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Advocare review

Today’s post will be all about our Advocare review.

Advocare reviews are all over the internet but they are all outdated. So we felt that considering all that has gone down with this company, a current review was needed. This is to inform people who may want to invest in their business model about all the new information that has developed over the last year.



This company has gone through some major changes due to legal problems. And even though they are having issues with being considered a pyramid scheme, they still could be a viable place to make money. This, despite the fact that they are no longer considered a multi-level marketing company.

Let’s go ahead and see what all the changes are about and see if we can come to a conclusion about making money with Advocare.

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The company



Advocare was founded by Charles E. Ragus in 1993 in Carrollton, Texas and is now headquartered in Plano, Texas.

They market dietary supplements and up until 2019 were a multi-level marketing company.  They switched to a single level marketing company due to accusations of being a pyramid scheme by the Federal Trade Commission. At the time of the switch, they claimed to have 100,000 independent distributors.

Advocare is actually short for advocates who care. The founder was at one time a distributor for Herbalife. He even played in the NFL for the Kansas City Chiefs as a defensive end.

This company has a horrible track record that has been tainted from the start. This is because it was never legitimate in any of its dealings with both its investors and customers.

They roped many professionals out of money along the way. And they even became the centerpiece of a tainted product that got a professional ban for an illegal substance.

Advocare set up celebrity endorsers to promote what they called a life-changing business opportunity. All the while they conducted a pyramid scheme.

Instead of putting their products first and then building their downlines, this company went full force into making money on recruiting people. In the process they roped hundreds of thousands of customers out of their money.

Advocare set up celebrity endorsers from Major League Baseball, Soccer, The NFL and many other sports entities. They recruited the likes of Wes Walker, Phillip Rivers, Doug Fister, Sam Bradford, Alex Smith, Andy Dalton, and Carli Lloyd. They even had Drew Brees as the face of the company.

The company sponsored the Independence Bowl and also sponsored jersey for a professional soccer team.

Advocare became sponsors of Nascar race teams and even had races named after them.

All this eventually caught up with the company and they ended up paying millions out to customers who had been ripped off. They were then required in a closed-door meeting with the FTC to stop using the MLM label. That was when they became a single level marketing company only paying its distributors commissions on the products that they sell.


The Products



We are really hoping to find some redeeming news when looking up the product reviews but again we were very disappointed by what we found.

In review after review, we found reports of unsafe ingredients, false claims of results and even some dangerous combinations of ingredients marketed to kids.

We are quickly getting the picture of a very disturbed company that really has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

We saw reports of people becoming physically ill on using the products. And many of the claims were stacked on top of proven results from the activities that went along with the instructions that came with the products and not the products themselves.

Couple that will all of the deception with the once in a lifetime business opportunity and you get a very nasty taste in your mouth.


Our view on Advocare

We are very unhappy to have to write such a negative review. We never have had to do it to this extent in the past but we must report what we find in an honest manner.

When a company goes to these lengths to deceive people and take their money under false conditions, we do not have a choice but to report it as it happened.

After all of the countless accusations we have read and all of the extremely bad choices this company has made in the past, we have to give them one of our biggest thumbs down we have ever given. We therefore urge people to run for their lives when confronted with this company.

They have done just about everything bad a company can do from tainted products to feeding caffeine-laced formulas to kids. And the list goes on and on and on.

There are so many multi-level marketing companies out there that are honest and have respectable products they stand behind. But this company is the farthest you can get away from that.

Considering the lengths Advocare went to deceive their customers, we are glad we did this review. This is only in hopes of steering people away from bad choices in MLM companies like this one.

It is a good example of everything not to do in the MLM business.

We hope this helps you understand how dangerous MLM companies can be. You also grasp that one must do their research before investing in this line of marketing. You also know there are many above ground MLM companies that are legit and worth investing in. And that is why we do reviews to sort them out!

Please share this review on your social media to help warn others of the dangers that are out there and be sure to check out our other reviews at our reviews tab. And until next time, happy marketing!


