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7 Easy Steps to Affiliate Marketing Success (Step VI)

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Step Six: Produce and Distributing Content

You have created or have had created a viral product as one of your steps to successful affiliate marketing. Then you have uploaded it to your website for your prospects to download.

But the question is…

How do people find your website in the first place?

This is the missing link, else how can prospects know about your viral product?

The best way to help people find your website is through the use of article or content marketing strategy.

What is content marketing?

Article marketing consists in submitting articles or content to many article directories.

Some article directories I use often are: articlebase ,ezinearticles and streetarticles

Now, how can simply submitting content to article directories generate traffic for your website?

Here are the benefits of content writing for your website:

• Article directories are well placed in SERPs: When you perform searches on the internet, you are directed to the SERPs or the Search Engine Results Pages. If your search item concerns articles, you will find a lot of article directories on the results first page which means that they receive a lot of visits. So, having your link displayed in the articles you submit would mean that your link could potentially be exposed to the millions of visitors of the article directories.

• Article directories have high PR: So if you have an article published in an article directory with an inbound link to your website, that would boost the site’s own PR.

• If your article is of excellent quality, chances are good that it will be picked up by eZine editors and other webmasters: This will lead to more inbound links for you, which will translate into more visitors to your website.

• There are numerous article directories online: Suppose you submit an article to a hundred of them that would mean a hundred inbound links to your website. Remember, traffic is a numbers game.

• Articles cost zero to little but can go a long way: Despite its ridiculous cost, an article can generate long-term dividends. For example, an article submitted to only one article directory could be generating traffic for your website for many years to come.

How does one go about article writing for inclusion in content directories?

The following five steps are all you need:

1. Pick a topic relevant to the subject of your website: If your website is dedicated to affiliate marketing like this site, some good topics to discuss are social media marketing, ways to earn money from home online, and how to build a money-making website.

2. Research on your chosen topic: What aspect of your topic hasn’t been done to death?

3. Write the article: Target a length of between 350 to 1,400 words. Anything less wouldn’t be enough to convey what you want to say. Anything more would be too long to get a reader to follow it to the end.

If you don’t have either the time or the expertise to write articles for your content marketing promotion, you could hire a freelancer from the freelance sites below for the job.

UpWork – Get more done with freelancers
Guru – Hire expert freelancers for your online job and Find & Hire Talented Freelancers (View over 3,400,000 available services by category) The 15 Best Freelance Websites to Find Jobs.
Which are the best websites to hire freelancers
These 13 Sites Make Hiring a Talented Freelance Developer Easy
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The Definitive Guide to Paying Home-Based Filipino Virtual Assistants
The number one provider of dedicated, experienced Filipino virtual assistants
List of Outsourcing Companies in the Philippines
World’s largest and safest marketplace for finding rock star Filipino workers

The usual rates are between $5 and $75 per article. However don’t choose price over quality. Like any service, you get what you pay for.

Proceed with utmost care in choosing who writes your articles. There are many risks to consider. To avoid the pitfalls, read materials which deal with all aspects of digital outsourcing as well as the steps you should take to protect the interests of your business.

4. Include a resource box: This box at the end of your article contains a brief introduction of yourself and your business, as well as a link.

This could be a link to your website where all of your affiliate links are promoted; or an affiliate link cloaked with tools like tinyurl, pretty link plugin, bitly, etc.

Cloaking your affiliate link is important because people generally don’t like clicking on affiliate links. Besides, some unscrupulous people can redirect your links elsewhere and steal your affiliate commissions.

5. Submit content to article directories: Now submit your article to the article directories you can find online.

Then watch the traffic flow in.

Although this is how content marketing builds your success, it’s possible I haven’t covered everything here. If there’s something missing you’d want to add, simply scroll down to the comment box and let the world know! Thanks for your contribution.

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