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7 Ways to Reach Your MLM Goals

Going from no goals to setting up goals for your MLM business is like taking the blindfold off in the game of “Blind Life.” Here are 7 ways to follow through with them.

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1. Envision your dreams

An MLM business, or any other business for that matter, is not easy to see through to maturity. The difficulties which are bound to crop up can easily thrust you into the 20% of small businesses which don’t survive the first year. (According to the Small Business Administration (SBA) Office of Advocacy’s 2018 Frequently Asked Questions)

One therefore needs to stay motivated to avoid being part of that statistic.

The best way to do that with your mlm company is visualization. This consists in forming and holding pictures in your mind of what you would like your life to be like.

Once you learn to stick to your dreams and follow steadfastly through your goals, you will have a better chance at accomplishing them.

2. Hang around successful people


There is a myth that you are who you hang around with. There is also a “principle of success” called “The power of positive association.” It holds that you advance yourself by associating with successful people, because their values, ideas and directions influence yours.

It only goes without saying that if you want to be good or better at something you can only learn it from people who are good or better at it. As a Chinese proverb says, If you want to know the road ahead ask those coming back.

So if you can get around successful people you will pick up tips, pieces of advice, and an overall attitude that you can and use to succeed with your mlm company.


3. Listen to motivational speeches

A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people.” – Will Rogers, Famous American “cowboy humorist”.

We talked about association in the previous point. Now we are going to concern ourselves with reading and listening to successful people.

What successful people have written and said is the sum of their life experience acquired through trial and error. They can help you avoid the pitfalls and embrace the winning strategies.

Listening to motivational speeches and attending events organized by motivational speakers will help you gain confidence in yourself. They will also help you become fearless of the task that lies ahead of you. And point one above makes it clear that the task can be arduous.

So if you listen to motivational speakers, continue to pound it in your head that you can do it, the chances are great that you will attain your goals.

This is also called affirmation, another means of “programming” the sub-conscious mind. You can tell it over and over again what you want to be, and it will go to work on achieving that.

Although affirmation won’t do much by itself, it can be very powerful as a reinforcement tool.


4. Become an expert at what you do

In order to accomplish your mlm goals you have to be able to succeed in different facets of the business.

We have already said that hanging around successful people will make you pick up tips, advice, and an overall attitude and listening to them will make you learn their winning strategies.

These will give you a solid foundation of what makes a business work, arguments that will convince your prospects of your professionalism to make them join your business.

As we all know, practice makes perfect.

By practicing your presentation and going over your approach to convincing prospects, you will be less nervous and more confident when the time comes to talk to them in person.

Your calm, confident manner will make people recognize you as an expert in your field.


5. Avoid all bumps in the road

You are going to come across people telling you that you can’t do it (you’re wasting your time and your money). Situations are also going to crop up to reinforce the doubt sowed by friends and relatives.

But don’t forget that you have given it your all. You owe it to yourself to finish the business.

To accomplish your dreams and have success with your mlm company you have to put these people and their words behind you. You also have to ignore the situations sounding sirens in your head.

These are distractions and bumps in the road that will try to get you off course. Stay focused on what you want.


6. Keep your priorities straight

To have a successful mlm company requires your full attention at all times. In order words, part of your attention, half the time or some of the time will not suffice.

So if you want to have success with your network marketing business and live a fulfilling life, you must “give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar”, in other words, keep your priorities straight.


7. Go over your goals EVERY DAY

To set your goals and think it’s done is a big mistake which wouldn’t serve your purpose. You should rather review your mlm goals on a daily basis so you know exactly what needs to be done.

It is only when you remind yourself constantly of what your goals are by looking at them repetitively that you will be more apt to achieve them.

And anytime you accomplish a goal, cross it off the list and move on to the next one.

Don’t by any case treat your list as if it was set in stone. So while reviewing it daily, don’t hesitate to add to or delete things from the list.


Setting goals in your MLM business opportunity forces you to focus your thinking, resources, and actions. To attain your goals you must follow through with them using these 7 strategies.

They are just some of the things you can do to assure yourself of attaining your mlm goals. To each day is the evil thereof. But if you continue doing what you have to do you will find yourself on the right path towards an accomplished mlm company.


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18 thoughts on “7 Ways to Reach Your MLM Goals”

  1. I feel that I am horrible with MLM. I have tried and quit and tried and quit so many times. I think the hardest part is to take the rejections from people and what people talk of me and to top that off with the monthly fees. That is a lot of work for me. However, your tips are so right, as long as I envision my goal and keep going at it, I can do anything. These tips are so perfect for not just the MLM but also for real life goal as well. Thank you for keep inspiring.


    • Hi Nuttannee,

      You are not the only one horrible with MLM. I agree with you totally that the hardest part of doing an mlm business is to take the rejections from people and what they say about you. Yes, the monthly fees are also anotherhurdle to clear. Imagine paying each month and not making any money for months? However the ways developed here can help you win your mlm battle. You’re right, they’re not only good for just the MLM but many other things in life too.

      Thank you too for participating in this discussion.

