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Overcoming stone roll as a man pushes it uphill as super affiliate challenge
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I’m accepted in the 2020 Super Affiliate Challenge

 Needed for Wealthy Affiliate super affiliate challenge: own brandable domain, 1 yr’s commitment, ability to communicate and do research, and autoresponder.

Businesswoman jumping from one mountain toanother in a sunset to signify affiliate challenge
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“Congrats, You Are Accepted in the 2020 Super Affiliate Challenge!”

That was the title of the message Kyle, the co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate, sent me on Tuesday April 02, 2019 at 11:15 pm.

If you have been visiting this blog, you’d recall my post I Want to Make You a Super Affiliate. I posted it just a few days ago.

In it, I revealed that Kyle wanted to make me a super affiliate. But it wasn’t automatic. Selected affiliates had to apply. And not everybody will be accepted, we had been warned.

I’m sure, like me, the other applicants waited patiently for the results. And like me, they kept checking their dashboard from the 1st of April. That was the date we were to receive word on our application.

Having checked for it in vain on the 1st and 2nd, I had pushed that business into a little oblivion. And wasn’t looking for anything about it when I signed in to my account today, 3rd April.

The Bombshell

It was a 74-year-old member who announced the news in a blog post on the platform. The threads of all blogs posted on the platform by the members are visible from everybody’s dashboard.

Phil1944's blog offering to help people accepted into 2020 affiliate challenge
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He proposed co-operation between those who had been accepted.

Have I been accepted too into the super affiliate challenge?

With trepidation in my heart, I glanced at the top of the dashboard. My stress level dropped when I saw the figure 1 written in red beside my profile photo. That indicated a message from the platform.

I knew I had been accepted.

And I was!

Wouldn’t you want to be in this position next year? Grab this link now!

A silhoutted old businessman with a suitcase and cane walking away on business
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Contents of the Good News

Let me share some of the contents of the private message with you.

Kyle thanked me for dropping my comment within the Super Affiliate Challenge thread. He said the feedback had been amazing, “even more so than the first year that I ran this challenge.”

Kyle said he had personally reviewed all of the applications “and I am really excited to announce that YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN and that I really look forward to working with you in the year ahead.”

Amen! I breathed.

For housekeeping, Kyle warned that the Super Affiliate agenda was rigorous and will push my limits. But was quick to assure: “… it will do so in a way where you are going to truly be advancing your skill-set and proficiency within the online world.”

I stared at my computer screen day-dreaming. I had already said it and I’m going to repeat it: I crave success online the way an asphyxiating person needs oxygen. And I was seeing the beginning of the dream!

Kyle promised to send me some new tasks, some new education, and also a new ‘thread’ where we could “all discuss the subject matter and ‘current’ state of your authority website/business.”

Everybody loves good news. Join me now to receive yours next year.

An athlete ready to run a sprint
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Preparation for the 2020 Super Affiliate Challenge

For the moment he gave me over the next week to get the following in place:

(1) My OWN Brandable Domain: This should be a domain of my own, preferably a .com domain.

“If you have an existing site already and it is a brand that you like, that is fine, you can use that,” he wrote. “You may already have an established Bootcamp site, and that is great as well.”

I will use this domain, I murmured to myself

“If you don’t have a domain or you want to start FRESH, I recommend you go grab one.”

That set me thinking. Should I use this brand or create another one? No! I shook my head vehemently. Let me use this for the challenge. I can create another website any time.

And I had plans for creating other businesses online. Just let me succeed with this one first. Then I can replicate my success.

Kyle now gave the cost for a domain which can be purchased directly through WA. That, and the rest of the information, received as much interest from me as a piece of cake which had fallen into the mud.

I didn’t even watch this video on choosing a brandable domain: Choosing & Buying a Brandable Domain Name 

(2) Commitment for a year: Kyle asked for my honest commitment to my business over the year ahead. He warned: “There are going to be ups and downs, exciting times, and perhaps times where you want to completely throw in the towel.”

I breathed hard. I know I’m not so resilient and consistent. Somewhere along the way something can distract me from this goal. But if I really craved online success, then it was up to me to work for it.

“That is business,” Kyle continued, “that is the reality of an internet entrepreneur (and my everyday life lol), but that is what MOST people are not willing to do. If you can push through the great times, as well as the tough times, you will immediately have a competitive advantage over the 90% of people that just want success NOW out there. That is the reality.”

Yeah, I said. I should know. I who haven’t done the bootcamp courses for many untold months now despite all my best wishes.

“People that segment and give their success time limits, rarely ever achieve it. That is something I have seen over the years and giving yourself minimum of a year of effort is such a small fragment of time in the scheme of things…but a time allotment that can truly allow you to have breakthroughs in your business.”

I had myself written a blog post asking readers to give themselves one year to succeed in affiliate marketing. Why was I doubting myself then for the same? Because advice is easily given than taken?   

(3) Ability to Write: I sighed with pleasure. I’m in friendly waters now. “(that is, COMMUNICATE). We all can write. Some people feel as though they are not writers, …”

That’s not me!

I have been writing for years. I have been published in newspapers and magazines in Africa and the US. My stories have been featured in antholgies, including this anthology of African writers My first book had just been published.

I needed financial freedom to publish more. And here it was, right before me! I only needed to work hard to see success within just a year!

Oh Lord, help me this time!

“So your goal is not to become a writer, but to remain a communicator and this is something you do every day.”

I didn’t feel concerned by that.

“You also don’t need to worry about hard selling, your main focus is going to be HELPING people. That is the real trick to selling more and building a successful brand. If you can help people, you can create a very successful business. Just remember that.”

That was a reminder for me. See this post on focusing on adding value not on selling.

