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5 Winning Strategies for MLM Success

You’ve found an MLM business opportunity that isn’t quite a pyramid or a Ponzi scheme. Now you’re looking for strategies to turn it into a success. Here are five of them.


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Find out what a pyramid scheme is.

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Find out what a Ponzi scheme is.

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Now, to the five winning strategies for MLM success:


1. Find Your Niche

Your niche is the market segment of your chosen sector where you’d be passionate about promoting it. But this cannot be done alone.

In fact, in how to find a business niche, the concept is defined as “A business niche is a specialized or focused area of a broader market that businesses can serve to differentiate themselves from the competition. Business owners should find a niche in their industry that has underserved or unmet needs.

Zig Zigglar said “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.” So what can be nobler than wanting to share the opportunity for freedom you have found with everyone?


But let’s face it…anyone who has been working online for some time now knows that not everyone is interested in extricating themselves from the cocoon of their 9-5 comfort zone. Successful MLM marketers are willing to step out on a limb, and to change themselves. But no, that’s not true for everyone.

When was the last time you had a business opportunity and you literally had to beg family members, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and even strangers to join you but received only lame excuses?

Things like, …I don’t have the money now, …I wish I had time for this, …It’s nice but it isn’t for me, …My finances are too tight now, …Well, let’s see how it turns out for you first then I’ll hop in, …

Under the circumstances, how can you find the people most likely to embrace your business proposal and join your business opportunity?

It begins with identifying your prospects as people interested in working in your field. And then target your marketing strategies toward them.

Don’t certainly waste your time and your energy casting your pearls before the swine. They have no sense for it nor the need. Invest where you can expect a return.


2. Invest In Low Cost Leads

Now that you know in which market segment to work, you must find out who can accompany you to strengthen your dream. And this is accomplished through advertising.

If you were offered the possibility to advertise in a big way and in a small way, it is clear which one most people would choose.

Yet big isn’t always better, although that is what we tend to believe!

But know that small ads, postcards, and other low cost advertising methods are powerful advertising agents. This is because they’re small, right to the point and therefore effective. These enable them to generate a higher than average percentage of inquiries.

These leads are crucial to your MLM success. You don’t necessarily have to make the sale with the advertisements. Simply making contact for the moment is just as important.

What your advertisement may do is simply direct interested people to your website where you gather their contact information.

This is precious information in your possession and which you will use intelligently to turn these prospects into engaged business partners.

We will see how very soon.


3. Stir up Desire

Now is the time not to let your leads slip through your fingers. You’ve got them and you must use strategies to hold tight onto them. You do this by letting them desire your business ardently.

Did you know that due to life’s vicissitudes and lack of determination most people have their dreams tucked away deep inside? Many of these dreams have lain dormant for many years.

They are so deeply buried in the sub-conscious mind that the people have all but forgotten about them. But they are only lurking somewhere ready to leap at the right prodding.

So, you never know who it is that will respond to your advertising campaign. But for the fact that the desires are sensitive to urging, you can be sure that with an emotional connection, they will be sparked into action.

This can be achieved with emotional advertising.

Emotional advertising, which appeals to this deep-seated wish, is effective because it puts people in the seat of the purchaser. In this case, that of the MLM marketer.

By dangling the bonuses and freedom of financial success before their eyes, they get to feel the urge to get involved as irresistible. With a few cleverly written words, they can experience the joy of being their own boss.


4. Call to Action

Letting somebody desire strongly to join your business isn’t enough to draw them into your orbit. That resistance to quit their comfort zone is still holding them back. Even if it’s not as strong as before, it’s there all the same.

That little voice in their heads is stronger than you think. In that split second when the person is wondering whether to join or continue with their lives as usual, you must hit them with a compelling Call to Action to break that ice.

The best time to encourage a prospect to make a commitment to join your business is NOW, when that desire is at its peak.

Urging them with words which speak to their inner selves to take immediate action is the key to claiming the sale or signing up a new member.

Think about it a second… when procrastination gets involved in the picture… nothing much gets accomplished.

Sure, they’re going to get around to it someday, but unless you have them on your subscription list to hit them with your messages, usually that someday never gets here.

Know that once a prospects clicks themselves out of your sales material, they are usually gone forever.

How many times haven’t you done that to other people’s business proposals and why do you think it should be different with your prospects?


5. Follow UP

It’s said in marketing circles that a prospect needs to see a business proposal a minimum of seven times before deciding to take action on it. This means that they are not going to heed your Call to Action the first time they see your message.

So, what should you do when a prospect doesn’t bite the first time you put the bait in front of them? Well, that’s pretty much up to you.

You can let them go about their busy lives and eventually forget all about the offer you dangled in front of them. Or… you can keep a line of contact open that constantly reminds them of the opportunity that is just waiting for them to snatch up.

How do you do that?

With an email subscription.

Get them to sign up to your list. Then implement follow ups with your email autoresponder. You’ll increase your success rate by 50 percent.

