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7 Easy Steps to Affiliate Marketing Success (Step VII & end)

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Step Seven: Implement an Email Marketing System

What’s the use of a constant flow of traffic to your website if the visitors just took a cursory look and clicked away or if they come back but ignore your call-to-action?

By the way, did you know that on average, a prospect needs to see an offer 7 to 12 times before they will decide to take action on it?

What does this mean for you as an affiliate marketer?

Well, this means that if you manage to refer a prospect to an affiliate merchant’s sales page for the first time, chances are, he won’t purchase anything. So if you did this once or only a couple of times, you won’t win any commission.

So you must keep on exposing the prospect at least 7 to 12 times to the same offer, on the average, before he will decide to make the purchase.

The question which crops up then is:

How can you ensure that the same prospect be exposed at least 7 to 12 times to your offer?

The answer lies in implementing an email marketing system.

An email marketing system is also called a follow-up system. The system enables you to first capture the email addresses of visitors and collect them in a subscription for a mailing list. Then you use the list to “follow up” on your leads. Veteran Internet marketers use this system so that they can somehow convince the people on the list to visit their websites again at a future time.

But wouldn’t it be too tedious to constantly contact hundreds, thousands, and even more people, on a list?

Yes, but fortunately the heavy work of a follow-up system is ensured by an autoresponder service.

An autoresponder service allows you to prepare your messages, load them into the system beforehand and get them delivered according to the schedule you set.

You can personalize the messages so that the recipients would be referred to by their names. All the subscriptions would be done on auto-pilot.

There are many autoresponders on the market like Mailchimp, Getresponse, Trafficwave, and Buildabizonline. But many successful internet marketers are unanimous that the Aweber email system is in a class of its own.

Want to avail yourself of Aweber autoresponder’s benefits at a price that won’t be a burden to your budget? Start your 30-day free trial of Aweber email autoresponder

Once visitors subscribe to your mailing list, you can start sending them emails with offers of your products. You can even inform them of updates to your website so that they may decide to check it out.

How does an email list Marketing System work, in effect?

• You set up a capture system at your website

• You drive traffic to your website

• Your visitors leave their email addresses at the website

The email addresses will thereafter be stored in your autoresponder, and the email marketing system will take care of the rest.

Email marketing may all look simple but there is a challenge to overcome. That is, how to get visitors who come to your website to leave their email addresses.

This is how. You must entice your visitors with juicy offers to encourage them to sign up for your list.

How can you do this?

This can be done in ways such as:

• Offering your visitors free gifts

• Promising to send your visitors a newsletter of useful information about the subject they’ve signed up for

• Conducting a contest, with your visitors’ subscriptions as their raffle entries

• Allowing your visitors access to meatier portions of your website

• Granting your visitors discounts on your products

Of course, more ways exist to bait your visitors into signing up to your mailing list. What you need is a little creativity to come up with the other innovative ways to lure visitors into your autoresponder follow-up system.

Icing on the cake: Form Joint-Venture Partnerships

Although the seven easy steps can ensure you affiliate marketing success, you don’t have to stop there! You must get into joint-venture partnerships.

Going the extra step of forming Joint-Venture Partnerships will boost your profit.

This step is based on the maxim that two heads are better than one. Hence two or more sets of resources are always preferable to one. And certainly two or more sets of prospects are always more profitable than one.

If the secret of Internet marketing success is:

High demand for a product + few competition = maximum profit

The true secret to guru-like success in this sector is:

Joint ventures

Or JVs in Internet marketing lingo.

What’s a Joint Venture?

A joint venture is a partnership between two or more Internet marketers to boost the success of a campaign.

What are the Benefits of Forming a Joint Venture Partnership?

Being involved in a joint venture brings the Internet marketer many benefits, such as:

• Cutting down of incidental expenses

• Minimizing of risks because of the input of more ideas and the exercise of more checks

• Reduction of the damage incurred in case of failure (which, fortunately, is a rare occurrence) as the costs will be borne by all the parties involved.

These are also the reasons why JVs have become a very lucrative model for most online businesses.

You too must not stop there when the seven steps to successful affiliate marketing make you successful in affiliate marketing. Adopt the best practice of teaming up with other online businesspeople. This is the surest means to generate a continuous influx of more leads to ensure your lifeline as an affiliate.

You’re not looking for mere success, are you?

Not at all.

Rather, you want…


… Success that will last a long, long time.

So form joint venture partnerships now!

Where can you get Partners to form Joint Ventures?

There are many places where you can find partners to form Internet affiliate marketing joint ventures. Check the link below for more information.

Joint ventures and partnering

John Delavera, the creator of calls JVs brotherhoods because your partners will be your brothers as you will:

• Care for each other

• Go out of your way for each other

• All enjoy the glory together

As a subscriber, you have exclusive access to a special section of where you can meet people who are also looking for JV opportunities.
Fortunately, John often facilitates the partnerships by introducing the parties.

Although this last part of the 7 easy steps to affiliate marketing success looks comprehensive, it’s possible I haven’t covered everything. If there’s something missing you’d want to add, simply scroll down to the comment box and let the world know! Thanks for your contribution.

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