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7 Easy Steps to Affiliate Marketing Success (Step II)

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Step Two: Join the best affiliate networks and high paying affiliate programs

Once you settle on your promising market, the next step is to look for the profit-generating machinery to exploit it.

For this, you can:

1. Choose to join an affiliate program; and/or
2. Be part of an affiliate network.

Join an Affiliate Program

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An affiliate program is the one where you sign up as an affiliate directly with the merchant offering the product. They will therefore be the one to supply you your affiliate link and promotional materials, and eventually pay you any commissions.

Be part of an affiliate network

An affiliate network, on the other hand, is a system where hundreds, thousands, and even millions of products are offered by a third party on behalf of different merchants. The network supplies you your affiliate links, resources for promoting the products, and eventually pays you any commissions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Joining either of these Affiliate Structures

There are pros and cons for each choice.

Advantages of Joining an Affiliate Program

You can join as many of them as you like. Better yet, they are free to join.

Affiliate programs have fewer affiliates. This means less competition. Consequently greater chances to succeed.

Disadvantages of Joining an Affiliate Program

As you’re limited to a merchant’s products only, an affiliate program will have fewer products for you to promote.

Should the merchant close down for any reason, your business is also gone with the wind.

Advantages of Joining an Affiliate network

With its wide range of products and the liberty to choose any product at any time, affiliate networks offer you a wide choice of products to promote as well as great opportunities to affiliate marketing success.

Affiliate networks are also free to join.

Should a merchant in the network disappear, you can move on to another one in the same network.

Disadvantages of Joining an Affiliate network

Having so many products to choose from can sometimes make your choice difficult.

Since thousands, even millions, of people are doing the same thing in affiliate networks, the competition is very keen for any product you will choose to promote.

This doesn’t mean you should avoid affiliate networks. Just stick to the steps to successful affiliate marketing and you will be alright.

We repeat the formula here for your benefit:

High demand for a product + little competition = maximum profit

Tread Carefully!

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Fraud alert

Just because they are free to join and can make you money, doesn’t mean that you should jump on any affiliate program you come across. Know that there are good and bad ones.

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Bad and Good

Telltale Signs to watch out for

In Bad Affiliate Programs

When you see these signs in an affiliate program, then it just might be a bad one:

• The affiliate program offers inferior quality products: These aren’t good for your business because even if you succeed in selling them, refund requests will pour in. These will take away your commission. Worse, that will destroy your reputation with your prospects who will no longer trust you for proposing them a bad product.

• The affiliate program offers products that are difficult to sell: If the product you’re going to pre-sell is a “hard sell,” then you’re only going to waste your time promoting it.

• The affiliate program has a history of failing to pay its affiliates: You came to affiliate marketing to make money, not to run a not-for-commission organization.

• The affiliate program has a dubious history in its dealing with its clients and partners: You don’t have time to lose, do you?

• The affiliate program is struggling when it comes to its finances: An African proverb goes that when an earthworm promises you cloth, look at itself.

• The affiliate program is operated by someone who is quite hesitant to introduce themselves: This is tantamount to buying a pig in a poke.

In Good Affiliate Programs

When you see these signs in an affiliate program, then it just might be a good one:

• The affiliate program has a product selling like hot cakes: Programs offering products that have a proven value in a particular market, or which offer a lot of promise are an assurance that you will be able to pre-sell them and earn commission as an affiliate. Isn’t that the reason why you signed up for the program in the first place?

• The affiliate program has a gratuitous commission scheme: Although secondary to the factor above, big affiliate marketers accept a minimum commission rate of only 50%. You could accept lower if you’re just starting out. However most affiliate programs offer 50% or more commission per sale these days. Some even go as high as 90%.

• The affiliate program is known for its credibility: Are you a serious person? Then find serious people to deal with, as birds of the same feather flock together! Recommendations, company and product reviews and your own exercise of due diligence will be precious here.

• The affiliate program has an excellent after-sales service: Refund requests are a part of affiliate marketing. A program that has excellent after-sales support can minimize such requests and save you from losing your hard-earned commissions and credibility.

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Some Best Paying Affiliate Programs and Affiliate Networks to Join

Affiliate Programs

Here is s a list of some affiliate programs I find useful:

Turboaffiliates: Turboaffiliates will give you some mighty fine choices of great selling products, as well as a commission rate that can’t be beat.

Aweber: Start your 30-day trial today.

JVZoo: Sell in-demand digital products as an affiliate

CBProAds: Promote Clickbank products the easy way

Peerfly: Join the fastest growing affiliate network in the world and watch your profits soar!

CBSurge: Promote the fastest-selling Clickbank products without all the hassle

CBTopSites: Get all the Clickbank products on one convenient website

Affiliate Networks

As far as affiliate networks go, I suggest the following provisional list:

Rakuten Linkshare: Experience for yourself why Rakuten were voted the #1 Affiliate Marketing Network five years in a row.

Clickbank: Work with the largest retailer of digital products in the world

Share-A-Sale: Join the leading provider of performance marketing solutions for the past 16 years

Clicksure: Realize your business potential with the Clicksure network

Commission Junction: Get results for your affiliate business

Ebay partner program: Promote Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles, Coupons and More

Amazon: Online shopping for Electronics, Apparels, Computers, Books, DVDs and more

PayDotCom: Sell your products and services here, or Promote products here and earn commissions

Is there an affiliate program or affiliate network you would like to recommend? If yes, simply scroll down to the comment box and let the world know! Thanks for your contribution.

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