  2. Thanks for this post on how to reach your goals on MLM, I have been a marketer online for some months now and I have not really earned a lot maybe I don’t have a goal yet? I don’t know, but thanks for this tips you have given I discovered am lacking all, but I wanna ask if you have a limited goal towards MLM and eventually you passed the goals and made it up is it a good thing to work on or you are over active?

    • Hi Rose,

      It’s a pleasure to serve my readers this post. Working online and not have any goal at all is like going on a journey and not have any destination in mind. That can also explain why you haven’t anything yet. So get back to making goals work for you. But I’m kind of confused with your question. I hope you will come back and make it clear. Then I can answer you.


  3. I love this awesome post!  Thank you for putting it up!  I will definately agree with you that to reach MLM goals one should hang out with successful people.  In fact, one should do it more than they do with unsuccessful people.  I found that to be the best advice one can listen to when they start a MLM business.  It wourks good for me and I sell beach body products.

    • Hi Jessie,

      Thanks for your appreciation of this post. It was my pleasure putting it up. In fact to succeed in any activity in life, one must hang out with successful people. That’s where you will pick up secrets and shortcuts. I think you saw the Chinese proverb which says that If you want to know the road ahead, ask those coming back? It says it all.

      Thanks for your comment.

  4. To my best understanding, this article relates to every business and aspect of life, success sometimes can be blurry and unclear, it takes a lot of orientation and enlightening to see it through. Having this article will be of great help to business owners of any kind and it’ll direct them to the steps to success. It’s said that vision sees it all, a business without vision see no possibilities of future success. Thanks

    • Hello there,

      Sure, sure, sure, the tips in this article relates to every business and all aspects of life. I would rather say the road to success sometimes can be blurry and unclear, so one needs ways see and go through it. Yes, it was to help business owners that I put this out as help towards their success. I hope it helps people achieve the desired results.

      Thanks for your contribution to the discussion.

  5. This is really great to see here and I must confess that I fancy every bit of details shared here too.  Though MLM business has Ben plagued by quite a lot of people, it cost nothing to invest more into it and still make the success happen. However, it seems like a big task. Seeing this you have shared here can really prove pivotal in changing the perception of everyone else about it. Thanks

    • Hello Rodarrick,

      Thanks for your high appreciation of this post, and especially for liking all the details. You’re right, MLM business has a bad name so that people run away from anything MLM. But there are some pretty good ones out there in which success can definitely happen. Yeah, it may be a herculean task because convincing people to join your business can be an uphill task. These tips to enlighten the marketer’s work. And I hope they help people succeeed.

      Thanks too.

  6. Hi, Einstein said that the imagination is a preview of lifes coming attractions. And that should say something. 

    Our environment is what influences us more than anything else. Choose your friends wisely and only spend time around good people.

    Respect your self enough to only hang around people that treat you well. 

    Work hard and never give up and you can live the life of your dreams. 

    • Hi Jake,

      I love that Einstein quote of yours. Of course that says something. 

      Yes, everything around us have strong influences on us. One can let them dominate them or do something about it, such as choosing
      your friends wisely and only spending time around people who help move you in your dream destination.

      Yes, hard work and determination are other elements that one needs to live the life of your dreams.

      Thank you.

  7. Hello;
    beautiful and deep analysis; I was a long time pessimist, defeatist and hateful of the consumer society where I came from, unable to build stable relationships with people I was in partnership business, I let myself sink. And one morning I discovered by the advice of a friend the strength and the infinite possibilities offered by the online association with people already successful .I will subscribe to not miss anything of your experience.
    thank you.

    • Hello Moi MOI,

      I love it that you found my review beautiful and a deep analysis. That you changed your mentality from pessimist to optimist about online business is a good thing. You must thank your friend for this as there are alot of possibilities to seize. Yes, do subscribe to not miss another post.

      Thank you.

  8. Goals are really helpful when set with insight, it is very important to consider every possibilities of success before diving into the business. I don’t really deal with MLM companies but I think using these tips will be of help, this applies to other businesses too. It’s very good that you outlined them, the one I find more interesting is hanging around successful and ambitious people, it’ll help trigger the creative part of you and you’ll be able to use their own testimonies as your own motivations, though no hard feelings should be attached. 

    • Hello there,

      We are at the end of the year, and everybody knows it is time to set goals. They are like compasses which let you know here you are going on the wide wild ocean. Business is something like that too. Of course, these tips aren’t just meant for MLM companies only but for any other type of business. Yeah, hanging around successful people is infectious.  You catch some of the energy that makes them tick. Birds of a feather flock together, you remember? So, as you hang around these guys, you end up becoming one of them.

      Thanks for your comment.

  9. I always have enough time to listen to motivational speakers whenever my family is not around cos I am a stay-at-home mum. I can say it’s very helpful in scaling through life and it helps get you on the straight lane. 7 ways to reach your MLM goals is a really lovely information, considering the rate at which businesses fail nowadays, this will be very helpful. I’ll share with to some other people.

    • Hello there,

      Listening to motivational speakers is really motivational (excuse the pun). As a stay-at-home mum  I guess you have the necessary time to do that. This way you’re using your time profitably to scale through life and I agree with you that “it helps get you on the straight lane.” Thanks for appreciating my post (7 ways to reach your MLM goals). Yes, it will come handy for those struggling to succeed online.

      Thanks for your promise to share with some other people.


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