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A summary of 29 benefits of guest blogging


Guest blogging is when a blogger creates content for another blogger and which they post on their website.

In this blog post we are going to look at 29 benefits newbie, upcoming and seasoned bloggers get from guest blogging.

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They are new audience; expanded writing style ; reputation, credibility and authority ; social upgrade ; viral content; backlinks ; expanded network ; traffic ; learning ; inspiration ; outreach and feedback ; expert status; venturing into other niches; more creativity and productivity; partnerships ; brand awareness ; honing of writing skills; broadened outlook ; building of relationships, influence, and hype ; enhanced resume and goodwill; acquisition of customer and subscribers; getting recognition and income; raising of content marketing skills and ego; and guest posting by influencers.



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What are the Benefits of Guest Blogging?

1. Gets you New, Wider, and Targeted Audience

Exposure to a new audience: The blog you are publishing on has its own audience who wouldn’t normally visit your blog. You therefore reach far more people by combining the audiences of other blog together than if you worked alone only on your blog. Now that those visitors have read your post, they may visit your site for more and could become your loyal readers and followers.


Exposure to a wider audience: You guest blog on sites with a bigger audience than yours. So you get more eyeballs on your post than if you had published on your own blog. This could translate into more visitors for your own blog.

Exposure to a targeted audience. When you guest blog on high authority websites, you get exposed to a whole new community of already established target audience who are interested in your area of expertise. These readers are your potential new fans, followers and long-term readers. If they like your work, they’ll in turn promote it to their own fans and followers.


  1. Expands your writing style

Variety: To blog post for a site, you need to do research in terms of their editorial styles and guidelines, and learn what content works with their audience and adapt to it. The more posts you create for various blogs, the more you vary your style.

You adapt to other formats: Although blog formatting is somewhat homogenous nowadays, no two big blogs look exactly alike in design and style. You are therefore obliged to adopt something similar to theirs so that you don’t look and sound out of place to sync with their audience but rather seem like a regular contributor.

As you learn to cater for various types of blogs and their audiences you expand your writing style.


  1. Enhances your reputation, credibility and authority

Enhances your reputation: The more you write for different trustworthy blogs within a specific niche, the more people interested in that subject area will become acquainted with your work. If you continue to consistently produce high-quality content, people will soon recognize you as a knowledgeable source in your niche.

Enhances your credibility: People already recognize popular blogs accepting your guest blog posts as experts or credible sources of information in a niche. By allowing the post, the blog owner has sort of vetted your piece as meeting the industry mark. Thus you, your blog or brand gains in credibility as an information source. 

Enhances your authority: When you contribute a blog post to a high domain authority blog, people will put you in the same universe and calibre as the top bloggers in your niche and start extending to you the same kind of respect they give them.

Of course, the quality traffic, follow links, increase in subscribers, and links from other high standing blogs will aid in increasing your domain authority.

As these authoritative backlinks are built to your blog, they improve your blog search engine authority. In short, guest blogging helps you build your domain name and search engine authority.


  1. Impacts everything social media

Earns you social media mentions: Owners of large sites where you guest blog will mention you to their followers on social media who could also do the same with their own followers too.

Stimulates social media shares: Sharing usually goes with mentions. So they may share the piece on social media, once again giving your website more exposure. In fact, you can even arrange with the blog owner to share to his followers while you do the same to your social account. The more content you or your content gets shared on Facebook and Twitter, the more you gain new visitors and followers.

Helps you build your social media presence and growth: As the mentions and sharing continue, they could help you win more blog and Twitter followers.

Offers networking opportunities with social media influencers: Guest posts may let the site owner and/or someone else who has an influential stake in it to get into social networking with you. For instance, if you guest blogged for Moz, it might open the door for Rand Fishkin to promote you on his Twitter account, or even follow you.


