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7 Marketing Tips to Grow Your MLM Business

My readers say they avoid MLM companies because they claim you can’t make money with them. So today I want to show you 7 marketing tips to grow your MLM business.


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If you have tried the MLM business model yourself or if someone else has tried to convince you to join theirs, there’s a constancy which has not escaped your attention. People either try to thrust the business into a prospect’s unwilling hands or they spend a lot of time doing cold approaches or cold calls.

However, they often neglect the marketing side. But know that it’s a lot easier to get customers from leads that are coming to you themselves, rather than trying to convert people that have not expressed any interest whatsoever in your business.

Anyone who has done an MLM business knows before that it involves a lot of work. Of course, you’re putting in all that time, energy and sometimes money to succeed.

The difference between being successful and becoming a failure depends on whether you’re putting all that hard work into the right things or the wrong ones.

You know, you can dig a hole with a backhoe or your hands. While both can work alright, only one is a smart way to do that. So always strive to be intelligent in your actions. Look for the best way to do things and then work it hard.

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That said, here are the strategies to use to try to make your MLM business a huge success:


1. The key is to market, not to prospect

What’s the difference between marketing and prospecting?

When you’re prospecting, it’s like being involved in a hit and miss game. You’re approaching people that might not have the least interest in what you’re providing. You’re counting on probability and the chances of people joining your business could be slim.

But when you market, you get people calling you that are already interested in your business. Otherwise why did they call you in the first place after seeing your business message?

TIP: Since marketing is what will make you succeed in your MLM business, regularly spend some time thinking about new ways to reach the people that might already have an interest in buying your products or joining your downline.


Spending just 10 minutes a day can help you accomplish more than you think.


2. Constantly build your list of leads

The money is in the list. In other words, no leads, no money. Or, at most, no list = little and sporadic money.

By building an ever-growing list of leads, you’ll always have new people to send your business message.

Here are the possible scenarios: Some people will sign-up immediately on receiving your welcome mail. But most will wait to receive more information. But what is sure is that someone will always be ready to join you as you send out the messages.

N.B.: The top people in the MLM world get an average of some 100 new leads every day. Keep working at your list until you can also say the same.


3. Focus on providing high value

The customer is always right. This means that they hold the cards, they have the last word. Customers can make or break you. It’s clear what you want them to do to you. So provide value to them.

When you do that for your customers, you keep them happy. And since you’ve provided them what they want, they will also help you succeed.

So always focus on your customer’s needs first and do so to the best of your ability. I would even advise you to exceed their expectations.

Word gets around. And word of mouth was the first thing to go viral before social media messages did. And it still does. And imagine the effect when it is coupled with social media?

Just like any other business, if your customers are happy, you’re also going to be happy. If they aren’t, you wouldn’t either.

TIP: The best time to ask someone for referrals it’s when they’re really happy with you. So keep your customers happy and that will bring in a continual source of new leads.


4. Find the right niche for you

Maybe this is where we should have started this discussion from. Still we hope we aren’t putting the cart before the horse.

As an individual, you have your own peculiar likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses. So the best niche for you to work in is not forcibly the one which worked for that other guy or gal.

You must look for that business that gets your blood pounding anything you hear about it. That business that you will never be tired talking about. That business, when difficulties crop up (and they’re bound to), will not make you throw up your hands in abandonment.

When you’re in the right niche, you will connect with your customers and fellow marketers better, and vice versa.

Remember your business is all about relationships.


5. Focus on solving problems not on selling

People pay money to others to help them find solutions to their challenges. These could be learning to develop their personalities or getting their bodies into shape in a gym.

As with their bodies so it is with nearly everything everyone buys. They serve to solve some sort of problem.

Therefore focus your intent on helping people solve problems and you’ll be rewarded.

And as you help many more people become satisfied, they will talk about you. Again, this will put you in a privileged position to get referrals.


6. Learn from the hyper-successful

If you want to know the road ahead, ask those coming back – Chinese proverb.

Come to think of it, all your life you have been learning from people who knew more than you. That is, all that you know you learnt from others.

These include your parents, preachers, teachers, journalists of the various media you follow, supervisors, even peers and subordinates.

Since you can learn from others, there is no good reason to try to figure out everything on your own. Get close to those that are very successful and experienced and try to figure out how they’re doing things.

Better yet, ask them. They may just accept to be your mentor. The ultra-successful are happy to share their experience with others. That is how they got to where they are and they are tickled to pay it forward.

Short, many highly successful people had a mentor at some point in their careers. Ask somebody to be yours. You’d be surprised to see how easy it is to find a great mentor.

Remember, there are a lot of great people out there. Someone will be thrilled to help you.


7. Teach your downline these strategies

We said at the beginning of this article that some people avoid MLM opportunities because they said you couldn’t succeed in them. One thing they don’t fail to point out is that only the top people succeed and the majority flounder at the bottom.

One thing this could be due to is lack of knowledge of your downline members.

You know, the structure of MLMs is such that when your downline groups succeed, you also succeed. So teach them these techniques and your business will grow tremendously!


What you learnt in this post

Your MLM success is all about marketing, so leave the prospecting to those who are set up to fail.

Build your list so that you have ready prospects who are interested in your business and whom you can send new offers. This will act as your own ATM.

