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Ezekiel Chew, Asia Forex Mentor founder teaching forex trading to a class
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8 Asia Forex Mentor F.A.Q.s

I’m bringing you these frequently asked questions about Asia Forex Mentor to let you know the academy and how it can train you for trading success.


Mr Ezekiel Chew teaching forex trading to a to signify 8 Asia Forex Mentor F.A.Qs
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When and how was Asia Forex Mentor founded?

The Asia Forex Mentor (AFM) story began in 2008.

Close friends of the founder; Mr. Ezekiel Chew, knew of him trading successfully and asked him to teach them. He accepted and slowly that small group of friends started to grow bigger and bigger. Then it reached a point where Ezekiel had to transition his teachings online.

The online teachings started with a small group. That small group grew into a little community. Bit by bit, Ezekiel learned what worked and what didn’t. That helped him to fine-tune his teaching approach along the way. That little online community also began to grow and he started to teach physical live classes.

Being someone who doesn’t teach often and coupled with referrals, those small live classes grew in size.

Banks and trading institutions started approaching Ezekiel to coach their team. This is something Ezekiel is very proud of; like anyone else.

Ezekiel Chew knows that Asia Forex Mentor wouldn’t be what it is today had it not been for the kind support of his students throughout those years.

He know of many who are also following on the side and during festive seasons will kindly send him greetings.

Ezekiel truly appreciates that.

These are the little things that keep him going and he is genuinely thankful to all his supporters.

I am totally new to forex? Can I learn it?

Yes, any newbie can definitely learn Ezekiel Chew’s trading techniques. In fact, the stuffs that he puts in there are so simple that even kids can learn them.

Ezekiel strongly believes that if one cannot make something simple, then that person does not truly understand how to do it.

Much as coming to the course with some trading knowledge will of course be an advantage, zero knowledge of it will not be a problem.

CLICK HERE to learn forex trading from Ezekiel Chew even if you’re totally new to it.

I’m an experienced trader, is the AFM Signature Masterclass program beneficial for me?

Absolutely! There’s no question about that.

The AFM Signature Masterclass program is a comprehensive program that Ezekiel Chew did with a fine group of students made up of newbie and very seasoned traders.

This masterclass program is professionally recorded. Using it you will feel like you were in a classroom setting. Besides, Ezekiel personally edited it for home study. This includes the direction and work to do before progressing.

This program is painstakingly created with the understanding of how people learn and how to apply the knowledge taught for maximum effectiveness.

The AFM Masterclass program covers the fundamentals and technical aspects that every professional trader should incorporate in their trading.

This goes all the way from Ezekiel Chew’s acclaimed 5 Super A strategies, the business behind trading right up to the system of profitable trading and most importantly, the road to millions formula.

The forex trading strategies and system Ezekiel teaches are the absolute essential for every trader to become profitable. Even if you have your own successful trading formula, by adding and applying what he teaches you, Ezekiel is 100% sure that you will increase your trading profitability by miles.

Experienced traders, CLICK HERE for the AFM Signature Masterclass Program.

What separates Ezekiel Chew from the rest of the “Gurus”?

First of all, he focuses on Price action. That is the core of all professional trading. With price action, the “Gurus” lose out.

In that small group of “Gurus”, Ezekiel Chew has had countless students who have been through their programs. But eventually they all come to him. The biggest difference is no doubt Ezekiel’s style of teaching and the sharing of what works and what doesn’t work in the real live market.

While most teachers use screenshots in their teachings, Ezekiel only uses live charts.

As for the AFM Signature Masterclass program, it is a masterpiece of Price Action teachings of what works and what doesn’t. This is coupled with Ezekiel’s own done and tested system of trading profitably.

Ezekiel Chew doesn’t just teach theory. He also teaches the real workings in the live market as well as what goes on in the background of a professional forex trader. Essentially, he teaches how he makes forex trading into a proper business.

Does Ezekiel Chew only teach in Asia?

Ezekiel says he gets asked that question a lot. And the answer of course, is no.

In fact, Ezekiel has many foreign students some of whom became close friends of his.

He is also frequently invited all over the world to speak, consult and train traders. These include retail traders, banks, hedge funds and trading institutions.

When does the course start and when does it end?

The course starts when you sign up and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course. So you decide when to start and when to finish.

How long do I have access to the course?

You have lifetime access to the course! Just enroll and get unlimited access to this course for as long as you like.

Do it across any and all devices you like.

Why should I choose to learn from you rather than the thousand others out there in the market?

The answer is simple. Asia Forex Mentor Academy’s forex trading course is one of the best programs in the industry.

