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All about Keywords, Part V

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Delivering product information using customer-searched keywords

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Wealthy affiliate keywords with search volumes
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While they are important for your success, unfortunately many publishers don’t take advantage of product related keywords.

What are product related keywords?

Product related keywords are search terms that include the product name (e.g. is jaaxy keyword research tool accurate) or the company name of the product (is Jaaxy a legit company) that is being searched.

Yet there are countless MILLIONS of products and services.

Let’s take an example. Say, someone was searching the term “wealthy affiliate review”, this would be a product-related keyword for Wealthy Affiliate, as would “wealthy affiliate”, “wealthy affiliate program”, “wealthy affiliate scam”, “wealthy affiliate legit”, etc.

Know that people carrying out such a search (based on product-related keywords) are almost always very far along in the purchasing lifecycle. This is because they already know something about the subject and have already been exposed to some form of branding or advertisement which have aroused their interest in the product or even almost convinced them of the usefulness of the product for them.

Concretely, someone searching the term “wealthy affiliate review”, has in all likelihood already done a significant amount of research on the product and is now into the Decision Mode. Before reaching this stage, they might have searched the term “affiliate marketing” and found a website promoting Wealthy Affiliate. They then continued with more research and analysis on Internet marketing related schools to decide which program would be best suited to their needs. It was only then they finally searched the program they are interested in joining, Wealthy Affiliate, in order to be clear in their own minds about it.

Find another example below, a product that is always trending with each new iteration, the iPhone (iPhone 4 in this case)

Image showing very little competition (# of competing pages)  for iphone 4 review
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It is evident that lots of people are searching for iPhone 4’s, and of this number, many are looking for reviews. These keywords have very little competition and can be leveraged to achieve targeted traffic that is very far along in the customer purchasing lifecycle. So, if you can supply them with the product information they need (the program is excellent; the program is good, however check out this better alternative), then you are more than likely to convert this product centric audience at a very high rate.

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