After a series of messages sent out over several days, check back every month for a while. Then every 6 months.

Why this strategy?

A lot can happen in life over a six-month period. You just might never know what changes can take place in a person’s life in that time and spur them into doing something positive with their life…and you want to be there for them at that perfect time.

Now, try these 5 winning strategies and see your MLM business going from success to success.

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10 thoughts on “5 Winning Strategies for MLM Success”

  1. Hi. I used to be interested in Herbalife, they are quite a successful MLM company focused on natural/herbal products. But as far as I heard, it’s quite hard to make money with this brand (and brands from the health niche in general). Just wanted to hear if you know anything about Herbalife in particular or a similar MLM company. Would it be worth working hard for them or it would be just a waste of money in the end? Also, using these 5 tips could increase my chances of having success with them? I hope you have time to answer my questions.

    • Hi Ashley,

      Ah, I wrote about Herbalife here, a very successful MLM company which I think we can attributeto their natural/herbal products. Concern with healthcare are making people move away from products with side effects.

      I actually have a personal experience with how hard it is to make money with this brand (and brands from the health niche in general). The costs are too high! I also dabbled a little in GNLD, Forever Living and Tasly. I lost money in all of them while the top people had made loads of money. I couldn’t understand that and always blamed myself for not being forceful enough until I understood how MLMs operate.

      If you choose a very good mlm company whose products are a big hit and work hard, it may be worth working hard for them. Yes, these 5 tips could help increase your chances of having success with them. But you need to work very hard.

      I hope I was able to answer your questions.


  2. Hello there, thank you for these 5 precious tips. I once had a friend involved in a MLM company but she ended up being very disappointed and claimed they had actually scammed her. I work in the make money online industry for a while but I tried to stay away from MLMs for this particular reason. Plus that I generally heard negative things about them. But your article stands as a proof that you can have success with MLM strategies, as long as you do it correctly. I just think that not all MLM companies are worth working with, so it’s essential to find one that is worth your time and maybe money.

    • Hello Tracy,

      It was my pleasure posting about these 5 precious tips. We must accept that it’s not easy to make it in an MLM company. Maybe that’s why your friend ended up being very disappointed and claimed they had actually scammed her. They may or may not have scammed her. Continue to work in the make money online industry but know that it is very competitive. I’m now doing mlm reviews because there is a market for it. But I don’t get involved in them. I may one day. But for the moment I prefer to let people know which are the good ones and which should be avoided.

      Yes, a lot of negative things are said about mlms. While many are true, not everything is true about all of them. Yes, you can have success with MLM strategies, on condition that you do it right.

      Yes, carefully study every mlm company you come across and learn those worth working with.

      Thank you for your comment.


  3. Thanks for these great hints about how to win on MLM, it’s going to about 3 years I have been doing MLM now and really nothing to account for as my gain, it was introduced to me by a friend who claimed its a lifesaver platform which truly it is but had it been have got some hints like this I would have some knowledge on how to go about it and make some profits on my own, thanks for this post once again am gonna get these strategies into plan 

    • Hi Rose,

      It was my pleasure putting together these hints about how to win on MLM. I felt compelled to do it seeing the high failure rate in mlm. You yourself has a case where you said “going to about 3 years I have been doing MLM now and really nothing to account for as my gain”. Friends introducing an mlm opportunity to another friend is what I call “doing a friend a favour”. It hardly succeeds because people are generally not so committed to the program. I don’t know what your case was but you gave a hint: had you got some hints like this you would have some knowledge on how to go about it and make some profits on your own.

      Thanks too for commenting on this post and don’t forget to use these strategies to plan  your success.


  4. I am truly fascinated with the fact that you can give some very great information on the mlm programme and also give a link on how to differentiate the mlm from a pyramid scheme. This is very nice. I used to see many people say that Network marketing is not a good business model but you have countered that here by showing ways that one can make money from it. Thanks.

    • Hi Henderson,

      I am happy to have you fascinated with the facts about the mlm programme and the link on how to differentiate the mlm from a pyramid scheme.

      Yes, many people confuse Network marketing as not good at all as a business model but you see from this post that is not always true. You can make money from it.

      Thanks for your comment.


  5. Oh, this looks different from what I ususally see people write online. As a matter of fact, people have never really written so many good things about network marketing. I was introduced to one recently and when I decided to do some investigation online, the company had issues pending in court. It was very sad. I think one needs to know which MLM platform to join because even your tips will not work with the right one. Do you have a recommendation?

    • Hi John,

      Not all mlms are terrible. This idea comes from the bad nuts who have infected the whole industry. That’s why what people often write about these companies are negative reviews. No, people write good things also about network marketing. But not so many. You’re right to have checked the mlm opportunity your friend introduced you to before deciding to join. Some of them have issues pending in court. Why do you think that even my tips will not work with the right mlm company? Just check any of the good mlm companies like Mary Kay and others I have written about here for recommendations and testimonials.



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