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Affiliate Marketing – 6 Essential Tips For Real Beginners

In this video you’ll learn the 6 simple steps to affiliate marketing for real beginners:

  1. Research trends and make sure you know what is in demand.
  2. Be mean with your dollars!
  3. Now, that all important commission!
  4. Be patient.
  5. Learn some writing skills.
  6. What do to if you find it all a bit overwhelming.


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Before you read this article, or, if you have no time to read all of it, then I will advise you to watch the video below which recaps the essential ideas.

Now, watch the video please:


Then read the article:


You have just signed up as affiliate and looking forward eagerly to earning those huge sums 6- and 7-figure earners have been making you dream about.

Sure, you CAN make money from affiliate marketing, but going in just like that wouldn’t work at all. You absolutely must do your homework (research) and know just about what to expect before embarking on your dream affiliate journey.

There are hundreds of affiliate opportunities out there, so how do you go about choosing the one appropriate for you?

Here are 6 essential tips for real beginners to succeed in affiliate marketing:

The word TREND written in chalk over a black background to signify Affiliate Marketing - 6 Essential Tips For Real Beginners
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  1. Research trends to find what is in demand

It’s now time to shove all unrealistic expectations aside, tuck the “rose colored spectacles” back in their box, focus, and follow some simple steps!

The first thing to do is to choose your niche. This must be done carefully. In the fast paced world of affiliate marketing, this aspect is often confusing for beginners.

But know that trends and fashions change constantly, and you cannot decide on one method and expect it to keep working forever. Be prepared to keep an open mind and adapt. Since you will have your own interests and passions to start with, the best thing is to choose a product or products that match these interests. It will not only be easier but also fun for you to promote items or services that you have some knowledge of, and that are appealing to you.  

THEN….what must you do?


It is necessary to find out how potentially profitable or otherwise your chosen niche could be.

A winch used to tighten a purse to signify sparing
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  1. Be sparing with your dollars!

Don’t jump hastily onto any expensive program offering to propel you onto the road to affiliate marketing riches. While a few can do exactly that, very unfortunately, most cannot. Again, do your research, and avoid any programs that demands big money. A simple Google search will reveal if it is a scam or legit or even if it isn’t really worth spending that sum on it.  You don’t certainly want to find yourself dishing out more money than you earn from a program……

That, most certainly, is NOT your reason for wanting to work in affiliate marketing!

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  1. Now, that all important commission!

All said, earning good money is why you are working online, so make sure it is worth your while!

A commission of 50% – 75% is desirable and even possible with some companies like Clickbank. But if the product you are seeking to promote is really high end, then of course, 40% or even 30% would be acceptable. Anything less than that, seriously, you would have to be doing it for the love of it!

Fishing reel standing against a dock, to signify patience.
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  1. Patience is the key

Just ask any affiliate newbie, and you will have comments from them that they are totally convinced that they will be making hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars within a week of signing up to a program.


Like any other internet business, affiliate marketing is not like hitting the jackpot, it takes time. Just keep your focus, stick with the plan, and the rewards WILL surely come.

An open book with a pen and a smartphone over it and a cup of coffee on the right and a laptop ovetr the top side
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  1. Learn some writing skills

Being able to write well can be considered as an essential condition to succeeding in affiliate marketing.

No, you don’t have to be that star copywriter, but your affiliate marketing career will certainly get a boost if you can write good copy. You surely know the expression “content is king”. For this reason, it is in your interest to learn to write good articles and good content for they will help you promote your products.

There are numerous copywriting tutorials around, some are free, and others are paid. However if you are really incapable of writing well, then outsourcing is the way to go. While this is not as expensive as you think, and will be worth it in the long term, the best idea is to start learning to write now.

A secretary with mouth open wide in a sign and carrying lot of files to signify being overwhelmed
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  1. Find it all a bit overwhelming?

Although affiliate marketing is often touted as being the easiest way to make money on the internet, beginners can find themselves confused and disappointed quickly. I know these very well, having experienced them myself. And this is the stage many newbies give up. Myself, I was seriously considering abandoning my affiliate marketing dream until I found Wealthy Affiliate in 2015. It is a program for making money online which I recommend highly.

Again, do your research, and get some sound advice. There are successful affiliate marketers out there who are happy to give newbies a helping hand, and some will actually be prepared to mentor you. But my best advice is for you to join a training course. Also, there are some great free eBooks available that are packed with valuable information. I myself offer many on affiliate marketing free

Now, what?

Follow these 6 tips and you may just find that mailbox regularly stuffed with affiliate checks.

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