9 simple ideas you can easily implement to get traffic

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In this post we are going to give you 9 simple ideas you can easily implement to get traffic.

Traffic is the lifeblood of any Internet business. That’s why people who work online, engage in work from home businesses … are always looking for how to get traffic.

Anyone looking for quick traffic can buy it. But it’s not the best form. The one you must aim for is organic traffic. It’s enduring.

This article is going to look at how to get this traffic free, through article marketing, from your blog or website, from your email signature, and from forum posting. You will also get how to get it with press releases, from Facebook, from Instagram, from Twitter, and on Youtube.


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  1. How to get traffic through Article Marketing

The first of the 9 simple ideas you can easily implement to get traffic we are going to look at is article marketing.

Article marketing used to drive traffic big time for online workers. While it no longer works like before, it still is alive and very well. 

First, sign up if you’re not a member of article sites like ezinearticles.com or goarticles.com.

Then check the sites for the categories of articles that they publish.

If you find a category which corresponds to your blog’s, go through a handful of the articles published to see what has not been treated at all or not sufficiently. Maybe you can bring depth or a fresh angle to a published piece.

Create a valuable article and submit it. 

Make sure to follow the guidelines in submitting your articles to each site, especially those related to length and author bio where you include your links to ensure getting traffic back to your offer or website.

That said, let’s go to the second of the 9 simple ideas you can easily implement to get traffic.


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  1. How to get traffic from your Blog or Website

Thi is the second of the 9 simple ideas you can easily implement to get traffic.

Do you stop to wonder why all businesses now create blogs in addition to their corporate websites? And have you ever wondered why people who work diligently on their blogs end up being successful and making a lot of money?

Yes, blogs work.

Online, people buy only from those they trust. And which better way to build awareness of your brand than a blog where you educate your prospects and clients or customers about your product/service or company.

With so many choices to make in their purchasing decisions, consumers are looking for information to guide them. This, they get from blogs, especially reviews, the topics of which they consume hungrily. Should a visitor like what they see on your blog, they will keep coming back for more.

One thing is sure. If you blog consistently and professionally, over time Google will trust your site, index it and send you more and more natural traffic.

But  an overlooked means among the 9 simple ideas you can easily implement to get traffic is your email signature.


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  1. How to get traffic from your Email signature

How to get traffic from your email signature is the third of the 9 simple ideas you can easily implement to get traffic.

If you are not aware yet, know that your email signature is an asset. For every time you send out an email to someone, you have the potential to advertise your business. Because your email signature is displayed with the message and your correspondent may be curious to find out what you have to offer and that may lead to a sale! 

So go into your email account now and modify your email signature to include the link(s) to your offer(s).

If you use a gmail account, simply go to the “settings” tab in the upper right hand corner of your gmail account page, then scroll down to the very bottom where it says signature.  Here you would enter your business. For example:

<a href=http://akoli.surveys6.hop.clickbank.net>Learn how to Take Surveys For Cash online!</a>

Do you use another type of email account like yahoo! Outlook, etc?

Just google how to add a signature to that type of email account and follow the simple instructions to modify your email signature and drive that traffic now.

If many people ignore email signature as one of simple ideas you can easily implement to get traffic, that is not true of forum posting.


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  1. How to get traffic from Forum Posting

The fourth of the 9 simple ideas you can easily implement to get traffic is this.

Some people do their affiliate business just posting in forums.

We said earlier people are looking for information to make their decisions in the digital space. Many members are asking questions in forums.

So find forums related to your type of online work or niche.

Create an account there and add your signature area of your account.

Read the rules to participating in the forum and especially concerning posting to avoid your posts before deleted or signalled as spam.

Introduce yourself and start commenting in the forums.

Don’t start by promoting yourself. It will turn people off and you may be branded as a spammer.

Since your signature contains your link, any time you post in a forum, it will create a link to your business. 

With patience and determination, this can start to deliver a lot of traffic and sales for you!


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  1. How to get traffic with Free Press Releases

Free press releases is the fifth of the 9 simple ideas you can easily implement to get traffic.

A press release is a short official statement or announcement sent to the press for publication to inform their readers (the public) of an event such as the creation of a company or the launch of a new product.

If your writing skill is good, you can google on how to write a press release and write your own about your website or program. However if you want the task handled by a professional, you can go to websites like HireWriters.com, TextBroker.com or others to get a press release created for you.

Doing a press release can generate an enormous amount of traffic. 

Unfortunately many people don’t know there is a service like this and above all that you can have it done for free!

Check the following top free press release distribution websites and get your press release out for high PR and traffic!



































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  1. How to get traffic from Facebook page

Now, we come to number 6 of the 9 simple ideas you can easily implement to get traffic.