  1. Makes your content go viral

As your writing is exposed to a new, wider and targeted audience, as your blog posts build your reputation, credibility and authority, and as you earn more social mentions, get more social shares and expand your social presence and growth, the chances for your content to go viral are great.

Viral popularity can be achieved in two ways: slow and fast.

Slow viral popularity: As you publish guest posts, you gradually build a readership across many blogs. As they share your work with friends via Twitter, Facebook and the other social networks, this spreads your fame beyond each blog’s core readers to new ones.

Fast viral popularity: If you land a guest blog post on a particularly active and popular site, your work could suddenly go viral, especially if your content is great and valuable.


  1. Builds you backlinks

Links pointing back to your blog are often allowed in the author bio and even sometimes in the guest blog posts you publish on established blogs. Since search engines regard them as pillars of authority and trust in their specific niches, backlinks from such blogs can be worth their virtual weight in gold.

Algorithms in search engines like Google still value quality backlinks. A single backlink from even an authoritative blog will greatly benefit your SEO, making your content to be more discovered and indexed by the search engines. Large enough quantities of followed links can be the difference between a page appearing on page 10 and page 1 of Google search results.


  1. Expands your network

Fosters contacts with bloggers and niche influencers: The owners of the blogs accepting your guest posts are often connected with prominent figures in the niche in question. (When I wrote my blogroll and sent it to the influencers in it, Bill Burniece wrote back saying he knew all the people on the list.) If your content is great, you build your visibility and reputation with the people who matter in that industry. Should the need arise, these people could be more than willing to help promote you and your brand or projects.

Offers networking opportunities with influencers: The role networking plays in building a brand can be great. As the old adages go, “It’s not all about what you know, but who you know;” “It’s not who you know but who know you;” and “It is difficult to soar like an eagle if you hang out with the buzzards and the chickens all the time.” Guest blogging therefore helps create networks from site owners and readers which could lead to collaborations which have an even greater impact on business relationships.

When someone is looking to hire another person in a given field, one way they do it is to look for content posted by “experts” on top-tier sites. From the bios they reach out to them and discuss an offer which could be an invitation to write for other sites, or do something else for a fee.


  1. Gets you instant, more and high-quality targeted traffic

Gets you organic traffic instantly: As the site your guest blog is posted on is already established with loyal readers, the curious ones and those swayed by your writing click on the links in your author bio and come to your site to see what makes you tick so much. This is traffic flowing immediately to your blog.

Increases your organic traffic: When your guest blog gets posted on a high domain authority website whose content is also shared on social media, this will undoubtedly result in more organic traffic back to your site. The more links you get back to your site, the better your webpages perform and thus grow your organic traffic.

Brings you high-quality targeted traffic: When you guest blog on relevant websites, you’re already reaching a target audience interested in your material. They see a benefit from your content and these unique visitors are people who are more likely to click on your links and thus make a purchase at your site.

When you properly include your site keywords with your links, these increase your Search Engine Visibility and bring you higher rankings. Of course, these useful backlinks can also bring an increase in your PageRank which means more Search Referrals and good amount of organic traffic which no online business owner will complain about.


  1. Makes you learn

We said in point 2 above that to succeed in having your guest post accepted you need to do research to know the target blog’s editorial styles, guidelines, as well as their peculiar type of content. You also have to research the subject you are going to write about and even study the other bloggers’ tactics and methods; from the comments made on your piece you learn from and about their visitors. Guest blogging also obliges you to read more (more carefully and deeply) and think outside-the-box to come up with something really amazing for guest post content.


  1. Gives you inspiration

Along the lines of points 2 and 9 above, to give your guest blog the chance of being accepted, you need to study the target blog to get a feel for what they offer and be able to pitch them correctly. As you browse around the site to see what they have and how they do it, this gives you ideas, etc. that stimulates your creativity. In short, you get inspired by seeing what other bloggers do.


  1. Gives you outreach and feedback with communities

Makes you reach new communities and topic hubs: Through guest blogging, you reach new communities and get involved with or build some influence in the community, especially in the context of social networking.