Here’s what is different about Ezekiel and his way of teaching as compared to the thousands of “gurus” out there in the market: Ezekiel is recognized as a Lifestyle Trader. He makes forex revolve around his life, and not the other way round (that is, his life around forex).

That’s a big difference.

Mr. Ezekiel Chew spends a maximum of 1-2 hours a day trading. And he probably makes far more that those who sit in front of their screen 8 to 10 hours a day.

You can find thousands and thousands of trading competitions winner out there who teach forex.

But here’s a fact.

Most of the trading competition winners are not even making actual money from their trading. Needless to even say making hundreds of dollars or even $1-2k a trade.

On the contrary, Ezekiel makes 6 figures in 1 trade. Period.


Here are some example of his past trades:

950% Growth in 1 trade

$159, 432 in 1 trade

$100k made during Donald Trump’s election (live account)

Final word

Before you go, I want you to do me two pieces of favour. In fact, one is for you and the other for me.

1. Sign up for Ezekiel Chew’s forex trading course right on this link.

2. Go down to the comment box and let us know what you think about this faqs of Asia Forex Mentor Academy, of Mr Ezekiel Chew, and of forex trading. Thank you.


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18 thoughts on “8 Asia Forex Mentor F.A.Q.s”

  1. To be honest, I am not too new to the world of forex and I would not deny that I have heard about this Asia forex mentor academy and I also had a lot of these questions on my head before but having read this here, you have really opened my eyes to all of these and i can only thank you for these. I like the fact that it is totally at learner’s pace and not compulsorily by have to follow  a plan.

    • Hi Rodarrick,

      As someone who is not too new to the world of forex and who knew about Asia Forex Mentor Academy and also

      had a lot of questions treated in the post on your head before, I guess this post was nothing new to you. That’s why I’m thrilled that this post have really opened your eyes to all of these.

      Oh no, you need not thank me at all for this post, it was my pleasure writing it for my blog’s visitors. 

      I really appreciate your visit to this blog and especially for reading this post because you’re somebody who understands what I’m trying to say here.

      It would have been a pity if you hadn’t commented. That’s why I thank you very much for it. People like you help others to appreciate certain posts.


  2. I have given forex trading a thought for a while now but didnt know if i should go into it yet but seeing all this information that you have given of Mr Chew, i must say that he really looks like the real deal. The main man that can take me to a better level when it comes to forex. His training looks like the erfect thing for me. I will sign up for this ASAP. Thank you

    • Hello Henderson,

      Ah, so you have given forex trading a thought for a while now but didnt know if you

      should go into it yet? So, it is your instinct which brought you here. And I’m happy to have given you this information Mr Ezekiel Chew, founder of the Asia Forex Mentor Academy. Ezekiel not only really looks like the real deal, he is the real deal.

      Sure, he has the knowledge and respect to take you to a better level when it comes to forex. You just have to read the testimonials to see that. And he has students all over the world who can attest to his “magic wand”.

      Yes, his training is perfect thing for you because it is built on knowledge and experience. Please, do sign up for this and you will never regret it. You’ll have taken the path to your forex greatness.

      Thank you too for visiting and for commenting.


  3. My only question is that you did not include the price of the training here. I guess that should have been among the major questions you would have answered but then, I am asking you here to please tell me the price of this training. Seeing that the price action is traded here, I’m sure that I would be able to up my game here through this offer. Thanks so much as I await your answer.

    • Hi Shelley,

      It is by design that i did not include the price of the training

      here. There is this link which takes you to a page. Down this page you are asked to fill in a form for full details and training videos. This is what will answer the question of price. Besides, prices sometimes change so fast that what you put into a post may be outdated at the time somebody is reading it.

      So, for the price of this training, go grab the link. And don’t forget the price action traded at AFM. Of course, you can up your game there through this offer.

      Thanks for coming over to visit and special thanks for commenting.


  4. Thanks for this information, it’s really a great deal to me because I’m willing to learn about forex from a reliable and trustworthy source, I believe this is my opportunity to learn forex trading from Ezekiel Chew. What I really like about Chew is that he didn’t limit his teachings to only Asia, he extended it to other foreign parts of the world too, I appreciate him for that. I’ll try and find my way across to this as soon as possible, thanks for sharing this amazing article.

    • Hello DreaJay,

      It was my greatest pleasure providing this information. I’m thrilled that it’s really a great deal to you.

      Ah, you’re willing to learn about forex from a reliable and trustworthy source? Yes, this is your opportunity to learn forex trading from Ezekiel Chew, the forex guy, and not a forex guru who will waste your time and money.

