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7 Easy Steps to Affiliate Marketing Success (Step IV)

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Step Four: Formulate a USP

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Let me ask you…

What can make someone decide to buy from one affiliate instead of from the others who are all promoting the same product?

Coincidence, you think?

If we rule that out, surely, it must be something special, something unique, something fabulous that separates your offer from the others.

This is what we call the USP, or Unique Selling Proposition.

This is the secret of the Internet marketing millionaires. Their creating unique selling propositions made the members of their target markets take notice of their offers and compelled them to buy from them.

In the same way, your affiliate marketing success will also depend on the potency of your USP.

Definition of USP

The principle of the USP is that you should personalize an offer to make it more appealing than your competitors’. So while you and others may be selling the same product to the same market, your personal addition to the offer to make it more attractive, will naturally make you stand out amongst your competitors. Everybody is looking for value these days. So people will rush to your offer.

Unique Selling Proposition Example

Take for example an offer of an eBook on secrets to affiliate marketing success. Thousands of affiliates are promoting it. The eBook sells for $30, with a 50% commission which comes to $15 per sale.

Now, how can you get people to click on your affiliate link instead of someone else’s?

The secret is to add something of value that will make your offer irresistible.

What can you use to make your Offer Irresistible?

The limit to the ways to make your offer irresistible to prospects depends only on your imagination as countless examples exist.

The more popular and potent USP strategies, which are tried and tested tactics used by the top affiliates today, are bonuses and discounts.

Bonuses: One of the most popular USP strategies consists in adding bonuses to the offer. These are often other products that you would like to give away to people who order through you.

Announce it at the beginning of your offer so that people see it at the same time as the offer.

Where can you get Bonuses from?

Sources of bonuses to use for your USP include:

• Products you created yourself: Do you want to create your own products? Then check resources online on information creation and Jimmy D. Brown and Ryan Deiss’ Products in the Rough Volumes I and II

• Products others created for you: These are products a freelancer has created for you, with all the rights accruing to you. Don’t forget to protect your interests when dealing with freelancers. See 50 Tips for Dealing with Freelance Writers – Writers-Editors Network

• Products you acquired with their master resale rights or private label rights: For information about the different kinds of rights, consult All Rights Explained, the definitive tome for such a subject.

• Joint ventures: On how you can enter a partnership with others whose products may perfectly complement yours, refer to the link below for a comprehensive discussion on the matter. Why Partners Need Complementary Strengths

Discounts: Say you’re looking for iPhone 6 Plus to buy. Shop A is offering an Apple iPhone 6 Plus for $299. Shop B is displaying the same phone at a highly discounted price of $269.10.

Which shop will you buy from?

Shop B naturally.


Because of the nice discount.

As in real life so in the virtual.

In affiliate marketing, if you offer the products you are selling at a lower price, then you’d win over more prospects.

But since the price of the product has not been set by you but by the affiliate program or affiliate network, how then can you offer discounts?

Where will your Discounts come from?

You can offer your prospects discounts from your commissions.

Let’s go back to the example above of the eBook on how to succeed in affiliate marketing being sold for $30, with a 50% commission, or $15 per sale. You can offer the same ebook for $25. This means that you have taken away $5 from your commission as a bonus to your customer and will now only receive $10.

Affiliate merchants are aware of this sales strategy and willingly cooperate with affiliates to implement it.

But should the merchant not feel comfortable with this, you can rather offer your prospects a cash rebate. This consists in giving them a part of the money back once you receive your commission.

Another way is to offer discounts for future purchases. Hopefully by the time your customer orders again, you would have received your commissions to give them the part promised.

Surely this system will reduce the amount of your individual commissions but it will make you gain more money globally.

Although bonuses and discounts are the most popular USPs, you must not limit yourself to them only.

Try to come up with a USP of your own.

You can emphasize the word “Unique” in Unique Selling Proposition.

So, add your OWN personal touch to your offers to make them unique and special. This way, you’d capture the interest of your targeted customers, and reap affiliate marketing success.

It’s possible I haven’t covered everything here. If there’s something missing you’d want to add, simply scroll down to the comment box and let the world know! Thanks for your contribution.

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