Gets you feedback “from outside” on what you do: Guest blogging exposes you to another’s blog’s audience who don’t know you and therefore don’t have much affection for you; so they are likely to give a more honest opinion of your work. This helps improve your work.

Makes you learn to accept criticism and adapt: Experiences and ideas people share in the comment section of a blog post gives you access to constructive feedback from outside your own website. Through the criticism and adaptation, you learn to improve your unique style.


  1. Makes you an expert

Guest blogging can be your doorway to being recognized as an expert in your field. The more valuable posts you publish on authoritative blogs, the more the chances that you will be seen as an authority in that niche in the eyes of your target audience. Should somebody need to access or publish information about a topic you have written about, they may look into your products or demand your services.  

In this vein let’s hear guest blogging queen, Ann Smarty:

“… I was invited to guest post at Search Engine Journal. Then guest posting invites kept coming. I saw traffic and more people recognizing me as an expert. So I started guest blogging actively. Then the idea of MyBlogGuest was born … . It was promoted 100% with my guest posts: no paid reviews, no ads, just “free” guest posts. And it started growing! I guess that’s the best evidence of the benefits of guest blogging.”


  1. Makes you venture into related niches

As you become an expert in guest blogging for sites in your niche, you can create content for other “neighbouring” niches. For example, my niche is affiliate marketing and I have experience in teaching English as a Foreign Language (ESL), so I can contribute to a blog about ESL with a topic about how to manage your affiliate business with ESL sites.

Branching out into related niches or mixing two of them is an ideal way for boosting your reputation in those areas and thus expand your audience. As you guide your business in that direction, launching another site there, or expanding your business offerings or products becomes easy.


14. Builds and enhances your portfolio

Guest blogging helps you build a portfolio of your writing. The more you do it, the wider the scale; and the small sites you have been writing for may open the door to big-name sites. 

Portfolios are important for the credibility of both people and businesses alike. Guest blogging enhances that portfolio helping consumers to appreciate the impact your brand makes. As you demonstrate expertise and experience within your industry by sharing more valuable information through your guest posts, the more the brand shines online.


  1. Brings you partnership opportunities

You can obtain new sales and/or business opportunities from publishing helpful content on other blogs. These could be networking opportunities with bloggers or brands with complimenting products, sending in products to influential bloggers for reviews or getting involved with displaying products or services at an event. Partnership opportunities with influencers like content cross-promotion to expert interviews all can positively impact your own blog or brand. You may even gain some clients for freelance writing business. Selling ad space on your site is also not ruled out.


  1. Exposes and spreads your brand awareness

Earns you brand mentions: Guest blogging earns you implicit or implied links which are in the form of brand mentions and nofollowed links. In implied links, or brand mentions, the guest blog site doesn’t link to you, but just refers to your name. Imagine the weight if a big site like Moz favourably cites your blog! However nofollowed links are more valuable for a guest blogger because they are still links that users can follow.

Increases your brand awareness: Getting your name out there through guest blogging features your brand in as many places as possible which could give you a head up with the keen competition on the Internet today. This will make your personal brand more recognizable and more popular.


  1. Hones your writing skills

Practice makes perfect, you remember this saying?

As guest blogging helps you know what a larger audience (beyond your blog’s) think about your writing, it gives you the opportunity to take steps to improve your writing. And the more guest posts you create the more your writing skill develops in areas like grammar, spelling, punctuation and even overall readability. Criticisms of your work may even make you take an online class or two to really make your content shine even more. Continuing training has never hurt anyone.


  1. Broadens your outlook

An African proverb goes that a child who has never travelled before (eaten out) thinks that their mother prepares the most delicious meal on earth.

When you create great content for many other blogs and interact with their owners and readers, you learn other things you didn’t know before and this forcibly broadens your mental attitude or point of view.