      No, Mr Chew does not limit his teachings to only Asia. He teaches in other parts of the world too. That’s why he has students all over the continents.

      I”ll encourage you to try and find your way across to this as soon as possible.

      Thank you too for coming over to read this and especially for commenting.

      Please, come back again. I’ll be posting more about Mr Chew and Asia Forex Mentor Academy.


  5. Thank you for this one. I had read your introductory post on this platform and it seems to me that you didnt cover all that there is to cover but luckily, you have done that here. There is hardly any question to ask again. For a platform that has been established since 2008, i am sure it is legit enough. I will talk to a friend if he is also interested in this one so we can do it together. Thank you for making this FAQ.

    • Hi John,

      It was my pleasure to serve my visitors this one too. Yes, I remember you had read and commented my introductory post on this Asia Forex Mentor platform. Of course, this was to complement the information given before. It is hardly possible to exhaust a topic in just one post. In fact, I’ll be doing other posts on AFM so that at the end people can have as much idea as possible.

      I’m happy that you didn’t find any question to ask again. And you’re right that since this platform has been established since 2008, it is legit enough. Yes, please talk to a friend if he is also interested in this one so you can do it together.

      Thank you for visiting and commenting this FAQ.


  6. Thanks for well-written and thorough F.A.Q about Asia forex mentor. I have been investing for Forex stuff for three years but for stocks for almost two decades. In my opinion, Asia mentor sounds to be definitely the top pick in terms of effective forex principles for new traders and it is something I could consider even as some sort of experienced forex trader. Thanks for sharing this! 

    • Hello jessetoikkanen,

      Thank you also for coming to visit and especially for appreciating my article as “well-written and thorough F.A.Q about Asia forex mentor.” I feel proud. This means that I have done my work well.

      Being somebody who has been investing for Forex stuff for three years and stocks for

      almost two decades, you must be a very experienced. Therefore your opinion, that Asia mentor sounds to be definitely the top pick in terms of effective forex principles for new traders comforts me a lot.

      Your idea to consider AFM even as an experienced forex trader is a good idea. More knowldge has never done anyone any harm.

      So grab this link and begin your exciting journey.


  7. Hi Akoli! Thank you for this review. I have recently understood why we newbies don’t make profit when trading. And it’s mostly because we hang on to losing trades hoping it turns positive. We’re uncomfortable recognizing we can’t win all trades. But I know there are so many other things I need to learn. I like Mr. Ezekiel’s story. I’ll give his platform a try.

    • Hi Henry,

      Serving my website visitors this review is my greatest pleasure. Yes, knowledge is power. Going into trading the way one goes into I don’t know what, is a catastrophe. As you said, this is why newbies don’t make profit when trading. You got it right. People stick to losing trades while hoping it turns positive. It simply won’t. Trading is not magic where you can pull a dove out of a handkerchief.

      Realizing as you did, that there are so many other things you need to learn is a first step to success. Mr. Ezekiel Chew’s story shows you this can be done. Yes, give his platform a try and you wouldn’t regret it.

      Thank you for visiting and for commenting. I hope you wIll come back here soon.


  8. This looks to be a nice course, For any one to be successful in any bisiness, Aquiring the right knowlege is the first step. Am not good in forex trading, but feel like starting with this course to widen my online income.

    But, for me am more interested in affiliate marketing, its what i have been doing for 2 year now. i would like to know whether this course has an affiliate program.

    • Hello Mugalu,

      This not only looks like a nice course, but it really is. You’re right, training is necessary for anyone wishing to succeed in a
      business. One thing leads to another.

      I agree with you that acquiring the right knowlege is the first step. You don’t have to be good at forex trading to do it. Since you feel like starting with this course to widen y our
      online income, I will say that is the right attitude.

      I think you said before that you’re more interested in affiliate
      marketing. But that is kay, because this course has an affiliate program.

      Check it up here.

      Thanks for visiting and especially for commenting.


  9. I was excited reading this review. I initially thought it would be difficult to find a platform where I could learn how to trade at my own pace. I also like that Mr. Ezekiel makes things easy for us that are not familiarized with all the jargon.

    I want to learn how to trade. How much does it cost to get started with this course?

    • Hi Ann,

      One can’t help but be excited reading this review. Of course, there are some forex trading academy sites out there but it is not easy to find a platform where one could learn how to trade at one’s own
      pace. But that is not the most important aspect. Forex trading is not every person’s cup of tea. And that’s where Mr. Ezekiel comes in. He makes things easy for learners who are not
      familiar with all the jargon.

      Congrats on your decision to learn how to trade. For the cost, I would suggest youclick here for more details.

      Thanks for your visit and for commenting.



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