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5 Ways to Incorporate Network Marketing with Your Home-Based Business Opportunity

Ever thought of boosting your home business with word of mouth advertising, business cards, website or email ads, send-out cards and repeat business model?

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Then this post will tell you why you must incorporate those 5 network marketing tools
into your home-based business opportunity.

The need to weather the present hard economic circumstances, the possibility offered by the internet to market products and services all over the world at the click of the mouse, and the fad to stay at home while doing something worthwhile have created a huge potential for individuals to be involved in their own home businesses.

People work at home for themselves, providing other people’s products or services to others, or selling their own exclusive products. But how do you do this with efficiency?

By using business opportunities available in MLM, and network marketing that allow a person to earn money while selling for someone else. Either way, success depends on the ambition and dedication of the person involved. Any business can become successful with hard consistent work and a product that is in high demand and therefore easy to sell.

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Find a Business Opportunity

How do you find this product?

In their search, many people automatically check the amount of commission paid. The higher the commission the better they think the product is for them to promote. But that should not be the best criterion.

Your passion about promoting the product would be more important. This way your enthusiasm would not wane as soon as you hit the first snag. And obstacles there will be.

The other thing to mind is to find out if there is a market for the product or service. Are people looking for the product? Is it a fad or something which could sell for the long term? The more the number of people looking to buy the product and the longer you can sell this, the better business you can do.

Once the product to promote is identified, you must now look up to network marketing.

Network marketing is about selling and dispersal. You want to have your product distributed and get it known to prospective customers so that it creates more sales for you.

By investing a small sum of money, some time and lots of imagination, you can begin to make money and work from home selling your own products or products for another company.

Promote Your Business

That said, here are five ideas for using network marketing techniques to build your home-based business opportunity….

1. Word-of-mouth advertising

It is known that the first and best form of advertising and marketing around is word-of-mouth, and for a reason.

Whenever someone finds something new that they like, such as a store or an appliance, they tell everyone they know about it. The excitement with which they do this stirs up interest about the product or service and this encourages people to try it too.

Besides, studies
show that people trust the opinions of their friends more than what publicity or even reviews tell them about a product or service.

Therefore if you have a product or service to sell, the people who will use it will become your best form of advertisement. That’s why earlier on we had told you to find a product that people will love.

Once they find this product, they can’t help telling others about it. The others also will buy the product and spread the word about it. Before you know, the product has gone viral. That’s why we also told you to find products that you can sell for the long haul.

Seen its power to make more sales and for a long time, many businesses depend on this positive form of network marketing to do business.

2. Hand out your business card

While word-of-mouth will enable others know about your business, a business card can also do the same.

A business card is a form of advertisement which puts you and your business in front of people. Therefore to make your business known to more people, get a business card printed and hand it out everywhere you go. Especially places where people are gathered.

These are business meetings, conferences, the grocery store, seminars, church, school meetings or other places where people gather together. The card you hand out will spread word about you and your product and increase your business opportunity.

3. Promote from your website or through email

An even better way to let many more people know about your business is to promote it from your website of through email.

You can promote your product through your own website. You can do this by writing reviews and other articles about the product. Then you promote the content by sharing it on social media. You can also email it to subscribers on your email list using an autoresponder.

The Internet is also useful for marketing by submitting articles related to your products to other websites. These can be classified ads sites, article submission sites, forums, etc.

If you don’t have a website, you can get your own WordPress website here for free.

If you don’t have an autoresponder, we recommend you try the best email provider free here.

4. Send out a card

Sending an email to your clients and customers is easy and cheap but it does not seem as personal as a card addressed to them.

So another effective network marketing tool for you to use to promote your product is a send-out card. These keep you in touch with your clients and customers by resorting to a more personal approach.

5. Choose a business opportunity with repeat business

The fifth way to incorporate network marketing with your home business is to choose a business opportunity which will allow you to do repeat business.

Network marketing is not just about making a one-time sale. If you want a home business which will guarantee you the lifestyle you crave, you need to generate new sales and keep your customers coming back for repeat business.

A business opportunity that enables you to add products or sell multiple products to your previous customers will give you a solid foundation for building a steady income month after month and year after year.

Following up on your customers will help build a relationship with them that will develop confidence in your home business. By thanking your customers for their business and staying in touch, you show them how valuable their business is to you. They will reciprocate by always giving you their custom.

