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Affiliate online marketing tutorial for dummies – Do they really exist?

Let’s say you are a dummy. And you need to get some affiliate online marketing training. Or even start in affiliate marketing. What will be the first logical step? It should be for you to take some quality online affiliate marketing courses.

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Don’t have time to read the short article below, or you would want to watch the video first?

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Of course, there are so many sites that are easy to find online.  But how do you know if they are what you need? Or, if they will deliver what they promise?

Now, watch the video below:

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You’ve been dreaming about making it online with affiliate marketing. Now you have the tutorials to succeed … . So click on the links below to open the door to your future now!

When I started doing affiliate marketing online in 2012, I chased one shiny object after the other. Then wondered why it was so elusive.

Everything changed for me when I joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2015.

Don’t make my mistake of working online without training. Mastering affiliate marketing is not magic. The skills must be learnt.

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Now, read the article:

You will need to be careful when you search for online affiliate marketing courses. If you can, look for and read reviews about the courses or sites. 

These will  make you see what other people are saying about the online affiliate marketing courses that you are thinking of taking. You will need some basic steps in order to get started in this line of work.

Many people say that learning affiliate marketing is front end heavy.

This is true.

What it means is that you have a great deal of information to absorb and learn in the beginning. As you continue to learn the steps that are necessary to build an online income, you can work through them and launch your various campaigns.

It is definitely recommended that you learn marketing correctly the first time. Online affiliate marketing courses are the best way to accomplish that.

Once you have found some reviews and read them, the next step is to find a site that has everything you need in one place. You should have access to all of the tools you will need to get an online marketing campaign up and running.

Look for online affiliate marketing courses that offer:

  1. A supportive forum where you can have questions answered. This way you can move through your various lessons smoothly and make some progress. If you do not get answers to your questions as and when you have them, you can get stuck. You will also be unable to move forward. And this can mean you get discouraged, lose momentum and give up on marketing altogether.
  2. Live courses that you can join in on (Webinars) so that you can ask questions and see how things are done. Webinars can be a really big help in that they are a “walk through” in a certain aspect of the process. And they can help you to understand more than just reading about something and trying to put that into practice.
  3. All of the tools that you need to work on a campaign, including tools to build web sites, hosting, niche tools, keyword research tools, including competition spy tools. Competition spy tools can be very expensive when offered separately. Finding them on the site you choose can be the best possible option.

There is much to consider when you look at online affiliate marketing courses.

Many people do have a certain amount of knowledge about this field; however, if you are new to this line of work, you will want to ensure that you are getting the right information. So that you have the best possible chance at success. Affiliate marketing has a huge dropout rate. It is because most people just do not receive the correct training.

You can get started with your research about the best online affiliate marketing courses at  Wealthy Affiliate.

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2 thoughts on “Affiliate online marketing tutorial for dummies – Do they really exist?”

  1. Hi there. So ya i like your site, i think doing reviews and offering links to affiliate companys like WA is a preety guaranteed niche, and good on you for utilizing an opt in page and i seen the part where it says “Dont have time to read this?’ another opt-in, why not right. Only rcommendation I have is more color and more visuals. good luck with everything

    • Hi Dylan Stier.

      Thanks for liking my site. Of course, doing reviews and offering links to affiliate companys like WA is a pretty guaranteed niche. Yes, there is no need to work on an affiliate business without utilizing an opt in page. Not everybody is going to patronize your product and not capturing their data for future retargeting is a total waste of time and resources. Yes, I’m looking for ways to take off the second opt-in form. Yes, other people have told me to add more color and more visuals and I’m going to start doing that. I hope you will come back here again!


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