Provide your customers what they want. Once they are happy, they’ll gladly give you their custom.

Choose a niche you have a strong enthusiasm for. Nothing can shake your faith in it.

Although your business is to sell, know that people hate being sold to. Simply seek to solve their problems and like the dark clouds before the rain, the sales will come.

Experience, they say, is the best teacher. So learn from those ahead of you.

Do a great job teaching your downline the same strategies and you’ll earn both from their business and from their gratefulness.

When you implement these 7 marketing tips word will spread about you and your MLM business will grow.


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12 thoughts on “7 Marketing Tips to Grow Your MLM Business”

  1. Thanks for summarizing such an amazing tips for MLM business.

    I was trying to build an online business for make some passive income. I found on the internet different websites with fake informations and scams. Until now i didn’u use MLM business but i want to try it. 

    I really like how you highlighted the difference between marketing and prosperity. I have one question for you to understand better. When you say list of leads this is equal with list of goals?  

    Thanks a lot and keep in touch. 

    • Hello there,

      Thanks for your appreciation of my tips for MLM business.

      Anybody like you, who has tried to build an online business to make some passive income have come in contact with different websites with sweet but fake informations meant to mislead and scam them. 

      Did you mean the difference between marketing and
      promotion or marketing and prosperity?

      No, by list of leads I didn’t mean list of goals. List of leads are the people who have joined your subscription list in order to receive more information about your business/produc/service. 

      Sure I will be posting more here so do come back again.


  2. Its very factual that MLM companies are always being avoided when it comes to people engaging in business with them, this is because of the fixed notion, well I’ll say confirmed notion because I’ve been part of about 3 of them and they all fumbled respectfully. Finding a successful and lucrative MLM business is really hard, but for those who are willing to invest, your tips are very useful. Thanks.

    • Hi KingAndrea,

      Sure, I have had many people tell me in comments that they always avoid MLM companies. You gave an account of it. People hardly succeed in it. One can even say that people are set up to fail in many of them. No, it’s not hard to find a successful and lucrative MLM business. You just Google for “the best mlm companies” and then read reviews about them. You will find the bad from the good.

      Thanks for your comment.


  3. Thanks Akoli, after reading your post on tips for multi-level marketing networks I understand them a bit  more now. I have always been highly skeptical of the MLM business model since there is so many junk platforms lurking around. The MLM tips make perfect sense and I think they could even apply to other business models and marketing in general, thanks for that. Do you know a legitimate MLM in the hobby niche? Thanks again Akoli.

    • Hello there,

      Thank you for your comment on this piece. I’m tickled that after reading my post on tips for multi-level marketing networks you understand them a bit  more now. You are not alone to always have been highly skeptical of the MLM business model. You are right that there are so many junk platforms lurking around there. Happy that the MLM tips make perfect sense. Of course, they could apply to other business models and marketing in general.

      No, I don’t know a legitimate MLM in the hobby niche. But I guess a Google search will reveal many. Look up reviews on them though.


  4. Great article! There are so many different MLM companies out there and new members coming in are usually overwhelmed and don’t get taught the right way. This post is a fantastic read for everyone in the industry. I especially like the part of the professional who never stops learning.thanks alot for this article.

    • Hello Nelson,

      Thank you for appreciating my article.

      Yes, the MLM companies out there are as different as people. The new members coming into an MLM come in at different periods and often when the business is already on the downhill. So they try hard to succeed. This is what makes them find the business usually overwhelming. This is also when they don’t get taught the right way. Because the successful have already made money and have long jumped off the ship.

      If reading this was fantastic for everyone in the industry, then I have done my work.

      Thank you for your comment.


  5. This is SO good! Super simple, and very powerful! I love the tip as actual examples there.Thanks a lot for this valuable tips on how to become a top earner in MLM industry, although i just join one recently and i will definatelly start applying the strategies that you highlighted this is great I would be InTouch for more articles like this.

    • Hi David,

      Thank you for your appreciation of my piece. I have succeeded if you found them super simple, and very powerful.

      Yes, I wanted the tips to be real examples. I hope they help you to become a top earner in your MLM industry which you have just joined recently.

      Yes, start applying the strategies and see how they would work for you. I would really be happy if you would stay in Touch for more articles like this.


  6. My first and last experience with an MLM company didn’t go very well. I think it all stemmed from the fact that I am not passionate about the niche in the first place. I was just there because a friend told me it was a good money-making opportunity and 3 months down the road, I was overwhelmed with meetings and product demonstrations. Even though there’s money to be made, I just don’t feel the drive to go through all that. Perhaps I am not what they called it – MLM material…

    • Hi Cathy,

      It’s hard to find somebody who has not had a bad experience with an MLM company. And you are a living example ofthis.

      Oh yes, if you’re not passionate about a niche, it can be hard to succeed in it. You said you were just in that MLM company because a friend told you it was a good money-making opportunity. This is what we call doing a friend a favour, and it is a recipe for failure. That was why you felt overwhelmed with meetings and product demonstrations.

      Since your heart is not in the business, whatever is done to help you will sound boring to you. You see that you said even though there was money to be made, you just didn’t feel the drive to go through all that. Of course, you were not MLM material.

      So do what you are passionate about.



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