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7 Easy Steps to Affiliate Marketing Success (Step V)

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Step Five: Create a Viral Product

Your affiliate link and USP make you ready to enter the affiliate marketing arena, but not quite.

Because as a winner, you should announce your arrival with a big bang!

So for every major product launch that you promote, you need to create viral products.

What’s a viral product?

Basically, a viral product is a digital product of inestimable value. This can be a timely eBook, a special report or a software program.

For the first two, your affiliate link should feature on the pages to promote it. For the last one, the affiliate link will appear in the user interface.

What’s the clincher?

You distribute the viral product for free.


To answer that question, tell me how you feel when you receive something valuable for free. No doubt you feel special, lucky and elated.

And what’s your reaction? To share that gift with your closest friends, family members, and the people with whom you chat in your favorite online forum.

And what do you think those people will also do? The same thing.

This way the product goes from one person to another quickly. That’s why it’s called a “viral” product… because like a “virus,” it spreads quickly.

Let’s see the exponential rate at which such a product can spread if every person who likes it shares it with 5 other people?

1 prospect shares it with 5 prospects.

Each of the 5 prospects shares it with 5 other prospects, thus reaching 25 prospects.

Each of the 25 prospects shares it with 5 other prospect, thus reaching 125 prospects.

And so on and so forth.

So you see how quickly this can build you prospects in just a few days? Imagine this going on for weeks, months, and even years! Some affiliates are still getting clicks from a viral eBook they distributed years ago!

Now, how do you create a digital product?

To create a digital product, begin by asking yourself what you are good at.

Are you good at creating software programs? Then create software programs.

Does writing come easily to you? Then write eBooks and special reports.

Do you have a flair for videos or broadcasting? Then create a downloadable video or audio product.

You can’t do any of these? Then hire a freelancer from websites like Elance, UpWork – Get more done with freelancers, rentacoder, Hire expert freelancers for your online job and Find & Hire Talented Freelancers (View over 3,400,000 available services by category) The 15 Best Freelance Websites to Find Jobs.

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Once the product is created, package it well and upload it to your website. Now all you have to do for people to find and download it is to promote it on your landing page.

For maximum success:

1. Make it CLEAR to visitors that the product is FREE to download: While online people don’t generally take certain actions unless they are prodded to do so. Besides, since there is no free lunch in the real world, people believe the same in the online world. So they generally don’t go about downloading things until told to do so.

2. Make it CLEAR to those who downloaded the product that they can distribute it FREE to others: This reminding push can make your product become really viral.

Distributing a viral product is part and parcel of the powerful promotional strategy known as viral marketing.

Viral marketing is basically the virtual world equivalent of the word-of-mouth advertising in the real world. You use it to get people to talk about the product you are promoting so as to generate that much needed hype.

Here are the elements of viral marketing:

1. Viral marketing makes use of existing networks: Thanks to that you don’t need to create your own contacts on the web.

2. The business message must be easy to seed: Make this apparent right at the earliest stage. Avoid a convoluted message which would only make the viral marketing campaign useless. If your business message, for example, is the promotion of your affiliate link, make it appear conveniently and immediately.

3. The business message must circulate naturally: For you to achieve your goal of reaching as many people as possible, you must promote persistent circulation of your business message. This must be facilitated with minimal interference from you the business owner. So the message must replicate on its own. Don’t forget these as you formulate your viral marketing plan.

4. You must have a value proposition: We are going to explain this maxim through an often used technique.

Let’s say that your business offers a plugin. How do you promote it through viral marketing? You offer a free trial of your software for a certain period by using the strategies suggested in the preceding sections to. This is your value proposition.

As more and more people get exposed to your software, they’ll appreciate its worth and therefore spread the word to their circles. When their trial period expires, they will have to order the paid version. This is your contingent proposition.

From the second proposition will come the profit to cover your initial investment. Once Return of Investment (ROI) is achieved, everything else is your net profit, lots of which the exponential character of viral marketing will bring you as more and more people will try and eventually purchase the plugin.

5. You must have a contingent proposition: You carry out viral marketing to sell your goods and services which are your contingent proposition. Once your value proposition has caught the attention of your prospective clients, you must win them over to purchase your contingent proposition.

6. You should provide benefits for the participants: If there is one characteristic of viral marketing campaigns, it is the unwavering use of the word “free.”

“Free” is probably the most powerful weapon to attract customers. Offering free goods or services to potential clients is an old and established rule in marketing, traditionally offline and later online. It makes good use of basic human inclinations: the golden rule which says that “A good turn or deed never goes amiss.”

Potential clients who got the freebies you distributed will feel obligated to repay the kindness you have shown them.

Observe these principles of an effective viral marketing campaign, and your website will experience a fruitful experience.

Do you wish to master this powerful form of advertising? Check Jimmy D. Brown’s Viral Ebook Brainstorm. It is an excellent piece of work that will serve as the viral marketing bible for many generations.

It’s possible I haven’t covered everything here. If there’s something missing you’d want to add, simply scroll down to the comment box and let the world know! Thanks for your contribution.

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