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All about Keywords, Part IX

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Traffic à gogo low hanging fruits keywords

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The best thing which can happen to a business online is to get a #1 ranking in Google. For this reason, low hanging fruit keywords (the ones for which rankings are easy to get) are by far the online workers favorite type of keywords. Because when they write an article targeting such a super low competition keyword, they can almost always be sure to get #1 ranking on Google.

The Low Hanging Fruit keywords will help you accomplish this dream ranking as they have almost ZERO competition (because all of them have less than 20 competing pages) in Google. Not only that but they also demand minimal effort to rank. All you have to do is to create the content and the rankings will happen automatically.

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These are not the only ones available. There truly are many more low hanging fruit keywords out there. They will offer you an endless amounts of opportunities within any niche.

So if you are dreaming of ranking, the only thing to do is to reach for those low hanging fruit keywords!

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