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8 Reasons Why You’ll Make More Money With The HOTH

Maybe you’re a stay-at-home-mom, home worker, affiliate marketer, unemployed, under-employed, college student, laid off or low salary employee, passive income seeker, retired individual, or just somebody looking to make money online from home free.

The Hoth logo made up of a red mascot clutching a club and beside it at right THEHOTH written in grey and black capital letters
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Well, a good opportunity is waiting for you.

To sell SEO services and blog content with a company called the Hoth.

Me, sell SEO?

Yes, although it sounds technical, you can sell SEO.

All you do is send prospects to the company and they handle the rest and pay you a commission.


Click Here To Learn More About the HOTH Affiliate Program!


Click Here To Get Started with the HOTH Affiliate Program!


These are 8 reasons why you’ll make money with them.


  1. They Use Awesome Funnel & Follow up

When you drive traffic to the Hoth through your affiliate link or affiliate banner, they do all that is humanly possible to make it convert.


They pass your prospects through a highly converting autoresponder, organize valuable webinars for them, make them special offers; there’s also retargeting, a live sales team, awesome support and MORE.

You’ll agree with me that all these means go above and beyond the ordinary. And they’re meant to get you your commissions.

  1. They Dominate the Industry With 25% Payouts

The Hoth pay you up to 25% commissions on their products. They know that larger payouts in your pocket for each package ordered by your referrals will motivate you to work harder. The more you gain, the more they gain.

However on their larger high ticket products (HOTH X and MEGA Packages), you can earn 5%.

Did your eyes dim?

Know that that can equate to $50-$200+ commission on each package.

Okay, I can see the smile

  1. They Pay $100-150 Per Referral & Use 60-Day Tracking Cookies

On average, Hoth’s clients purchase 2.68 packages. What this means in dollar terms is that they can easily spend $400-600 within their first 2 months of coming to the Hoth.

And you get paid commission on all sales within 60 days of referring the client to the Hoth.

  1. They are the Fastest Growing Brand in SEO Link Building

If the Hoth are branding themselves, normally that is their own business, but why must you care as an affiliate?

The answer is simple.

And it is: Because people buy from brands that they trust.

And this is how they go about branding:

  • They have a cute mascot
  • They use great graphic design
  • They put a lot of strategy, time and money into building the brand by:

– being present at and attending major industry conferences

– They contribute to leading publications

– They buy media to expand brand awareness

The result of all these actions?

The Hoth has become the fastest growing brand in their field, and one whose conversions will continue to increase.

The higher the conversion rate, the more money you will make as an affiliate.

  1. They Work Harder to Close Sales

How does the Hoth go about that?

  • Contrary to certain brands that have no real sales support, the Hoth have an inside sales team that is quick in responding to any inquiries, resolving concerns, and closing sales.
  • They enter any promising lead you send them into their CRM and a member of their persistent, professional team follows up until the sale is closed and you get paid.
  • They run retargeting advertising campaigns and that get more new customers to complete their purchases and existing customers to reorder and you get paid on all of that too.
  1. They Carry Out Constant Split Testing to Keep Conversions Growing

The Hoth does this in two main ways:

  • They constantly run at least 1 split test to improve conversions on their site, many of which result in the improvements of 10-40% which means you make more money, for not doing more.
  • The Hoth product range is evolving all the time to keep customers happy and thus come back for more.
  1. They Offer Optimized Banners Inside Your Affiliate Interface

Banners are some of the affiliate tools which help you need to succeed in promotion.

You will find tested-to-convert banners in your affiliate dashboard to get your campaign underway immediately.

  1. Their Customer Service Obsession Makes You Look Good

If you have worked hard to build up an audience, they look up to you to make useful product recommendations.

But the reality is that any recommendation has the potential to strengthen or hurt your relationship with them.

That’s why being affiliate of a company like the Hoth who are obsessed with delivering unforgettable experiences with every order, every customer service interaction, every support request, wows customers.

The result?

You look great to your audience for referring them to the Hoth.

In view of the preceding, what are you waiting for to be a Hoth affiliate?

Click Here To Get Started with the HOTH Affiliate Program!



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2 thoughts on “8 Reasons Why You’ll Make More Money With The HOTH”

  1. I’ve actually used the Hoth before for keyword research but I never realized they have so good affiliate program as well. I definitely think they’re brand and product are in check as I use it myself so this is something I have to think about.

    I’ve only used their free SEO tools but I guess their other products are legit so I have no doubt they would be pretty easy to sell. I’m focusing my efforts on a website based on fitness/health niche currently but I’ve had an MMO/affiliate marketing blog up and running for over a year that I plan to grow in the future. This seems like a great affiliate product as the commissions are good and the product is a good match for my niche.

    Have you used the affiliate program how much yourself? How good would you say the conversion rate is? I have a few other products with good conversion rates and comission in line but I’ll definitely keep this in mind. Thanks for the idea!

    • Hi Jukka,

      Oh, so you know about the Hoth already? And you even used it before for keyword research. But then you never realized they have so good affiliate program as well. Yes, they’re brand and product are in check as you said because you use it yourself. Definitely this is something you have to think about.

      Once legit, always legit. So if you found some of the Hoth’s programs good, the others got to be good as well. And as they say in marketing “A good product sells itself.” That’s why that company’s product would be pretty easy to sell. I hope you find fitness/health niche easy to run because that’s a pretty competitive field. It isn’t impossible to do anyway. Besides, I will encourage you to revive your MMO/affiliate marketing blog. And one of the programs you mayconisder for that site could be the Hoth affiliate product and, as you say, the commissions are good and the product is a good match for yout niche.

      I’m registered for the affiliate program myself, unfortunately I don’t promote it actively. And like “Do nothing and nothing will happen”, nothing has happened to that business. So, I can’t tell you about the conversion rate. But there’s no harm in trying. So sign up for it and give it a try. As they say, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. You may succeed where I’ve not.

      Thanks for the visit and the wondeful comment.



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