  1. Builds your relationships and online influence

Builds relationships with blogs and their audience: When you write often for guest blog sites, like once every one to three months, you build a consistent relationship with the editors, site owners, and audience there.

To do this more effectively, you must follow up with the editor or blog owner for their assessment of your guest post and interact with the audience (usually in the comments section). This will prove that you are genuinely interested in their business and community and aren’t just out to build links for your blog. One hand washes the other: the guest blog editor or owner might reciprocate your gesture with more guest posting offers and even partnerships in other areas. The readers also reward you with visits to your blog.

Makes you meet like-minded individuals in your industry: Birds of a feather flock together.

Since you share similar interests (bogging and maybe also the niche you are in), guest blogging makes you meet your fellow guest bloggers (often through access to an online community which some websites that accept guest posts support).

By exposing your writing to an audience which appreciates your talent, you’re at the same time connecting with like-minded individuals that may also be interested in what you have to offer as products or services. This can help you easily convert readers to sales.

Makes you meet influential people and build your own online influence: Statistics prove that online influencers are often more trusted than television and movie celebrities. Imagine what meeting such people could do to your ego and business!

If influential people are meeting you as a guest blogger it is because you are influencing the influential and this could make you become one of them. Remember, an influencer was not born so, they started from somewhere, which might be where you are right now or even lower! So you could be where they are right now too, or even higher, some day!

Impacts the lives of others: When we talk of valuable blog posts we mean the ones that are useful to a reader. Useful because people come to blogs to find solutions to problems that they have. If your posts help people find solutions to their problems, then naturally you have an impact on their lives and this could make them grateful and fondly remember you for years to come.


  1. Enhances your resume

Similar to the portfolio, consistent guest blogging, by spreading your work all over several platforms, helps you create an impressive online resume.


  1. Gets you potential/new customers

Sharpens your content marketing skills: A serious guest blogger (one who wants to reap the benefits) will devise a content marketing strategy.

What works for one brand may not work as effectively for another. So you will need to come up with the best content strategy that works for the different brands you are creating content for.

For instance, you may find posts with questions as the title resonates well with a blog’s readers than numbered lists. While it’s known that the average American reader reads with an 8th Grade level and most blog posts should be so written, you might find readers of an intellectually-inclined blog of a much higher level. Other questions might be: does the blog use short or long sentences, short or long paragraphs? Etc.

By so doing, you’re positioning yourself for growth in every facet of content marketing.

Shortens the sales cycle: By publishing content through many popular blogs, you are getting your target audience familiar with your brand. Online, people buy only from those they know and trust. And they may not hesitate to do so on your site. Thus, you are shortening the sales cycle for your products and services.

Brings in qualified leads/new potential customers: Getting accepted to guest blog for sites that already have a steady stream of traffic will help you connect with people who are already interested in what you offer as a business.

  1. Gets you new subscribers

Builds your subscriber base: People who clicked through your author bio on a guest blog post to land on your blog are not going to simply follow your blog, though. Many will click around, getting a feel for you content and eventually click out never to come back again. That’s why guest bog contributors find a spike in traffic immediately their piece goes live but notice a decrease with time.

You therefore have to find a way to get a number of those people to come back to your blog.

And there’s no better way to do this than through email subscription.

Using a push notification, newsletter or a sign up form tied to a lead magnet, entice these people to sign up as subscribers.

Some guest bloggers report gaining far more subscribers in a day after guest blogging than they do in a month without. This, obviously, expands your own subscriber base and helps you retarget an audience that is already interested in your content. This often leads to an enhanced click-through rate as well as boosting sales.


  1. Enhances your goodwill

Every benefit your brand receives through guest blogging goes to increase its potential value when you want to sell it later on. Just your backlink profile, in particular, can have a huge impact on the site’s value since blogs with organic growth and white hat SEO can sell for a premium.


