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All about Keywords, Part III

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Understanding keywords and how to use them for selling

The word "Password" written on several papers to signify keywords.
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Within the 10-piece posts, this one is going to be your first real lesson on keywords.

Mastery of keywords = lots of traffic.

It’s as simple as that.

But don’t make the mistake of putting more emphasis on the EXACT keyword phrases than on the actual content on your site.

This is because this leads to awkwardness.

This is why some content you read online for some reason didn’t make a lot of sense to you. It’s also because the author targeted a keyword that ended up being incongruous in the piece.

This is what is known as “keyword stuffing”…creating content that does nothing more than target keywords in order to get rankings.

Never ever forget that content should be written primarily for your visitors, and not for keyword purposes. You can use “keywords” as influence, not as a tool to inject your article with words.

Here are SIX reasons why not too much accent has been placed on keywords up to this point:

(1) That would be teaching you bad habits
(2) You shouldn’t lose your sleep over keywords (there are other routes to traffic)
(3) Over focusing on keywords can ruin your site
(4) Google will punish you if you stuff your site or content with keywords
(5) If you really care about your readers you wouldn’t bore them with awkward keyword based articles
(6) Every page you write has keywords

Mind you, I’m not telling you not to use keywords in your content, but rather I’m urging you to care MORE about your readers. This is because if you lose sight of this, you are only going to be producing content for the search engine robots. But you know as much as I do that robots won’t convert nor will your site if your only focus is on keywords.

That said, click this link to watch the video “Understanding the importance of keywords”.

Task 1: Do some research on the “selling” keywords

A golden supermarket chariot with a mascot infront of it and the word Sale written in read infront of all of them
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We are going to see a prime example of a significant “target audience” that can be leveraged using and a technique called the “Alphabet Soup Technique”.

Don’t know the alphabet soup technique?

Click this link to watch the video “Alphabet soup technique – Using Google instant to find keywords”.

This audience is people searching in Google for information on “how to sell” particular products. For this search term, there are 1,000’s of potential keywords that can be leveraged for the promotion of anything (like Wealthy Affiliate) among this audience.

The alphabet soup technique showing results for the keyword
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Some examples of variations of this phrase are:

• how to sell
• how to make money selling
• how to promote
• how to earn money selling
• how to sell online

Use the Alphabet Soup technique on these phrases and on your existing “themes” or ideas and you will come up with lots of keyword topics you can write about.

Now go ahead with your first task which consists in coming up with 10 keywords related to “selling” or “making money” online using the above techniques.

Task 2: Write an Article Targeting a new Keyword

The front page of the "The Time" newspaper loadeed with articles
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You are going to create a page or a post on your website targeting that keyword. As usual be careful not to write for the Google Robot, but for the people who are going to read your content. Mind you, they like to read engaging, helpful and informative content.

When writing your content don’t forget to place your keyword naturally within the following places in your content:

(1) In the page/post title, preferably towards the beginning
(2) Within the first paragraph, preferably in the first 100 words

Don’t forget also to place them:

(3) In at least one sub-heading
(4) In an anchor text
(5) Towards the end of the piece

Your task is to write a post targeting one of your new “selling” keywords. In your content, endeavor to SHOW people something, and not TELL them about it. Show them how they can go about selling something online and show them where they can get good training on how to “sell” stuff online. This will no doubt bring you much better conversions.

One last piece of advice for this task: be thorough, be helpful, and keep your content targeted to the “theme”.

Task 3: Sign-up for a Free Jaaxy Account

A look inside the Jaaxy reserach keyword tool
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When it comes to keyword research, the best tool for me is Jaaxy. That’s why there’s nothing I have written on this site or elsewhere without using that awesome research tool.

Unlike other keyword tools, Jaaxy is made for “power” affiliates. For it can help you with many more tasks than just finding keywords. For example, you can use Jaaxy to see where your site or pages/posts rank in Google under given keywords.

Jaaxy screenshot showing the position of my posts on Google
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A screenshot in Jaaxy keyword research tool showing the position of my site in Google
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Do you see the power? It can be at your disposal too. So, click this link to test out Jaaxy for free 30 searches

Would you like to master keywords and other affiliate marketing topics and blog about them like I’m doing?

Then click this link to join Wealthy Affiliate today.

And click this one too to try the Jaaxy keyword research tool for 30 free searches.

Did you like this post? Or do you have something to say about it? Whatever the case, why don’t you scroll down to the comments box and leave your feelings there? We will soon get back to you. Thanks.

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