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A Summarily list of 22 Steps for a Money-Making Blog Online

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The 22 steps can be grouped into 6 categories:


  • The Foundation of Your Site
  • Building Your Site with WordPress
  • Preparing Content for Your Site
  • Marketing Your Site
  • Making Money with your Site, and
  • Automate and Scale Up Your Business.


The Foundation of Your Site


Step 1. Select the Platform for Your Blog

The hosted platforms can be subdivided into 2: free and paid. Some of the free ones are Blogger (on which I created my first blog and TypePad is also a hosted platform but can cost you as much as hosting your own site.


Here is a list of other free platforms…



Ghost (Ghost is only free if you download and install it yourself)



… and of other paid hosted platforms





To create your blog, you may use free software like Textpattern or WordPress (It is even a good idea to research and demo a number of systems at opensourceCMS.



Step 2. Register Your Domain Name

I registered this site’s domain (SecureYourFutureWithUs) with NameCheap. However, many big name bloggers recommend Hostgator.


Step 3. Find a Web Hosting Service Provider

At only $4.95 per month, Hostgator are affordable. However I’m hosted at Wealthy Affiliate.


Step 4. Get Tools for Statistics


Now Install Your Statistics Tracking Code

Google Analytics



…Building Your Blog with WordPress


Step 5. Install WordPress


Step 6. Find a Theme

WooThemes or SiteRubix

Step 7. Edit Your Theme

Check the documentation here

Step 8. Install Plugins

Codex Plugin List.


Here are some essential plugins for every WordPress blog:

  • Admin Drop Down Menu
  • Ad Rotator
  • AdThis
  • Akismet
  • All In One SEO Pack
  • Digg Defender
  • Digg This
  • External Links
  • Get Recent Comments
  • Jetpack
  • Meta Box
  • Related Posts
  • Sociable
  • Social Bookmark Creator
  • The excerpt Reloaded
  • Ultimate Tag Warrior
  • WordPress Database Backup
  • WP-Amazon


Preparing Content for Your Site

This part has 4 steps:

  • focus on a niche
  • research great post topics
  • use awesome titles, and
  • start posting.


Step 9. Focus on a Niche

  • It will boost your search engine rankings
  • It will make it easier to target prospects
  • It will make your advertising more effective


New to WordPress? Check WordPress’ Writing posts

Check Problogger’s 10-9 ways to find great post ideas for your blog

Step 10. Research Great Post Topics

Step 11. Use Awesome Titles

How to Write Magnetic Headlines 

Download valuable ebooks from Copyblogger

Using Titles Effectively on Blogs

Step 12. Start Posting

Here are step by step instructions

Post at Regular Periods



Marketing Your Site Steps

Step 13. Submit Your Site for Inclusion in the Search Engines

Step 14. Offer Feeds and Email Subscriptions



Here are three reasons why:

  • Feedburner enables you to track your subscribers
  • With Feedburner you get various tools to control and promote your feeds
  • Using Feedburner you can offer email subscriptions

Step 15. Add Social Bookmarking to Your Entries

Social Bookmark Creator plugin

Step 16. Submit Your Posts to Social Bookmarking Services

Comprehensive list.

Step 17. Comment in Forums and on Other Blogs

Step 18. Do not be Sparing on Linking

Another useful linking strategy is to include a blogroll or a list of links to interesting sites on your blog. This is for two reasons:

  • Such high quality links are invaluable to your visitors
  • Some of the sites you link to will link back to you



Making Money with your Site

This step has two sub-sections:

  • Join advertising programs
  • Join affiliate programs

Step 19. Join Advertising Programs

Ad Rotator plugin for WordPress.

Google AdSense.

Step 20. Join Affiliate Programs



The done-for-you ones are:



Automate and Scale Up Your Business

This last step has 2 steps:

  • automate your business and
  • scale up your business.

Step 21. Automate your business

Easy Steps to Affiliate Marketing Success (Step VII & end)

Step 22. Scale up your business

7 Easy Steps to Affiliate Marketing Success (Step VII & end)


Ready to create a beautiful WordPress blog FREE in no time and begin making money online? SiteRubix is your choice. Build your blog in easy steps now!

Do you know of any other step to create a blog? You’re welcome to let us know in the comment box below. Thank you.



Your peersonal guide to securing your future online.


No time, but need more information? Click List of 22 Steps to a Money-Making Blog Online  


Want to read the whole article? Click 22 steps to having a money making blog online

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