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Advance Your Online Career With These Highly Sought Giveaways

Do you work online or do you hope to do so? If you already do, are you keen on advancing your career? If you’re planning to do so, do you want to succeed quicker?

If yes, then welcome. Education is what will give you value.

Talking about the value of education in advancing one’s career, the American company, ICS, leader in distance education, says “To make this simple: more education equals more income and more varied career options and opportunities.”

To help you with your online education, I am giving away high quality ebooks and reports in high demand FREE.

These are not your ordinary ebooks and reports which have outlived their usefulness and one decides to give them out. No. I paid for them for personal use. And I have the possibility to resell them or give them out FREE. I can easily sell these ebooks and reports anything between $27 and $47 and make some money on ebay or amazon but I decided to give them out FREE.

“If you can make money with them, then why are you giving them out FREE?” you may wonder. Genuine question. One that I had asked myself too before on coming across “unbelievable” FREE offers from others.

First, I have myself received a lot of free stuffs which have helped me immensely and I think it’s my turn to give back.

Secondly, I’m a teacher and as such I seize any possibility to share knowledge with people. So, having found these ebooks useful in my online career, I thought, why not share them with people. These may be what they need to succeed. Then, at least, I would have contributed to someone’s career, as I have been doing these long years as a teacher. You see, once a teacher, always a teacher!

The other main reason for giving these ebooks out FREE is found in the FREE book (You see, I told you I’ve received FREE stuff myself!) “How to Open the Door to Your Future” published by ICS, the leader in distance education:

I quote: Prosperity Habit # 2: Giving: The practicality of what we’re about to suggest is, admittedly, mysterious—you might even call it mystical. We are not going to attempt to explain it. But we will INSIST that it works. Every individual who tries this idea reports remarkable results.

If you have three apples and give one away to a hungry person, your “wealth” has DECREASED from three to two, right? On paper, yes. But in real life, the act of giving seems to increase wealth rather than to decrease it. … The Habit of GIVING, they seem to “attract” new job opportunities, promotions, raises, even money coming to them from unusual and unexpected sources.

“The only certain way to multiply wealth is to divide it”… “for just as you feel you are!”—Dr. Edward L. Kramer, One of the earliest “self-improvement” authors. I unquote.

Another reason is that I need people to visit my site and see what I have to offer. This appears egocentric but once in a while one has to beat one’s own drum. I don’t think that can be termed noise pollution! Besides, you may find inspiration at my site!

So, without much ado, click on any or all of the UpViral campaign urls below to check those FREE ebooks or reports which appeal to you. Then download them NOW! They’re yours FREE. They’re useful, so use them. Who knows, since those who give receive, I may also receive something of value “from you or from unusual and unexpected sources” one day to help me move to the next level in my online career! AND PLEASE, DO


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