(4) Ability to research: On this score, I loved what Kyle said: “You are going to be building out your business on a daily basis, yes, taking days off is fine, but when you become engaged in your business every day you are constantly thinking about ways to improve it.”

I had taken a test for a telecommuting opportunity from Canada. I hope it wouldn’t interfere with the challenge.

Anyway, I would soon be on holidays and will have a lot of time for everything, I said to encourage myself.

“Make everyday a day in which you think of ideas, perhaps new keywords, marketing angles, way to promote/help others, etc. Constant research and thought are going to be critical elements to creating a successful business. YOU are your business.”

I hoped the challenge was not going to run me crazy. Or pile my heart full of regrets.

What had made me stop the old bootcamp course was video creation.

I was going through the bootcamp course happily until I came to lesson 9 on video creation. Then everything came to a grinding halt!

Bootcamp phase 4 lessons included for affiliate challenge
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My knowledge of technical matters was hazy indeed. Besides, the internet connection here had left too much to be desired. Fortunately there have been improvements in both these few gone months.

My time is now. Even nature is on my side.

(5) Perhaps an autoresponder: Seeing this made me as eager to read it as the writing part (N° 3 above).

“(Down the road as you start getting traffic)” Kyle said.

Right. There’s no sense asking somebody who doesn’t have traffic to build a list. I should know.

“This is not a requirement now, but down the road we will likely be getting into building a list. Just a heads up, this could be 6 months from now, or a year from now. The first focus is going to be getting your “brand” in good shape, getting a solid base of content, and working to establish consistent traffic (and revenue).”

Whether it was yesterday, now, or tomorrow, I was covered.

Click this link to start your journey to the 2021 Super Affiliate Challenge


Super affiliate challenge training page as part of I want to make you a super affiliate
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What the Super Affiliate Challenge Really Is

Kyle now reminded all that although we would be working independently on creating our own respective successful business, “this is a group project.”

I love that. Maybe that’s what made the member I mentioned above suggest cooperation along us. In my reply to him I had suggested forming a WhatsApp group but he suggested FB or even a website.  

“There are many people involved, but that doesn’t mean you are not going to have my personal attention throughout.”

That was Kyle. I had said in this piece that at Wealthy Affiliate the co-founders were accessible to all. This is another proof of it.  

“I am going to be centralizing the main conversations through a series of blog posts alongside the monthly training and criteria set out. This will give a way for everyone involve to effectively communicate, bounce ideas off, share successes and failures (as we can all learn from one another).”

I think this will lead to cross-fertilization.

“This is an exciting program and it may spin off into some other really cool projects. We also have some breakthrough technology and promotional tools we are working on for affiliates and for the platform that is going to allow you to scale your business to ANY level you want online. If you want to make 300 or 3,000 WA premium referrals in a year, both are more than possible.”

300 sales will be just fine to qualify me for the Las Vegas Conference 2020.

“My goal in the year ahead is to truly help you create and carve yourself out as an authority in this industry.”

Amen!! I felt church-ish.  

Wouldn’t you want to feel the same way too? The link is right here.


A deserted road with the word START as initial task for Wealthy Affiliate super affiliate challenge
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The Initial Tasks of those accepted in the Super Affiliate Challenge

Then came the first week tasks:

Task 1: Get your own domain

Checked, I said and smiled to myself.

Last week I had followed a YouTube video made by or of three French pilots. They had their flight from preparation in Martinique to the landing in Paris 11 hours later.

And during the preparation for takeoff and landing, the captain read a list and the commander ticked them off, saying “Checked.”

Task 2: Get through Bootcamp phase 1 (just as a refresher and to get your foundation up and running)

Oh yes, I will. Right from tomorrow.

It was now 10 pm. Time for the cybercafé to close.

I made a mental note to subscribe to Internet services, especially if I got the Canadian job.

Task 3: Complete all the required framework pages/posts in phase 1 (about me post, privacy policy page, review).


If you already have your website established, your goal is going to be to create TWO keyword rich posts on your website if you have already completed phase one (could be on any topic).

Okay, this is what concerns me.

What concerns me too is your success. If you join me now, I make you the promise to help you land a super affiliate challenge status within a year.


Drawing of businessman ready to move
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When I Am Ready to Go With The Super Affiliate Challenge

Then came the exciting part when Kyle said when I was ready to go, I should head over to a thread and write: “I AM READY TO ROCK KYLE!” within the comments.

I’m waiting for this moment!

“Also, if you have any comments this week, questions about your domain name/brand, I want you to leave them within that thread.”

Do I have anything to say about my domain name or brand? Maybe just ask if it was okay for affiliate marketing.

“I know that you are more than capable of achieving brilliance. It will come down to your effort and your ability to push through challenges, which are part of day to day business. You have a backing like no other within the community here at WA to support and help you every step of the way if you feel stuck, or hit a “momentum” lull. Myself included.”

I breathed hard. I felt excited and apprehensive at the same time. This must be how our ancestors felt when they were released from enslavement in the New World.

Even a bird released from captivity tests its wings and shakes its legs to make sure there was still nothing attached to it.   

Kyle ended by saying how impatient he was to see where I could take my business in the year ahead and really look forward to seeing me and my business evolve.

Thank you, Kyle.

“This is going to be lots of fun!”

Sure, it will! I said and floated home, like on a silver cloud.

Join me today and get this feeling next year.

What You Must Expect From Me About the Super Affiliate Challenge

A heart image with the words Waiting for you as my call to affiliates to join me in super affiliate challenge
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P.S.: I will be posting about my progress in the challenge. And at the end of the year, I hope to tell you that I had made at least the 300 sales to Vegas. And why not about my experience there too!

Doesn’t it sound exciting?

Yes, it does.

Who says Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t rock?

Come let me help you be in this situation too.

Incha Allah!


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