Build Your Home Business

While the 5 ways will help you build your home business its success will depend more on your dedication and hard work.

You don’t have to start out with a lot of overhead expenses and huge facilities. The 5 ways prove them well enough.

By investing a small amount and a few hours a week, you can slowly build your business without being overloaded with work or overwhelmed by debt.

So start working today to build up your home business and enjoy fulfillment and financial security.

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10 thoughts on “5 Ways to Incorporate Network Marketing with Your Home-Based Business Opportunity”

  1. This is a really amazing blog post that is great for those of us who have a home business.  My favorite tip is where you discuss the importance of having a website. As that markets your business around the clock which is almost a necessity in the world we live in today. I also appreciated your tip on choosing a business with a repeat opportunity as that is a profitable business model.

    • Hi Pamela Arsena,

      Thank you for appeciating this blog post. Yes, it is helpful for those who have a home business.  I’m not surprised that your favorite tip is the importance of having a website. With a website you can do many things like buiding a list, promoting to social media, getting organic traffic to your website, etc. Yes, choosing a business with a repeat opportunity is a clever move for as you said “that is a profitable business model.”


  2. Great topic to write about it! The tools, you have laid out are great.. 

    Great ideas, well structured..You definitely have it, that you are talking to your niche instead of talking at them, if that makes sense lol I love you how incorporated 5 tools to making an online buisness. 

    Job well done, keep up the great work! Can’t wait to read more..

    • Hello Genia Ashley,

      I really feel tickled that you find my post great. Thanks for appreciating the tools too.. 

      Yes, I really wanted people to love and incorporated these 5 tools into their online buisness. 

      Thanks for the comment. Don’t hesitate to come back for more.


  3. Some very great tips for someone looking to expand their at home online business. 

    It is a very difficult business if you are continually looking for one time sales. I totally agree that if you are looking for more success in terms of sales, having repeat buyers is going to be the only way to do that. 

    Interesting point about the word of mouth. It could definitely offer a step up on some of your competition, as they may not be doing anything offline. 

    • Hi Travis,

      I’m more than tickled that you find my tips “very great for someone looking to expand their at home online business.” Thank you.

      Anyone in their right senses working online would not look for one
      time sales. That is a recipe for failure. Repeat buyers is certainly the way forward. 

      Online, people buy based on recommendations of their circles. That is why an online business must take word of mouth seriously. Yes, it can help you beat the competition, especially if they are not doing the same thing.


  4. Hi

    Those are 5 good methods of Network marketing with some not changing since time immemorial. I still cannot believe that Business cards are as effective, as I believe most people simply put it in their pocket and then forget about it. You have to make an impact when giving out the cards, otherwise you will be quickly forget. Email marketing is getting more important and is one of the best ways of getting  trust in people, as long as you demonstrate it. 

    Another way is  to attend conferences in your field, where people get to see you and you can market to your heart’s  content.



    • Hi Antonio,

      Yes, while there are many methods of network marketing out there, I decided to concentrate on these 5 because I find them good (and, as you rightly observed), with some
      not changing with time. Business cards are still effective. Sometimes I find myself going back to check my card holder for somebody I remembered for something. A serious businessperson will not simply put a card
      in their pocket and then forget about it. You are even advised to note the circumstanceunder which you got a card behind the card, as when you recall that to the card owner, that can really strike a cord.

      Oh, email
      marketing is certainly a great one to help you get people to read your blog posts as they are sent new posts if they had signed up for the blog RSS. You can also send them new businesses.

      Sure, attending conferences in your field is another very big way. You get to meet great influencers in your field and new people looking for the kind of business you market.

      Thanks for your valuable comment.


  5. This is a truly astonishing blog entry that is incredible for those of us who have a self-start venture. My preferred tip is the place you examine the significance of having a site. As that business sectors your business nonstop which is very nearly a need on the planet we live in today. I additionally valued your tip on picking a business with a recurrent open door as that is a gainful plan of action.

    • Hi Sathi,

      I’m pleased to see you on my blog again. Thank you for your comment.

      Thank you also for finding this blog post “a truly astonishing blog entry that is incredible for those of us who have a self-start venture.”

      Like you, my preferred tip is also the significance of having a website. Which business, even if it is offline, can do without a website these days?

      A business with a recurring income is set up to succeed. As it makes the owner money even while they are sleeping or vacationing.



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