  1. Builds your personal name recognition

Although it is your brand which is forward, there is no denying the fact that it is a real human being who is behind it. Who will dissociate Bill Gates from Microsoft Corporation or Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook?

When you guest post under your own name, you build a name recognition for your personal brand, and that helps you launch new sites and grow them much more quickly.

So it wouldn’t hurt if you can make your personal brand valuable independently of your business’.


  1. Makes you income sometimes

Earns you money writing for some sites: Although guest blogging is not done for money, some sites will compensate you for your guest posts. This will make you a nice little side income while building up your personal brand. On the down side, you may not get links or much traffic.


  1. Makes influencers guest post for you

In the introduction I mentioned newbie, upcoming and seasoned bloggers as people who guest blog.

I already talked about partnership opportunities and people you guest blog for who may help you in turn. Guest blogging is not forcibly a one-way street. Thus networking for guest posting can be a two-way street.

While you may not get one of the top influencers like Yaro Stark or Neil Patel to write a blog post for you (it’s even difficult, if not impossible, to land a blog post on these guys’ blogs!), other small-time SEO writers might be willing to do so, bringing you a lot of reciprocal value. But be careful so that this is not misconstrued as a link scheme which can damage your brand.


  1. Builds you the hype

We have already seen that guest posting enables you to reach a lot more people than you normally would. You can therefore reach them with news they might want to see. So you can use it to build hype towards an event or a product launch.

Press releases used to play this role, but they are often ignored or not picked up for publication due to duplicate content fears. However guest posting is often more valuable and effective these days.


  1. Raises your ego

It makes you feel good to have your blog post accepted for publishing on a big name blog. You feel like finally you are becoming somebody, you’re making a space for yourself in the blogosphere. Who hates that?


  1. Makes you more creative and productive

As your author bio appears on big-time blogs, it makes you to believe in your talents to make it as a blogger. So you begin to look for new and imaginative ways to do things. Like a team winning a match, you become more invigorated to continue winning.

There’s nothing like your efforts in a field bringing results to spur you on to do more.



Experts agree that guest blogging is one of the most effective content marketing strategies out there. It is, without a shadow of a doubt, a crucial step for online marketing success. Once you grasp its benefits as outlined here, you will be tempted to give it a shot.

The first thing you should do is to follow and become familiar with high authority blogs in your niche. Then prepare your pitch and when it is accepted, be sure to come up only with your best writing ever.

You never know, your efforts may eventually reach the ears or meet the eyes of some very influential bloggers or potential customers and boom! your brand goes through the roof. .

Now, what next?

If you love this post and think others will benefit by reading it, show the love and spread the word about it by sharing it on your favorite social media sites.  Thanks for being social!


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2 thoughts on “A summary of 29 benefits of guest blogging”

  1. Wow! Awesome article about the many benefits of guest blogging!

    I was just reading one of your other blog posts when you suggested guest blogging as a great way to market your content and then I find this article and I’m blown away!

    There really are so many benefits as you suggest, and you’ve totally convinced me that I should be using this strategy!

    Thanks so much, Akoli!

    Awesome article!

    • Thank you John for finding this article awesome about the many benefits of guest blogging!

      Yes, guest blogging is a great way to market your content because it enables you to reach people on established blogs that your content wouldn’t normally reach. Besides, you reach many more people because you’d choose a blog for the size of its audience.

      Yes, please use this strategy to grow your blog. Permit me again to quote from the post:

      In this vein let’s hear guest blogging queen, Ann Smarty:

      “… I was invited to guest post at Search Engine Journal. Then guest posting invites kept coming. I saw traffic and more people recognizing me as an expert. So I started guest blogging actively. Then the idea of MyBlogGuest was born … . It was promoted 100% with my guest posts: no paid reviews, no ads, just “free” guest posts. And it started growing! I guess that’s the best evidence of the benefits of guest blogging.”

      Thanks so much, for visiting John and I hope to see you here again soon!


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