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All About Keywords – Part V: Delivering product information using customer-searched keywords

What are product related keywords?

Product related keywords are search terms that include the name of the product that is being searched for. As you can imagine, they are synonyms for customer-searched keywords, the topic of this discussion.

Product related keyword for wealthy affiliate review to signify All About Keywords - Part V: Delivering product information using customer-searched keywords
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Let’s say, someone was searching the term “wealthy affiliate review.” This would be a product-related or customer-searched keyword phrase for Wealthy Affiliate.

This would also be true for keyword phrase synonyms like “wealthy affiliate”, “wealthy affiliate program”, “wealthy affiliate scam”, or “wealthy affiliate complaints”. Others could be “wealthy affiliate legit”, “wealthy affiliate training”, “wealthy affiliate university”, etc.

Know that people carrying out such a search are almost always at the end of the product purchasing cycle.

They already know something about the subject and have already been exposed to some form of branding or advertisement. These have aroused their interest in the product or even almost convinced them of the usefulness of the product for them.

Such a person is now into the Decision Mode.

Look at another example below, a product that is always trending with each new iteration, the iPhone (iPhone 4 in this case)

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Being ready to purchase, if you can supply such people with the product information they need, then you are more than likely to convert this product centric audience at a very high rate.

Do you deliver product information using customer-searched keywords or are you now thinking of doing so? Tell us about your experience or feelings in the comments box below. And thanks for your valuable contribution to this discussion.


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