Is there any need to tell you that Facebook is the largest social media with over 2 billion members and equally over 2 billion monthly users?

Can you imagine what a market that represents? And the opportunity that can bring you in terms of traffic?

If you are a business, use your Facebook account to create a Facebook page which is a sort of account for businesses.

Send out notices to your fans to join your page. Build up relationships with them by positing helpful matters and commenting on them. Urge them to like and share. But that may not be necessary if your posts are engaging. Just as a good product sells itself, a valuable post will be liked and shared.

Now create an interesting post talking about your offer and how it can solve some of the problems your fans have and post it on your Facebook page.  Don’t forget to include a link to the offer using an irresistible Call-To-Action (CTA).

Your fans will follow the link and come to your website or offer to check it. This way, you obtain traffic and generate some quick money!


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  1. How to get traffic from Instagram

Instagram traffic is the sixth among the 9 simple ideas you can easily implement to get traffic.

Instagram is a social network which, like Pinterest, uses pictures and images a lot.

So when you create an instagram page, don’t hesitate to start uploading interesting pictures or images that you own. It is important that the pictures or images be clear and eye-catching. 

Start by building a “following” because that is where your traffic will come from.

It is recommended to pick a niche same as the one of your offer. So, if you deal with travelling or travel agency or sites, post pictures related to interesting and exotic places, the more the better. Include your vacation pictures (the interesting ones). 

You may also post things that you love, such as hiking and post pictures of beautiful trails.

With time you will get followers, who eventually visit the links you post in your account!

Use great pictures you take and awesome images you create, and these will generate free traffic for you, that you can funnel to your blog or offer!


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  1. How to get traffic from Twitter

The last but one idea, the eighth of the 9 simple ideas you can easily implement to get traffic is good old Twitter.

If you don’t yet have a Twitter account, create one and start following as many people as possible who are interested in your niche, e.g.: making money online from home.

If you already have a Twitter account but haven’t been following the right people who may be interested in your business, now is the time to do so.

A way to get highly engaged people is to follow an influencer in your niche and follow their following.

Once you have enough people following you back, you should start engaging with them, posing interesting things and following, liking and sharing their tweets.

Once you have a good rapport with them, you can now send tweets promoting your program.


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  1. How to get traffic on YouTube

Wow, if you would ask me about YouTube traffic. It is the last of the 9 simple ideas you can easily implement to get traffic.

It is simple to generate free traffic to our offer using YouTube and make money. 

If you are promoting on YouTube, the second most popular search engine in the world, what do you think that can do you in terms of traffic?

Some time back, video marketing on YouTube was a problem because the video apps were too technical to use and ordering videos for your brand can end up killing the bank.

Now, there are cheap video apps all over. Besides, you can use your telephone to create and upload high converting videos to YouTube.

You may create explainer videos, review videos and others that talk about your offer and how you have had success with the program.

Use keywords in your video title and description that are related to your program to help rank.  Make sure to include your link inside and/or under the video.

Another EXCELLENT technique you can use to drive traffic from YouTube to your offers or blog, is simply say your mind in the comment section of the videos on every YouTube video related to your niche. Not things like “Yeah, nice video!” “You said it right” but engaged comments which show that you watched the video. Sometimes you may even take a contrary view to the one in the view to create controversy. That will generate a lot of conversation and make people click on your link to go to your site to see what makes you tick so much.

Okay, so come we to the end of this post on 9 simple and free ways to get traffic to anything you are promoting.

Of course, these are not the only free ways to get traffic nor are the social media cited the only good ones. Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and others can also send you lots of traffic.

Now that you know the 9 simple ways to get organic traffic to your offers or website, why don’t you go ahead and implement them? Doing just one of them will bring your online business immense traffic. Don’t ever forget: no traffic no business online. And no business, of course, no sales and no money.

Your comments on this post, like the others, are highly welcome. Just scroll down to the little box there and let us know what you think. Of course, we will reply as early as possible.



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2 thoughts on “9 simple ideas you can easily implement to get traffic

  1. Generating traffic can be hard at the beginning, but these tips seem to make it a lot easier. I am currently working on getting traffic by posting on social networks like pinterest, facebook, twitter and google +. I even created a facebook page, which really helped me promote my website and reach out to more people. Thanks for sharing this post!

    1. Hi Ruya,

      Yes, generating traffic can be hard at the beginning, and I think it’s because people are taught to create websites, to do business online but don’t learn much about how to drive traffic. Yes, the tips seem to
      make it a lot easier. “Seem to” is a good phrase to use because nothing is easy in this regard. Yes, working on getting traffic by posting on social networks like pinterest, facebook, twitter and google + a facebook page, helps reach more people and promote your website. I’m happy that you loved this post and hope to see you again here!

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