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10 thoughts on “Advocare review”

  1. I was thinking to join this program and just then I came across your review. I was already skeptical about the company and thought maybe selling supplements to others can be dangerous. Well, you just proved me right.

    I think everyone who is thinking about joining this company to make money should read this review. You really have some good points and now I would never think again to join something like this.

    • Hello Shrey,

      Oh, so you were planning to join this program and then saw my review? This is what in boxing circles they refer to as “saved by the bell”. Fortunately you already didn’t trust the company enough. I’m happy to have saved you some embarrassment

      Thank you for recommending this review to all those thinking about joining this
      company to make money. That’s allwhat reviews are about.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. It’s a shame some companies are only after profits and do not care about the health of people. I personally don’t have any experience with Advocare but know other MLM brands that are way too expensive and were sued or investigated. The fact Advocare went from MLM to a single-level company doesn’t change anything about their unfair practice, if the information is correct, and when there are many claims of customers saying they had health problems with these products, it’s a sign to stay away from them. 
    Thank you for your honest review. More reviews like this are needed for people to find out what’s true and what are just claims of the seller/s. 

    • Hello Lenka,

      Yeah, a big shame it is that some companies will sacrifice ethics for profits. There are many companies like Advocare out there. I have talked about some here and I will be writing reviews about more. The aim is not to smear those companies but to get my fellow online workers steer clear of trouble. What the company did is like a person changing the clothes with which they committed a crime. That doesn’t make them less criminal. The inner change is what is needed.

      Thank you too for your valuable contribution to this discussion. 

  3. Hi I would like to thank you on this informative post about Advocare. You’re correct in saying that most Advocare reviews are outdated so I was so glad I came across your article. From what I have read in your post I am best staying away from Advocare MLM business. Thanks again for the heads up.

    • Hi there,

      I would like to thank you too for reading and commenting on this post. Yes, most advocare reviewsout there are really old and not up to date and could send out the worng signals. That’s why I wrote this. Yes, please stay far away from the Advocare MLM business.

  4. Hello Akoli!

    Interesting story about Advocare! Having stopped being a multi-level marketing program seems a good sign to me, maybe this is the beginning of a more trustable activity. Their past story looks quite awful, putting customersț lives in jeopardy, to the extend that children were provided dangerous combinations of ingredients! Let’s hope that nobody died because of tainted products.

    Such a company – if it doesn’t close and disappear completely – surely has very much work to do until reaching an acceptable level of trust from customers. Harm is harm.

    I have just shared your article on Twitter. And it’s not a good idea to try making money with them now :(.

    Kind regards, Peter

    • Hello Peter,

      Thanks very much for appreciating my review. It was pleasure writing it for my readers. Maybe their curtailing their multi-level marketing program is the first step toward being a serious entity. But I belive sincerely that they shouldn’t have let their past be so bleak. Any company that puts customersț lives in jeopardy, especially children’s need to close down immediately. What assurance is there that they won’t do it again? No, I didn’t hear of anyone dying from using these tainted products. But that doesn’t change much.

      Yes, the amount of work to do to reach an acceptable level of trust from customers is definitely huge.
      I will even call it an uphill task, if not simply an impossible one. People don’t have short stories.

      Oh, thanks a million for shwoing some love by sharing the story on Twitter. I hope it will reach a large number of people so that nbody gets hurt anymore.

  5. Thank you for the review on Advocare. When one goes into an MLM type business especially for healthcare products, the product is utmost importance. It has got to be great, work well and gives confidence. Then it is easy to refer others and build a network. Credibility and trust is important in order to sustain the business in the long term. Looks like your review indicates the company has “lost its way” and the product is not top notch and they are having structural problems. I take that as a warning to stay away until these problems are fixed.

    • Hello Stanley,

      Thank you too for your comment on this review. I agree with you that healthcare products in mlm is of utmost importance. Everything about it must be perfect. When that is the case, then, as you said, it is easy to refer others and build a network. Sure, credibility and trust plays huge roles in any business. Yes, the company is in the midst of structural problems. So hold tight to your purse these problems are resolved.

      Good luck to you.


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