to fall into a serious dilemma along the way. Do all the online businesses deliver as they make believe in promised?


    • Hey Dorcas,

      Thanks for your compliment on my blog. Yes, if you have never worked online before and are going green into it, matters can become very confusing and even discouraging. Many have given up this way.

       I wrote this post
      to try to give them the roadmap. Knowledge is power and the one who knows can make the best decisions before, during and after entering the online business field.

      No, not all online businesses deliver as
      they promised, especially in the case of most MLM businesses. They have been created only to steal money from people.


  8. Hello there, thanks for putting out this article because the reason why most people have failed is because they have not asked these questions but with these I believe everyone would be able know what they we going into and know what it takes to follow this line of work.thanks ones again for this article

    • Hello David,

      It was my pleasure to put out this article. And as you rightly observed, most people have failed online simply because they did not ask these questionsand seek answers to them.

      So, I set out to give them these to guide them to success. Because now they will know what they are doing and what it takes to succeed in what they are doing.


  9. You make some very good points in here. This is the perfect article for someone who might be thinking of getting involved in something like this, but doesn’t know how to tell if the program is worth their time and effort. I like that you brought up the idea of whether or not it provides value, because sometimes I think that gets overlooked. People get involved with all sorts of programs that make hefty promises without giving much thought as to whether anyone else is even looking for what they’re selling. The program just sounds good and that sounds like enough to someone who’s overly eager to get their feet wet. If it really does help solve a problem people are having, then it’s likely legit and provided you do everything right, you should have a fairly good shot at making money. Thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Mark,

      Thanks for appreciating the points I made in this article. Yes, this article will come in handy for someone who might be thinking of going into those businesses. This could help them decide if the business is good or not and therefore if worth their time, money and effort.

      Yes, many people overlook the idea of whether or not the business provides value, iftheydon’t outright ignore it. 

      Newbies are especially guilty of the situation you described whereby people get carried away by the big promises made by a business without so much as asking themselves if anyone else needs what they are going to sell.

      So far as the program sounds good you’re good to go. But it doesn’t take long at all for them to discover their mistake. This is when many new online workers abandon their dream and become part of the 97% failure rate.

      Thanks for your quality comment.


  10. Hello Akoli. You are just on point. All these questions are very necessary questions one must consider and confirm before joining an MLM or affiliate marketing program. Value is very necessary because this is what will give the user an hedge in his business. Nice information…. Thanks for sharing these.


    • Hello Shifts,

      Thanks for agreeing with all my points. Yes, if one wants to puts all the chances of success by one’s side one must necessarily ask oneself all these questions and especially get answers to them before considering to join an MLM
      or affiliate marketing program.

      I would even say that value is primordial. If a user cannot get value from a product or service why must they even bother about it.

      Thanks for your comment.


  11. Thank you very much for sharing this post on the 5 questions I need answers to before I join an affiliate or MLM program. Most times, people jump into conclusion without considering these questions. They hurry to join because they are just too curious and desperate to get started. To see the possibility of success, I think all these questions must tick the box first before I can conclude on joining.

    • Hi,

      Thank you also very much for commenting on this post. Yes, newbies eagerly jump jump into an online business without any idea whatsoever of these question and especially the answers to them.

      You’re right, the desperattion to get started and start making money also pushes them into a business even before they know what they are doing. I guess we’ve all passed by that futile route.

      Yes, until one ticks all these questions as answered, joining a business must be out of the question.



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