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A summary of 20 benefits of guest blogging for the host blog

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In an earlier post, we saw 29 benefits of guest blogging for the guest blogger. But the benefits do not go only to one party. Since there is some amount of give and take, in this post, we are going to take a look at ways the host blog also benefits from the association.


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But before we dive in, what is guest blogging?

Guest blogging is a mutually beneficial exchange between one blogger and another one by which the former publishes their post on the latter’s blog.

Now, let’s look at the benefits the host blog also gets from this relationship.


  1. Obtains more useful content

By creating content for another website, the guest blogger of course enables the host blog to get content which the owner wouldn’t maybe have the time or otherwise to produce themselves. But we all know that valuable (because the blog owner vets it for its usefulness for the blog and its readers) content is the lifeblood of a site.


  1. Owner takes a break from creating content

By obtaining content from other bloggers, the host blog owner can take a break from creating content. This could be useful in times of writer’s block, unforeseen circumstances and other normal ones which prevents the owner from creating content.

While doing research for this post, I came across a request for guest post where the blogger said she was going on maternity leave and needed guest bloggers to fill in for her. Another one was travelling and didn’t want to deprive their readers of fresh content.


  1. Gets you a high content turnover

By getting content from outside source(s), the host blogger is able to increase the rate at which content is replenished on their blog. This is good for SEO as the more varied content you have, the more the search engines will index or rank your site. 


  1. Gets a fresh point of view for their readers

Every writer has their own style (hence a different voice) and their own peculiar way of seeing things.

A blog post by a guest blogger will certainly add a fresh point of view for readers. This is because the contributing blogger could have new and interesting information to share, as well as provide different viewpoints.


  1. Builds relationships with other bloggers

If guest blogging is, indeed, one of the most powerful ways for guest bloggers to build strong, high-quality relationships with successful bloggers that may help them in multiple ways, this certainly wouldn’t be a “parasitic” but a “symbiotic” thing.

Guest bloggers network and build relationships with you in the hope of getting a spot on your website, but this extends your circle of collaborators and friends. And who can say that making more valuable friends is bad?

Guest bloggers who provide high‐quality, original, relevant content that adds value to you end up becoming contributors to your blog.


  1. Strengthens your reputation, credibility and authority

Strengthens your reputation: Every time you accept and publish a guest post on your blog, your reputation as a successful blog increases. And when you produce more guest bloggers, you’ll soon win recognition and respect as an influencer in your niche.

Strengthens your credibility: Your site must be popular for people to approach you to publish guest blog posts on it. This is like receiving votes of confidence from people in your industry.

A credible online reputation will project your brand, helping you build trust with prospective followers and customers.

Strengthens your authority: While too much of anything is bad, in blogging the more quality content you get out, the more people trust your brand.

Authority is also as important as credibility in today’s marketplace. It’s simply just not enough to look like you know what you’re about. People have to trust the brand for you to be viewed as authoritative. Bloggers publishing on your blog are expressing their trust in you.

And as other bloggers (contributors) write for your blog, your blog visitors see you and your brand as important. Otherwise why should others write for you? This strengthens your name recognition as an authority in your industry.


  1. Increases your domain name and search engine authority

Increases your own domain name authority: The extra traffic, more commenters on your blog, increase in subscribers will aid in increasing your domain authority.

Increases your own search engine authority: Publishing other bloggers on your blog builds more backlinks to your blog from the bloggers and their readers to whom the writer will recommend your blog. The individual links may not be important but links coming from several guest bloggers could be something since little drops of water make a mighty ocean. The more the better. So these backlinks strengthen your blog search engine authority.


  1. Impacts everything social

Earns you extra social media mentions: Writers who guest blog on your site will mention you to their followers on social media who could also do the same with their own followers too.

Brings in supplementary social media shares: Sharing comes with mentions. So the guest bloggers’ fans may share the piece on social media, giving your website extra exposure. In fact, the guest blogger can even arrange with you to share to his followers while you do the same to your social account. The more the content gets shared on Facebook and Twitter, the more extra new visitors and followers you gain.

Further builds your social media presence and growth: As the mentions and sharing continue, they could help you win a few more blog and Twitter followers.


  1. Expands your networks

Offers networking opportunities with guest bloggers: Interesting guest posts may let you and/or someone else who has an influential stake in it to get into social networking with the guest blogger. 

These networks may lead to business relationships such as partnership opportunities – from content cross-promotion to new sales, getting involved with displaying products or services at an event, which can all positively impact your own blog or brand. 


  1. Let’s your readers discover other blogs and bloggers

When you let other bloggers post on your blog, your readers who are highly interested in the content will click links in the author bio to go to the guest writer’s site for more. Thus increasing the blogs they visit and getting them more solutions from other bloggers.


  1. Let’s other reads discover you and your blog

Although you are an influential blog, certainly not all blog readers have heard of or know you. The more bloggers post on your site, the more people will be talking about you to their own readers. Curious, they may click to your site to discover it and you.


  1. Gets you instant, more and targeted (quality) traffic

Although the guest blogger will get more traffic from your website to theirs, the above point will also cause traffic to start flowing to your site too once the guest blog goes live.


  1. Makes you learn

One never stops learning and even an old horse can learn new tricks from a young one. Thus guest blogging can make you learn other bloggers’ tactics and methods.


  1. Gives you inspiration

To guest blog for you, the guest writer studies your blog to get a feel for what you offer and be able to pitch you correctly. As they browse around your site and see what you do, this gives them ideas, etc. that stimulate their creativity. Creativity being not a static thing, and each individual being different, the writer will offer something similar to your content, but similar doesn’t mean the same. The guest writers bring their own personality. This gets you inspired seeing what other bloggers do.


  1. Broadens your outlook

The more guest bloggers you deal, the more your mental attitude or point of view grows as these people will bring new ways of doing things.


  1. You are viewed as a helpful person

The more you offer blog posts to up and coming bloggers to become known, the more the blogger community sees you as a philanthropist.  

17.                       Expands your online influence

Offering guest blogging to up and coming bloggers is a great way to impact the careers of others and make them have a good memory of you for the rest of their lives. The more you give in this way the more aura you receive.


  1. You can bring in new potential mailing list subscribers

The readers of the guest bloggers who come to your site through the recommendation of the latter, sometimes will click around to get a feel for your content and eventually fall to one of the exit-intent pop-overs. The number may not be as huge as what you already have or could generate at any one time, but new subscribers, no matter their number, are always valuable, of course.


  1. Can make you extra income

The more subscribers you have from the above point, the more money you will make.


  1. Impacts your ego

It makes you feel good to offer opportunities to other blog owners to be discovered and grow. You feel like finally you are making a useful impact in the blogosphere.



Since I found 29 benefits of guest blogging for the guest blogger and 9 less for the host blog, we can deduce that guest blogging benefits the former more than the latter. No doubt, it’s guest bloggers who struggle to get published on influential blogs while some big blogs may not even welcome guest posts. Since they who give receive, I think it is a good idea to offer guest blogging opportunities to others.

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Click here for a List of 49 benefits of blogging for the blogger and the host blog



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