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9 sources to find quality content for your website

If you want to attract quality traffic to your website and keep those visitors coming back for more, there’s only one best thing to do.


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You must create quality content continually for your website.


That may be easier said than done. This is in view of the expertise and the work creating content continually demands. But you have no choice but to “just do it”.


Can you imagine how boring it will be to consume the same meal over and over again? That’s how it will also be for your website visitors if they have to read the same content all the time.


As variety is the spice of life, they wouldn’t let you bore them to death. Your competitors’ sites may do the work properly and attract them there like moth to a bright light.


Variety of content is the popularity of your website. That not only keeps your readers happy but it also makes them keep coming back for more. Moreover, the search engines would rank sites that are regularly updated.

So develop a regular writing schedule and make the effort to stick to it. At least, add something to your website twice a week. As Nike says, “Just Do It”! That’s what will provide your visitors fresh useful content and let them recommend your website to others.

That said, let’s look at 9 sources where you can find the inspiration to “just do it”.



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  1. Bulletin board or a guest book


One source for quality content for your website is to create a bulletin board or a guest book on your website. It will offer your visitors an opportunity to give their version of an opinion you or a guest contributor has expressed.


This will lead to lively debate. It is because people will undoubtedly express dissenting opinions from yours, your contributors’ or other visitors’.


This ongoing discussion will not keep debaters coming back to check the feedback on their opinions. It will also offer you material for a follow up article.


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  1. Feature Articles is another source of quality content


You could write a special descriptive article or interview, a distinctive or a regular article on a certain topic. This should be relevant to your site’s theme. It should also educate, entertain or inform.


You could also get a guest contributor for the work or exchange articles with them.


  1. Articles of other authors or other websites

New content creators often ignore this source of quality content for their websites. Or, even they do it wrong.

Reprinting articles of other authors cannot in any way qualify for original content. And in the worst case it would be qualified as plagiarism. You can however personalize such articles and make them more interesting.

Writing an introduction to the subject or commenting on the author’s opinions or conclusions can enable you to put your own personal ‘spin’ on the content.

You must however avoid articles that have been reprinted many times. Also be sure to obtain the author’s permission before editing their article for use.

You can also get ideas from subscribing to your industry’s news which you may publish in a separate section of your site.



Computer multimedia for 9 sources to find quality content for your website
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  1. Multimedia


You can upload your own or copyrighted sound, music, pictures, photographs, and video clips to your website.


At Wealthy Affiliate for example, practically everything, including videos, can be shared. This, with your affiliate link embedded in them for credit in case someone should consume them and sign up for an account.


This source of traffic will also be your greatest source of revenue from your website.


  1. Searching for the best Content

In line fishing, you use meat to get another meat.


The same can be done with content, where you use one content to get another for your website.


You can scour sites and other resources (eZines, directories, books, offline publications) for the best on a subject you can handle very well on your property. Then list them on your site. It will not only be a destination for people seeking information on your subject but also a source of content for you.



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  1. Reviewing products and companies


You can collect and write short critical articles about books, websites, music, and movies. Also concerning play, artwork, web designers, restaurants, products, services, etc. They must be relevant to the topic of your site.


You recommend the best and flag the bad. That could be a regular and good contributor of content to your website.


Here is a simple but a powerful template for writing product reviews that we’re taught over at Wealthy Affiliate.


  1. Collecting newsworthy items

Have you ever thought of this as a place to get traffic for your website?


Yet, it is.


On your website, you can announce new and innovative products and services, and improved versions of old products or services. Also, insider information in your industry, rumours and gossip in your field, swings and developments.


This will enable you to inform people and keep them up to date with the latest gossip and happenings. You will also have access to an endless flow of information.


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  1. Conducting interviews


Talking face-to-face or via email or over the telephone with an expert or a famous figure (influencer) in your field can provide exciting, valuable content.


You could do this by first learning something about your interviewee beforehand to come up with pertinent questions. This will help you decide upon a topic for the interview and to ask additional questions.


You could also use the information to contact them for clarification when necessary, and edit your copy so that it reads well.


With this, let’s consider the ninth place where you can get good traffic for your website.



  1. Interacting with your website visitors


Interacting with your readers leads to closer, more personal bonding with them. This offers you the opportunity to know their preferences, likes and dislikes. You could also collect their complaints and suggestions. What you also get is their feedback on your performance. You also gather valuable demographic data on them.


All of those can furnish you fresh content to use on your site.


Surely there are other great sources out there to find quality content for your website. Which ones do you know that wasn’t treated here?


Tell us in the comment box below. I may even write a new article with them.



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