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If you’ve ever been associated with Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) or Network Marketing (both the same really), what do you run out of after 3-6 months in business?


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Warm leads, right?


I know because I’ve been there before.ù


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Obviously when you have a new business to promote, it’s much easier to very first speak to people you know (warm market).

This is because the members of your family, your neighbours, friends and colleagues would most likely give you an attentive ear. For some reasons (including not wishing to appear unhelpful) they will possibly purchase your product and even end up joining your business.

If you like the concept of MLM and have any reason to hold back from introducing it to your warm market, I encourage you to please read on. However if you’ve stopped working in MLM like I have 3-4 times, this post can help you too a lot.

Perhaps you’d been involved in other businesses before and currently have worn out your warm market! Let’s see how it plays out.

Does your circle of influence run the other way when they see you coming? Have it seemed like your relationship with all your family, friends, neighbours and colleagues has been marred?

Am I striking a few chords here?

I’m still included personally in MLM but this short article is in no way meant to recruit people into my company. That’s why I will not even tell you what MLM company I’m with.

I have only one objective with writing this short article. To reveal to YOU how to utilize the Internet to develop an endless flow of warm market leads and never ever pay a penny for them. Of course they’ll be your own leads, not shown anyone else’s.

In truth you can easily replicate yourself with the serious players in your downline and construct a HUGE organization.



You’re reading the best short article if you have actually questioned how to use the Internet to build an effective team around the world organization.

If you do it the right way, utilizing the Internet to construct warm market leads is possible. I’m not talking about using the FREE site from the business you represent. How can you anticipate to stand out from the crowd when you and thousands of others have the very same site?

The search engines have gotten smart to this and these replicate sites never actually get a chance to rise to the top in search results anyway.

Some online search engines even consider them SPAM. Because all they contain is duplicate content.

What you require is a way to be seen, and have individuals finding you, and calling you on the phone or sending out an e-mail.

To have an effective MLM organization, it all boils down to 4 steps;


STEP 1) Recruitment/Lead Generation/Relationship-Building

“New Blood” is vital to the continual development of any Network Marketing business. Therefore you have to recruit or generate leads.

But how do you go about it?

Share information about your business with your circles without so much as trying to recruit them.

Whip up their curiosity.

Peak their interest.

Whet their appetite.

And when they see the good in what you’re offering, they will themselves ask for more detailed information.


STEP 2) Sales Conversation

Leads/prospects vote with their wallet and purchase a product (or more than one).

This is the time to sit down with your prospects and tell them about the products. For them to know what benefits they can obtain from them, you propose they buy and use the products themselves.


ACTION 3) Ongoing Consumption

Converted customers are regular, faithful users of the service or product you use (i.e., satisfied dedicated fans).

As seeing is believing, or, as the sweetness of the pudding is in the eating, once they are satisfied with how the products help them solve problems that they have, they will buy more of the product for themselves and for the action below.


ACTION 4) Replication

Consumers transfer to the next level and end up being active distributors who develop their downlines by introducing members of their families and close personal good friends to the products and the opportunity.

Like converted evangelicals, they also go out to have a sales conversation with their people. To “convert” them. You simply opened their eyes and they are seeing clearly now themselves.

This sounds kind of easy, right?

Not always.

If you have no leads, you have:

– no sales conversion

– no ongoing intake

– nobody to reproduce


It’s extremely easy to comprehend why individuals fail at Network Marketing when they do it offline. Nearly all individuals have a problem with working up the nerve to hire and create new leads in person. THEY FEAR REJECTION.

Offline, it’s hard to simply go up to complete strangers, people outside your “warm market”. That’s why most offline Network Marketers never really get much done. They quit (in their minds) before they even got started! People have actually been programed to fail from the word “go!”



I don’t care how bashful you may be, you can build a successful MLM business without leaving your house. You no longer need to keep expanding your circle of pals to have individuals to talk with about your items and opportunity.

They preach “Warm Market” only. There is a way to use the Internet and still stay in compliance with your business.

Now many have tried to take the offline methods of building an organization and pushing it down the throats of the online world. It just doesn’t work.

It’s time to put the NET into NETWORK MARKETING. How would you like to have inspired, prospective consumers and business-builders calling you? We all understand that you cannot press a chain, but you can pull it!

That’s why it’s important for you to understand the information of how this might work for you. A lot of the big Diamond Distributors in a multitude of companies are doing this.

For you to get YOUR share of the very best Multi-Level Marketing Leads on the internet, you have to know how the Big Guys do it.

That’s a topic treated in the posts below. It gives you how it’s done action by action. Their secret is out. These are living proofs individuals (myself not included) who are building their businesses this way. Individuals call them, they never have to make a phone call, speak with complete strangers or need to leave their houses.


Click to read How to recruit strangers into your new business

Summary conclusion

It’s warm leads you need? To reveal YOU how to utilize the Internet to build an endless circulation of warm market leads and never ever pay a cent for them. They’ll be your own leads, not shared with anyone else.

Using the Internet to build warm market leads is possible if you do it the ideal way. Almost all people have a problem with working up the guts to recruit and produce new leads.


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6 thoughts on “A FREE unlimited supply of theMulti-level Marketing Leads”

  1. Hello,

    I loved your blog and I am a member of a firm believer that anyone can make it on the internet as long as they put the work into it but getting leads is very difficult especially on the internet where it’s super competitive.

    I will try out the lead techniques and hopefully see some results.

    • Hello Michael,

      Thanks for your love of my blog. Yes, the internet has levelled the playing ground for all, making it possible for anyone to make it on the internet. But as you said, they must be prepared to put in the hard work. Sure, getting leads is not an easy matter because people don’t like being sold to.

      After you have tried out the lead techniques, I hope you will come back here and let us know the results.

  2. I must say this is a lot vital information packed up in one article,I watched the video and I must say its load too……I have been doing MLM for sometime now and the problem I have had overtime is leads as they are not easy to get but I think this system would work if I try it out. Thanks alot for sharing this awesome article.



    • Hi David,

      I’m happy that you found I’ve packed a lot vital information into this article. Sure, for many people in MLM, the problem is getting leads. But try the system I’ve developed in this article and see how it comes out. Thanks a lot to you too for commenting on this article.

  3. Your Guide is very helpful. While reading I know that Consumers transfer to the next level and end up being active distributors who develop their downlines by introducing members of their families and close personal good friends to the products and the opportunity. Now many have tried to take the offline methods of building an organization and pushing it down the throats of the online world. It just doesn’t work. Thanks for shairng,

    • Hey Harish,

      Thanks for finding my guide very helpful. Yes, if you let your circles that you managed to turn into consumers themselves see the value of a product, they may become active distributors and build their downlines too which will be beneficial to you. Thanks for commenting too.


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